Monday, November 26, 2007

Short Article, Major Implications.

The Power Vaccum

ok. Let's put impartiality aside for a moment. And for those elected officials in the audience, try as hard as you can not to put yourself in the shoes of - or worry to much about - those faithful constituents that voted you into office and whose interests you claim to act on behalf of every Tuesday night and at all times while acting as an elected official.

The Student Honor Court has always served to provide a fair trial for accused students. The Dean of Students, from my research years past, has seldom contradicted the advice of the SHC -- therefore the vast super-majority of rulings by the student court have been affirmed by the administration. Any attempt by the Faculty Senate to scrap this student body, should not be taken lightly by Student Government or the Student Body. There is no clear purpose here, other than fixing a model that's proven quite effective and stripping students of power to be reapplied to the Faculty.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Advice to the GDI's

Arafat Airlines, Flight 377G

It's starting all over again. The kids want to know who their next ceremonial figurehead will be. From what I hear AEPi might be the next Lambda Chi, wouldn't that be something... Another house, this one on the PC side, also seems ripe for the GDI-picking. However and for the most part, the nuts & bolts of the Mainstream apparatus will support whatever party Swamp/Gator' puppeteers unveil next. With the cultural organizations, FBK, and an almost politically-homogeneous Greek community ready to commit to yet another year of the Boyles Era of lame duck SG executives, the GDI's have no real reason to go the distance.

I propose a low intensity campaign for the executive and more concentration on the senate. With a minimum of eight seats, the Independents could mount much more resistance in chambers than if they fought a no-win battle at full-capacity for an Executive ticket that quite frankly seems to be out of their reach. With a presence in chambers, the Independents could actually influence the process and I don't just mean by stalling & filibustering.

There is also a flaw in the way the System runs the Machine. Why did Bill Clinton defeat George H.W. Bush in 1992 or Sen. Bob Dole in 1996? Why is that John McCain was edged out in 2000 by George W. Bush or that in 2007, though clearly the most experienced & heir-apparent is McCain overlooked for Romney or Giuliani? Here's a clue: AGE.

In system politics the AGE in seniority of top candidates is always that of upper-classmen or grad students, because there is a long and drawn out timespan of ass kissing, backstabbing, and several types probation (in terms of voting records, campus activity, and past SG support). Freshmen and sophomores never have and never will get the nod to run for high office by mainstream parties b/c (1) at the tender age most have not been tapped or admitted to Florida Blue Key, for starters.

Age is not a litmus test of potential. It may delineate "experience," though that's somewhat of an ambiguous term in student government. Shema was a doctoral student, she was much older than the sophomore Dennis Ngin in terms of academic seniority and possibly age, but was she more experienced, did she possess more potential just based on her class-year or physical age? I think not.

I think the GDI's should quit looking for law students, juniors, and seniors and take a chance on the youth -- run a first or second year student. Look at guys like Ben Cavataro, actually look at him first and foremost. His office in senate would allow him to run now and that would ensure the GDI's of not handicapping a top notch senate candidate as a sacrificial lamb for a presidential onslaught. Running the Hume senator would also open the possibility for running him again, perhaps in a more calculated fashion Spring 2009. The Independents cannot continue on the path that's taken them to bitter defeat Spring 2005, a crushing loss in 2006, and annihilation in 2007. But...even though PANTS suffered a broken Independent community, the consistency of two consecutive Haupt candidacies helped - I believe this 110% and I believe running the Hume senator in a low-intensity race in '08, would have lofty returns in a second run in '09.

Question is, can Independent leaders think that far into the future of their own constituency - and - another question would be, do Independent leaders care that much as to be so patient and forgo the instant-gratification of running hard just a few months away.

Also, a Cavataro ticket, would all but turn Hume green, as well as have spillover effects on surrounding areas for Fall. The marketing of a dynamic, young ticket for high office would also significantly affect many senate races. The GDI's must scout and scour the playing field, in search of the very best senate candidates and work from that end. An executive ticket like Cavataro/Stinson/Miorelli, I think would do really well, not to mention get A-LOT of votes.

And best part of this atrategy...the Machine cannot allow a first or second year student to run for President, that would signal a MELTDOWN. The System cannot take the risk on someone's character without covering all bets prior to rolling the die. Something to think about.

