Friday, October 27, 2006

Alice In Wonderland
I got to catch this play at the hipp with my soon-to-be girl and it was absolutely one of the best plays I've seen in the last three years, I totally recommend it. The Queen of Hearts was FABULOUS, lol. If you're planning on 'catching a movie,' splurge a few more bucks and sit in for a play.

Danny Rolling: Hymns of a Serial Killer
Kudos to the Interfraternity Council for maintaining the mural-memorial to the five slain victims of the Gainesville Ripper. You know...I've driven past the wall countless times in five years and even put up murals for Voice & various other groups (see Filibuster, UF-Silas, etc) and I can't say I've ever really paid much notice to the mural kept up by the IFC, I guess I've overlooked it for so long that when I finally looked for it, it was almost surreal to see it there. Does the Alligator praise the IFC for this work? No. The Alligator doesn't praise Greeks, it's not as fashionable as lambasting them.

I find Rolling's lack of remorse chilling and his choice of last words even more fact Rolling chose to sing a religious hymn. While I'm normally opposed to the death penalty, I would have been happy putting Rolling on the electric chair, this man got off way too easy for all the horrors he committed.

Will The Real Charlie Crist, Pleaase Stand Up!

I would also like to comment on the latest batch of hateful commercials from Charlie Crist. I recall speaking with my good friend James Argento, early on, about how Crist intrigued me. I was fond of his moderate stance on key issues, I truly liked the fact he was speaking bi-partisanship and I honestly, for the first time in my life, was considering giving my vote to a member of the Republican Party over a democrat. Then....then the anti-liberal commercials came out, once Gallagher had been remvoed, the true Charlie Crist emerged. And this past week, we've seen the Moral Majority in the Crist camp emerge; his latest commercials assert, Crist is:

  • Against Same Sex Marriage
  • Against Stem Cell Research
  • For Family Values

These are the same vague, Bible-Belt issues that the GOP has somewhat effectively used against Democrats, demonizing liberals almost as badly as McCarthyism demonized communists in the 1950's.

What exactly is the Gator Nation to believe here? SB President John Boyles' pathetic excuse for Chomp The Vote's non-existent budget -- or the pleas of an inexperienced bureaucrat, appointed to an office mainly out of necessity as opposed to merit. Dare I say that the Boyles Camp could have easily found a worthy appointment in the opposition (e.g. Tommy Jardon, Rosemarie Clouston), but probably opted to remain consistent with party-appointments and opted for inexperience as opposed to bi-partisanship.

To read the highest Student Government officer defend his failure of an appointment solely on the merits of being turned-down by his initial candidate is absolutely pitiful. While Swamp clearly enjoys the benefits of operating a well-oiled campaign machine, they have very little sense insofar as their public image. Not only has the Boyles administration earned itself the distinction of being perhaps one of the most despotic in SG history, it's in a comfortable lead for being the most incompetent.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


In what promises to be another memorable Radikal interview, I started chatting with the old SG legend James Argento. When my old mentor started asking me about who my next interview guest would be, I knew... When he told me he wouldn't be opposed, I was all over him like FBK on SG-Growl-money.

This interview will surely be one of the giants, but I want to do it a little differently. I plan on asking 5-7 questions, however, I want the interview to consist of roughly 12-15 questions. So, that means I will need Y-O-U!

As is the policy of this blog w/ Q&A, the guests are given a pool of questions and they decide which they will answer, so for the public's half of the interview I will need no less than a dozen quality submissions. I will accept only submissions from people that put their name beside their question and have no problem with appearing as the interviewer for that question on the finished product. Of the public's half of the interview, I will accept only two ANONYMOUS questions, if and only if the subject matter warrants it. All questions should be sent to:

The interview release date is scheduled for mid-November.

Pedro Morales

I love this kid. I also loved your letter titled 'Propotional Representation' Pedro. Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly and will touch on this matter in a future Radikal entry. If it were up to me and not saying this is your plan at all, UF is a school of 50,'s larger than some cities! I would not be opposed to the UF Senate (which seems to love the D.C. model so much) to help create a UF House of Represenatives that TRULY meets with Proportional Representation.

Is it unheard of for one branch to create another? No. The U.S. Congress created the Judiciary Branch and honorably made government a three-body institution from a two-body one. Would a UF SG House serve a purpose than senate cannot? I believe it would.
More on my thoughts on this & Pedro's email/suggestions coming up soon.

