Friday, September 29, 2006

Time To Turn The Page

Well I guess if the students are going to turn the page, so should I. I think for next few weeks The Radikal will cover local & nat'l elections in addition to discussing global politics. I've had enough of reading the Alligator and pointing out the flaws of mainstream opposition politics. Perhaps a third-place finish for an organized political army will be the epiphany of humility, a humility the Independent movement at UF has not seen since Student Alliance/Access days. Then again, we're talking about legacy-indie-leaders grandfathering in the latest generation of leaders, so in all likelihood the mainstream-indies will require a loss to Bible-Man before re-assessing their objectives. Either way, it's great to have six pages of Alligator hits next to your name...only thing is, it stinks you can't run a party. (This isn't aimed at any one person, consider it 'aimed' at about half-a-dozen).

In the end a lot can be understood by simple mannerisms and personality traits. John Boyles lighting a cigar after Armand's victory...that's gangster...but not in the good way. A man lights a cigar after his son is born or after he makes a killing and Swamp -- they made a killing. A letter in today's article lays claim that Armand didn't mention his rivals in a speech, that he ignored them (who cares, but couple that with the cigar smoke and you start thinking you've just woke up at the country club). Whether it be FBK or FBL, it seems everyone wants to be elitist, either privately or publicly everyone wants to feel better than the next guy and that's particularly why groups like the Iron Fist & the Pants Party might have made far greater contributions than you are willing to admit. What's to say that a kid really inspired by two former groups won't form his own party next year, inspired by Dan&Bruce but with the intensity of a S.A. or an Access? Only time will tell, but for the sake of the Indies, I hope that new leaders come about and that the indies finally see a real candidate they can rally behind, not a Jared, not even a Dennis, I mean another Jamal, another Eric Gordon, someone that has a real vision, not someone that's running out of necessity, guilt, or for pure popularity's sake.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I'm currently working on this little conspiracy theory, so if you'd like to shoot over an email, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. The title of the presentation is:
Did Unite! Hardliners Sandbag Chris Chase?

I'm also in the process of securing an interview with a top cultural official whom was offered a gesture of good faith -- this being careful terminology in a game called legal-dodgeball. I am sure you (and some folks that light up cigars alike) will seriously enjoy what this top-level official has to say. It's jaw-dropping, so let's hope he delivers the goods.

I hear Lauren Mierely wants to run for president? Is this true? I wonder...will she put up like Nina Dejong or shut-up like Elda Auxilaire...oops did I just say that? I'm sorry. Nothin cooler than a strong woman, nothing sadder than one whom bows down, take a hand-out, and then goes back to her nose-bleed-seat in the peanut gallery.

Revlon or Women's Rights
Not much of a decision for some.

Congratulations Arturo!:
Somebody Recount Them There Ballots. (LOL)

Worse thing that Action could do now is not question the elections. Can the good neighbor politics of phoning in-to concede the election or the 'we are all Gators' crap, this election seems very fishy. Either (A) Arturo is more popular than Jamal Sowell at an NPHC 2004 reunion celebration or the old-school Unite! kids royally screwed Chris & Co. over. Either way, what the hell happened? Even the stray houses that supported Unite and the lone LChi's of Impact days don't seem to have been around for Chase & Action.

Congrats Arturo, how you did it, not really sure.

Does anyone remember a letter written by one "George Bunker?"
Awesome letter: Click Here

Does that style of writing remind you of anyone? Wouldn't it be funny if the author of that letter had married George Jefferson w/ Archie Bunker and written that from a computer at FIU in Miami 400 miles away? That would be funny, but I doubt that's the case, just a funny letter I wanted to showcase for y'all.


I don't know, but it seems the election results have left me with more doubts than the number of Chin's in a Chinese phonebook. How on Earth do you have a 4-way race and no run-off? How is that possible? I am even interested in paying the $5 and getting copies of the election results. I have emails showing tepid-at-best support for Swamp in three aforementioned houses, I have the emails of two top level cultural leaders supporting Action, I have people in all three parties, and last of all, I have serious reservations about any candidate getting 50+% in this sort of an election. I congratulate both Arturo & Swamp, however, I hope that a serious re-count is underway. Yes...I'm sorry to say it, but I did say re-count.

I don't think a re-count would necessarily give us a new winner, however, I am curious to see the final #'s so if anyone would be so kind as to mail me those, I'd be very grateful. Nonetheless, I find it extremely difficult that Swamp pulled this one w/o a run-off.

Congratulations Arturo & both Swamp & Action candidates. Congratulations to Nina for making a stand! Congratulations to Bruce & PANTS for being fringe at a time of what seems to be cookie-cutter politics.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

From multiple sources and from counting on my own gut instincts here's how I see the breakdown:

1st Place: Nina Dejong
2nd Place: Chris Chase (by 1 or 2 %pts.)
3rd: Arturo Armand
4th: Bruce Haupt

The Breakdown

The Greeks are literally split in 4-ways, with the major chunks going to Nina & Arturo. Arturo is not popular with southern houses (ATO, KA, AGR) for a variety of reasons; Chris is not popular with many Greek houses; Bruce is Greek & will carry Keg'esque Greek support [i.e. Greeks openly supporting Bruce/PANTS will not get the guilt-trip they would supporting say Action], and...NINA...she's popular from Theta to Kappa Sig to Pi Lam to Pike basically the entire GREEK perimeter. So that puts her over Arturo.

Additionally, we've all seen gentlemen such as this one at right and no one wants to the be the jerk to cite reality out loud, so I'll volunteer for the job. Any remotely attractive & bubbley female campaign worker that talks her game to a guy that looks like this, puts a sticker on his shirt, and shakes his hand will get not only this man's vote but marriage proposals. These cats aren't Indies, they're just horny and hard-up, and we A-L-L know about these poor souls. And these guys will vote for the pink or the reptiles, bank on it. PANTS mud-wrestling could have seriously contended for this key, gritty demographic.



