Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Progress, Orange And Blue

The Independent movement is at war - there's no other way of putting it. Compromise at this stage is still possible, it will be possible up until the day of slating - be clear on that fact! However, it's time to validate what's been said on this blog for sixty days now - there are factions, there is an ideological divide, and Dictor does have a tangible base of support.

The Officials have governed with Iron Fist... and the excuse that McShera was biding his time until Sam Miorelli announced his, is simply unacceptable. As recent as three months ago, McShera expressed no clear-cut desire in executive office of any sort. With the news that Miorelli would leave, a gap appeared out of thin air, and The Officials' hasty attempt at filling it - failed!

Fall 2008 also signaled the advent of new beginnings. The largely untapped, disillusioned (with SG) Left answered Dictor's call - and - as opposed to Officialist thinkers like Joe Trimboli & Kyle Huey, SDS is not (by majority) with them.

There is, however, something to be said about SDS Leader Skeet Surrency. Leading Progs cite that Skeet has been inactive in recent terms and that new SDS Leadership will come about - a new leadership that will likely not include the likes of Mr. Surrency.

Conflicting reports have made this lone SDS'er's loyalities somewhat ambiguous. The Officialist-line believes Surrency will not only be loyal to its faction, but that he will capitalize on O/B-Holdouts in the organization and bring about org.-wide support for McShera.

The Progressivist-line begins be refuting these assertions in that 'SDS doesn't run that way...' meaning that no single one person can turn the group. The Progs also cite that Surrency has already pledged his support - and - it wasn't to The Officials. So where does Skeet really stand and is it even relevant to SDS or the GREATER LEFT that Officialist thought has consistently refused to credit to the now splintered-off Progressive Faction of the Orange & Blue Party?

The question of reconciliation cannot be addressed until The Officials address their former comrades with the respect they're owed. Do I agree with the Progs voting down of an O/B'er? Partly, I do and partly, I've personally instigated the notion on this blog.

How can the Progs speak of ideological separation per the upcoming elections yet act inconspicuously in chambers? How do prospective supporters of the breakaway O/B Faction comprise their ideals to fall out of line and support a rebel, when that same rebel and that rebel's supporters are still in-line and actively promoting the very agenda that they're campaign literature states (or will state) they've broken away from?

Ideally, both factions will unite, but I am of the opinion that Ben Dictor offers the greatest amount of good for the independent movement and that McShera was largely thrust into the gap in a hasty, somewhat messy chain of events. I am also firmly of the belief another splinter, this time within the Officials (hereinafter dubbed "the Pragmatists" or 'the Prags') are more open to dialogue and concessions that holding the line against their populist rival faction's executive selection(s).

Institutionally speaking, however, the Officials et. al. (through Article IV. & creation of a strong Party Chair position to offset any difficulties with Miorelli's replacement) are both unprepared & unwilling to eiter share power or much less, hand it over.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Compromise Possible, Though Unlikely

There's two factions, the Progs & the Officials.
The Progs seem resolute: Dictor & Statement on GMGo.
The Officials are comprised of Hardliners & Pragmatists.
The Hardliners have taken up 'Defeatism;' the Prags - hope.
Rumor has it Armando Grundy is donating $1,000 to the Officials...
Rumor running that Joe Trimboli went log jamming w/...

Stay tuned for more.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Progs, Officials May Dialogue.

Developing story.

p.s. The Unite Party should get fucked.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Indies 'n More

It hasn't happened since Spring 2005 and if that election was any kind of a preview for what will unfold in just days at UF - then expect unchartered political chaos. The level of destructive aggression each O&B faction has reserved for the other, will mutually pale in comparison to whatever either or may have in store for Gator - ironic huh? It will be a time when members of the Gator Party will christen their Thanksgiving Day. No...there won't be any 'pilgrims' & their own be any 'Indians', there won't even be any corn to eat or tobacco to toke. But Gator will face off two very tame opponents. Tame?


The most savage, gutless, and treacherous fighting of the Spring 2009 student body elections will be spent between two warring Indie factions wrestling for control of a destiny that just one term removed they so successfully worked together to collectively achieve in Spring. Both factions could have done more to keep Orange & Blue together - and most depressing of all - there's STILL time to keep this wonderful party united.

The Progs should remain in the party - that's what they should do. The Officials should ditch the legacies, end the witch trials, and allow for a convention between McShera & Dictor. The few that could actually achieve a peace at the eleventh hour (Sam Miorelli, Justin Wooten, et. al.) won't - for a variety of reasons.