A great, credible (& low-intensity) ticket that challenges not only another party, but the very system in question, would deliver wonderful returns for a party heck-up in a senatorial dogfight, not to mention, the same way Hillary will no doubt pick up votes from women (some of which living in ultra-conservative households), so too might a balls-to-the-wall GDI party running an illegal executive ticket (soley because of age), strike a chord in the hearts & minds of some of those thousands of pledges (mostly freshmen and sophomores), exploited by their houses to almost religiously give them block-after-block each year, but distrusted from running for the top jobs.
"Hello, my name is _________ and I am illegally running to be your student body president. I'm not allowed to run legally, because Student Government says I'm too young. I am from this party and while you cannot vote for me, I sure would appreciate it if you could take a look at the wonderful men and women running for senate with my party. Thank you for your time and have a great day."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

In Honor of Victor Rabinowitz

Victor Rabinowitz, an attorney and member of the Communist Party USA stood the test as one of the best American legal mind on the Left. He "represented leftist causes and clients such as Alger Hiss, the Black Panthers, Fidel Castro and Weather Underground member Kathy Boudin, has died at 96." Source

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The UF Supreme Court: Students' or Students

When discussing SG we normally focus on the Legislative & the Executive, because the traditional role of the Courts has always been to stay behind the scenes, to remain impartial, and away from the glitz & glamor, the pacts, and the lobbyists. But, thanks to Matthew Klein's second incursion into, let us leave it at, controversial politicking, I'd like to learn more about the Justices currently serving on the Student Body's highest court.

Who are these people, who's in Florida Blue Key, who's Greek, are there families influential, are they legacies in the legal profession? I'd be interested in reading their opinions and rulings (having only read some opinions on online voting & the Alan Passman Fiasco).

So let the emails pour in. Anonymous emails will be verified. To guests leaving comments -- keep them clean. Racial slurs will not be published.

Arab & Muslim students need to be ever-vigilant after the showing of this film. Avoid traveling alone at night through poorly-lit portions of campus, be weary of odd people and unusual questions, and especially do not divulge your student id# or residential information to anyone, unless it is clearly a UF official acting in a professional capacity only -- if a CLUB is not registered with the Student Activities Center, it may not be legit. Also, if you drive down 34th st, be vigilant of the Wall - one thing's free speech and another is hate-speech. If you see people putting up clearly racist images (e.g. Crescent Moon x'ed out, swastikas, or anti-immigration type "art,") call GPD immediately. Rumors are flying that certain "misunderstood" folks in certain "scholarly" circles want to push the Obsession "message" a little further than the powers that be thought they would. As can be usually determined -- the powers that be don't know shit.

Also HUGE kudos to Islam On Campus President Yaser Ali and IOC for boldly condemning Matthew Klein's ISLAMOPHOBIST email. Click Here. Also, I do appreciate that Mr. Klein apologized, but he should know as anyone that showing remorse does not usually satisfy the public's demand for JUSTICE.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Love Brings Peace, Hate Brings...Hatred

Yet another wealthy, white, ultra-right wing young attorney has come to Matt Klein's defense...soon this is going to look like Trent Lott's birthday party. The last email arrived from Christian W. Waugh, an extremely arrogant gentleman that addressed me in some of the most demeaning language I've heard since the Access/Innovate Summer of 2004 -- he wrote me an email that you'd think was conceived for an SG novice, hell, for a moron, but I digress. Mr. Waugh went on and on lecturing me about how stupid I was and how wise he was....hey Einstein, if Klein is so innocent and I'm so off, why'd he APOLOGIZE? What b/c he's a nice guy?

Below is an excerpt from Christian "The Admiral" Waugh's email promoting Obsession:
"The movie will last about an hour and will be followed by a panel discussion with guest speakers. Over 20 million people have already viewed this movie, which has been featured on FOXNEWS, the Communist News Network (CNN), and other news outlets."
I think this gives Mr. Waugh all the credibility I think he deserves - lecturing me on politics & the rule of law and calling CNN communist in what seems to be a formal (not lighthearted in any way) email. I just hope he knows the tax code just a little better than he knows anything he's tried lecturing me on.

Moments ago, I also received an email from the Honorable Matthew Klein:
Look, I don’t know what or who you are but I don’t take false accusations such as yours lightly. You need a crime for a hate crime to exist, and all students including students in SG positions have a right to free speech. My speaking out against terrorism has nothing to do with my position on the SG court. If this issue ever came before the court, I would follow judicial cannons and recuse myself ensuring impartiality on the court.

From the first word (look - sounds a little exasperated), Mr. Klein seems poised to make the point that using fear tactics and making false claims pertaining to innocent students and Homeland Security is free speech. It's not my opinion that Mr. Klein's email did in fact alienate students based on their religious identity and ethnic heritage - if not, why did the President of Islam on campus file official complaints AND why did Mr. Klein once made aware of these formal complaints, swiftly feel the need to CLARIFY himself and then APOLOGIZE? I want to go to law school one day, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Mr. Klein's free-speech defense is weak, to be generous.

What Mr. Klein also fails to realize is that HIS EMAIL is what I believe to have been THE HATE CRIME. And Mr. Klein did not speak out against TERRORISM in his initial email, he spoke out against INNOCENT STUDENTS - then causing him to apologize.

From the batch of lawyer buddies of his emailing me, I would not be surprised this ends up in court and I would love nothing more... not sure that can be said all around though.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Better Talent, Better Radio!