Runoff Predictions

I believe Nina will come in first but will be lacking enough support to win without a run-off. I am hoping that PANTS will give serious consideration to endorsing if they are eliminated -- this is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do. However an endorsement does NOT have to come at the Orange & Brew, it can take days and special debates and/or party meetings can and should take place. Aside from this responsibility, I am hoping that PANTS will give Equal consideration to the parties/candidates in the second round of the elections.

Do I believe PANTS can win? Yes. But will they, probably not since they are so fringe. Do I believe Swamp would endorse Nina if eliminated? No I do not, I believe Swamp would endorse ACTION to teach the sororities a lesson. If Action were eliminated then I believe Action & Pants would endorse Nina. If Action and Swamp were eliminated and it was NINA and PANTS, Action would go to Nina & Swamp would sit out the election. Make any sense to you?

Yes...I said Swamp would back Action over Nina, that wasn't a type o.

Amateur Night Is Over

Monday, September 25, 2006

Multiple personality disorder (MPD) is a psychiatric disorder characterized by having at least one "alter" personality that controls behavior. The "alters" are said to occur spontaneously and involuntarily, and function more or less independently of each other. The unity of consciousness, by which we identify our selves, is said to be absent in MPD.*

Queen Nina
Alligator picks DeJong for vice president


Days ago, hardly even a week, the Florida Alligator bashed independent candidate Nina Dejong for essentially milking her gender for votes, standing on a vague platform, they inserted sarcasm throughout an article that should have been solely biographical, but today... today they give her a warm endorsement? What gives?

Many of us hold today's Alligator staff to the standard of years past, but the sad & obvious reality is that these current Alligator reporters have very little experience and knowledge of SG history. They know that Action was Unite, Unite was Impact, (here they get lost), they know Access came from Ignite & yes...Student Alliance (they get lost here as well), and so on. You can't understand the inner working of student leadership unless you have a clear understanding of the history and these writers seem to have taken nasty potshots on all four candiates and all three parties and now, when push comes to shove, when the smoke clears, they don't want to look stupid so they picked a name out of the hat.

The general pattern of Alligator reporting to this point (as carefully studied/documented throughout several of my most recent posts) would have had the Alligator giving Action a resounding endorsement. For weeks the student-paper has trashed Swamp and its cadres, intermittently mocked PANTS (even though PANTS loves having a good time -- any real reporter can see they are the MOST revolutionary party in the running b/c underdeath the Pants on the flagpole, these kids are just acting out their frustrations with a system that has WRONGED the Student Body in several (not all), but several regards and they want to GET ACROSS BY ANY MEANS CONCEIVABLE!); whew!. The student-run paper has also questioned the integrity of the young woman that today they praise and endorse.

BUT, even before Action was born, the Alligator was celebrating everything from FBL to Action. I've said it many times. It should have been Ryan Nelson or Gavin Baker; Action had the right people and they had the right time, but they messed it up. However, all the while I was mourning Action just barely missing it -- the Alligator was praising their name.'s endorsement, while a fair one in my eyes, makes me think Stephanie Garry and her staff members suffer from MPD.

* -


1. Do I feel the Independent Florida Alligator looked at a every candidate, studied every bio, bothered to contact every candidate? No

The Independent Florida Alligator has said it many times and now their actions are speaking even louder than their words. This newspaper is a FARSE, they are a BUSINESS, they sell ad-space and they make MONEY! They are not student-run and SG should fund a real STUDENT-RUN newspaper -- funded with STUDENT MONEY!

Create a new agency...bigger than Accent...bigger and badder than SGP...the M-O-T-H-E-R of SG Agencies: THE STUDENT RUN, DAILY N-E-W-S-P-A-P-E-R!!!!

The Alligator is insensitive to 14% of this University's population (Greeks), this newspaper has attacked the character of the two major parties, the two independent candidates and quite frankly has made it a almost a career at slinging mud & misleading articles against the popularly-elected government of the student body of the University of Florida, en masse. The Independent Florida Alligator should be rivaled by a REAL student-alternative.

Again - part of the Alligator's incompetence stems from historical ignorance; But another part of this incompetence stems from a general disregard of student' interests. The Alligator will always be on campus b/c that's just the norm and it's better to get your ads right and sell, sell, sell than listen, listen, listen and actually do some honest, fair, and professional reporting.



Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Thought

Part of me wishes I were still a student @ UF, so I could vote, work the campaign, and be in the thick of it all. On the other hand, I know and hang out w/ people in BOM and in SG and they find it very boring as of late. Now yes, I attacked the Alligator for attacking SG based on questionable grounds, however, I have concerns with the candidates of my own. Ironically, the joke candidate seems to be the best candidate and the two major candidates pale in comparison.

Swamp's candidate agreed to do an interview and included that I not feel bad to bug him about getting it done; sorry Arturo, I liek you and all, but do you need people to routinely bug you to get things done? Then I misquoted and said Sent Action's Chris Chase interview questions. I rectified the misquote and sent him questions...he replied after a few days later only to excuse himself out. All candidates were sent messages via facebook and/or email, only Bruce Haupt replied. Only Bruce Haupt was able to quickly provide answers to all of my questions and I think this says something about this young man.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Open Letter

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 19:49:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christian Duque" [] Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: The Alligator


I'm writing simply to let you know that as a former student senator and an alumni of UF, I find the latest direction of the Independent Florida Alligator appalling and I regard you as one of the worst editors this publication has ever had. You have used the shortcomings of Student Government (a time-honored tradition at your offices) and the stereotypes of IFC/PC Greeks in gross proportions to keep your paper viable. I've read fiery articles attacking every candidate, every party; your paper has surely done more to discourage future student leaders from roles of service than any secret leadership honorary or the status quo could have.

