Sunday, September 28, 2008

Will Foster: What A Let Down

When I asked Will Foster to do a Q&A a little over five weeks ago, I was surprised when he agreed. Almost immediately I sent him a batch of relatively easy questions - mainly because unlike with Adam Roberts, I actually was hoping on some kind of a response. Initially Will had family problems, I believe the next week might have been school-related, the next week he replied he'd get back to me the next week, the next week he no longer replied, and here we are. Anyways, this isn't the first time, back in April 2007 Foster dodged his Q&A b/c of LSAT Prep.

Over the years Will served as one of my best sources, often delivering extremely accurate precision. However, I believe guys like Will freeze up when put on the spot, perhaps why he rarely professed allegiance to any party and/or why he's declined one Q&A and accepted another, but still dodged them both.

Only the best of luck to Wiliam Foster,a true independent. The truest form a of a GDI is Will Foster - but that's tricky as well. True Independents are also potentially the last of the rogues. But as a lawyer, Will will eventually have to choose sides, going after an adversary, and preparing a plausible, bullet-proof defense for another.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The O&B Sweep

Aside from the growing mountain of speculation insofar as FDLE on the third floor, I'd like to go back to the notion of O&B sweeping District D. Such a feat would be a defining moment for the second half of this decade for the Independent movement. I also believe that such a feat would fuel a strong showing for the party in Spring '09.

I still believe Sam Miorelli & Mark McShera are names that belong on an executive ticket for the Orange & Blue Party. Not to take anything away from Frank Bracco or any of the other greats in the party, Miorelli & McShera would deliver a sensible combination of clashing-yet-agreeable minds insofar as creating a dynamic and effective GDI bid for the leadership of Student Government.

No longer are my posts being treated as frivolous speculation. You are witnessing the devastation first hand...I'm merely writing my observations in the the city of Gerald Ford. O&B has slated more than Gator, they've stood up, out-numbered 8:1 to call for the Articles of Impeachment of an inept Student Body Treasurer and to protect not the integrity of the Student Body Constitution and the Student Body Statutes. They have not even let the conniving acts of Sen. Eric Wolf bring them down. They've been cornered and beaten bloody, but like in any Rocky movie, they gasp just enough air to deliver a rib-wrecking right or send Gator back to their corner with a busted nose just before the bell rings.

Miorelli & McShera v. Gator --- TKO in the 3rd!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Day, No Gator Party Platform

...From The Trail

"Gator has made only one minor roster change at this point. They replaced a District D candidate with Jimmy Carlsen. He probably wasn't originally re-slated because he's very openly ambitious and Goldberger really wanted to reshuffle the deck this fall. If you weren't headed for a leadership position and bringing a crucial group you didn't get to stick around. I imagine they realized they need a few uber tools like Jimmy to parrot the party line and Lamda Chi whined about being left out. Another possibly reason is the lack of returners on Rules and Ethics. Beau Frail is on track to be chair of the committee and he's one of the more rational members of the Gator Party. He and Danielle D Oyley were the only members of R&E to realize there was a problem with Sheldon claiming to live in a mailbox. With Carlsen on R&E they have a reliable party hack to possibly supplant Sen. Frail. As we are going to sweep District D, this is all irrelevant."

Jimmy Carlssen Returns
Has Gator crushed the rising star's ego - or - did the sidelining only serve to sharpen his SG acumen for the future? Will he be more selective what company he keeps and/or want alliances for the Spring? After all, so many SG'ers have been lost throught the don't get re-slated, you're usually finished. Usually.

The Machine has slapped Carlssen down. If he's to have a future in SG, I would think they were successful in breaking him, as they've broken down all the others. For all her clever tactics at suppressing Access in the Spring & Summer of '04, Meredith Pelton crossed when the next Spring she marched right into the slating room and then to the Gator room, she must have been stunned when her treasured Accounting seat was hers no more. She was finished, but Carlssen lives on - as fate would have it.

I hardly would feel very wanted in that party if I were him.

Mark McShera: Machen picked the wrong side"

Excellent letter if I may say so myself.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gator's Stock Continues To Plummet

The Orange & Blue Party under Sam Miorelli is acting like the dominant party despite being outnumbered in chambers 8:1. Whereas the Minority is making headlines with cutting-edge-progressive initiatives like Free STD Testing, the Gator Party is still trying to formulate an exit strategy to last week's batch of arrests at the Swamp Restaurant.

It's now six days later & no Gator Party platform -- PATHETIC!
Will they announce they plan on 'finishing what they started in Spring,' a desperate ploy for time in a PR scramble to fix Swamp-Bust, or will they write a last-minute template? And what GDI leader would miss the opportunity to raise issue of Gator's use of Rule-By-Proxy? A stupid one, that's who.

And what GDI would fail to mention that even 8:1, against the wall, O&B tried to Impeach the Student Body Treasurer! Parties usually sell that passion and never come through. O&B has a track record that does the talking for them. Omit that and you're a fuckin idiot.

And what about Online Voting, that remains a key issue and should be focused on. I also would like to see greater attention on this Free STD Testing initiative. Student Government parties rarely put an emphasis on HEALTH. I would think this initiative would win O&B the College of Medicine seat once held by Access' Senator Rana Yehia (2004-2005), as well as attention in other health-related colleges. This is a strong issue, this is a new issue, this O&B's issue!!!