Thanks by the way, for an excellent letter my friend. :)

Five Palm Trees

Five innocent college students lost their lives in 1990 at the hands of crazed serial killer. For over a decade-and-a-half the families of the victims have had to live knowing that the killer of their loved ones remained alive, making a mockery of the legal system. The families of three others, a man, a woman, and their eight-year-old child not only had to live knowing this monster was alive, but they had to live knowing that the State where they lived knew who the killer was but couldn't convict him.

Tonight, the Gainesville Ripper Danny Rolling may finally receive justice. I for one, would never celebrate the death of any man, even one whom it would seem deserves it. What I will say, is my heart goes out to the victims' families and I hope justice is done.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Overcoming Obstlaces

Ok...what if Lauren won't run? Then what? Bruce is a great leader but like Dennis Ngin his indecision might trumpet his downfall. I remember sitting at Bennigan's with a former colleague and Dennis around this time 2004 and us telling him to run and him just replying "I don't know, ah, I don't know." Nothing more demoralizing to hear, than a leader unsure if he's a leader. How do you build morale in a situation like that? Then on the other hand you got a candidate that wants office so bad that upon not getting it sheds tears-of-disappointment. On the one hand we chastize a dopey candidate and on the other we chastize a passionate one. Interesting logic.

GDi's are in a very strange situation right now. There is no question that there will always be an 'Independent party' and that that party will have candidates, however, how many defeats must the opposition to endure before its leaders fully understand that in order to reach power, they need to broker a coalition with stronger forces. Is this 'selling out', slightly, but Indies need to reach positions of power and if GDI's strike a deal with a progressive mainstreamer they may not have to sell themselves very much (or at all).

I believe wholeheartedly that GDI's are making a huge mistake in not digging deeper for better candidates. There is no racial formula behind a winning look at the Gator ticket, gender matters little, look at Swamp and it's three-mail-executive. What would happen if Indies ran someone like Sam Green? Would African Americans still support Josh Weiss or Ryan Moseley? Would Asian Americans support Josh or Ryan if Fei Long ran? Would Gays & Lesbians support Swamp if Chris Chase ran (wait...he did run and they did support Swamp). Point is this... you can't rune a black person and win black votes or run an Asian and win the Asian block...people seem to think that's why Black voted for Access...'oh they ran Jamal, so all the blacks came out in droves,' I can't tell you how much I've heard it and I find it to be utter bullshit.

When I did my 40+ Org. Tour during senate run, I was told by Jamal and Andre not to hit up NPHC org's and/or the council, but hit them I did. I spoke out about the party's initiatives, I took questions, I gave handout and took phone calls. Why? Because as I told them, "I respect you, I respect you enough to come here and fight for your vote, others....outside, they say you will vote because Jamal is black, because he comes from your council, well I come here to you, to your chapter meeting, on this Sunday evening with the permission of your Executive Board, to fight for your vote." That, if I may so, is what you call RESPECT. Don't run a black person for black votes, run a quality candidate and fight for every vote...then you'll win your hearts & minds. Several members thanked me for showing the NPHC fraternities and sororities, respect, both w/ Access & Voice. Did Impact, Unite, or Action visit NPHC fraternities/sororities individually and present before the council? I was a lone senate candidate, if I did, why hasn't a party? RESPECT

GDI's need to focus here. ENOUGH of failed campaigns. The time for a coalition is NOW. But not a coalition of solely GDI's, rather a coalition between GDI's and moderates in FBK. Moseley seems slightly more favored than Weiss, but neither of these men are suitable, they are what you call favorites. GDI's need to dialogue with moderates in FBK and scout for rising stars. Lauren would be a wonderful pick for president. Ryan Nelson definitely remains a great choice for executive office. I would keep Andrew Hoffman's name handy, he could win you the election if he was properly courted. And...don't get accustomed to only running folks one time. There's some names from the past at UF and eligible to run...why do you have to always pick new names?


As much as I love NORML I was not stoned when writing this post, I just didn't choose to proofread and make corrections. Ahhhh the memories of the great steps leading to Century Tower, stumbling to a class where our teacher rambled on about his time in Malawi....on and on and on and on about a bunch of people that prolly wanted to lynch his western butt...I'd stare at his head and wonder how funny it would be if all of a sudden he said LOOK AT ME! took out a huge stereo and started stipping, giving lap dances to all the tools that sat up front and repeated his every word and sand him praises; sometimes I'd just laugh and the slightly chubby DZ whom sat in front of me would turn around and laugh too...sometimes I'd look over at Marycarmen...what a cutie... am I thinking of two different classes? Seri was the woman, who was the guy? OH who cares. Enjoy School:)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Why Not?