Student Government as an institution provides an invaluable service to the Student Body. Student leaders budget and allocate funds that keep many critical components of Student Life available to all, they represent their constituents, they work behind the scenes, they sacrifice grades, money, and time to serve, to serve in the thankless capacity of cabinet director, senator, committee member, panelist, etc. Your newspaper doesn't care about the $3,000 lost at the Awards Banquet, you just want to make SG look as badly as possible, that is my opinion.

You've attacked one candidate for not being a femenist -- who made you the judges & jury of the Women's Movement? You attack another candidate for the clothes he wears, how superficial is that? Are you also dressing student leaders now? In recent memory, this paper offended large segments of UF's African American community, it was boycotted a couple of years ago by many leaders of the Jewish community, it is considered trash in many fraternity houses across campus, and today you've attacked all four parties under very questionable terms.

What kind of paper is this? What kind of editor are you? I'm sure, as in years past, you get flattered left and right, but I'm graduated and find your leadership to be mediocre-at-best, I lament the direction this publication has taken.

The Alligator was always kind to me, but this new direction is depressing.

Good Day,

Christian Duque
Fmr. Student Senator (ACCESS)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Root Of All Evil?

The Independent Florida Alligator needs to learn the definition of the term restraint; when you've got Christian Duque teaching you restraint, you've sure got problems buddy. For one thing, as more students enroll at UF, the A&S Fee pot will obviously grow and so to will the resources of Student Government. The paper does a good job of breaking down the many things students could do with A&S Fees instead of paying them. Sure....I know people that could prolly buy a new car, take a vacation, and remodel their kitchen next year if they did't have to pay their taxes, but then again, where would we be as a society sans public services? No police, no fire, no EMS, no one to pave the roads, no one to pay teachers, no one to pick up the garbage in public areas, we'd lose out on national defense (which is important though not more than education and medical care but I digress). The Student's Government, like the Federal Government, has many responsibilities including the running of the largest Student Union the nation, of SW Rec, of the budgets of hundreds of student org.'s, in addition to a myriad of other financial & social needs to be answered. But you all know this, it's the Alligator that doesn't seem to.

I am of the opinion that they really don't care about Gavin's efforts, rather, they've used what otherwise would have been a minor detail ($3k out $12M) tha should-have-been-resolved but wasn't, as a way to title yet another anti-SG article that will no doubt further alienate Student Leadership and hurt the institution next week at the polls. Shame On The Alligator.

VP debate skirts academic issues

Oh my gosh....I really don't want to get sued here, but in my opinion I think we call know that BSU does not make discreet endorsement decisions due to debates, touche to the current members of the FIST.

I wish I didn't have to work so much, this year has SUCKED, having to work shitty jobs b/c I didn't apply to schools on time. I wanted to be there soooooo bad :o(. )

"SG courts the Greeks and it courts the student organizations. I think in general, SG doesn't reach out to the normal student." -- BRUCE HAUPT

"Leadership is an award itself," Chase said, adding that he hopes to drastically reduce SG's award funding. -- CHRIS CHASE

Again -- I don't want to minimize the need of fiscal responsibility in SG, however, I don't think Action should partake in any grandatanding, especially not over an issue worth 3k out of $12m+. Yes it's important but don't let SG Funding become your battle cry, there are many more needed reforms. Personally, I would have used the FLC Reform item, using the article to focus on Action's desires to include Freshmen into SG as opposed to babbling about an SG Award budget that maybe four students reading the paper this morning are privvy to. Remember, opposition parties (except Access) usually fair poorly with first & second year students; use you FLC item to garner some attention with freshmen, it's a good idea.


Fun Time

If the election were held to today, solely based on my mailbox & limited phone calls/articles, etc this is how I'd call it for the first round:

Arturo Armand: 45%
Chris Chase: 30%
Nina DeJong: 15%
Bruce Haupt: 7.5%
Other: 2.5%

+2.5/-2.5 MoE.

If you attended today's Protest March @ Tigrit Hall (CLAS), please email your thoughts to me!!! LS 4 LIFE!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First & foremost my apologies for not proofreading the previous entry, however, I can't stop myself from venting against the editorial on Nina Dejong. Just when Action releases its platform, citing the need to educate professor's on issues relating to LGBTQ, it seems that one party should take upon itself the task of educating Alligator writers on what it is to be a Femenist.

The editorial on Nina seems to be more of an attack that an expose. Check out some of these cites:

Cite A: For starters, DeJong - who is, like, totally not a feminist - hasn't explained how her vice presidency would be any different from a man's.

Fuckin idiot...who wrote this? The insertion of the word "like" in my honest opinion insults the candidate's intelligence, capacity, and integrity. It makes her sound stupid, it makes her sound like a complete fake. Why can't she be a feminist? Because she doesn't have underarm hair like the women on the French Riviera, because she doesn't memorize Ani DiFranco songs, because perhaps she doesn't want to castrate SG's 88% male majority? Give me a break!

The POINT fuckhead of electing a woman, is that a woman would NOT lead any differently than a man. The POINT fuckhead is that a woman can do the job AS GOOD (if not better, but not necessarily drastically differently) than a man. To expect a woman to do better - OR - to expect a woman to do worse is SEXIST. To expect a woman to do the same as a man is to be fair. The underlying principle here is not to elect radical women -- but to elect more women. To make the playing field level, you should have a more balanced body, not necessarily a more radiKal one.

Cite B: In fact, if Nina DeJong were Nick DeJong, a fraternity president instead of a sorority president, she'd be just like everyone else in SG. Take away the pearls, hand her some wraparound shades, and - voila! - you've got a run-of-the-mill Greek candidate. Same pink polo shirt and everything.

