Wednesday, September 27, 2006

From multiple sources and from counting on my own gut instincts here's how I see the breakdown:

1st Place: Nina Dejong
2nd Place: Chris Chase (by 1 or 2 %pts.)
3rd: Arturo Armand
4th: Bruce Haupt

The Breakdown

The Greeks are literally split in 4-ways, with the major chunks going to Nina & Arturo. Arturo is not popular with southern houses (ATO, KA, AGR) for a variety of reasons; Chris is not popular with many Greek houses; Bruce is Greek & will carry Keg'esque Greek support [i.e. Greeks openly supporting Bruce/PANTS will not get the guilt-trip they would supporting say Action], and...NINA...she's popular from Theta to Kappa Sig to Pi Lam to Pike basically the entire GREEK perimeter. So that puts her over Arturo.

Additionally, we've all seen gentlemen such as this one at right and no one wants to the be the jerk to cite reality out loud, so I'll volunteer for the job. Any remotely attractive & bubbley female campaign worker that talks her game to a guy that looks like this, puts a sticker on his shirt, and shakes his hand will get not only this man's vote but marriage proposals. These cats aren't Indies, they're just horny and hard-up, and we A-L-L know about these poor souls. And these guys will vote for the pink or the reptiles, bank on it. PANTS mud-wrestling could have seriously contended for this key, gritty demographic.



Runoff Predictions

I believe Nina will come in first but will be lacking enough support to win without a run-off. I am hoping that PANTS will give serious consideration to endorsing if they are eliminated -- this is the RESPONSIBLE thing to do. However an endorsement does NOT have to come at the Orange & Brew, it can take days and special debates and/or party meetings can and should take place. Aside from this responsibility, I am hoping that PANTS will give Equal consideration to the parties/candidates in the second round of the elections.

Do I believe PANTS can win? Yes. But will they, probably not since they are so fringe. Do I believe Swamp would endorse Nina if eliminated? No I do not, I believe Swamp would endorse ACTION to teach the sororities a lesson. If Action were eliminated then I believe Action & Pants would endorse Nina. If Action and Swamp were eliminated and it was NINA and PANTS, Action would go to Nina & Swamp would sit out the election. Make any sense to you?

Yes...I said Swamp would back Action over Nina, that wasn't a type o.

Amateur Night Is Over


Anonymous said...

You have a major problem. Do to Adelle's idealism(?) or some other incredibly stupid reason, the Kapps were not talking to guys.

Otherwise i would agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Fei Long (Peace Be With Him)! HA HA HA HA Outstanding Senator!

Christian Duque said...

My "major problem" is not being on campus, something I have long stated. My opinions for the 500th time are based on emails I receive, calls I get, and my 2003-2005 expertise on SG matters.

Though in Gainesville, I do not physically involve myself with SG b/c I've graduated. My blog is more a hobby and fringe-outside-look-in at SG than a report from the trenches.

I hope that I have clarified my position more soundly. I wonder what the results were? I was prolly way off, as usual, lol.

Anonymous said...

You really have no clue about SG at UF anymore do you? Nice predictions...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but any guy who runs a shitty ass fall campaign like Nelson should not be running for SG President.

Gavin Baker said...

Hopefully one's performance as party chair is not the main or only qualification for SBP.

I'll take Sen. Nelson in 2007 than anybody else I can think of at this point. Who knows if he'll want it, though.

Anonymous said...

but let's be real...

this faulty ass campaign shows serious signs of a bad logic. will ryan have this same logic on his presidential campaign?

Anonymous said...

Anyone not name Mosely or Weiss has no shot at Spring 2007