I know many members of FBK, in fact Charlie and a group of us would have dinner many Wednesday nights at Cafe Gardens. Once done with R&E at Swamp I'd head over, have some beers and talk FBK, politics, SG, everything. I believe that FBK is more than a 'leadership honorary' and I believe there are good people involved that are elitist, yes, but are also wholesome, upright, and progressive.

Some members of the student and alumni camps would agree with me, others would refute this notion entirely, but there is a tug of war in the Greek system between the large houses, the medium houses, and the small houses -- not to complex to categorize houses. Genereally the big and medium houses are one bloc and the small houses another. Small houses today are much easily indentifiable because today there are many 'houses' without a house. Like the tug-of-war amongst Greek houses, there is a tug-of-war in FBK, there is a tug-of-war in senate, there might even be a tug-of-war in the Quilting Club.

The entirety of my point with Lauren Mierley and Bruce Haupt is that this potential ticket, if properly put together, could have incredible Indie support, incredible PC support, favor in the IFC, it could bring in fringe support, and it's Coalition atmosphere would be prime for cultural organizations to stake a claim in, and this wonderful group of groups under one common flag would be very reminiscent of Access 2004 and I don't think....that after 2004 FBK would want to be on the losing side again. I also, and more importantly, think that unlike 2004, the rebels in FBK would be louder and harder to suppress. Larger houses or not, FBK isn't just Greeks and thanks to Nina's efforts, Greek women are by no means inferior at the polls to Greek men as far as electability goes. There is no reason why ANYONE could readily say TODAY that FBK would pass on Lauren for either Josh or Ryan. We are talking about THREE competent candidates and the haste of those to dismiss Lauren so quickly makes me think they either FEAR HER or they FEAR HER.

The GDI's cannot run another campaign, the machinery still works but the parts need oil. GDI's have not been part of a winning team in almost three years, Tommy...Nikki...Ben..."it's time."

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grapski Enters Not Guilty Plea!

This is surely a very complex case involving alleged election abuses and/or alleged criminal behavior on one or more parties. Alachua City Manager (whom also serves as Police Commissioner) permitted Charlie to record a conversation some time after it started because he claimed to one newspaper that 'he had nothing to hide.' Since the article claims Watson has cited that Florida Sunshine laws note it's illegal to record state officials, I find it unusual he would have allowed any recording to have been permitted in the first place. I am not sure if this constitutes entrapment (allowing for something, knowing full well it's illegal, and then using the permitted act as grounds for detainment). From what I understand there is also a phone call recording in question.

Now I know many of you see Charlie as nothing more than a trouble-maker, filing suits left and right, but let me try to enhance your outlook. A lot can be accomplished with a court ruling, it sets precedent, and in many regards its far more difficult to overturn, than say a law passed in the legislature. For the legislature (be it a city or county commission or a state or federal legislature) to deem and PROVE a court ruling to be unconstitutional is no small act, in fact, few legislators would even dare meddle in court matters. They would have to dissect the ruling, find several EXTREMELY questionable areas, and give such an impressive presentation they'd have to get either a majority or a super-majority of their colleagues to chuck the court decision's validity. Again...some people choose law suits to make their political points, others go through the lobbying frenzy and hope for legislative bills.

In a way....lawsuits, could be construed (at least in my book and under certain conditions) as Judicial Lobbying, with court fees usually footed by the plantiff (making "the trial" a paid service for one of the three branches to hear the (new & ) proposed interpretation of the law)and court decisions such as Roe v. Wade or Brown v. Board of Education changing the status quo forever. >>>>Comments?<<<<

Do I think Charlie is innocent? That's not really important in the scheme of things. I lift weights and I know a lot of muscleheads, Watson was an old Mr. Gainesville and a part-owner at Gainesville Gym (my old haunt). Charlie is family, I love him, and I want to see him found innocent. I believe the case is complex, but this is an Indie site and fully supports Charlie. Talk to Charlie, visit his site found on my link-area, because you'll have to travel many miles and talk to many people across this fine nation to find another reformer of his caliber.

The Full Read:

An Interesting Bill
I was pleased to read about Former Sen. Fei Long working on a very timely piece of legislation involving int'l students directly. There have been notable instances where the UF Senate oversteps its boundaries and enacts resolutions that have little-next-to no importance beyond its own chambers at the Reitz Union. However, the bill authored by Long, Brett, et. al. hopes for influence as opposed to power. If the University follows the UF Student Senate's lead, then U.S. embassies & consulates may add more credibility to parents invited by a prestigious upper level academic institution state-side. Whether the bill affects UF's 6% Int'l Student population or not, this is a sound & necessary piece of legislation.


For The Full Read: Issue Goes Beyond UF

Sad, But Is It True?