More anti-Greek sentiment. Who is working at the Alligator these days? I take great offense to the idea that a Greek-affiliated person cannot be given a fair shake. I was Greek/Indie, so was Ricky Caplin, so was Jamal. You look at Caplin....a house treasurer (the #2 in many houses including my own), a committee chairman, popular and sociable and one of the MOST free-thinking, Independent members of the ACCESS PARTY.

I have always advocated being independent but Greeks are a bloc of the Campus population and no bloc should be denied a voice, even the bloc that is believed to control it. Democracy shuts out no one.

Aside from all that has been said, you'd think the Alligator would know whose backing the Ms. DeJong, people that have done a great deal of good by the side of various Opposition parties. The Alligator seems to be anti-Swamp, amused by Pants, in love with Action, and disgusted by NINA. Unusual mix I must admit.

Swamp aims to fix academics

  • Ensure that every student has access to the quality education they deserve through fair tuition policies.

****The ruling Swamp Party's platform is truly both boring and in parts outlandish.

Arturo, Where Are You?

Some nineteen days after receiving Radikal Questions the fmr. HSA leader has not been able to reply. Bruce Haupt, candidate of the PANTS Party, returned questions in less than 24hrs. Armand is without a doubt a first-class leader and would make one hell of a Vice President...but as a law student, does he really have the time for this kind of a commitment? The jury is still out on that one.

Senate OKs largest budget in SG history

"Baker asked the Senate to consider taking $3,200 from SG's award funding - which SG spends on itself - to distribute among student organizations. He argued that no organization is given anything close to the amount of money SG gives itself for awards."

**Baker shows the consistency of a True Indie. Senator. Between Baker & Nelson, the Dynamic Duo leave little doubt that Action would be the choice-party to vote for in Senate elections. Both leaders have tirelessly fought for the best interests of their constituent, while the bureacurats insist (as in this very article) "it would take too long" or "it's too difficult."

GOOD WORK Sen. Baker!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Opposition Inc. Returns To Indie Roots

If we were in chamber and I had heard the Plan of Action in person, I'd jolt to my feet and give it a standing round of applause because this truly speaks volumes about an organization I believed to be nothing more than Unite with different colors. The Action Party proposes some very interesting ideas:

  • Allow all interested freshmen to participate in the Freshman Leadership Council by eliminating the selections process. (A)

  • Include Cabinet directors in Student Government outreach events and tabling to solicit students’ suggestions for programming. (B)

  • Start a “Fix This!” website that allows students to submit concerns to the appropriate Student Government entity. (C)

  • Increase co-programming with the Institute of Hispanic and Latino Culture (“La Casita”) to supplement for the recent funding cut. (D)

  • Hold classes to teach students how to use specialized computer programs.

  • Facilitate a discussion between faculty members, professors and students to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues faced in the classroom. (F)


(A) This clearly has Chris Chase written all over it. This is as internal as Internal Cabinet Reform can go and quite frankly, it's an idea I'm sure will be stolen from Chase/Action in the final hours of this campaign. Grade: A

(B) Not to quote one Suzy Liebermann....something along the lines of Chris being too strict was reported to the Alligator upon his resignation/termination under Joyce Medina. While this move will not be a popular one with Swamp-appointed FBK/Greek bureaucrats; it will surely serve student' interests. Grade: A+

(C) This one seems to be more of a Clouston/Jardon/Baker initiative but a very good one. A little on the stale side but as far as accountability goes -- damn good. Grade: B

(D) A nice touch but I don't think this will offset the massive success of Armand's SLB/GE connection.'s good to mention La Casita/IBC/ Grade: B-

(E) OMG I think I just orgasmed! THIS concept I love. The idea of Student Leaders allocating money to teach their constituents a skill that might actually be of some use outside -- in the real world. Fuckin Einstein Shit Right Here. Grade: A+ + 10extra credit points.

(F) I WANTED TO SEE THIS FROM DAY 1 w/ ACTION. When we ran ACCESS, Allison Andrews made damn sure that the Y&B paid attention, took care of business. We live in a society where most student have no clue who Matthew Shephard was, they have no clue about the term Transgendered means, we live in a society where people simply do not understand that homosexuality has been with us since the beginning of time, that Gays & Lesbians can be found in every career path, every nationality, every ethnicity, in the Republican Party, the Democratic, etc. We live in such a technologically-modern society where almost everyone can send an email but where millions are still living in ignorance and passing it on to their children, professors passing it on to their students. I like this, I like that ACTION is embracing some REAL LIFE SOCIAL ISSUES and not sticking to the safe agenda ala Swamp. Grade: A+


Monday, September 18, 2006

Continued Election Babbling


BRUCE HAUPT - PANTS PARTY (Completed Interview)
NINA - IND. (No Response)

Party Platform

*Safe, vague. Mentions areas out of Student Leadership's control. Swamp is pushing a strong Veep candidate with ties to the MGC, FBK, & older schools of SG.

Strong senate slate.

NINA - Ind.

I have seen nothing here. The former leader of the first sell-out, second-wave Access Party has not released a platform that I have seen, fails to respond to messages, and seems to have the support of only a handful of younger Greeks. Still, I admire her drive and wish her the best. Were her efforts being led by others I'm sure I would have a lot more information on her plans, but que sera, sera.


Being Christian Duque is what I do best. This having been said, I wanted nothing more than a party like Action in the Spring 2005. Had Access become Action, there would never have been Progress or Voice. HOW_EVER, a party that cannot or will not take constructive criticism to heart but rather to offense, will not garner the needed support to bring about an upset.

Action needs to be constantly re-defining itself -- this is not to be interpreted as 'flip-flopping.' What I mean is very clear. If Action strives to undertake the very serious charge of representing the Independent community, then its leaders shouldn't have released a pre-fab platform or had the gaul to release a Bill of Rights that speaks of trusting elected leaders when party members cannot seem to trust that their own Party Exec. won't exclude them from the defining hour that is to be the basis of their struggle.