I sincerely hope Miorelli will not try the old Unite tactic of mirroring the mainstream party. Students are fed up. This needs to be a GDI-type race, with O&B running the way Progress & Voice ran. Even an Impact-like run would hurt O&B today. Students are hungry for real GDI politics, a real change, they've seen System senates in '05, '06, '07, and they've just undergone a summer of peculiarities culminated with a batch of arrests. No more, it's time for something RADIKALLY DIFFERENT!

UF is ripe for GDI revolution. So bring it on. Either O&B will win 8-10 seats or they'll slice the pie right down the middle. Either way they're going to make Glenda have to file more paperwork, b/c the Kellie Yellowbelly couldn't kill Orange & Blue!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

O&B Will Save UF SG!

Fall '08 Campaign Coverage

O&B Leader, Joseph Patrick Trimboli II will answer some campaign-related questions & break down the O&B Party Platform w/ us!

Fmr. Orange & Blue Candidate for Student Body Treasurer Shea Parrish has agreed to a Q&A that will start later this week!!!

Are you wanting to feel good to be in the Gator Party?: Click Here

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Should Gator Sit This One Out?

I for one believe the Gator Party has run out of second chances. Between the tasteless mass-email to the Indian Student Association (which many attribute to it), the ambiguous mass-mailing to the Black Student Union, and the arrest of several of its members, including it's second-in-command, I believe it's time for Gator to sit this one out.

Patricia Telles-Irvin, the Vice President of Student Affairs must act in a way that sends a clear and decisive message to the Student Body. Student Government has been on a mission for many years to gain the respect and hopefully, eventually, the trust of the students. What kind of a message will the Madam Vice President send if her boss preaches drying out campus yet she turns a blind eye to underage alcohol consumption in a student political party - the party currently in control of Student Government?

Patricia Telles-Irvin should also avoid naivety in this matter. Was this a 'party of five?' or was this 'party of five' a party of a larger party? Redundant, huh? But it makes a huge difference in the scheme of things.

Patricia Telles-Irvin & the UF Administration, the same administration that forbade Independent Leader Sam Miorelli from registering the Swamp Party name, is now presented with a very serious situation. Will they remand this injustice to the (Gator Party - powered) [student] kangaroo courts - or - will they 'convene a meet in evaluate the situation retroactively'.....OR will they practice due diligence and actually fuckin RULE against the GOD DAMN SYSTEM FOR A CHANGE?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Wolf Factor

Around three months ago Sen. Eric Wolf made headlines when he threatened to walk out on his colleagues in the Orange & Blue Party. Rumors flew that Wolf was nothing more than a puppet of Senate President Kellie Dale, meanwhile his few supporters emailed this blog stressing that the rumors were little more than a witch-hunt & product of an internal power-play.

Whether Eric Wolf legitimately felt that the leadership of the Minority party was his for the claiming, Wolf's tactics were inexcusable and fraught with peculiarity right from the getgo. This System-Man sought to ruin the whole movement simply because he didn't get his way.

Perhaps momentarily O&B scrambled, but look at how the playing field has leveled out today! Wolves by nature are cowardly beasts, roaming around in packs, looking for vulnerable prey to gang up on (e.g. 8:1) or dead carcasses to scavenge on till the larger mountain cats come near. Sadly for Eric Wolf...his new-found party seems to be getting itself ready for a Brian Aungst-like TKO, only sadly for Eric, O&B is wearing the gloves.

Gator Will Eat CanvASS - great name for a punk rock band. Where's Eric Gordon & Dan Fitzpatrick?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Gator, Voter Suppression in BSU!

The Gator Party's God-Fearing, upright moral citizen, Naadira Renfroe, a member of the Student Senate and Exec. board member of the Black Student Union sent out a message similar to one sent to the Indian Student Union, encouraging African Americans to slate with the crumbling majority party. was tipped off about this message two days ago and held out, in the hopes the Alligator would carry the story.

Gator Party Sets A Great Example

“It’s really no one else’s business."
Gator Party Treasurer Brady Beitlich

The Party that currently holds the majority in two of three branches of UF Student Government can now boast of its second highest ranking member, being cited for underage drinking...just across the street from the University of Florida. This comes as very sad news, as only weeks ago Fmr. Gator Party leader & Fmr. Student Body President Ryan Moseley was arrested for having an open container.

Although Gator's #2 leader feels that his actions and that of his colleagues in a public place, less than 100yds from campus 'is not anyone's business,' I would have to venture to disagree. Beitlich's actions make me feel embarrassed & mind you...I'm in Grand Rapid, MI in law school. I'm sure the students don't find this amusing either.

At the very least Gator should dismiss this officer and issue the Student Body an apology. That is...if they can even stay in the election at this point. And furthermore, SHOULD they be allowed to participate? That's a morals & ethics question that I'll leave to higher powers.

Gator's Public Records Strategy

The Gator Party should focus on rectifying its troubled ways, not filing public records requests. This blog has received credible information that points to former O&B Presidential candiate Thomas Jardon as having placed the phone call. Although it greatly troubles me to publish this information about a colleague in arms, Tommy understands just how high the stakes are and acted decisively.

Independents are tired of just 'taking it.' Independents are fighting back on all levels. Two key members of a cultural organization that Jardon has had ties to since 2004, told that: "we were walking with Tommy when we saw some of this [expletive], we asked a shopowner to use a phone to call in an emergency and then went to another bar to have a beer and make time. He [Jardon] was really weird about none of using any of our phones."