Several of my best sources have remained mum on this one, but some time ago I was informed by a good friend that fmr. Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Rod Smith (eliminated in the Party primary) and/or many of his campaign's top brass weren't truly supportive of DNC candidate Jim Davis and are allegedly supporting GOP candidate Charlie Crist. I would not be surprised if these rumors about Rod Smith are nothing more than an anti-FBK witchunt, however, after viewing Smith's own website, I can tell you his support of Davis seems visibly-lacking. Anyone that has any information on this matter, please post and/or email me.

Again, the initial paragraph is solely aimed at fact-finding as the original text and title suggest. However, a good friend of mine whom works in the Davis campaign believes what he believes. I also found a portion of this article unusual:

"In addition, several key personnel from Smith's primary campaign have decided to support Crist -- not Davis -- in the general election campaign."


So yes, I'd like more info on this. I'd like to know why Rod Smith's main page has no mention of endorsing Jim Davis and why media opposing Davis has not been removed. Perhaps I'll never know and/or perhaps my friend, the article, and my own curiosities are all unfounded, but telling me to shut up never worked with anything I've ever shown interest in before.

Bruce & Lauren!

I hope Bruce doesn't get mad at me for posting this, but this is SG's premier blog, so I feel I must. I ran into the PANTS candidate at yesterday's career fair and we spoke for a few minutes. Let me say this and let me hammer it away.

I was never on the ground, I heard about PANTS antics and I thought they were both funny and silly, but I endorsed Bruce over Chris, over Nina, and over Arturo because I see a great deal of potential in this student leader and I think the way he felt yesterday and the ambitions he has, prove it! Bruce is not another Dan Fitzpatrick. Dan wanted reform and wanted change and his efforts shouldn't be mocked, because he made his point and he succeeded at his goals, but, there's more to Bruce than what you saw this past election and I for one want him to live out his dreams, because they will really benefit the student body.

I would also like to see Lauren Mierley run. I think if anything, Nina proved that the sororities can be moblized and that a female candidate is viable, so viable that she can take out the indies...that's no small feat! Nina defeated the GDI's and even though her numbers fell considerably below Swamp --- Nina ran sans party and sans senate candidates to help her draw votes!

Lauren could bury Josh Weiss & Ryan Moseley in a debate. I've campaigned several times alongside her and she has what it takes to win over people, her good looks aside, she could easily force FBK to support her, they would be fuckin stupid not to. I met Josh once (thanks to Lydia Washington) and I think the kid's great, very humble, very soft-spoken, totally professional, but I don't see him as a SBP, not yet.

Did I sidetrack here? No. I don't believe Lauren to be an FBK/Greek puppet, I believe she's a real person and could do great things (even if she were to secure FBK support). Additiionally, I know she wants to be SB President and I believe she would have no better runningmate than Bruce Haupt.

Bruce going to Tommy's party would be a waste of time, not because of chances of victory or professionalism or any of that, but rather because I don't think they would mesh right. I don't know how to explain it, but the mold of the GDI's after '05 (Ngin, Hernandez, Chase) isn't one that a guy like Bruce seems right to follow in.

Lauren should seriously consider a run and should really have her people look into Bruce Haupt. A fmr. cabinet director, an active Greek, very socialable, very hard-working, with strong Indie ties, and a passion not only to serve, but to reform! I think a Mierley/Haupt ticket would surely be an unstoppable force. I believe they would secure the largest number of IFC/PC houses and bring about a sizeable split in the GDI community.

I believe that if properly negotiated we could see what is currently-dubbed-Action and a rebel-FBK class (that wants to finally clean house) shake, on a potentially strong union between Keys that want change and Indies that want another shot at a power-sharing government as in Summer 2004. I would love it if this could happen. I would love to have Lauren & Bruce just kick this around, it could just work. It would be wonderful if next semester Tommy Jardon would be seen walking beside Lauren Mierely reading out her day's engagements from his blackberry and me blogging about how progressive FBK has become.

Just because we fucked up Summer '04, shouldn't stop progreesive Indies & Keys from giving teamwork another chance this upcoming election. United we stand, divided we fall. I got news for you, there are Keys that want change and I think the new FBK leaders just might deliver. How great would it be to be a Florida Gator if this dream of mine came true. :)

But what about your boy Ryan Nelson? What about Weiss & Moseley? All great names, but with Lauren in the picture they all have to sit down and wait. In my book, with Lauren in the game all is changed, w/o her in the running, I would go with Nelson. I believe the threee I named to be great picks, but Lauren would be the best pick. Things don't always work out in paradise, but I think Nelson would have been a great senate president.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

POST 100

The Tommy Jardon Interview

TR: As I recall you were in a class with me (and Becca Guerra) during the triumphant Spring 2004, I also remember working with you on a certain project over the summer, but what were you upto Fall 2004? What happened that Fall that somehow saw you as a top dog in the following Spring Impact Party?