How on Earth can a student fight for a platform they had no say in? Greeks can fight for their party because it's business, the loyalty to the house outweights the loyalty to whatever party they may paint on their respective banners. However, when dealing with INDEPENDENTS the PARTY is THE INSTITUTION, it is what binds everyone together, it is the base, the foundation that upholds the discipline to work, the pride to preach, the values to be identified with. When you cut the STUDENT can that student fight?

Fair Senate Slate

I am very impressed with Bruce and in him I see perhaps the only real Independent candidate. I see right through the laughs and truly believe this young man would enhance SG Cabinet like Lydia Washington would have had she been able to serve her entire term.

Bruce is social and personable but is not limited by that. His campaign is widely entertaining in the Keg-vein, wholeheartedly grass-roots in the Voice/Student-Alliance-vein, with some Greek ties in the Access-school, and very much a real threat to both Action A-N-D Swamp.

Although PANTS does not have Gavin Baker, Ryan Nelson, or Rosemary Clouston, it has at least one strong leader in Bruce Haupt and many, many friends open to hear what the students have to say and very much naive, innocent if you will, to the excesses and the shortcomings of SG at UF. As of right now, if I were a student I would support PANTS. However, as campaign seasons are known for their often, wildly-chaotic natures I won't endorse now, only say what I have and hope to hear from the other candidates as well.

Chris Chase: "Cabinet Platform", Just Received.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Vice Presidential Candidate:

Bruce Haupt

TheRadikal: Tell us about the Pants Party. Is your party just about giving students a good laugh or do you have a serious agenda? Do you stand for any real issues that could truly unite broad bases of support behind your party in the upcoming election?

Bruce Haupt: The whole premise of the Pants Party is based on a serious agenda. The students think of SG as one big joke that’s filled with a bunch of resume builders and social climbers. Now, I admit that there are those in SG that defy these stereotypes, but there are quite a few in SG that do nothing but reinforce student views. The worst comes out during elections when parties form platforms they don’t follow through on and start making deals and slinging mud at each other (and this is in no way limited to just the Greek party). All of this translates into a paltry voter turnout of 20%, maybe, at most, and with between 1 and 2% actually involved in SG. The Pants Party is here to satire this... to point out that SG should be taken a little less seriously. Broken friendships due to “sides” in elections and all the title seeking that takes place is bullshit. SG needs to reach out to students on a level where students want to interact with SG. Make things open and make things fun. You’ll never see every student wanting to be a part of SG, but we can change SG’s culture so that students’ views of it are different, so that students at least participate in programs and in the policy making discourse.

And if nothing else the Pants Party will likely attract attention to SG from students who normally ignore every SG article in the paper. I think that helps.

As for uniting broad based of support, the Pants Party is not seeking endorsements from any groups. We’re not sticking to the traditional “court the organizations and their leaders so they get all their members to come out and vote” strategy. If people like what we’re saying, then they’ll support us. Seeing as how 80-90% of students think SG is pretty worthless, though, I think we already have a pretty good base of support, even if none of them turn out to vote.

TheRadikal: Tell us about your party's senate candidates and any special achievements or distinctions they may under their belts.

Bruce Haupt: The Pants Party’s slate of Senate candidates is filled with normal, fun students who disagree with the way SG functions right now. They agree that the way to change things is not to join the system and then change it from the inside. Some are heavily involved on campus (Cicerones, Greek life, Campus Diplomats, Preview Staffers, Area Government officers), but there are a number who aren’t involved with much of anything. They definitely have great campaign ideas that will all be unveiled shortly. J

TheRadikal: What leadership roles have you held in student government and/or throughout campus? What goals do you have for SG Cabinet? Furthermore, what would the Haupt/PANTS vision for this vast SG Dept. be?

Bruce Haupt: I was the Nontraditional Student Affairs (transfer students and students with families) Cabinet Director last year until the end of the Fall semester and I have been involved in many other things both at UF and at my last college (Brevard Community College) before I transferred. This is my sixth year of college, my victory lap; trust that I’ve been around long enough to do a few things. As for Cabinet, things would be very hands on, goal oriented, and we would absolutely be programming a lot. I’d love to go into details, but I fear that would smear the carefree image of the Pants Party’s campaign. ;)

TheRadikal: Tell us about the PANTS Campaign, will there be t-shirts, flyers, stickers? What kinds of things can the student body expect? Will PANTS' supporters chase students around or take the KEG approach?

Bruce Haupt: T-shirts, check. I just received all 300 or so and I must say they are amazing, though not free (the Pants Party and its members are fiscally responsible). Flyers, umm… why contribute 50,000 glossy pieces of literature that no one reads? That’s worse than not recycling. Stickers, nope… but we might have some buttons. Our campaign promises to be visible, but not in your face. We refuse to be “those annoying campaigners.” You’ll see what we’re up to soon… just watch our facebook group for the schedule.

TheRadikal: Come debate time, which candidate do you expect to DELIVER the goods aside from yourself? Basically, which candidate are you going to be especially prepared for? & Why.

Bruce Haupt: I’m sure they’ll all be “on the ball,” but if they stick to the tired SG campaign rhetoric, each with their own “side” and mission for revamping the student body, then quite frankly, I know I’ll be the most entertaining. People love to laugh. They’re doomed. ;)

TheRadikal: Were you harassed or intimidated by either major party (or any of its members) to not run for the Vice Presidency and/or slate senate candidates.

Bruce Haupt: Nope. I think I harassed them actually… from distracting Action outside their slating room to “interviewing” for the Vice President’s position with Swamp, I had fun.

TheRadikal: What is the FUNDAMENTAL barrier/problem with new faces getting involved with Student Government TODAY?! & How on Earth can you or any other prospective-elected official fix it.