Jardon declined to confirm or refute this report, although he did seem somewhat surprised. Tommy also called me, somewhat skirting the issue, until I named my sources. My sources wish to stay anonymous and have said they will not testify against Jardon before any student body. One of the sources has been Tommy's friend since high school and was a regular at the Jardon house in South Florida.

Another close, now graduated fmr. SG'er claims Jardon has been compiling dirt on Gator for a dossier that will probably see the light of day in early Spring '09. Of the few that have seen the files, sources claim big hits for Jordan Johnson and at least three other key senate leaders. "This is just the kind of thing Tommy goes for, he can be quite merciless."

“No one is going to be policing what they do in their private time, as long as it’s not associated with a student organization, a student event or on campus."

Kevin Reilly
Student Body President
Gator Party

Now when making this request was the student body president drawing a line in the sand for all UF students - or just the 85% that his party has historically underrepresented? Because if Reilly expects the "have-nots to honor the rules, but not the Greeks or FBK-aligned, well then I have to cite the great Paul Drayton and really lay down on Reilly...."that is NOT ok." I really didn't want to be that vulgar with the SBP, but I felt it was justified.

Material cited from the Independent Florida Alligator

Congratulations to Sen. Wolf
This blog has a lot of respect for turncoats, especially spineless ones that are allegedly sitting in on Gator Party executive meetings. Congrats turncoat.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gator's In Trouble

The Orange & Blue Party is already acting like the dominant force in SG. They've consistently taken on issues of real student-relevance, issues that at times are only met with resistance from the administration. Gator is already being looked at for potential voter suppression violations, as a key ISA executive continues protecting the identity of the person(s) that ordered her to send out a questionable email favoring the ruling party -- DURING SLATING!

But Gator is still facing the backlash of the Paul Drayton Scandal -- how will they win the trust of students, not to mention their votes, when Gator's top brass dump the students for NYC and only return when the gig's are up? How will students feel in knowing that even if they did vote Gator, the person shaking their hand might not even be the person serving their interests? "Hey there...(lol)...I'm running for senate but may serve by proxy if something better comes along, I'm running with the Gator Party, would you like to vote for me?" How many people in Spring '08 that voted for Paul Drayton, really expected to get Rene Medina for 1/3 of the term?

And with a huge election year ahead of us, one that could have monumental significance for our will students react in knowing Gator appointed a ghost to Chomp The Vote for the summer of '08?

Students still remember the Tasering...Gator shielded the administration, Orange & Blue helped to coordinate the students into action.

Gator continues to ignore the student will, Orange & Blue has forced the Machine into court over Online Voting!

Gator is the party of the Greeks...what the FUCK is Sen. Courtney Stephenson selling to the Alligator? I was in Access buddy, so don't talk that egalitarian shit...BSU is every bit as much a block as the FBK-backed IFC/PC; 400 people don't randomly show up to slate! And never in the history of SG have GDI parties threatened org's with their budget for votes or have their supporters done so in kind.

I hope Orange & Blue wipes the floor with these people. I hope they vote that Jimmy Carlssen d-bag out of chambers, give him a taste of his own medicine.

"Christian, I am very proud to announce at this current point in time, Orange and Blue has the largest and, arguably, the most diverse slate of any political party running in this semester's elections. We will be competing in every district that the Gator Party is and more! Orange and Blue is truly looking to represent every student on campus this election season."

-Frank Bracco
Orange & Blue Leader

"I would like to point out that we slated 46 candidates and Gator slated 45!"

Joshua Niederriter
Orange & Blue Leader

"There are currently 6 EC complaints and 2 Supreme Court complaints on my desk, the ISA matter is absolutely in the pile."

Sam Miorelli
Orange & Blue Party, President


Paul Drayton
Champion of High Standards

I'm really angry at fate, I wish I could have been there when PAUL delivered that fiery condemnation. I think I would have been totally engulfed by passion, almost an adrenaline-like-rush. Hearing PAUL really condemn this behavior must have been reminiscent of that time Ronald Reagan addressed Berliners, stating: "tear DOWN this wall Mr. Gorbachev!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

UF's Indian Student Association Scandal!

"I can't release that information."
Lisa Turtlee Patel

After a series of Facebook messages, Indian Student Association executive officer Lisa Turtlee Patel agreed to give this blog an exclusive...hours later, that exclusive was rescinded. Patel is clearly protecting someone, as these types of mass-mailings are becoming more and more common tactics of System parties at UF.

Lisa Turtlee Patel, I believe, is unfit to hold executive office in an A&S Fee funded organization at the University of Florida and should be immediately removed from office. This investigation will continue until I determine who gave the order to this impressionable underclassmen/ISA official.

Did I Call It Or What?

Photo & quotes cited from the Independent Florida Alligator

400 hundred fuckin applicants in one day?! Padding. Pure psychological warfare. This is a party in serious trouble. I don't have to be there to tell you that and you don't have to believe an old SG Senator to see the writing on the wall. I've said this till I'm blue in the face...when we won the first round in '04, things got real dirty.

I have still have ties from Voice with ISA and I'm going to use my all to see what I can find out. Lisa Turtlee Patel didn't randomly come up with this sordid idea...someone put the idea into her head and these Gator Party bureaucrats feigning amnesia is mighty fishy.