Green means go is just the tip of the iceberg. Both factions are dug in and both seem poised to wage a brutal war of attrition on the other -- hence my belief that Jordan Johnson & Gator might as well call election day, Thanksgiving Day.

I suspect that if these wounds go unhealed, that in the very unrealistic hour that Dictor & Johnson find themselves in a run-off, the O's would back Johnson.

GRAPSKI UPDATE: - Monday January 12

GRAPSKI UPDATE: - Monday January 12

A six-member jury was selected this morning, and the state will try Charlie Grapski this Thursday on misdemeanor trespass and criminal mischief charges. Assistant State Attorney Geoffrey Fleck is proceeding with prosecution despite the fact that the alleged victim is refusing to cooperate with the prosecution, and the person who Fleck claims made the 911 call is also unavailable, though he stated he didn't make the 911 call and doesn't know who did.

The only "evidence" Fleck brings to the trial is the police report and a recording of a strange 911 call. At a pre-trial hearing that was held this afternoon, County Judge Tom Jaworsky admitted the 911 call as evidence over the objections of Grapski's court appointed defense attorney Steve Bernstein. Fleck said he was trying to find the alleged victim and the "witness" but stated to the court he was ready to go to trial without them.

The trial will begin at 9 AM Thursday morning, in Jaworsky's courtroom on the second floor of the Criminal Courthouse, located on the corner of Main Street and SW 2nd Avenue in Gainesville. Please attend if you can.


Tuesday January 13 at 8 am
Wednesday January 14 at 4:30 PM
Thursday January 15 at 8 am
(before trial)

Citizens concerned about justice for Grapski are urged to contact the State Attorney's Office and request that the charges against Grapski be dropped, and that he evidence of perjury and false arrest by Alachua officials be investigated and prosecuted.

State Attorney Bill Cervone
Tel. (352) 374-3670
Fax: (352) 491-4553
Email: cervonew@SAO8.ORG

[End of Transmmission]
[Christian Duque, now speaking]

As of today, will publish daily updates (when provided), regarding the Grapski Defense also would like to salute Michael Canney of Alachua, FL. We've many differences, but as usual, I respect Mr. Canney a great deal. When most any one else would have closed the book on Charlie - now senselessly incarcerated for THREE MONTHS, Canney has stepped up his efforts not simply at getting Grapski out of jail, but at getting Grapski JUSTICE! We still live in America don't we? You need a reason to have someone locked up, don't you?

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Progs On Trial

Orange & Blue Party, Double Meting -- Audio

Courtesy of Mitchell Tannnenbaum

It's very unfortunate that The Officials feel they can set pre-conditions on elected posts in the leadership of an independent party. We heard similar rhetoric when Donte Hargrove was being questioned prior to his election to Orange & Blue party presidency (see Amendment 4). These stipulations are contrary to the core values of Independent thought.

I would also like to further speak to the persons questioning Mitchell Tannnenbaum: the first gentleman essentially took several steps at humiliating the candidate and then pressing him to agree to the terms pronouncing him a hypocrite. The young lady that questioned the candidate, with all due respect, overstepped the boundaries of good taste. You know what, fuck good taste, the young lady acted like a total cunt. What's one less friend on facebook anyways? "Mr. Pragmatic" seems to be a complete douchebag.

"Why did you offer me a seat, if you were going to do this to me?" M.T.


I still remember talking to Tommy Jardon on facebook, then concerned over fear talk of a Dictor run, which he said 'wasn't going to happen if he had anything to do with it.' This whole process was never about determining which candidate had more to offer (Dictor or McShera), it was about stopping Dictor and putting up some Miorelli-conduit up for the presidency.

While folks may deny it, the influence of Pedro Allende & JCB was felt long after they graduated and so too, I believe, the influence of Sam Miorelli will live on at least three terms after he graduates. Direct influence - and - keeping old members of Progress in top spots (irrespective if you want to call it Article 4 or something else), only further speaks to this issue.

It annoys me that McShera was decided upon running Senate and was forced into a presidential run. It annoys me that leading Officials have already stated that Ben Cavatero has already been promised the O&B nomination for Spring 2010. It annoys me that a kid that wants to be Student Body President about as much as Terri Schiavo wanted to make her last evening on earth a Blockbuster night is being forced upon a movement that could grow even stronger with a Dictor nomination.