TJ: The person that got me involved in Sg in the first place was Lowell Wong. Lowell had been in SG at USF, transferred up and was actually a greek (don't remember which house). I knew Lowell through College Republicans sicne he was an active member and he repeatedly tried to get me involved. Even before then I would have to say that my first exposure to SG was during the Spring of 2004 when I put together a debate between Jamal and Scott. It got me introduced to Andre Samuels, Mike Schuster and a whole cast of characters I wouldn't know better until later that same summer.

That house would be Lambda Chi Alpha

The project over the summer you mention was the first push toward Online Voting in a long string of recent efforts. I became involved in that again, in part, because of Lowell Wong but also because one of my better friends at the time was Ignite Senator, Theta Chi, and chair of Allocations, Brian Gibson. Brian, Lowell, and I were all having lunch together at Wendy's on campus when the topic of the committee came up. They asked me if I'd even be willing to chair the committee since I was an outsider and, believe it or not, rather impartial at the time. Long story short, I just ended up helping on the committee (including Andrew Hoffman, Becca Guerra, Adam Roberts, and one Christian Duque).

Over the fall I fell into Bush-Cheney responsibilities and so saw my Sg involvement decrease. Once we came back for the Spring, however, and the Access name had been taken by FBK, Lowell invited me back in to help the then-named Phoenix Party and Dennis Ngin win the Spring election. I was strictly an advisor then. Even so, the following day i received a call from Fall Access Senator Laura Gonzalez "guaranteeing" me a CLAS senate seat from none other than Joe Goldberg. I declined, my lost was cast with the indies, and the rest is history.

When Elda Auxiliare and Diane Kassim ditched, Ally Cullin and I along with David Meyrowitz, Nick Campiz, RJ Peterson, Becca White, Andrew Hoffman, Kevin Bacon and John Malanchuk took the reins of what was left.

TR: Back in the day, which name did you prefer for Dennis & Co.: Phoenix, Unite, or Impact & why? Is it true that the Impact name was created at the Lambda Chi house as a joke involving a certain sexual act?

TJ: - When I walked into my first meeting of the Phoenix Party at Jessica Goodwin's apartment, the first thing I was asked was, "When you hear the word 'phoenix' what do you think?" I said, "giant, flaming bird." And the name was effectively scrapped from then on. We spent the better part of the next week combing through dictionaries and thesauri for different words with both punch and meaning. At the end of the week, we were all so delirious that heading into the party convention (where the name would be voted on and decided) we all acceded to Robert Mack's suggestion that we call it the Support Party. I'm not going to try and do it justice; you'll have to ask Mack for that.

At the party convention, however, a young man by the name of Robert Agrusa proposed we use the name Impact. The "delegates" attending thought it was a great idea, attempts to redirect their opinion were fruitless and the final vote yielded the name Impact.

I never heard the Lambda Chi rumor until just now - clever though.

("Delegates," indeed. They allowed 2 Voice'ers in to vote, very classy.")

TR: When the dust cleared and the numbers were announced Spring '05, Impact was trailing Gator considerably, hardly reason for Dennis to proclaim the party #1. So, when Voice endorsed Impact but the Progress' leadership remained almost deceptively neutral when addressing it's members, how'd that make you feel as the Impact leader? We all know that Voice & Progress kids were indies, what were you thinking when the leaders of Progress did nothing to publicly support your candidates?

TJ: - We were furious to say the least. There were all sorts of rumors and conspiracy theories about Mackenzie being bought off by Joe for one thing or another (FBK among them). To date, I'm not sure what the reason for his silence was. I don't think it was malicious or meant to sabotage Dennis. My own opinion is that Mackenzie just thought it wasn't Progress's place to endorse anyone; their supporters were smart enough to decide on their own.

TR: In regards to the Fall 2005 election, my sources say that bi-partisan control of the Opposition Party worked well for the most part, but that by Spring 2006 you were forced out by Adam Roberts from the major decision-making-end of the Executive. Did you in fact abandon your post in the Unite! Party Executive over inability to properly communicate and work with Adam Roberts?

