Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In The News....w/ Christian Duque

Lately I've been receiving a couple emails here and there (no not literally just a couple) from Gainesville residents that read my blog...what a shock?! And these folks have mentioned that I should look at other media types when I do my ITN reviews, so I've decided to include the Gainesville Sun, Satellite, Campus Talk, the Iguana, and every once in a while larger regional papers from Jax, O-town, and Tampa. I could include the NEW YORK times, the LA times, and/or the WALL STREET journal..but you can't get the Florida/Southerner out of me...I couldn't ever dream of reading anything beyond the 'state line.' (lol) New coverage will start in the coming days AND I've got two interviews I'm workin on that are gonna ROCK! Who would have ever thought that I'd get O.G. bloggers back into blogging for the SG elections when many of them had "given up blogging" or had said "I'm no longer interested in blogging".....that's right, the Duque started it all again, the Duque was the first (and only) to put interviews in the format, and now I will begin work taking my imprint to the next level....details comin soon. (LOL)


Jones said he wants to reform the jail system to reduce the population of nonviolent offenders, address issues of mental health and reduce the cost of housing inmates.

Wow...BUTCH JONES...sounds like it would have a nice ring to it...SHERIFF BUTCH JONES....he wants to save money on housing inmates and reform the jail system..I wonder if he plans to go about it the Joe Arpaio' more here:

UF brews alcohol plan

Is it legal to ask students to incriminate themselves? Surely students must identify themselves with gatorlink and/or other personal information if participation in the survey includes a hold being placed on their transcripts. Perhaps if Senate members can drag themselves away from beer and Margaritas at the Swamp, they could petition either Senate President Lauren Mierley or go to SB President Joe Goldberg and ask to have a subcommittee created to investigate student rights in this matter. Are students rights being infringed upon, is their privacy at stake, can the administration pry into students privacy and hold their academic careers in limbo unless students comply?

The Students pay for a Judicial Branch...where are they? Where is the Senate, where is President Goldberg, where is Gavin Baker? All the students have is SG, that can be a pack of dogs or it can be nothing, please let's make sure the Gator Nation doesn't get raped in the ass by the Bernie and his bureaucrat-goons.

The panel and crowd blamed parents and society for binge and underage drinking.

The panel may not be aware of this, but I would think most UF students are not ACR’s and student’s whose parents live in Hialeah or Key West are not going to drive six hours to hear some Alachua County come-mierdas talk about how Billy shouldn’t drink beer but can smoke all the cigarettes he wants.

[[[[[[Bloggers: this is something you should get into....forced surveys on students (whom by majority are under 21), with all anonymity GONE, with transcripts on the a campus more and more concerned with prohibition and dealing with material authored by the administration and city officials that have already been responsible for hindering students off-campus rights (i.e. the 2am curfew)...this just reaks of injustice. Support me or refute me, but say something please!]]]]]]

Marlette Returns


Melone should stop writing, join military

"Perhaps Melone should stop writing a column for the Alligator and instead enlist in the military."

I can't stand our president or his party, however, I don't think anyone should ever stop writing...The more I see this the more petrified I get, more and more people want opposing views (either racially motivated or politically motivated or religiously motivated or socially motivated) silenced. We live in America and while I agree the war is wrong and the troops are ill-equipped, I would never endorse my political opponents to stop writing...this is America we live in.

Shabazz had no place speaking at UF

We live in America and while I believe racism comes from ignorant people with very narrow minds and little if no compassion, as Americans we must fight for everyone's freedom of speech, especially those whom we agree with least. VISA used A&S fees money appropriately, they brough in a speaker to give a different (even if moronic) view, it has raised awareness on campus, students are writing about it and a reaction will defintiely come as a result of it.

In part the Alligator has fueled this, they accuse a man of views for which there are no direct quotes, it poses a highly biased poll where the results are in no way in question, and now students are angry and want to see VISA burn. Freedom of speech must be protected, we must TOLERATE the racists so that hopefully one day they will learn to tolerate those they hate and hopefully one day, learn to coexist in harmony.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Poison Darts & In The News...

