Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Orange & Blue!

Not much to say this early in the morning, except to wish you the best. You guys are really taking it to the next level. I still hope Sam Miorelli will announce. Perhaps McShera would be better for SBT, but I insist (even based off of my physical distance from SG) he is Executive material. I urge both Miorelli & McShera to reconsider my request. The time to announce is now.

You will not have the momentum you have now. Gator is hurting. They're going to win this run, it's Fall. But you two can make a big difference campaigning as Executive candidates in a Fall election. You can call into question all of the tools in the System can make public spectacles of their Elections Commission, denying the "have-nots, the 84% of campus" not only the right for their candidates to campaign for their colleagues, but denying them the right to online voting, proper representation on "Machen's vision to dry out campus," the uniformity in chambers, the indifference to UF students getting electrocuted by agents of the UF administration apparatus, you can pounce these people.

It's never been done before. Please think about it. I don't just know two names, I know a good bit about over a dozen top GDI's at UF. The two of you are the ones that I really believe have Exec. potential. Please don't mistake my lack of tact insofar as implying that you, Mark, were a turncoat -- you're far from it.

It just irks me to see real potential settle in for anything less than your destiny. Announce. If you change your mind in December, politely drop out, b/c by then O&B will be much more organized, much more known, and on it's way. I have almost no doubt neither of you would drop out. Either one of you is SBP material, but divided you'll destroy O&B.

For now, I'm glad to see you slating as you are. Incredible!

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. Announcing this early would be an awful move. One: It would get lost among every other piece of SG crap being spit out in the Alligator over the next week.

Second, people will lose interest. It will be old news in the Spring, worthy of maybe a mention in an editorial, whereas the Gator party will garner the front page with the Presidential announcement, and then another article about sham interviews for the other two positions.

Finally, consider that the party will be a much different party in 5 months. More issues will arise. Issues that other Senators might be able to pursue to a greater extent than Sam and Mcshera. The "benefit" of announcing now would do nothing more than lock the party into a stale position come January.

Oh yeah, and Miorelli is about as electable and likable as well... nothing. His message rings well via text, but if you have ever heard the tone of which he speaks and the attitude he brings forth to a debate, he's more likely to turn his party and voters off than to solidify the independent movement.

Brocco would make an excellent leader for the Party. He embodies the ideals, but also the ability to effectively work with others to get things done, which is completely necessary in a SG that really has no power. Sadly, I don't think he will return next year. Cavataro is a strong individual but has yet to prove his ability to LEAD others, which will ultimately hinder him when his age is taken into account. McShera would be a good balance as well, and I agree in that he could be an effective VP that would be able to publically lead the party beneath the Presidential candidate.

As for treasurer, I would look at somebody with significant financial experience on either Budget Com. or a hefty Student Organization. The last candidate was a disaster compared to Drayton (no offense). At this point, I have no idea who that could be, which leads more to the same fact: the ticket needs to remain undecided until January.