Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Does This Sound Like A GDI?


While you're right that this is a novel idea and it would probably do a good job of throwing the system off balance in the short term, there's one problem with the plan. I have no interest in running for Student Body Vice President. In discussing the various positions within SG with friends there is a general consensus that Student Body Vice President is a "7th circle of hell" job. I hope to be able to run for re-election this Spring for CLAS, serve out a second Senate term ending in March 2010 and then graduate in May 2010. To quote General William Sherman, "If drafted, I will not run; if nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve."

Mark McShera


Anonymous said...

First Tommy, now Mark. Looks like Miorelli's purge is going very smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Just wait, McShera is about to go system on us. We've known he was the next to go after Wolf left the indies.

We may have run a good campaign in the spring, but our slate was lackluster at best: riddled with tools and fools.

Gators for Obama said...

I'm fairly confident that you (Christian) pushing McShera to do something he doesn't want to do because he doesn't think he'd be good for the job nor does he want it, and him subsequently telling you NO, he's not interested in running for VP, makes him quite, what's the word I'm looking for..... oh, right,


He's operating independent of YOU. Just like the rest of the O&B party refuses to take your marching orders when you give them. Your historical knowledge is appreciated and your input and suggestions are always noted, but you don't have a seat at the table anymore.

And as an outsider looking in I think comparing Mark McShera to Eric Wolf and Josh Simmons is flat out inaccurate and a sign that you need to quit blogging about Student Government politics at UF. Listen very carefully Christian when I tell you this: You have just spent your last capital (if you ever had any at all) and destroyed your credibility as an SG commentator with this post. If you honestly think Mark McShera deserves to be lumped in with Eric Wolf, Josh Simmons, et. al. then believe me when I promise you that nobody on EITHER side, Gator or O&B, will ever take you seriously again. Your word will be dirt and what little access you have will be cut.

I will see to it myself personally.

-The Cardinal

one of us said...

Duque, your responde to this is precisely indicative of your utter detachment from what's actually going on here. Get a life, or a clue--maybe both!

Anonymous said...

Christian, I think on this one point you have it wrong:

You say that McShera is only concerned with himself when he declines to run for SBVP. But think of it this way: if he did win, what would happen to the students? He clearly does not want to serve or feels he does not have the capacity to serve as VP. He is surrendering that prestige for the good of the students, because he knows that there may be someone out there that can actually put 100% into the job. I know you have the presumption that O&B will lose that election, but that is no reason to take a risk that at the end of the day could hurt the student body.

McShera is doing the honorable thing that many leaders in our country's history have done: decline to run for higher office. He may feel that he can do more real work for the students as a Senator than he can as a VP Candidate. I know that you will say that he should put party first, but I have a different view:

Students First, Party Second.

Anonymous said...

Don't be a full. Miorelli was never a GDI. His pride was hurt after the first interview and saw how quickly Joe rose to the top... He decided to duplicate it.

That is why he talks about himself in the third. That is why he harasses people about his upcoming presidential run.

We tried to recruit mark and have him switch, he told us to fuck off.... Sam just asked us for accent.

Anonymous said...

Just becuase he does not want to run for Vice President does not at all insinuate that he does not care about the students. As I read it, it's apparent that he feels he can do a lot more for his constituents by serving as a senator than as a Vice President of the Student Body. It's not always a matter of black and white, independent or greek, system or non-system. Sometimes other things come into play (as they should). What makes the independent movement so special (and sadly at the same time, weak) is that the members are beholden to the wishes of themselves and their constituents, not their "party" or some "movement". It might not be the best thing for the party, but it is the best thing for McShera and the lovely constituents of CLAS who took a chance and supported a minority party senator. And THAT makes him more of a GDI than anything. Point of the story Duque: There's more to stories than finding the most negative viewpoints and running to hell and back with them...

Anonymous said...

So if we are to follow anon 1:01PM's lead on this let's see who Miorelli seems to be lining up for a potential run in the Spring:
Bracco, Cavataro, Huey, Niederriter, Trimboli, Stinson, and Norris.

What does "he who shall not be named" see in each of these people that they get His blessing and the others are ousted? Or did Tommy and Mark do something that displeased Sam? Is he setting up for the future or settling old scores?

Anonymous said...

Sam Miorelli was ready and willing to switch. He wanted a higher post in ACCENT or to be on the senate slate. That was all that was required for him to come on board with the system. He was willing to sell out and that is a problem. It had nothing to do with whether he thought the other group could do a better job or what he thought was best for the students. It was only about what would get him more. I do not know what his motivations are now for the things that he does, but I imagine they are similar.

--The One Who Said No to Sam's Requests

The One Who Gave Sam Bruce's Digits said...

Nobody ever said no to Sam's requests, in fact, they kept checking with him that he didn't want MORE to support Moseley along with the other Action kids. The people who said "no" were Sam and Caitlin Clause who shortly after telling Ben Grove what they'd want decided they couldn't live with themselves if they switched. The following night Sam was at Target Copy with Bruce, David, and Jordan talking about brown shirts and "I Voted" stickers.

Bruce Haupt said...

9:40 am, if you're referring to his applications during Pants, he kept us updated throughout on that endeavor. Whether he would have accepted is up for speculation, and I encouraged it if offered, but he wasn't selling us out (at least behind our backs)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how little you know about Sam yet everything thinks he is the devil. I cannot wait to see how the fall campaign shakes out with Miorelli in charge and Jardon no where to be found.

Anonymous said...

I was not referring to that election. Most of you are too young to even know or realize from where the reference comes.


Pants Party 4 ever said...

6:07 is not entitled to his or her own facts.

1) Sam had nothing to do with I voted stickers.

2) Pants color was already decided on before the Target Copy meeting. If the 6:07 meant design, well the Pant's Party shirt design was decided on at Farahs.

3) Clause did sell out. She wore a Gator Party shit that spring.

Is 6:02 Sarah Palin?