Fuckin Alligator...birdcage-liner-journalism. Don't they have any investigative journalists? And look at old Student Body Treasurer Paul Drayton mouthing off about the law... and he actually would think bribing student organizations would be unethical. Actually, huh? Actually? Interesting selection of words.

Also interesting how SG's #2 man feels that winning votes by alleging bugetary preference is not illegal. Sadly for Drayton Enron is no longer in business, but I'm sure any corporation would be lucky to have him. Such high moral standards and all.

And HSA is not partisan? Let's take a look at their exec board. And what kind of a person serves as president of an allegedly non-partisan organization, but then takes on a role as the President of political party. That's almost akin to winning executive office and dipping out your first term. Can anyone say conflict of interests? Can you say unethical? From now on Luis Nobriga will be referred to on this blog as Manuel Noriega, former Panamanian strongman.

All but one seat...fuckin amazing. Way to go Orange & Blue.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Tommy Jardon Interview

I don't normally do this, but I sense a lot of conspiracy theorists are stumbling around the corridors of intellectual chaos. So many people elude to knowing the behind the scenes the scores, so here goes. Email me your questions for Tommy. I'll take the three best ones. You can have guts and put your name by them - or you can go the anonymous route.

I bet I'll get a whole "0" replies, but at least I'll have something to return fire with for the years to come on the matter.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Orange & Blue!

Not much to say this early in the morning, except to wish you the best. You guys are really taking it to the next level. I still hope Sam Miorelli will announce. Perhaps McShera would be better for SBT, but I insist (even based off of my physical distance from SG) he is Executive material. I urge both Miorelli & McShera to reconsider my request. The time to announce is now.

You will not have the momentum you have now. Gator is hurting. They're going to win this run, it's Fall. But you two can make a big difference campaigning as Executive candidates in a Fall election. You can call into question all of the tools in the System can make public spectacles of their Elections Commission, denying the "have-nots, the 84% of campus" not only the right for their candidates to campaign for their colleagues, but denying them the right to online voting, proper representation on "Machen's vision to dry out campus," the uniformity in chambers, the indifference to UF students getting electrocuted by agents of the UF administration apparatus, you can pounce these people.

It's never been done before. Please think about it. I don't just know two names, I know a good bit about over a dozen top GDI's at UF. The two of you are the ones that I really believe have Exec. potential. Please don't mistake my lack of tact insofar as implying that you, Mark, were a turncoat -- you're far from it.

It just irks me to see real potential settle in for anything less than your destiny. Announce. If you change your mind in December, politely drop out, b/c by then O&B will be much more organized, much more known, and on it's way. I have almost no doubt neither of you would drop out. Either one of you is SBP material, but divided you'll destroy O&B.

For now, I'm glad to see you slating as you are. Incredible!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Radikal Updates XXIII

Today marks the end of the so called Duque-Grapski Feud (as somewhat named by fellow blogger Ken Kerns). Nothing has really gone on between us, but I reflected on some words with my good friend Peter Gruskin over Ethiopian food in D.C. last July. Perhaps I was a bit hard on Grapski and while it took me a great deal of time, I'm once again starting to believe in my friend. I've watched the video over and over several times and while I can't put my finger on it, I just know I've got Charlie all wrong. keeping with my plans to bury the hatchet so to speak, I've deleted 12 videos from YouTube, totaling at around 1,500 views and sent Charlie a private email.

Duque on Independent Tactics

I have never believed in career politicians, especially in Senate; matters are different in the other two branches. The Legislature should consistently receive new faces, training more students (on both sides) how the lawmaking process works so that they may return to their orgs and to the general student body with a greater respect and understanding of Student Government.

While I have apologized to Sen. McShera, his letter still speaks to my point. We need independents that are willing to work hard, get elected, do great things in public office, but when that term's up -- GET OUT! We need the kind of leaders that will move on to new battle-stations in this theoretical war with the System. Students would respect a class of out-going student senators campaigning for a class of new-incoming senators. That kind of humility is what winning campaigns are made of (see Argento, Access Party 2004).

Another fine example of taking on different roles is Frank Bracco. Bracco applied, was hired, and literally saved a key SG agency in the administration of a System President, Ryan Moseley. To his credit, Bracco, was able to show the Machine that GDI's could do the job without bringing their personal politics along for the ride. Bracco's commitment to serve was ironclad, the kid that was holding 'pants on a pole' in front of Warrington was now one the Alligator loved to write about & photograph, meanwhile a top asset to another FBK-backed regime.

And that is what I would like to have seen Mark McShera do. Instead, we see a leader (a great leader) making himself comfortable in familiar territory. Imagine what McShera could do if he seriously began organizing the Party for the Spring election, if he worked on scouting Exec. candidates (since he seems to find himself unwilling), and/or serving as a consultant to the new senators he'd help elect. Instead, he will surely get slated by his party, return to familiar territory, and in my opinion...deprive another Mark McShera the opportunity to learn the ropes and carry on this never-ending movement of ours.

What did James Argento gain by the Access victory for himself? He didn't gain any titles or fanfare for himself, but he left UF having made a huge contribution to those left behind. But that's why James Argento will down in SG History as an honorable man of high principles.

Slice. Eat. Horde.

