Monday, September 11, 2006

First & foremost I'm not on 'on the ground' as they say and many times I find that my opinions are constrained by email feedback, newspaper articles, and time. When I was active in student leadership, I knew just about everything there was to know about the dealings of the day, however, TheRadikal is a breakfast pastime for me and I really cannot offer an alternative to the more serious bloggers. Still, the perspective and the opinions of an older indie are valuable. I'm not comment-driven, hit-driven, or ego-driven...writing to me is like breathing, and if others want to read it, then fine.

From N.A.G.A.S.
I find it ironic that Christian Duque tells Nina and Bruce to not support Action's senate candidates or Action in a run-off, since he is so anti-Progress for not supporting the Independents in Impact in Spring 04. Maybe I mis-understood the Radikal, because this seems unlike him.

Let me clarify my position. I do not believe that Nina or Bruce should support Action -- or SWAMP, until the time merits talk of an endorsement. If either the forces supporting Bruce or Nina spoke of supporting either larger party today, what kind of a message does that send to their supporters. How would a Swamp supporter feel if Josh Weiss said "If we get hammered by the runoff we're supporting Nina" during that upcoming BBQ? My point on the matter of early endorsements is a clear one -- NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THAT SHIT. As a former party chairman I can tell you that point blank. Pants, Nina, Swamp, and Action need to be focused and keep their eyes on the prize of WINNING and WINNING WITH CLASS, nothing more. You don't put a healthy person on life support if they're breathing fine. When a party endorses, it usually dies right then and there.

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