The Officials don't want 'SENSIBLE PEOPLE', they clearly want people that read for Jim Carrey's role in 'Yes Man.'. They don't want loyalty, they want subservience.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Points of Interest

I. Gainesville for Gaza

Big kudos to Jonathan Bull for organizing this truly wonderful rally. Over thirty people attended, amongst them heavy hitters like David Reznik. Althought the Zionist terrorists continue to punish an innocent, defenseless people, these rallies serve a very important function. The American people need to know the horrors being committed with their taxpayer dollars and in their name. Thank you to Jonathan & all the organizers & protesters that attended - you all showed great courage and humanity today.

II. The Next Phase of the Indie Movement

I was happy to put Justin Wooten in contact with some friends of mine in the common struggle. I have wanted to say this for a long time, but regardless of where Dictor takes his candidacy, independent of the Spring campaign season, I want to see Justin emerge from this a key player in tomorrow's Student Government. I don't think he should waste his time trying to conform to outdated models that are on their last legs anyways. The new movement will require new faces, new methods, and will garner larger turnouts by incorporating vast blocs under one all-inclusive flag.

III. Comments

Comments referring to SG'ers family will not pass moderation. About two weeks ago I pulled two comments as a good faith gesture, along with an apology to John Dicks - the gold standard in SG. Before that I extended a similar gesture to Ben Dictor. I don't care what is said, it will not go up. Anyone, even if over the years, as a complaint related to this new policy will have it addressed. This is of my own free will and it's being done b/c I agree in that it has no place on an SG-blog, at least not on mine.

IV. Who Controls SDS?

This has been going on for weeks. Both factions insist they have the support of SDS. The Officials have long held that long before the 12/11 meeting they have been given serious assurances that the group will back McShera. OB-O insiders point to a meeting between a high-ranking Official & "Tina & Melody" ([allegedly taking place sometime between 12/8 - 12/10] leading to the Duque-encouraged/Dictor' Campaign-Moratorium), where the SDS-Question was settled. And just two days ago, another Official, speaking on condition of anonymity confidently confirmed that the OB-O's would take the super-majority of SDS and that "SDS'ers weren't stupid....they wouldn't back Dictor simply based on revenge." The insider also called Dictor an "interloper" who "only went to SDS when he needed something" and that the members would see right through that when determining to back him or McShera. The OB-O's also cannot fathom Skeet Surrency turning on McShera.

the Progs, who arguably, brought the Left into SG this past fall, have an unwavering faith in this particular organization. They believe the Officials are delusional and have asked that TR not go into any specifics pertaining to the statements made by the OB-O's above.

But I will ask the readers this! WHICH WAY DO YOU THINK SDS WILL GO?

As the primary nears, every key org, every voting member will be scrutinized. No stone will be left unturned. As we enter the next stage, the executive ticket of, arguably, the most powerful independent party of all time has never been more important than now.

Go sit at Grundy's tomorrow, but this is bigger than the entire Fall '08 election. This will be a course on democracy, sacrifice, and team work. One faction will have to win and one will have to concede - at the convention.

The solution is not at Grundy's and it's not at a bar, it's not in hateful anonymous comments. The solution will be the convention - let it happen.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Gainesville Rally for Gaza!

Just a reminder that the protest in support of Gaza is TODAY from 12 Noon to 2 pm!
Corners of SW 13th St. and University Ave.
next to campus.

Please come out tomorrow to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza. Israeli forces have been brutally attacking a defenseless nation by air, land, and sea for days. International relief organizations fear a severe humanitarian crisis developing in this tiny 120 sq. mile concentration camp.

The American people are disgusted by the actions of the Israeli terrorists, common thugs with no respect for human rights, common thugs that even took to ramming an unarmed medical relief boat.

Zionism has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism, these people are the original terrorists....from the Stern Gang, to the King David Hotel, to the USS Liberty, to Sabra & Shatila, to Beirut '06, to Gaza '08/'09.

The Zionists are a pack of jackals, beasts. The American people must know what horrors are being committed with billions of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

God Save Gaza.

Friday, January 02, 2009

The O&B Arbitration?

Arbitration - The process by which the parties to a dispute submit their differences to the judgment of an impartial person or group appointed by mutual consent or statutory provision. [Source:]

Armando Ramon Grundy Gomes is back in the news and he means business. The onetime city commission candidate is holding an arbitration of sorts this Monday in the hopes of sorting out differences between prospective O&B presidential candidates Mark McShera & Ben Dictor.

Interestingly neither faction seems to have agreed to abide by Grundy's findings - making Grundy's role even more ambiguous.

So why is everyone going?

Beats me.