Slating, Day 1: O&B Beats Out Gator

How pathetic it must be to be a member of the beleaguered Gator Party, with its Treasurer Fiasco, it's senators acting in collusion to silence any and all voices of dissent, its Student Body President appointing ghosts to year-long posts, its continued support of undemocratic lines (e.g. Online Voting), the alleged rumors of internal feuds, the alleged rumors of secret pacts behind its already shadowy scenes, and the recent arrest of its former Student Body President no less.

There's no doubt that tomorrow and Tuesday, the large houses will invigorate, if not downright threaten, their Pledge Masters to get the armies of eighteen year olds out to the Reitz. Dozens upon dozens will surely appear, many of which serving as nothing more than padding. Big stacks of applications that will never get read, but will serve a greater purpose, a psychological purpose.

The Machine is in overdrive. Times are tough and everyone has their eye on Spring. They can deny till their blue in the face, but sections of Gator seem to have (at some point) conspired against their African American colleagues. While this blog can scare just about anyone, we all know 8 GDI's, even united, were not going to impeach Paul Drayton. So why did he call in? Why did he believe there was a chance he'd get the boot? ....

Rumors were Naadira Renfroe would be Gator Party President. Did that happen? Did Sam Green ever run for SBP? Will Paul Drayton? When will UF have its next serious, African American candidate for SBP? 2019, fifteen years from Access?

I've never seen the GDI party beat out the system in a day of slating, much less the first day. I can only imagine the cell phones ringing and the angry emails pouring in from alumni statewide. I remember the turnout in '04 and I can only imagine how Gator's leaders must feel today. Kinda like Gator's top brass just were recipients of an O&B Circle Jerk.

*Hands Gator a towel.*

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Most Senior Independent To Speak, Again!

Fmr. Orange & Blue Party Presidential candidate and founder, Thomas Jardon, has agreed to his second Q&A on Jardon's 2006 participation spiked interest in this blog, garnering the highest comment-feedback to date, and marking several hundred reads while on the front page.

Although new names abound, from party presidents to Senate Minority leaders, Jardon remains the most senior and most connected member of the organization. For all the great work the current crop carries on in the name of the students, they all remain in the shadow of the last of the Old Guard.

I still believe if Jardon had run in 2006 (instead of Jared Hernandez), he would have wiped the floor with John Boyles. This Q&A will address the '07 Defection, Glenda-Gate, Online Voting, the rivalry with Adam Roberts, and much, much more!!!

If it's SG you're lookin for, this is the place to be!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the party IS the students

You guys are right. I don't really know as much as I should about what's going on at UF, because I'm not there. However, setting my humility aside, I do get rather reliable news on a regular basis and based off of that and emails I formulate my opinion.

The McShera letter read like something a turncoat would write. It seemed very much self-centered and treading on thin ice. Quite frankly, it's the kind of language I've read from turncoats in the past.

If you actually have read my blog over the last three years, you'll notice that my #1 passion is for the SG Senate and the great work that takes place in chambers. However, I'm also aware that this is one of the most important times the Independent movement has lived since 2004. I thought a Miorelli announcement now would be HUGE for the movement and its a sentiment that's been met with positive feedback from all parties presented.

McShera is not a turncoat and I sincerely apologize for having made that implication, but McShera should take on a larger role. Getting petitions, campaigning, staying up late, and taking guys act like you're talking to a freshman pledge in some house forced to work. I worked. Ask anyone from Access or even from the tiny, beleaguered Voice Party. I worked! So don't throw your work in my face and expect anything.

McShera may be working, but he's no where near his potential. By his own words, the kid's slacking, but he's no turncoat, so my apologies.

I always apologize and retract when I've erred. Check back in time.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Does This Sound Like A GDI?


While you're right that this is a novel idea and it would probably do a good job of throwing the system off balance in the short term, there's one problem with the plan. I have no interest in running for Student Body Vice President. In discussing the various positions within SG with friends there is a general consensus that Student Body Vice President is a "7th circle of hell" job. I hope to be able to run for re-election this Spring for CLAS, serve out a second Senate term ending in March 2010 and then graduate in May 2010. To quote General William Sherman, "If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve."

Mark McShera

Monday, September 08, 2008

SBP Jamal Sowell Writes In!!!

Hey Christian,

This is Jamal Sowell. I still keep in touch with James Argento, and I have seen some of your webcast and your blogs. Though I may disagree with you in many issues, I do applaud you for what you are doing. In one webcast you said that you were going to focus more on national issues rather than student government. I beg to differ. I think you should keep focusing on student government to keep the FUTURE leaders of Florida accountable. You were correct when you said that Student Government was like a fraternity. Many of the members stay in touch after the years and go on to do great things. For example Chris Dorworth, SB president in 1997 was just elected to state house. The Florida Speaker of the House designate Dean Cannon was SB pres in 1991, and US Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz was SG Senate President.

I think you should keep doing what you are doing in regards to having a constant dialog about the issues at UF. This is a chance for you to shape the future of the state. I have moved on for UF and have lived in Several different states since I left, and I do not keep up to date with the issues so I do not plan to get involved in the discussion but what you are doing is a great thing. I wish there something like your blog when I was in SG. I hope all is well.

Jamal Sowell, M.Ed

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Saturday, September 06, 2008

UF's Double Standard

Would have been one of the very best SBP's in UF history.

Is There A Double Standard At UF?

I still remember it like it was yesterday. Early January 2005...Access was in trouble. Moritz wanted to run, we (Voice) wanted Andre Samuels out of the driver's seat and wanted more of a return to the Argento/Student Alliance values of 2004. December was at best chaotic. I remember sitting at Bennigan's with an indecisive Dennis Ngin and I remember going from a comfortable Access-strong pool at Board of Managers to being the one hold-out from the party still loyal to Dennis.