TJ: I characterize the power structure in the Fall '05 campaign as a triumvirate (a word that literally means "three men" in Latin - interpret that as you will). Ally and Adam negotiated the terms of the Impact-Progress marriage (referred to amicably by those of us involved at that point as Propact). Once they agreed that we would take the Impact name, mostly because we were more pigheaded then than Adam and Susan, we all got together and set about the campaign. There was always a tension between the Impact and Progress kids. I think the fact that the Impact name was used had a lot to do with that. It made us, the Impact kids, feel like we had a majority stake in a party that really much more closely resembled Progress. Adam threatened to quit weekly but we managed and got 6 senators elected, a Fall record for an opposing Indie party.

After the election, with Ally now occupying the position of Impact Party leader in Senate, it upset the balance. Our senators were dissatisfied with her leadership in chambers and would fall back to Adam with their complaints. I found myself playing mediator more and more often between Adam and Ally for their frequent disputes. Amidst the pains of figuring out how to create a permanent Indie party the task fell to us to choose between John Boyles and Jared Hernandez. This is what eventually split me from the party.

After interviewing both (under rather awkward circumstances) we decided that John was a Greek in Indie clothing and that Jared was actually a greek with a soul, we decided on Jared. At that point, I started taking my orders from Jared. And there were some things I did under Jared's orders, which I agreed with, that Adam didn't appreciate (such as calling Joe Goldberg and letting him know that Impact had chosen Jared over John). The breaking point came after the Alligator's David Cohen asked me the question and I said yes, I support Jared and so does Impact. Adam second guessed me in print. <>

Shortly thereafter I renounced all claim to party leadership for the Spring and returned to where I started in College Republicans

TR: In regards to the Unite! campaign, were there any efforts by yourself, Adam Roberts, or the MVP bloc to suppress Access Party President, Fmr. Sen. Ansell Fernandez from putting forth the idea of running Herenandez under the Yellow & Blue flag. Why was the name Access rejected for the name Unite!?

TJ: I actually don't know why they didn't run under the Access name and had no idea Ansell was still involved. I had checked out well before the name Unite was even mentioned once. I left Impact, I never attended a Unite exec meeting.

TR: Final direct question on Unite! Is it true that you and a select few from Impact/Progress met several times (or even a single time with John Boyles, with sole purpose of recruiting him to your side for a presidential run?

TJ: Yes. We met with both of them as Impact at that point. We even had several meetings. I must say that I was very enthusiastic about the possibility of running John Boyles, a qualified Indie (an unheard of thing) for SBP. John's fall from grace came when he admitted to those of us present at our meeting with him that in order for him to win, he had to make deals with the greeks. This was an untenable position for me. No deals with the greeks or FBK could be made. Jared refused to make such deals and told them so directly. Hence the Indies ran a Greek and the Greeks ran an Indie.

TR: have never been fond of using rogues as Indie candidates, you know this very well, but my next question involves party loyalty. Insofar as Indie politics go, I think we can all agree that Impact-I/P/V-Unite-Action has been the natural progression of major indie parties. This having been said, how loyal and/or supportive was Dennis to Jared and Jared to Chris? Or do your rogue candidates go back to the FBK side once they get trounced on?

TJ: Dennis wasn't around for Unite, so I don't know what his thoughts were. But I know that Action was looked on favorably by both Dennis and Jared. The only person that has ever truly turned from the Indie cause has been Lindsay Johns, but that's more out of a personal love for John Boyles than anything else I think. She always took umbridge to my assertion John had sold out; she only followed John's footsteps last Spring.

TR: Chris Chase served as a director of Gator Growl (an event that many hardline Indies believe has marred the A&S Budget for years and is nothing more than a remnant of FBK's Good Ole Boy Network), yet he was the Indie frontrunner? And Action didn't even make a secret of it, it was right there on the main page? A little brash wouldn't you say?

TJ: Yes. The fact he was a Gator Growl director speaks to his qualifications and experience as a leader. Whether or not Growl should get the help it does from SG is a different topic those of us who are Indie have not changed our opinion on.

TR: What are your views and/or impreesion of President Boyles? Man of the people? Slave to the Greeks? FBK Puppet? Vague? & Why.

TJ: Ahh, John Boyles. Tool. Enough said. He is the most ineffective, insecure, and pitiful representative of the Student Body I have seen or heard of in my time at UF. He has only his own ambition at heart. He is not afraid to lie, cheat, or bargain for power. And the most dangerous thing is that where others would admit they stop at little-to-nothing (think Marc Adler, Joe Goldberg) John denies it to everyone's face in exchange for the usual bullshit about only wanting to be a preacher in North Carolina. My ass.

TR: What purpose or accomplishment do you see in the race of Nina DeJong and why did you lose Kevin Bacon this term? Seems Sen. Bacon has been with you from Impact to Unite and back, how come he left your side this time around? And would Nina be a name on the top of Action lists for a possible V.P. slot in the Spring?

