Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gator's In Trouble

The Orange & Blue Party is already acting like the dominant force in SG. They've consistently taken on issues of real student-relevance, issues that at times are only met with resistance from the administration. Gator is already being looked at for potential voter suppression violations, as a key ISA executive continues protecting the identity of the person(s) that ordered her to send out a questionable email favoring the ruling party -- DURING SLATING!

But Gator is still facing the backlash of the Paul Drayton Scandal -- how will they win the trust of students, not to mention their votes, when Gator's top brass dump the students for NYC and only return when the gig's are up? How will students feel in knowing that even if they did vote Gator, the person shaking their hand might not even be the person serving their interests? "Hey there...(lol)...I'm running for senate but may serve by proxy if something better comes along, I'm running with the Gator Party, would you like to vote for me?" How many people in Spring '08 that voted for Paul Drayton, really expected to get Rene Medina for 1/3 of the term?

And with a huge election year ahead of us, one that could have monumental significance for our will students react in knowing Gator appointed a ghost to Chomp The Vote for the summer of '08?

Students still remember the Tasering...Gator shielded the administration, Orange & Blue helped to coordinate the students into action.

Gator continues to ignore the student will, Orange & Blue has forced the Machine into court over Online Voting!

Gator is the party of the Greeks...what the FUCK is Sen. Courtney Stephenson selling to the Alligator? I was in Access buddy, so don't talk that egalitarian shit...BSU is every bit as much a block as the FBK-backed IFC/PC; 400 people don't randomly show up to slate! And never in the history of SG have GDI parties threatened org's with their budget for votes or have their supporters done so in kind.

I hope Orange & Blue wipes the floor with these people. I hope they vote that Jimmy Carlssen d-bag out of chambers, give him a taste of his own medicine.

"Christian, I am very proud to announce at this current point in time, Orange and Blue has the largest and, arguably, the most diverse slate of any political party running in this semester's elections. We will be competing in every district that the Gator Party is and more! Orange and Blue is truly looking to represent every student on campus this election season."

-Frank Bracco
Orange & Blue Leader

"I would like to point out that we slated 46 candidates and Gator slated 45!"

Joshua Niederriter
Orange & Blue Leader

"There are currently 6 EC complaints and 2 Supreme Court complaints on my desk, the ISA matter is absolutely in the pile."

Sam Miorelli
Orange & Blue Party, President


Paul Drayton
Champion of High Standards

I'm really angry at fate, I wish I could have been there when PAUL delivered that fiery condemnation. I think I would have been totally engulfed by passion, almost an adrenaline-like-rush. Hearing PAUL really condemn this behavior must have been reminiscent of that time Ronald Reagan addressed Berliners, stating: "tear DOWN this wall Mr. Gorbachev!"


Ken said...

Not that it is a harbinger of anything, but I don't recall a time when the minority party ever fielded more candidates than the majority - certainly not ever in a fall election.

It's all the more impressive when you consider the supposed 7-1 advantage Gator had in rushing people through slating.

Keep up the good work!

Christian Duque said...

Times are changing. These kids are learning from the mistakes of the past. Thanks to our blogs, people like Tommy Jardon teaching the younger kids, and of course, the 99% factor, not to take a thing away from these kids -- their hard work.

Anonymous said...

That douche Jimmy did not get reslated

Anonymous said...

We couldn't slate Jimmy because the indies showed us evidence of stuff that would get him impeached.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Jardon tipped of GPD that Gator was having a party at Swamp and they got raided.

A bunch of them got cited for underage drinking.


Anonymous said...

No one really reads this site. You are wasting your time, Duque.

So fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Jardon is a motherfucker.

Christian Duque said...

Anon 11:40


Anonymous said...

If you think Tommy Jardon even knew about this you are an idiot.