Fanatics: Group uses student funds to court extremism

This article brings back memories of a little group I was a part of in 2004 with Peter Gruskin and Seth Oranburg (see Filibuster, Gruskin's illegal termination, DS-Plot File). Filibuster was a group that aimed to foment discussion between various groups on campus, our first event aimed at holding an event between two sides, six groups consisting of the Pro-Arab side (Arabic Cultural Association, Islam On Campus, & Nakba 48) and a Pro-Israeli side (Jewish Student Union, The Israel Project, & Gators For Israel). When negotiations with the Pro-Israeli side broke down, talk started to circulate that we were anti-Israeli, our event was boycotted, Peter was fired, and that was that.

I have never been a fan of clamping down on the first amendment, because I am an American. Similarly, I honestly don't care if the speaker in question from the New Black Panter Party was anti-semitic (a term incorrectly used to describe those anti-Jewish). I am not for certain if the speech's contents were taken out of context but even so, I am disturbed that the Alligator would dare shine the spotlight on VISA, create a highly BIASED poll, and attempt to divide the African American and Jewish communites. THE RADIKAL is opinon-based and in my OPINION I think this is nothing more than payback for the Marlette comic that resulted in widespread dissatisfaction from the Black & African American communities, respectively.

"That Shabazz is an extremist is beyond any doubt. For example, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation, he has previously said Jews were responsible for what he calls the "African holocaust."

If this is in fact true, it's ridiculous hands down, but the man has a right to his opinion, fanatic or not, and organizations using A&S Fees have an obligation to bring speakers or plan events that will enrich UF Students, that enrichment may come in many forms, it may teach them or it may teach them to discern fact from fiction, either way it boils down to freedom of expression.

He heads an organization whose Web site calls for, among other things, the immediate release of all black inmates from prison and the protection of the inner city from "white takeover."

Have you Ms. Editor ever lived in the inner city? I have logged some serious time in inner-city classrooms and I can tell you that conditions are squalid and depressing. Your article fails to indicate the disproportionate numbers of young black men in the penal system, it fails to make mention of the economic disparity of the inner city, it fails to mention to a lot. I don't condone racism but I believe it will always have its place in any society, racism is one of many expressions of ignorance and I don't believe we'll ever fully eradicate it, we just need to learn how to TOLERATE it and co-exist with each other like civilized beings. I'm a person that speaks his mind and honestly, I don't think y'all give a damn about the Jews, I see revenge on this PIECE, but that's just my write a bullshit article and then put out a biase-ass poll question and you're going to try and make things real rough on VISA.

Folks....why can't we REALLY try and bring back The Gator Times...I'm really starting to dislike this paper, it's writers, and most especially it's editors.

Online voting ups turnout

SFCC is not UF, the stakes here are higher, and after what I saw or read about in this last election, I'm beginning to agree more with James Argento and President-elect John Boyles. Back when Michael Schuster was speaking of "the integrity of the [paper] ballot," I readily dismissed it as partisan-based it seems to address a very serious concern. Intranet voting left much to be desired (in its second attempt) and full internet voting may in fact be even more chaotic.

Although the system has worked at SFCC, UF Student Body President-elect John Boyles said the decision to use Internet voting is not an easy one - and that there are security questions to answer.

"It's done [at SFCC], but not necessarily at UF," he said.

Agreed Mr. Boyles.


Weiss and Mierley settle into their new SG positions

As the new gatekeepers of almost $12 million in student money, Josh Weiss and Lauren Mierley have pressing odd choice of words

Nothing too out of the ordinary here, but why mention the ProTem first? I never here Cheney and Bush did this, it's usually Bush and Cheney but maybe the writer is dyslexic or whatever, it's cool..did I spell that right? Who cares.

"As I was saying at the [Senate] orientation yesterday, I'm not going to stand for partisan politics back and forth," she says.

Well I don't know when you said it, but I wrote it in the blog a few days ago, so I'm really hopin you will do just that. Plus, from al the drinking I hear the Impact folks do, I doubt they'll be much "back and forth" politics as I'm sure the Opposition leaders will be taking swigs of listerine during session. (LMAO....p/s I find tales of public officials getting trashed non-stop at the Swamp and boasting about it on blogs to be highly unprofessional and I think those that do it, have no respect for the job or the students, that goes for all of you.....quit drinkin your dinner and get to work, cuz your elected officials not members of Motley Crue).

"It's kind of like that starting point where you have the whole world ahead of you," she says. "I know I want to go into corporate America - GE, IBM - a big-name company."