TJ: I think Nina ran for her own reasons, I never bothered questioning her or her supporters about it. it was evident enough they saw being a woman as enough of a qualification to hold office. More power to them. I never asked Kevin why he helped her. I'm not big on catering to individual needs or egos. If people offer their opinions, I'm happy to listen and always try to adopt every good idea that comes my way. But I won't sacrifice what I deem to be a good idea for the sake of forced consensus and inefficiency.

TR: We often hear about names of folks that would be great president, I know myself I've named both Gavin Baker & Ryan Nelson, but let me ask you this, what are your thoughts on Andrew Hoffman? A law school colleague of yours, Standing Committee Chairman, fmr. CLASC President, heavily active w/ Impact and well-liked pretty much by all who interact with him. What qualities do you see in Andrew and why (or why wouldn't he in your opinion) make for a stellar frontrunner in 2007?

I think Andrew would tell you Law school is enough of a drag on time as it is. I think in order to run for something like SBP you have to want it. Ambition and desire are the best motivators to go out there and campaign 24/7 as you have to in order to win. If Andrew wants it, I think he'd make a great SBP. If he doesn't want it but still chooses to run...he's bound to face a much tougher battle.

TR: I think my time has come and gone. I help as far being able to provide institutional wisdom for the Indie movement. We don't have an FBK alumni base from which to draw on for the purposes of knowing what works and what doesn't. I stick around to help those who deserve to take up the baton. I'm afraid that if I run I'll be crowding out the next generation of Indie leaders we need in order to unseat the dirtbags in there now.

TR: What is Florida Blue Lightning? And what motivating factors present you with the desire to resurrect Blue Key (not FBK) on campus?

TJ: Florida Blue Lightning started out as a joke name for an organization founded solely for the purpose of securing tabling permits and such for our planned petition drives. That idea eventually turned into using it as a Student Advocacy group outside of the framework of an SG political party since it might otherwise be construed as campaigning according to the 700 codes. I think you've seen the last of FBL.

Email Tommy

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ok, I'm not going to preach, but I will say this. Whether or not Josh Weiss wins or loses, I find it pathetic that term-after-term no one man's up (just a figure of speech) and runs know...just gets up and decided right then and there to throw their hat into the ring, to roll up the sleeves, give a powerful speech and be placed next to the shoe-in candidate.

Now you'll hear the defeatist anthem..."we're in the minority, we have to work with them,", that's just plain bull-crap-pola. A bully knows his business, he'll go kid-by-kid shakin them up and taking whatever he wants -- because he CAN. But then there's this one kid, he's tougher than this kid, he can beat this kid to a pulp, but the little guy fights back, the little guy will break his fuckin nose and make him bleed all over himself, he'll lose the fight but he'll break the bully's fuckin nose before he goes down. The bully fears no one, but he respects the tough little jerk that won't tremble, won't fold, won't bow down based on the simple fact that no matter what the circumstances of the fight-- he'll lose.

All it takes is one senator. One senator has the right to run and the right to speak. I hope there is one tough little kid left in senate because I can't tell you how sad it is to read in the Alligator about how parents are flown in, elections are decided before the election, and SG and its vital Student Legislature have become a $12 million tourist attraction. It's just plain pathetic.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good Election
Well it was a good election to read about. Bravo to the Election Committee for their diligence and expediency in handling the matter at hand. Congratulations to Vice President Arturo Armand and his Swamp machine. But also...congratulations to Nina Dejong whom proved that not only can you be Greek & Independent but you can be at the top of your game as a Greek and be an Indie.

Last but not least, a special salute to outgoing Senator Ryan Nelson of the Action Party for his outstanding leadership, convictions, and selfless service to his constituents. Although I didn't endorse Action 100%, one can only hope that from the pool that includes both Ryan Nelson and Gavin Baker, that we see both this upcoming Spring as executive candidates.

It will take a Nelson/Baker ticket to finally get me to SHUT THE FUCK UP about how Indies should be, b/c that would be the ticket that would make me go APESHIT, 110% behind Action (or w/e they call it), give money, give time, call people blah, blah, blah but some good ass BLAH let me tell you.

A True Ticket:

Ryan Nelson or Andrew Hoffman - President
Gavin Baker - Veep
Kevin Bacon or Tommy Jardon - Treasurer

Fire Tommy from exec and put that kid on a TICKET, he can debate, he can add, he's in law school and he can win. :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just In -- Tolbert will NOT be certified until October 10th

From: Senate President
Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 12:27 PM
To: Glenda Frederick
Subject: URGENT- Senate Meeting Tonight


The Elections Commission has not reached a recommendation for validation of the election results and they are unable to meet before Senate tonight because they have to give 24 hour notice before any meeting. As this is the case, we will not be having the double meeting tonight. We will have the recommendation from the Elections Commission by next week so next Tuesday, October 10, we will be having the double meeting (swearing in the new senators, electing a new Senate President and Senate President Pro Tempore, etc). I am sorry for the late notice but I just found out about this also. See you all tonight for a normal (and brief) Senate meeting!