Bruce Haupt: Most new faces don’t want to get involved with SG. More than all the “Blue Key is UF’s Karl Rove and controls what happens” explanation, students just don’t care. SG doesn’t do much for them that wouldn’t happen if SG didn’t exist. SG is simply a playground where UF’s future politicos can practice feeling important. As long as that hoity toity culture exists, students are going to see SG as nothing but an annoyance that occurs for 2 weeks each semester. Obviously then, most students will want nothing of it. I have no idea what would happen if I won, but I can guarantee some perceptions would change of SG.

TheRadikal: What did it feel like getting less senate candidates than Swamp or Action? What did it feel like being alone? For Voice and myself, it empowered me and prepared us for a long battle that has won us the respect of hundreds. What did it mean to you?

Bruce Haupt: I’ve got good people, and it’s easier to get to know a few people than a bunch, so I’m happy with the situation. As for the other question, I was never alone. The other parties kept me mighty entertained (as do the newsies Jessie DaSilva and Joey Chindamo) and I’ve received an amazing amount of support from friends and other students who like what the Pants Party is doing. The Pants Party is about having a good time and we have more than achieved our goal so far.

TheRadikal: What do you think of SB President John Boyles and his administration? Do you feel that next to the Swamp candidate you would be the next best choice for the President, since your party isn't as hostile to him or his administration [as others]? Would you agree with that logic or refute it?

Bruce Haupt: I like JB, he’s a good guy… even if he does call me “Crazy Bruce” (can I really argue that at this point though?). As for his administration, I like a lot of the people, just as I enjoy the company of many of the Action people (I can’t speak for Nina yet since I’ve never had the pleasure of chatting with her). As for how I’d interact as part of the administration if I won, I certainly would never be hostile, but to think that I would go along with any of their policies “just because” is a complete fallacy. I would always be available to the media for any questions (I’ve heard SG is less media friendly lately) and I would ensure that Cabinet was making an impact on campus and in the community. But at the same time, I have no doubt that Chris and Nina (and Arturo already) would do the same. Cabinet is lucky to live in an insulated world of SG where the politics are a little less important. It’s all about getting things done and I would wager that any of us, if elected, would ultimately be focused on that.

TheRadikal: Will the PANTS Party be alive in the Spring 2007?! Are students that come to support you later this month going to be joining something bigger than a joke party -- or will they be joining a fuckin movement?!

Bruce Haupt: I’m unsure how things will pan out in the Spring, but seriously dude, we definitely are a fuckin movement. Who else is having a party in their pants with an open invitation to all?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

That SG Entry...

I just got done reading a very biased column in the Alligator, titled "Spineless Swamp Party silent on issues that matter," but at no point in time did I read anything on the fact that Swamp's main rival in the election, Action provided students with a pre-fab platform that had little-to-no input from either their candidates or the general student body. Sure, on the one hand we can blast the ruling Swamp Party for their middle of the road politics and their vagueness, even for what could be considered a purely symbolic focus group on a platform initiatives - BUT - at the end of the day we (that is informed students & informed alumni) alike, know that Boyles was hand-picked by the powers that be for a reason. That reason I won't elaborate on because you should know by now how my bullet train of thought works, but if you don't, re-read the last 13 months worth of posts. Still, this article goes way to harsh on Swamp and seems extremely biased and of poor professional quality from a sitting editor of the student paper. Especially this early on.

I hate the mainstream (be it Mainstream Greek or Mainstream Opposition), but I want to give all parties the benefit of the doubt (something I believe the Alligator has already failed miserably at). Even though I didn't have the opportunity to actually see what was going on in the Swamp room b/c my entry was blocked by the Revlon Girl (or maybe it's Loreal *that jingle is kinda funny*), I still feel that these kids might actually care about SG, 'c'mon of course they do'. Yes they're boring and yes their leader might one day lead a cult of deranged soccer moms and out-of-work shoe salesmen off a cliff in Guyana but so what?! ...LMAO j/k.....they're not all bad. Whoever wrote this article is a bonafide assbag and should be reprimanded for taking sides so early on. Editors should stick to editing and SHUT THE FUCK UP until it's time to endorse.

Also Kudos to the Independent Florida Alligator for their TOP KNOTCH coverage of all four candidates. I say, the Alligator has done a poor job so far. However, I do want to tell the Alligator's Editor in Chief that I think he's very cool, in fact, he's so cool, I will from this forth call him Mr. Coolo. :o)

The Joys of Being InDependent.

Because I'm a socialist I have decided that for this upcoming election, here at TheRadikal I will have my own set of "DARTS & LAURELS." Basically, when a party does something cool, they will get a Workers' Red Star.


That's All Folks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keepin' It Real

Greek Rogues are special brand of independents, let me start off by putting that on the table. Like other indies, the Greek Rogues have no issues with breaking with the mainstream, committing to grassroots campaigns, working tirelessly even to come in last place, fighting for all students equally, and 110% for ending legacies and other top level norms of corruption. However, like even the most radical of Americans here or overseas, he/she would feel most uncomfortable being witness to a flag burning of the stars & stripes. Equally so, Greek Rogues have issues with certain programs such as Radical Rush. They agree politically and identify probably with each every person sitting at each and every table on everything, except ONE key point: Radical Rush is not Greek Rush.

Greek Rush is not:

  • Buying Friends

  • Senseless Hazing

  • PUre Symbolism

Greek Rush is a journey unlike any other other. If you make it, you're a brother for life of that Order. You can be like a Justin Rees in my house, where everyone loves you -- or you can be a Christian Duque where everyone hates you. But the point is, no one can ever take the rite of passage away from you. Being Greek and understanding what the rite of passage means, entails far more than getting drunk with the guys and sharing stories about busted girls...I for one never engaged in much of that because I was very political, had a steady gf that I loved, and quite frankly joined up because I really bought all the history of the fraternity and continue to study it and love it. So really, my objection is not to Radical Rush or Anti-Greek sentiment but rather to explain the phenomenon that is: being Greek & Independent. When you read the term Greek Rogue in my writings, this is what I'm referring to. To make a long story short -- nothing equates to Greek Rush, nothing.