No...please no mentions of corporate giants that outsource most of their jobs overseas. :-(

The lofty goal seems tailored for Mierley, who is a National Merit Scholar, a member of the Florida Blue Key leadership honorary and a past director of marketing for Gator Growl, UF's pre-Homecoming pep rally. Still, the Delta Gamma Sorority sister willingly shares credit where deserved.

BUSTED! You mention anything corporate and the Bohemian-wannabes at the Alligator go to work. Mierley has been dubbed an FBK, Greek, and soon they will probably try to give her the Rachel Bird treatment and imply she's an airhead because she's successful and Greek, don't believe me? These folks do it every year.

POLL : Did VISA misuse student funds by inviting Malik Zulu Shabazz to speak?
( just spent an entire article telling them he did, why ask?)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Dinner @ The Reitz

Well tonight I got off work (not the greatest job but it's good till I get goin to law school) and then I hit the gym. I did shoulders and man were my arms pumped, on one set I was at #7 and I was giving it my all to hit #8...I was out of breath, I was pushing with my all, my legs were locked, my whole body was contracted......when I finally did it, I started huffing and puffing, I was in a euphoric state of relaxation it was better than owl I've ever sparked (that's 1970's weed talk), better than my first beer, not better than sex at the library but still pretty damn good.

After the gym I noticed a missed call from a beautiful Cubanita I've been talking to for a while and realized I had made plans to get a bite to eat with her at the Reitz. I got home changed quickly and added a new layer of Cool Breeze and sprayed on the Cool Water....there was just no time to bathe but it's ok, I'm not _ _ n _ _ r _ _ .

As I walked into the Reitz I felt my knees shake a little (well not really) but it was like I was 15 yrs old in my publix shirt after not shaving for a month and miraculousy getting by security at Club Madonna in South Beach. I felt like I was in the coolest place ever, I felt so awesome to be back in my old crib. I called my Cubanita and told her I was on my way to I went into the food court I prayed that I wouldn't see anyone I knew and all was well. I made the turn to head over to subway..all thing I see is Adam Roberts scarfing down a sub. Adam had a very unusual face on him, he looked somewhat bloated but upon closer inspection had a look on him that made me feel as if Mr. Rogers had taken a break from his busy day to fondle him. He didn't look well and his dinner companions looked as if he had met them at some sort of IRHA checkers bowl or something, but dorm geeks are cool too. Naturally Adam didn't say hello, so I didn't either. I was kinda surprised but not so much, I did kind of trash his leadership skills (though I made it clear it wasn't personal).

My Cubanita looked so beautiful, I wish I could marry a Cubanita...I've never had a hispanic girlfriend, come to think of it, I've never had sex with a hispanic girl either. As a hispanic male I feel somewhat cool must it be to talk dirty during in Spanish....I wouldn't even know where to begin..Tacos anyone? LOL

Anyways my Cubanita and her friend wanted Wendy's so there we are waiting (this is after I ordered my food) and there she comes...cute as a button...I get a hug and give a kiss on the's SB VP Elect Lydia Washington!!! She was so cute and surprised me, she told me reads "the blog" and really likes it, and I was soooo sooo happy to see her, it was like havin a beer with my boy Tommy Lee of Motley Crue or spewing blood with boy Gene Simmons from KISS, it was amazing. I also got to meet Josh Weiss, whom was very cordial and appeared to be a nice guy. It was nice seeing them both.

Ohhhhh....last night I talked to James Argento on AIM and I told him how much I missed him, how much I missed the days when we worked for him, and a little bit about politics with him and the Enforcer. I'm going to study my ass off for the lsat re-take and apply with what I've got, but now I know the UF days are soon going to come to an end. Andrew will be gone soon, Pete has gone his own way (but we'll always be bros), James is in Tally, Charlie is livin in the boonies thanks _ _ c _ e _, Ansell will doing study abroad, all the SAP & Voice people are slowly going their own way....whenever I get drunk and get nostalgic I hardly ever think about Fiji, Miami, or my family or friends from youth to now, I think about SG... How many of us will ever (in SG or anywhere) ever have the honor of being called Senator, Chief Justice, or President....when I was in office I wasn't about writing legislation I was about going to meetings and talking to people (that was my bag, others did the bill writing and that was great for them). Senator Duque, Fmr. Senator Duque..what an honor it was to have served.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Saturday Review w/ Christian Duque


Well I'm kinda bummed out because I've decided to retake the lsat...I'm going to apply with what I've got, try and find at internship in gville, and try those ****** logic games again in June. If I don't get into the schools I want or any for that matter (lol) then I'll either teach or teach and attend grad school, only to re-start the process in 2yrs..I don't care if I have as many retakes of the lsat as JFK Jr. had attempts at passing the bar...I want to be an attorney with every fiber of my body.

The Review...

Whiskey Room
We went to a VISA event put up at Whiskey Room and hung out all night long. I met this really cool UNITE senator, got to meet tons of Steph's friends, and got freaked out to seeing Andre Sameuls a few times. I'm not sure why he looked so angry, but then again he always looks angry. He was walking in and out of the crowd and after a couple of Yagerbombs and mixed drinks I started fearing he was going to stab me with a plastic butter knife or something, penn. style, j/k. In any event, they announced the Gator victory and everyone was merry.

But I gotta say...I've never liked booty music...usually I say its because I'm conservative and what not...but the real reason is because I'm afraid of getting excited and looking like a jerk. I'm also afraid of NOT getting into the mood and offending the girl. Lastly I'd be angry to get into the mood and then get left in that mood when the song is over. I don't know....I'm a wallflower with issues I guess.

Sen. Guerra Resigns
In what seems to have been a strange twist of events, Sen. Rebecca "Becca" Guerra walked out of chambers, following her resignation. While I don't know the details, I can't say I'm totally surprised. From the outside it looks like a case of greed, you have a student leader that's been blessed with longevity in elected office, she's been able to survive longer than many others, she's served on distinguished committees such as R&A, chaired Judiciary, and continues to have a very high level of participation in several leadership capacities throughout campus.

I hope there were greater factors at play than merely not getting a desired position. Despite strained relations and several different points of view on campus leadership issues, I've always believed Rebecca Guerra to be a fine student leader, one of the very, very best. I sincerely hope she resigned for legitimate resasons and not because she's pouting over not getting a gavel.

"Give 'Em Belle" World Premiere!
"Relive the Belle! Campaign in Sarasota!"
Hosted By:
Sarasota Film Festival

Good Lord!...Just when you thought the Mike Belle crusade was over, out from the ashes of failed dreams and used-car-lot-charm returns the fiery leader of naive, politically-charged stoners Michael Burt Belle (I don't think his middle name is "BURT" but it sounds funny).

In one way I'm happy that the venue location is Sarasosta...if anyone should suffer its that Republican hotbed (lol), however, I can't imagine what kind of footage will be shown. I would imagine we'd see people like Andre Samuels walking around, angry, and donning huge cardboard signs...perhaps we'll see cameo appearances of Adelle and/or split-second images of crosses, perhaps Mike Belle being crucified saying "My City, My City..why have you forsaken me." Will the documentary show Mike's lycra-bicycle-bodysuit-clad Senate speeches, will they show us Mike speaking to senile old folks on why they should come out and vote...perhaps Mike shouting at some old ladies in a retirement village....

"FRIENDS! GERT, JANE, RUTH, SHEILA...the time is now! If you elect me to the city commission....CITY COMMISSION!!!...I will make things better! That's right ladies, turn those hearing aids up, you heard right, I will fight FOR YOU!" .... LMAO

Poor of luck to him, I know that one day he's going to make it, we're all going to be just fine :-). Also remember that this is a WORLD PREMIERE, the next two showings will be in TOKELAU and RWANDA (home of Hutus for Belle, not to be confused with Tutsis For Mike [a Tutsi fanclub formed in the hopes of a Mike Patrone presidential run that never was, meetings are on hiatus]).

UF officials release list of Facebook dangers, guidelines

This is how it always starts. Just a week ago...a huge special on MySpace hit tv, today universities and their leaders (such as UF's Bernie Machen) are no longer just meddling in student's off-school lives (e.g. pushing to maintain 2am curfew) but also pushing for censorship on third party student-accessed websites.

Great Quote:
Florida Crew Vice President Jessica Sinto said the administration should not limit what students do online. Just because you are in a leadership position doesn't mean you should have to censor what you do in your personal Web site, she said.