Michael R. Patrone

Student Senate President
University of Florida
300-54 JWRU Room 307
PO Box 118505
Gainesville, Fl 32611-8505
(352) 392-1665 ext. 295

Election Comission recommends to validate everything but Tolbert

In a very real way, the fight for Tolbert could be Action's Iwo Jima, only they won't have the luxury of multiple photo shoots. When allegations were made, they demanded at least one shred of proof and apparently that shred came by way of SAE/Rm.12. Arturo and Swamp could have won by 90% and taken every seat, but from a PR standpoint, Action can seriously put Swamp's supremacy in serious question by re-claiming what could possibly be the third Action victory, the Tolbert Area! Remember, the Texans weren't winning the fact Santa Ana had them all but annihilated, but a valiant stand at The Alamo changed the tide of the war and won Texas their national freedom; who knows if Action repels the mighty Swamp from Tolbert, if in one semester's time Ryan Nelson won't have WHIPPED both Josh Weiss and Ryan Moseley for the SB Presidency?

It is absolutely critical that the Action Party leadership make a strong stand for this seat. If the Party gathers proof, real hard evidence and Chris Cupoli, the Senate, and/or the student courts won't listen, then file for an injunction with a real court. There are $12 Million in student funds on the line. Despite the fact that the Justices were appointed by Boyles and rubberstamped by his Gator/Swamp Senate, no Bench will refute hard evidence and/or suppress a valid case!

If Gator/Swamp make the mistake of hastily confirming ALL, then Unite & Independent senators should rise in protest, exhaust all methods at slowing down the process (go till 8am if you have to!), and make for damn sure that those Pro'ing and championing the cause to certify Tolbert regardless of proof be well documented on paper and once the case is solved, put all those Hawkish senators before the Student Conduct Committee and demand that they be castigated for consipracy to undermind the will of the Student Body.

As a FIji I was always taught that you can't spell ASSHOLE without S,A,E but that's besides the point. I don't want the members of the rejected Fiji pledge class from way back when to hold me in disregard. However, I would like it to make a bold statement:

I am not accusing anyone of double voting. However, I am suspicious of students that can vote in two respective area races and use only the need of their party as a determining factor in which one they will cast a ballot. I find that morally unethical and I leave it to Action & their counsel to make the case for this being illegal (shouldn't be too hard).

Monday, October 02, 2006

The election-power of Arturo Armand and his Swamp Machine is not in question, what is in question is the Tolbert Area. Some info to date as of today.

A). An anonymous source confirms that John Boyles had no knowledge of any possible tampering. Further, according to other sources, it would be almost impossible to infiltrate the Housing voting sheets, because they are produced by DOH, not the Registrar. Until Action can produce the voting sheets and start showing names of people who are not paying rent to live in the Tolbert Area, this story warrants no further attention.

B). A member of the Action Party provided TR with at least one incident, involving the resient of Room #12 at the SAE House...whose also listed as living at East (but...doesn't).

C). Action cadres have taken the matter formally before Chris Cupoli.

Whether anything comes out of this, I believe that it speaks to the courts. The UF Supreme Court has the power to nullify any election certification and must act if it's provided with real, hard facts and evidence. If foul play can be proven to have taken place at Tolbert, then it is the opinion of this blogsite that the entire election be thrown out!

D). Go back to "A." I am a bit uncomfortable with the part that reads "are not paying rent," does that mean if they are still paying rent (moving to their Greek house mid-way through their lease at on-campus housing) that they can effectively vote in 2 races or vote in the race their party needs them most? THIS SOUNDS LIKE LEGISLATION THAT SHOULD BE WRITTEN. But for now...I don't think that can hold water, I think ethically you can only vote where you reside.

Hundreds of Greeks leave their dorms to live at their Greek houses - some can square away Gator Dining and Housing costs by having them transferred to G.House coffers meanwhile many others simply pack up and move into the Row; this makes it possible for hundreds to be eligible to vote in 2 diff areas (in Fall) and quite frankly this may be the case w/ Rm.12.

Question is...if foul play took place, will Action fight? And will the courts listen?

Do YOU Know What Happened @ Tolbert?
If So, Please Email Me: