Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well today I did a few great things with my day off. The gym is a given, it was shoulders day and workout I did, but before making it over to the gym, I spent about 90 minutes getting signatures in front of SW Rec for Bruce Haupt of the Pants Party. As I stated in previous entries, I'm not officially supporting anyone, but I feel that at the very least whosoever is willing to invest large amounts of time, money, and energy into an SG campaign just to have his/her voice heard, then by God, I'll whatever I can to enable that person.

An intersting factor while speaking to these students today goes back to something I told both Keith Hardwick and JCB some time ago about a split in the mainstream establishment. Today, out of ever five Greeks I spoke to, 3 favored Nina to John's pick, Arturo. Those whom I would consider indies by majority knew that there was a major opposition party but didn't know the name of it, some said Impact, others said Unite. Of the indie students most knew of the Pants name and seemd to get a real kick out of it, even though many of them didn't know Bruce Haupt from Bruce Vilanche (pictured at right).

I also want to thank both Gavin Baker AND Ryan Nelson for clarifying to me the status of those businesses listed on their flyer. Apparently these are not sponsors and the party has not sold out. I stand corrected and once again am very much interested in Action. It amazes me how both Nelson & Baker can write me articulate and well-thought-out letters but people like Tommy Jardon can't reply to me on AIM....but speaking of potato chips, TheRadikal will be covering this election with special interest b/c of Bruce Haupt and his undeniable will to be heard. Much respct.

Why the interest...

  • Arturo Armand - A strong, connected Hispanic powerhouse

  • Chris Chase - over-qualified*, feared by bureaucrats.

  • Bruce Haupt - a true independent.

  • Nina - the second of her house to revolt.

Keep Reading, I've Got Plenty More To Say!

* - 3:1 the Alligator uses this term (or at least implies it) to describe Chris in their endorsement section.

I don't know about you, but this election seems so much more interesting than last Spring's or even Spring 2005 for the #2 spot of SG. We are seeing another Indie revolt against the mainstream of his party, meanwhle we're seeing a very popuar Greek candidate stand up and challenge the non-Greek/FBK-sanctioned leadership of the traditionally Greek bloc. I believe the John Boyles window is closing and with good reason as he was nothing more than a Greek showpiece to be referred to throughout the upcoming decade (on how you don't have to be Greek to run with the Greek Party). In a way, the first round of the upcoming elections will almost serve as a PRIMARY per se, with two indies squaring off and two system (no offense Arturo, Nina) squaring off for the "run-off" which will be the proverbial showdown between the Indies/Rogue Greeks and the FBK-backed Greeks.

I suspect the run-off will be between either Action & Nina ///or//// Action & Arturo.
However, if things are done right and conditions ripen for true reform, I believe Bruce will knock Action off the second round. It's key here for all three parties to run their OWN course, not work together on ANY capacity, and see what the students want. I honestly believe its time for students to decide what they want and after Impact/Unite -- coalitions accomplish NOTHING!. Pants & Nina should avoid working with friendly parties, there is no such thing as a friendly party if that party is running someone against you. You make friends and/or help your buddies if you get cut by run-off time, otherwise, any ground you give, will be taken.

Suggestions for the Majors:
Action - keep your Party exec, namely Tommy Jardon out of the newspapers. Put restraints on your Party Exec and either appoingt ONE PERSON to speak or simply and better yet, allow your top candidate to be the mouthpiece of the party. Party chiefs more often than not have issues staying quiet and behind the scenes. Students may love what the chief says but the last thing you want is to imply that your candidate is unable to properly express himself or the vision of the party by consistently giving more press to the Party Exec(s) than the candidate(s).

Action #2: End your mudslinging now. "Swamp this, Swamp that." You were formerly Impact and Unite, you have dumped two platforms to embace a 3rd as part of some new beginning, meanwhile Swamp continues to work towards finishing what they promised one year ago. Work towards stengthening Action and getting votes, but so do without attacking Swamp or its members. First and foremost it's too early for that (if you absolutely must do it) and second of all, you risk being sweeped again; keep it clean, keep it professional, fight for votes and maybe you'll win.

Swamp #1: Lose those thousand dollar suits and make sure your women wear less makeup, I mean it's like KISS over there, who's behind the facepaint.....one girl looks like Katie Holmes with all that stuff on her face but probably wakes up looking like Whoopi Goldberg without it. If you want the average student to believe you're just like them (or in your case fake it), then realize that most students wear aandals, shorts, and t-shirts....not PRada, not Armani, not fine Italian leather shoes, most students eat at Moe's or Pita Pit not Dragonfly, most students drink Sam Adams and/or Bud not Chivas Regal. Remember this my Florida Blue Key homies...Bruce Haupt could possibly become your worse nightmare, Keg brought Innovate down so much that they lost the presidency, that was some two years ago....tone down the GQ/17 look or face losing a slice of votes that might see you lose the election or be eliminated run-off time and having to cross out all those gators and writing down Vote Nina in their place.

Pants 1: Don't quit the election. Make fun and laugh with your campaign but make sure you have a serious side as well. Keg was an incredible party but they waited too long to unveil their serious side, the side that was packed with wonderful and innovative ideas (later stolen by Access). Be like Half & Half, half satire and half professional. I believe that Pants has a decent shot of knocking out Action for the primary, in fact, I believe Pants has a better chance of defeating Action to the run-off than Action has of defeating Swamp or that Swamp has of supressing and defeating Nina. <--- Think about that one.

Take Care Guys.
I voted today, Davis for Governor & Sadie for Sheriff!
I hope Crist wins for the GOP, I'd even vote for him (maybe).
I hope that C _ _ T Katherine Harris gets WHOOPED!!!

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