Morning Radio
Currently I'm emailing with several radio and marketing agencies over morning radio programming in Gainesville. I find that local audiences are being shortchanged by the Lex & Terry Show, a program that I consider to be overly-sexist, sophomoric, and quite frankly comparable to dead-air as far as learning value goes. The listener takes nothing away by hearing a college co-ed say words like 'panties' on the air or repeat words like mindless parakeet. The show's producer speaks in 100% street-slang, showing an utterly poor grasp of the English language -- using the one African American on the program to sound uneducated and childish -- I don't feel this coincidence serves a positive purpose on local society -- namely with largely white audience. So it's not really just a matter that the Lex & Terry Show is intellectually-lacking, but there are also other concerns that have led me to study this type of programming. I think that Rock 104 should re-evaluate their program schedule; they can do much better.

A few stations down the dial, you'll hit 97.3 WSKY, a radio station dubbed by some in the local anti-war movement as hate radio. I don't find The Sky to be hate-anything, though I will openly admit that the vast majority of the talent on this station is either republican or conservative. A few of the programs are brought in from national syndication (e.g. Michael Savage & Rush Limbaugh), but the station also showcases some very good local talent in programs like The Drive Time Happy Hour. The program's hosts Chip Morris & Dr. PC (two computer-based entrepreneurs) lead the program through various stages of comedic delight to intellectual debate to moral reflection to almost variety-show type features like Whackjob Thursdays. While both Morris and PC are right-wingers, they aren't of the loud species of Bill O'Reilly or the arrogant school of Sean Hannity. In fact, both radio hosts while strong in their beliefs, give ample opportunities to any and all dissenters to voice concerns. The show, its regulars, and its format make it a very viable rival for a program such as Lex & Terry.

While cities differ on peak radio times, there is little question in my mind that morning rush hour is king and that if pinned against each other on opposing stations during the same time-block, that The Drive Time Happy Hour would utterly annihilate The Lex & Terry Show. Comments?

Friday, November 02, 2007

For Clarification Purposes

To be fair, I should retract certain remarks I've made in previous days. The committee convened by Machen to explore options to remedy the UF Taser case has not formally released any findings or any reports. From what I gather, at least some members of this committee (e.g. Brian Aungst per my recently published letter in the Alligator) are in fact going into this process with good intentions.

Still, I think the FDLE report is laughable and I find myself scratching my head each and every time I hear people like Charles Grapski invoke the name of this agency as somehow representing impartiality in law enforcement. Any agency that cleared UPD of the excessive force in the matter involving Andrew Meyer is clearly not being fair by any stretch of the imagination. The FDLE report all but guarantees that UPD will continue to engage in the use of electrical shocks to subdue students they perceive to be unruly or a threat. In this matter, I do feel that Student Government has failed the student body they supposedly serve. Tasers do not belong in the arsenal of any campus police department in the United States.

Growing Fear of Reprisals
While some student leaders dismiss student' apathy at publicly condemning the actions of UPD as rooted in indifference - I beg to differ. One only need drive around campus at 2AM or walk from SW Rec. to's not a very long walk, but long enough for a possible dissenter to get recognized, harassed, and possibly arrested for DUI or speeding or drug possession. Your word against theirs.

If a student lives on campus it's all right there: address, make & model of car, class schedule...UPD has access to all records, open and sealed, they also watch each other's back. Why is it so hard for student leaders to believe that most students would never openly demand justice from the very people that are charged with enforcing it?

Out of 50,000+, barely 200 (or 0.4% of the combined UF Student Body) had the guts to walk on UPD, which makes the depressing 11-15% voter turnout for Student Body elections seem like electoral nirvana. Something is wrong at UF & those in positions of power apparently choose to live & rule in denial.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Meyer Apology

Andrew Meyer could have been great, he could have led the masses, but instead he was victimized by Bernie Machen's stormtroopers of uniformity and now it seems, Andrew Meyer has again been victimized -- only this time with aggressive counsel by his side and paraded on the pages of the Gainesville Sun, the Independent Florida Alligator, and at this will only be a matter of days before this poor kid's mug visits your hometown paper's front page, not only as a way to highlight an obnoxious college student's 'unruliness, but far more importantly to flex the muscles of the status quo, the norm that every college student should strive to achieve: study hard, study fast, bow down motherfucker, and go join the others in cubicles & huddled around water coolers at lunch -- this is a SYSTEM society, we are all nuts and bolts of a well-oiled machine, break away from the pack and we'll MAKE YOU SORRY!

The Student/Alum Speak Out!

"I don't care that Meyer wrote an apology as part of a plea deal, this travesty of political forum will haunt ACCENT. I think everything else I think about this issue has been said before:" Click Here

William "Will" Foster
GDI Leader

"Seemed a little calculated, but I am glad he apologized. All of the videos and phone calls released did not make him look too good. Hopefully he meant what he said."

Chris Carmody
Fmr. Student Senate President