But the nail that sealed the Access' coffin shut was losing our name to Michael Shine, a member of Florida Blue Key. Shine, who like Miorelli to Swamp, had no ties to Access high-jacked the name. Despite the numerous protests, letters, and phone calls placed....Shine was permitted to not only steal the name of a party he had no ties to, but he was allowed to steal the name of a party currently in power with 1/3 of the Senate and the entire Executive Branch.

Ken, James, and even Chris might argue with me here, but I believe the Access name alone was worth 10-15% alone! You could have run Smokey the Bear with that name.

Now we could go back to the Glenda-Gate argument that favorites in SG will undeniably be played and once again the question should be logically raised: 'where does the favoritism end?' And 'should this type of favoritism be tolerated?'

There's a great deal of ethics at play here. People like Charlie Grapski were right to point the finger at secret societies in their day, but many of them are wrong for believing the days of the Pork Chop Gang are elements of the past -- they're not.

The Student' will is actively being violated in that online voting remains off the table. Student Body Statutes have been trampled on in similar fashion to the trampling of the U.S. Constitution by George W. Bush and his 'Patriot Act,' which will go down in the pages of history and the annals of infamy.

There most certainly is a double standard. The standard did nothing for Access, but pulled all the stops for Swamp, a party that's not even active.

The situation at the University of Florida is quite frankly, shameful. Oh, best of luck outgoing Dean of Students Eugene Zdziaiski...I'm sure he'll be deeply missed by UF's Arab & Muslim community, as well as the countles members of the Independent community. Here's to Zionism! Here's to firing SG Officials that make too many waves!'s to blackening out everything from lines to entire pages worth of Public Records Requests!

It will be difficult to replace a man of your caliber, but I'm sure we'll get some replies on Craigslist by the end of the day. You did help me a few times privately and you're a good friend to have, but what you did as Dean of Students is simply unforgiveable. I do, however, sincerely wish you good luck.

Woah! What a tangent. In layman's terms....this scenario is shady as fuck, but what else is new? Welcome to the University of Florida's Student Government.

To Ken Kerns & Chris Carmody:

I'd like to thank both of you for your continued participation
on I'm humbled to have two such highly respected & important figures in UF-SG's history here, amongst us. The younger generations are at a huge advantage to be able to learn directly from your experiences and from your opinions.

Thanks Again.

I just might vote for ya Ralph

In 2000 I was so excited to vote in my first presidential election, yet when I exited the booth, I felt like a crack-addicted street hooker that had just been gangbanged by a group of truckers. lol

I was pretty humiliated with myself.

I didn't go for grunge or "alternative." I grew up on Motley Crue, L.A. Guns, KISS, Metallica, Guns 'n Roses, Pantera, & Marilyn Manson. Tipper Gore & the PMRC were the reason I had to get my older friends to buy me cds from behind the counter! We're not talkin cigarettes or booze, we're talkin music! I hated that woman, I really disliked Al Gore (mainly for his pro-gun stances).

I've NEVER liked Joe Lieberman. Now I like him even less. I'm not an of man that's really influenced my outlook on life & politics was Jewish (Leon Trotsky), but I am Anti-Zionist. I'm an internationalist, I believe flags, fireworks, pledges of allegiance, even 'patriotism,' I believe these are all tools to divide us, get us to kill each other in some of the most heinous ways.

Lieberman is blindly Pro-Israel and would have ruined any chance at Peace in the Middle East. Joe Lieberman makes Ariel Sharon (Israeli war criminal) look like Janis Joplin in 1969 smokin a joint and giving the peace sign.

Anyway...I had to vote for Gore/Lieberman because I didn't want to "waste my vote." But today, I just don't know. I wanted Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel for president. When they both dropped out, I wanted someone I thought could really win and someone that at least piecemeal, support my issues. Hillary Clinton would have pulverized John McCain, but she got screwed.

Howard Dean, Teddy, John Kerry, & John Edwards flocked to Obama. Hillary got more votes! Hillary campaigned her ass off for Obama. And come the convention, Obama cast her aside again, mainly because little ole Michelle allegedly dislikes Senora Clinton....

A lot of Democrats are pissed that John McCain picked a woman running-mate. You don't honestly think he picked Palin because she gives him a boner on stage do you? I mean, she's pretty straight up hot and not like tooth-gap Condi or Shaky Reno, lol, sorry that was insensitive.

Point is...why should I vote for Obama? He speaks of change, yet he picked that old dinosaur, relic of the past Joe Biden. Joe Biden's older than dirt, I mean why not pick Hillary?!!!! Why not Bayh to swing Indiana or Nunn to get the South? No...genius over there picks Biden. Any Democrat with a pulse could pull New England, possibly even carry Virginia.

I honestly don't know what to say. All I know is that I didn't like Gore and I didn't care for Kerry. When I walk out of that booth in November, however I vote, I just hope I will have done so for the right reasons.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Glenda-Gate: Carmody & Miorelli

It what may have been his first executive order, presumptive GOP Nominee John McCain shook hands with his runningmate's son-in-law. Sadly, Palin's daughter will not be making a televised studio appearance on the Maury Povich show...."you are not the father!"

