Sunday, September 03, 2006

Democracy: All Should Be Heard

I'm so tired I can't see straight but I've just read a message put out by Bruce Haupt of the Pants Party asking for his supporters to help him appear on the ballot and for his party to have enough senate candidates to run. That's so familiar...I remember a tiny focus group for the Voice Party meanwhile the mainstream-esque Phoenix Party held the convention that would see it transformed into the Impact Party.

I want to offer Bruce my help, not my endorsement or even my support. Am I contradicting myself? No. Honestly I am very impressed with the candidacy of Arturo Armand (I won't deny this), I am also to a certain extent very impressed with the candidacy of Chris Chase whom was interviewed during the Medina scandal on this very blogsite long before any talk of his candidacy, the Action Party, or a vacancy in the Vice Presidency. I somehow have the ability to interview the movers and shakers in the SG world, I only talk to the people that get things done.

I met Bruce Haupt at a party late in the past Spring semester. I was drunk and clowning around with Andrew and Vera. I was surprised Bruce read my blog and actually commented on several of the entries therein. He was informed, articulate when presenting his own views, and much to my astonishment....he wasn't an SG bureaucrat. This having been said, I think we are dealing with three very impressive candidates and I would like nothing more than to see all three candidates debate and fight for this office. I would like to see Arturo Armand and Chris Chase sign Bruce's petition, as well as members of both the Swamp and Action Parties, in addition to those whom identify themselves as Pants supporters.

When I was running Voice I always dreamt of Ken Kerns or James Argento, two former Voice leaders of coming to our aid, be it with cred or actually coming to help, but they never did for whatever their reason. Whatever Pants may stand for, they obviously have a desire to be heard and I know better than anyone what it's like to be in a small party, feel alone, but determined not to give up. I will remain open to all three candidates (for whoever cares) and will not endorse until I am certain of a selection, however, I would be happy to help Bruce petition and will send word through all Voice Exec. officers still on campus as well as various links of mine in LS. Additionally, I would have no quarrels with dipping into my law school savings and give Pants a little financial assistance.


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