SG Post To Come Tonight.

Monday, September 11, 2006

First & foremost I'm not on 'on the ground' as they say and many times I find that my opinions are constrained by email feedback, newspaper articles, and time. When I was active in student leadership, I knew just about everything there was to know about the dealings of the day, however, TheRadikal is a breakfast pastime for me and I really cannot offer an alternative to the more serious bloggers. Still, the perspective and the opinions of an older indie are valuable. I'm not comment-driven, hit-driven, or ego-driven...writing to me is like breathing, and if others want to read it, then fine.

From N.A.G.A.S.
I find it ironic that Christian Duque tells Nina and Bruce to not support Action's senate candidates or Action in a run-off, since he is so anti-Progress for not supporting the Independents in Impact in Spring 04. Maybe I mis-understood the Radikal, because this seems unlike him.

Let me clarify my position. I do not believe that Nina or Bruce should support Action -- or SWAMP, until the time merits talk of an endorsement. If either the forces supporting Bruce or Nina spoke of supporting either larger party today, what kind of a message does that send to their supporters. How would a Swamp supporter feel if Josh Weiss said "If we get hammered by the runoff we're supporting Nina" during that upcoming BBQ? My point on the matter of early endorsements is a clear one -- NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT SHIT. As a former party chairman I can tell you that point blank. Pants, Nina, Swamp, and Action need to be focused and keep their eyes on the prize of WINNING and WINNING WITH CLASS, nothing more. You don't put a healthy person on life support if they're breathing fine. When a party endorses, it usually dies right then and there.

Friday, September 08, 2006

"Hey There!"

Well based on SG I have a few offerings coming up in the next few days, but today I want to discuss local news and other happenings. I got a real kick out of the upcoming conservative Frontier paper in the works and I just can't wait for a promising like GOP-funded Guide To More Economically-Sensible School Lunches (where the rich passionately argue that ketchup is in fact a suitable vegetable, where seniors should be prosecuted for buying scripts from Canada that are sometimes as much as 80% cheaper than in the U.S., where the gov't shells out more on Defense but drops the ball on veteran affairs, and where wars in Iraq & Afghanistan are validated with the blood of the innocent, the dead of 9/11. In fact, the front page of today's Gainesville Sun reads "Iraq: No Ties To Al-Qaeda," there never were any, just like four years into the war and still no WMD's! But hey....for that balanced take on the news I could think of no better solution that a sensationalit and politically-inaccurate publication. But alas! Freedom of Speech! Every American has the right to freely express themselves, sadly it's the liberals and leftists that get slapped with Patriot-Act-permitted illegal espionage -- but hey -- God Bless America!

The CLAS Situation

Originally I was going to email one of the parties to take a stand, but I think all four candidates running for Vice President through either their own parties or by their own means, should publicly oppose reductions in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Not only is CLAS the largest college on campus and without a doubt a mighty political powerbase, it represents the now-more-than-ever slashed Humanities. As a Research-1 & land-grant university, UF's primary focus remains on the sciences, research, and agriculture...leaving the Humanities: English, History, Politcal Science, etc as the usual pic for budgetary cuts and reductions. Whom suffered the MOST from the closing of Library West? CLAS Students. What kind of an education will CLAS students receive from large faculty cuts? It is the responsibility of Student Government to say NO, to publicly oppose this, to make a paper trail, because paper trails ensure accountability! How many times must I say this?! SG is not a club for over-achiever students, when push comes to shove it can be a powerhouse, it can account for much more than getting the SBPresident an invitation to Machen's box on has traditionally been considered one of many campus-payoffs of administration bigwhigs, but today it and it's major candidates must publicly oppose something that could literally affect T-H-O-U-S-A-N-D-S! If there's no money, then it should be cut from elsewhere but not somewhere so directly damning to students as taking away members of the faculty.

Gotta dip, cya all soon.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well today I did a few great things with my day off. The gym is a given, it was shoulders day and workout I did, but before making it over to the gym, I spent about 90 minutes getting signatures in front of SW Rec for Bruce Haupt of the Pants Party. As I stated in previous entries, I'm not officially supporting anyone, but I feel that at the very least whosoever is willing to invest large amounts of time, money, and energy into an SG campaign just to have his/her voice heard, then by God, I'll whatever I can to enable that person.

An intersting factor while speaking to these students today goes back to something I told both Keith Hardwick and JCB some time ago about a split in the mainstream establishment. Today, out of ever five Greeks I spoke to, 3 favored Nina to John's pick, Arturo. Those whom I would consider indies by majority knew that there was a major opposition party but didn't know the name of it, some said Impact, others said Unite. Of the indie students most knew of the Pants name and seemd to get a real kick out of it, even though many of them didn't know Bruce Haupt from Bruce Vilanche (pictured at right).

I also want to thank both Gavin Baker AND Ryan Nelson for clarifying to me the status of those businesses listed on their flyer. Apparently these are not sponsors and the party has not sold out. I stand corrected and once again am very much interested in Action. It amazes me how both Nelson & Baker can write me articulate and well-thought-out letters but people like Tommy Jardon can't reply to me on AIM....but speaking of potato chips, TheRadikal will be covering this election with special interest b/c of Bruce Haupt and his undeniable will to be heard. Much respct.

Why the interest...

  • Arturo Armand - A strong, connected Hispanic powerhouse

  • Chris Chase - over-qualified*, feared by bureaucrats.

  • Bruce Haupt - a true independent.

  • Nina - the second of her house to revolt.

Keep Reading, I've Got Plenty More To Say!

* - 3:1 the Alligator uses this term (or at least implies it) to describe Chris in their endorsement section.