President Carmody on Glenda


I briefly glanced at your blog and the Q&A regarding Glenda. While I am not on the ground, I will provide some comments.

Any suggestion that Glenda Frederick is inapprorpriately influencing Senate legislation or actions should be met with a high amount of suspicion from the accuser's motivation. Why? Simply, Glenda is a kind person who has continually gone out of her way to serve the students of UF in her capacity as Senate Secretary. As a former Senate President, I can say with confidence that the success of Senate usually is a result of a Senate that engages Glenda's expertise and institutional knowledge.

I noticed on your blogs a comment about Glenda's membership in FBK. Seriously? Do you think she attends the meetings? Is she in smoky room with the FBK President discussing whose bills will pass through judiciary? The GDI's or whoever are making these accusations need to get over themselves. Glenda has other things to worry about than what FBK wants of Senate.

If GDI's are worried that the Judiciary Committee leans too heavily on Glenda for advice, then they should win an election or pressure the current Senate President to shake up the committee membership. If it is not Glenda that the Judiciary Committee seeks advice from, then someone else will fill that gap. Senate is the training ground for the higher offices, and it should be no surprise that Senate members choose to seek the sage advice of Glenda. Afterall, she has served in her position longer than some of these Senators have been alive.

On one final note, and unrelated to Glenda. GDI's: grow up. If you fight for the sake of fighting, or blog for the sake of blogging, your voice stops sounding like the voice of reason and starts sounding like a cacophony of hoots, cackles and wails. As I said above, I am not on the ground. However, it sure sounds like this crop of GDI's have found it more interesting making noise than making progress.

Glenda is a good person. Sure, she doesn't like some Senators and she likes others. That is natural. However, unless you have concrete proof that Glenda has tanked a bill because she didn't like you, then stay quiet. She is a professional and would not insert herself into those kind of politics. Many Senate Presidents were elected before, during and after me that I am sure Glenda had reservations about. Yet, I don't think any of us will find that she got involved. Why? It is not her problem. So, to anyone that is making their issues Glenda's, just stop. Move on.

Take care,

O&B President Sam Miorelli
On Glenda, Part II.

As to specific interactions, there are several (but in my opinion her involvement with Sheldongate was actually an example of her behaving properly, unlike how it is reported in your blog):

1) Open Government Act: One of the pieces of legislation which I have been working on since the Spring election is called the “Open Government Act.” It explicitly spells out new policies for SG to handle public records including expanded periods of document retention, specific training to SG officials on document retention policies, timelines for response to document requests, acceptable fees for documents, and penalties to SG officials for failures to comply. Most of the clauses in this proposal simply clarify SG’s internal procedures of adhering to existing Florida law on public records, however several require SG to hold itself to a somewhat more stringent standard than the most conservative readings of current law and AGO’s would require. Gator’s only leg to stand on against this was “well this would be inconvenient to us and we don’t want to have to be responsible for replying so quickly” or “well it’s unfair for elected SG officials to have to prepare these documents if office staff isn’t available to do it for us. We weren’t elected to respond to document requests!” Then Glenda stepped in and raised hell that it would make her job harder and require more filing cabinets to store the documents (despite most documents to be retained under the statute being electronic-only in nature). She pretty much single-handedly killed the proposal on Gator’s behalf.

2) Appointments: Glenda’s most egregious overstep in my experience so far was during the appointments process. Gator couldn’t seem to manage this summer to have any one of their hundreds of elected and appointed folks bother to sit down and read the damn rules about how appointments are to be handled and the time-line required therein. They tried to force the applicants down Senate’s throats the first Tuesday of the summer without sending the resumes before R&A (in violation of SBS) and we stopped them on the floor. Gator screamed bloody murder and even had Scott Cutshall lie to us after the meeting that “this is how it always happens, at the first meeting of the summer, and you guys knew it and are just obstructionist” (it turned out that appointments never have happened at the first meeting of the summer, at least in recent memory and records).

Then Gator tried to do it again a week later, but R&A spent too much time on Sunday night doing sham interviews for committee seats (it was obvious from the committee’s behavior that Gator had decided who got what long before the interviews were conducted) to get to the applications on their agenda. R&A conducted a second meeting Monday afternoon to discuss the committee appointments (which still had to be voted on among other things) and then consider the agenda and appointees. SBS requires R&A to set the agenda before Noon on Monday or it loses that power and the Pro-Tempore is allowed limited powers to set a more narrow agenda. Since the R&A meeting was after the deadline, the applications could not be heard the following day at Senate and were delayed another week.

When Cain and I pointed out this obvious point in statutes (which the Pro-Tempore should’ve known herself and avoided by putting the appointments before the sham interviews on Sunday night or by conducting the Monday meeting before noon), pandemonium ensued. Kellie turned white and called Reilly (who hung up on her in front of the whole R&A committee, and then one of Gator’s R&A members went and fetched Glenda from the room next door (I don’t remember who it was, either Kellie or MaryGrace I think). Glenda stormed into the room and came unglued. She literally stood in the doorway to the SG Conference Room and screamed red-faced at Cain and I calling us obstructionists among other choice words. Cain reminded her that the rules and statutes were clear on the matter and she continued her tirade before retiring to her office.

