Friday, October 27, 2006

Alice In Wonderland
I got to catch this play at the hipp with my soon-to-be girl and it was absolutely one of the best plays I've seen in the last three years, I totally recommend it. The Queen of Hearts was FABULOUS, lol. If you're planning on 'catching a movie,' splurge a few more bucks and sit in for a play.

Danny Rolling: Hymns of a Serial Killer
Kudos to the Interfraternity Council for maintaining the mural-memorial to the five slain victims of the Gainesville Ripper. You know...I've driven past the wall countless times in five years and even put up murals for Voice & various other groups (see Filibuster, UF-Silas, etc) and I can't say I've ever really paid much notice to the mural kept up by the IFC, I guess I've overlooked it for so long that when I finally looked for it, it was almost surreal to see it there. Does the Alligator praise the IFC for this work? No. The Alligator doesn't praise Greeks, it's not as fashionable as lambasting them.

I find Rolling's lack of remorse chilling and his choice of last words even more fact Rolling chose to sing a religious hymn. While I'm normally opposed to the death penalty, I would have been happy putting Rolling on the electric chair, this man got off way too easy for all the horrors he committed.

Will The Real Charlie Crist, Pleaase Stand Up!

I would also like to comment on the latest batch of hateful commercials from Charlie Crist. I recall speaking with my good friend James Argento, early on, about how Crist intrigued me. I was fond of his moderate stance on key issues, I truly liked the fact he was speaking bi-partisanship and I honestly, for the first time in my life, was considering giving my vote to a member of the Republican Party over a democrat. Then....then the anti-liberal commercials came out, once Gallagher had been remvoed, the true Charlie Crist emerged. And this past week, we've seen the Moral Majority in the Crist camp emerge; his latest commercials assert, Crist is:

  • Against Same Sex Marriage
  • Against Stem Cell Research
  • For Family Values

These are the same vague, Bible-Belt issues that the GOP has somewhat effectively used against Democrats, demonizing liberals almost as badly as McCarthyism demonized communists in the 1950's.

What exactly is the Gator Nation to believe here? SB President John Boyles' pathetic excuse for Chomp The Vote's non-existent budget -- or the pleas of an inexperienced bureaucrat, appointed to an office mainly out of necessity as opposed to merit. Dare I say that the Boyles Camp could have easily found a worthy appointment in the opposition (e.g. Tommy Jardon, Rosemarie Clouston), but probably opted to remain consistent with party-appointments and opted for inexperience as opposed to bi-partisanship.

To read the highest Student Government officer defend his failure of an appointment solely on the merits of being turned-down by his initial candidate is absolutely pitiful. While Swamp clearly enjoys the benefits of operating a well-oiled campaign machine, they have very little sense insofar as their public image. Not only has the Boyles administration earned itself the distinction of being perhaps one of the most despotic in SG history, it's in a comfortable lead for being the most incompetent.


Anonymous said...

im thinking that the "better-qualified" Chomp director was in fact one of the action kids you mentioned... not sure which... but probably more likely that they turned it down than that they were passed over

Anonymous said...

Was there a Chomp director? I repetedly asked lobby to no response.

There were some issues with one of the possible appointments you named.

Christian Duque said...

I highly doubt that. The Boyles Administration has had a rampant record of rigidly appointing partisan candidates.

It's only natural that the winning party take care of its own first, however Swamp only seems to care about Swamp.

Anonymous said...

Although I am a SWAMP supporter, the Boyles administration has underacheived, with mishap after mishap.

Boyles is the worst president since Kyle Jones. LOL

Anonymous said...

Correction: Chomp the Vote was originally offered to Rosemarie Clouston, who then turned down the position. Although the Boyles administration has been incompetent, this is one area where they truly found the person for the job. It's possible that they rampant partisanship was actually coming from the other side.

Anonymous said...

I think for once Rose decided playing real politics in the form of the Davis-Crist campaign was much more rewarding and more beneficial than "playing" real politics with John Boyles, the tool of the century, as her boss. I do not think partianship on behalf of Swamp-Action had any part in this decision.

Anonymous said...

Rose turned down the Chomp the Vote position and the statewide positions with the Democratic Party simply to run a campaign against the "evil greek machine." How sad is it that some people are so obsessed with SG politics?

Anonymous said...

Can we start talking about the Spring election now? Who is going to run with who? Will the Indy kids put up someone of their own crowd, or will the loser of the Greek intramural contest co-opt the Indys like Jared did? How are the houses breaking? What does the recent Senate Pro-tem election mean for the Spring?

Anonymous said...

I honestly feel that Josh Weiss will not run against Ryan and that the status quo will continue. As for the Pro-Temp election of Sam Green, I don't think he will run for anything.

Since BSU pimped Kyle Jones for treasurer back in '03, the system has learned its lesson. Especially with Sam. No wonder it's taken him this long to become Pro-Temp.

VP candidates in my book include Vanessa Goodwin, Frantz Duchatellier, Phil Harden, and Kathy Valle. They bring large constinuencies into the picture and I wanna see how it all plays out.

Jimmy Choo said...

Last anon--your names for VP are great. Add also to that list IRHA president Walicki.
But on to real politics, Christian--What do you think about the Crist-Davis race now? Now that Jim is actually campaigning, he seems to be picking up a little momementum, as well as media endorsements...and he's held his own on the debates. Is it too little, too late?

Anonymous said...

Does EJ's IRHA bloc still have any power?

Oh, and go Jim Davis. I hope he can get it together!

The Bluest Key said...

FBK Resume's due to 5 today! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

Arturo introduced Vanessa Goodwin in Senate Tuesday. Last Cabinet Chair who I recall being "announced" in Senate was Lydia.

Anonymous said...

What was the significance of that?

Anonymous said...

Haha. You should have seen the kiddies runnign around the 3rd floor printing their resumes. Some of course looking more dense than others like the Pi beta Phi president, Danielle Lodge, whose resume looked anemic compared to some of her counterparts. LOL