I don't know about you, but this election seems so much more interesting than last Spring's or even Spring 2005 for the #2 spot of SG. We are seeing another Indie revolt against the mainstream of his party, meanwhle we're seeing a very popuar Greek candidate stand up and challenge the non-Greek/FBK-sanctioned leadership of the traditionally Greek bloc. I believe the John Boyles window is closing and with good reason as he was nothing more than a Greek showpiece to be referred to throughout the upcoming decade (on how you don't have to be Greek to run with the Greek Party). In a way, the first round of the upcoming elections will almost serve as a PRIMARY per se, with two indies squaring off and two system (no offense Arturo, Nina) squaring off for the "run-off" which will be the proverbial showdown between the Indies/Rogue Greeks and the FBK-backed Greeks.

I suspect the run-off will be between either Action & Nina ///or//// Action & Arturo.
However, if things are done right and conditions ripen for true reform, I believe Bruce will knock Action off the second round. It's key here for all three parties to run their OWN course, not work together on ANY capacity, and see what the students want. I honestly believe its time for students to decide what they want and after Impact/Unite -- coalitions accomplish NOTHING!. Pants & Nina should avoid working with friendly parties, there is no such thing as a friendly party if that party is running someone against you. You make friends and/or help your buddies if you get cut by run-off time, otherwise, any ground you give, will be taken.

Suggestions for the Majors:
Action - keep your Party exec, namely Tommy Jardon out of the newspapers. Put restraints on your Party Exec and either appoingt ONE PERSON to speak or simply and better yet, allow your top candidate to be the mouthpiece of the party. Party chiefs more often than not have issues staying quiet and behind the scenes. Students may love what the chief says but the last thing you want is to imply that your candidate is unable to properly express himself or the vision of the party by consistently giving more press to the Party Exec(s) than the candidate(s).

Action #2: End your mudslinging now. "Swamp this, Swamp that." You were formerly Impact and Unite, you have dumped two platforms to embace a 3rd as part of some new beginning, meanwhile Swamp continues to work towards finishing what they promised one year ago. Work towards stengthening Action and getting votes, but so do without attacking Swamp or its members. First and foremost it's too early for that (if you absolutely must do it) and second of all, you risk being sweeped again; keep it clean, keep it professional, fight for votes and maybe you'll win.

Swamp #1: Lose those thousand dollar suits and make sure your women wear less makeup, I mean it's like KISS over there, who's behind the girl looks like Katie Holmes with all that stuff on her face but probably wakes up looking like Whoopi Goldberg without it. If you want the average student to believe you're just like them (or in your case fake it), then realize that most students wear aandals, shorts, and t-shirts....not PRada, not Armani, not fine Italian leather shoes, most students eat at Moe's or Pita Pit not Dragonfly, most students drink Sam Adams and/or Bud not Chivas Regal. Remember this my Florida Blue Key homies...Bruce Haupt could possibly become your worse nightmare, Keg brought Innovate down so much that they lost the presidency, that was some two years ago....tone down the GQ/17 look or face losing a slice of votes that might see you lose the election or be eliminated run-off time and having to cross out all those gators and writing down Vote Nina in their place.

Pants 1: Don't quit the election. Make fun and laugh with your campaign but make sure you have a serious side as well. Keg was an incredible party but they waited too long to unveil their serious side, the side that was packed with wonderful and innovative ideas (later stolen by Access). Be like Half & Half, half satire and half professional. I believe that Pants has a decent shot of knocking out Action for the primary, in fact, I believe Pants has a better chance of defeating Action to the run-off than Action has of defeating Swamp or that Swamp has of supressing and defeating Nina. <--- Think about that one.

Take Care Guys.
I voted today, Davis for Governor & Sadie for Sheriff!
I hope Crist wins for the GOP, I'd even vote for him (maybe).
I hope that C _ _ T Katherine Harris gets WHOOPED!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Democracy: All Should Be Heard

I'm so tired I can't see straight but I've just read a message put out by Bruce Haupt of the Pants Party asking for his supporters to help him appear on the ballot and for his party to have enough senate candidates to run. That's so familiar...I remember a tiny focus group for the Voice Party meanwhile the mainstream-esque Phoenix Party held the convention that would see it transformed into the Impact Party.

I want to offer Bruce my help, not my endorsement or even my support. Am I contradicting myself? No. Honestly I am very impressed with the candidacy of Arturo Armand (I won't deny this), I am also to a certain extent very impressed with the candidacy of Chris Chase whom was interviewed during the Medina scandal on this very blogsite long before any talk of his candidacy, the Action Party, or a vacancy in the Vice Presidency. I somehow have the ability to interview the movers and shakers in the SG world, I only talk to the people that get things done.

I met Bruce Haupt at a party late in the past Spring semester. I was drunk and clowning around with Andrew and Vera. I was surprised Bruce read my blog and actually commented on several of the entries therein. He was informed, articulate when presenting his own views, and much to my astonishment....he wasn't an SG bureaucrat. This having been said, I think we are dealing with three very impressive candidates and I would like nothing more than to see all three candidates debate and fight for this office. I would like to see Arturo Armand and Chris Chase sign Bruce's petition, as well as members of both the Swamp and Action Parties, in addition to those whom identify themselves as Pants supporters.

When I was running Voice I always dreamt of Ken Kerns or James Argento, two former Voice leaders of coming to our aid, be it with cred or actually coming to help, but they never did for whatever their reason. Whatever Pants may stand for, they obviously have a desire to be heard and I know better than anyone what it's like to be in a small party, feel alone, but determined not to give up. I will remain open to all three candidates (for whoever cares) and will not endorse until I am certain of a selection, however, I would be happy to help Bruce petition and will send word through all Voice Exec. officers still on campus as well as various links of mine in LS. Additionally, I would have no quarrels with dipping into my law school savings and give Pants a little financial assistance.