3) Miorelli v. Bracco et. al.: In June I filed an election complaint against Frank Bracco and Eric Wolf for campaigning for SBP & VP (presumably humorously, but they did have campaign logos taped to their shirts) during one of the Senate meetings. One of the primary purposes of this complaint was to compel Kevin to do his job and appoint an Elections Commission. Because the Election Commission did not meet for more than 2 weeks after I filed the complaint, I filed a complaint against the EC with the SG Supreme Court. When I delivered that complaint to the 3rd floor, Glenda was the only member of the SG office staff there at the time. When she received it she said to one of the SG IT staff members that “he does this because he has no life.” It was not jocular in tone and I believe she only felt comfortable saying it because nobody else was around to witness such unprofessional behavior.

There are other instances too, and of course some where Glenda went beyond the call of duty in blowing the whistle on corruption or putting in extra time to make sure things were accomplished properly. My problem with her is she plays favorites and does not seem to know the importance of restraint in a job such as hers. Truthfully I don’t think SG needs 3 staff members. Two would be sufficient and would stop the hundreds of folks in Cabinet and the paid students in the fancy offices from delegating every single task out so they have more time for Facebook and homework. Office hours should be used for getting real work done, not for eating your lunch in front of YouTube while staff does the heavy lifting you’re too lazy to do.

Fmr. Sen. Duque Speaks

Both President Carmody & Senator Miorelli offer strong stances. One advocates the need to move ahead, to work on matters more pertinent to the student body. The other discusses leveling out the playing field behind the scenes and then moving towards the job at hand.

We're all discussing Student Government, college government, but to a certain degree both men are statesmen. Carmody's accomplishments are impressive (and like John Boyles would do years later), Chris made it to the Senate Presidency, was a presidential candidate in a nail-biter presidential election, and not only made into Florida Blue Key, but has become quite influential in that organization. Carmody was able to reach these goals without being Greek and without being a jerk or a sell out, again, his case is very rare. He's also one of the few Keys that's well liked on this blog. (Others include Fmr. Supreme Court Chief Justice Brian Aungst).

Orange & Blue Party President Sam Miorelli is another top level leader and friend of this blog. Miorelli, who like Chris I never knew personally, seems to possess all the attributes to make him not only a formidable presidential candidate, but a superior caliber Student Body President.

While Miorelli seems eager to engage Glenda Frederick and challenge her role in SG, Carmody stands ready to defend the 20yr veteran. But this isn't your ordinary System/GDI battle. Even calling Carmody "system" seems unfair (as he enjoyed the support of James Argento). In fact, the more system of the two that year was Nikki Fried (who ironically enjoyed the support of Ken Kerns & Nick Capezza).

But why am I deliberating over these irrelevant details? B/c they're not so irrelevant. Ken Kerns, founder of 'Glenda Day,' was the top GDI leader of his day - he, like Carmody sides with Glenda. But other independent figures, like former Pants Party Presidential Candidate Bruce Haupt seem to take a less sympathetic view to Glenda's role in student governance.

Interestingly, both Carmody & Miorelli seem to share common ground in that Glenda does in fact play favorites. Is that to be expected, per Carmody? Or is that unprofessional behavior, per Miorelli?


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Updates, Quotes, & MY Opinion(s)

This just in...Chris Carmody, big-time lawyer from Orlando, FL (but more importantly, past UF Senate President & Swamp Presidential Candidate) has prepared a statement for in regards to Glenda-Gate. Chris' post will be published alongside Part 2 of Sam Miorelli's response to this blog.TOMORROW

First & foremost, I'd like to personally offer Fmr. SBP Ryan Moseley good luck with his current legal troubles. Although this is a GDI Blog, I think everyone should be as supportive as the circumstances permit. I'm not advocating that he be given a medal, but of all the charges conceivable 'open container' is pretty fuckin weak. Not only that, but as someone familiar with GPD's tactics, I'm only surprised he got the resisting arrest "without violence" collar. Like I said, this is just plain weak.

It's Time The Students Decided Bernie's Fate...

Independents Leading the Way!

From both the & related emails, it seems members of the Orange & Blue Party really pressed an unprepared Patricia Telles-Irvin. During a week that saw fmr. Gator Party Student Body President Ryan Moseley taken into custody by the Gainesville Police Dept., members of the Opposition party were out in full force defending the rights of the student body, the same student body that has largely voted against them in the past.

A new standard is being set by the Orange & Blue Party, most notably through leaders like Sam Miorelli, Mark McShera, Frank Bracco, Kyle Huey, Ben Cavatero, and many others. This is not a party of 1, but an army of many! As an alum, former student senator, and former party leader, I am extremely proud of today's Independent community.

I'd love this ticket.
Interesting background

Monday, September 01, 2008

Miorelli On Glenda

"I’m kinda amused at the firestorm my Glenda word-association created. I used the word “destructive” for a very specific reason: Glenda has been reported to me by reliable sources within SG to have on at least one occasion remarked over lunch to others on SG staff and students that in her words I am “the most destructive person I have ever encountered in SG.” Thus I thought it fitting to return the “destructive” title to her in my Q&A.

But I do not say this cavalierly. I believe quite sincerely that Glenda misunderstands her job in SG. She sees herself as something of an institution within the organization, and thus interjects herself regularly into policy debates. This is wholly inappropriate.

Her job is to manage the significant paperwork and scheduling issues that the Student Senate’s very nature creates as well as to provide assistance in other areas of SG as necessary (and presumably delegated by Sandy Vernon, the SG Office Manager). This means she must be an impartial observer of policy, not a commentator on policy discussions."