To all members of the Student Senate, namely those that recently blocked legislation to curb the size of SG Cabinet...I would recommend that the SG RESEARCH Cabinet get invovled here, ask students where they stand, what they feel about sites such as facebook not merely as a way to sidestep or counter the administration's findings and statements, rather to build credibility for Student legislation to protect students should the Gator Nation not want to take Machen & Co.'s "suggestions" to heart.

Btw..who is the Research Cabinet Director and what has he/she done?

Letter to the EditorSG should break free from its own history

Sen. Grove makes a fine point, parties always talk about bringing out about a level playing field for all students, essentially giving way to ACCESS to SG (but rarely live up). I have to say that while I do and have always respected Jared Hernandez, I do not believe it's at all plausible to base a letter on what-if's, no one knows what Jared would have done or what the circumstances would have been like. Take Jamal for example...President with roughly 25 loyal senators, he had to comply and give up Accent & SGP b/c even with huge popular support, friendly Alligator/press, 25 loyal senators and a slightly friendly court he was still in danger of being impeached and removed (they tried and came close many times in closed doors, tragedy was always thankfully averted). Legacies are staples of the corrupt political world, but it's not in stone. A party could and should come along that will not fear going to war, but if Access fell short there is no way anyone is going to tell me than a UNITE or an Impact would get the job done. It's not honesty v. dishonesty, it's real world politics v. noble political rhetoric.

March of Dimes funds animal torturing

That's really repugnant. I have zero tolerance for animal testing, esepcially the cruel & pointless kind such as this is. Kudos to the Alligator for printing this letter and mega kudos for the letter's author coming out and shedding some light on this matter.

:::::::::::That's All Folks:::::::::::::::::

Friday, March 24, 2006

Personal Stuff, Politics, & ....In The News

Firstly I want to stress how big SG is...last night I finally got a date with a very, very special girl from my lsat course, but my car was dirty thanks to all my gym gear and empty bottles of supplements and what not. So I asked to meet halfway, I live in the SG (Student Ghetto...there's that SG again) and she lives at Murph, so naturally I said let's meet at the Swamp, however I did specify to for her to meet me in front of the Florida Bookstore. I explained that I wanted to briskly walk by the Swamp to sort of peak'n' see what kind of crowd was seated out front as I'm very picky of who to sit with. There was a major decision to make. So we met up, I wore a sleeveless shirt even though it was cold because I wanted to impress her with my arms (or GUNS as us manly men call 'em) and that I did. I made the trek from home I ran into Tommy Jardon and a bodyguard lookin fella (stared straight ahead and seemed emotionless, coulda lit matches under this kid's fingernails and I doubt he would have reacted), Tommy said "lookin good Duque," which I thought was really nice of him, but I started having second thoughts about wearing the sleeveless t-shirt and just what kind of attention I'd be drawing to myself later in the evening.. (lol , j/k).

Finally I made it the rendezvous and this girl was wearing a denim skirt, an awesome top, and this lipstick that made me want her like she was a bench on pec day....she dressed up for cool is that?! I was specific in telling her I'd be wearing gym clothes and wasn't interested in dressing, she said ditto, but she looked spectacular. Anways we walked by Swamp and I didn't see anyone I knew which was a definite plus, considering I wanted to really put the THV charm to work, not talk to Gareth Kerrs or James Argento groupies about the intricacies of Student Government. Usually I'd love talking SG, Hoffman can vouch for that, but on this evening I wanted to impress this girl. So we kept walking and then returned to Swamp. Sure enough once I sit down, SB Pres.-elect John Boyles arrives and I shake his hand, I can't refuse the chance to tell my date who John is but she doesn't seem to care so I don't press it. Eventually the Sam Adam's makes me want to take a leak so I go in and ask where the bathroom is (haven't been there in ages). I see a few faces looking at me like they know me...I feel awkward...unsure if they're staring at me, my arms, my pants, or if they're just lookin around and tryin to be discreet. I don't know.

As I walked towards the bathroom I saw Rachel Connors seated with some people, I know she saw me but didn't say hi (but neither did I, oh well). I was kind of bummed out that there weren't any good articles to read while draining the lizard (like at TGIFridays) but I did notice the guy next to me looking over...I'm sure I made his night, but I wasn't too happy with having an audience, still I didn't want to offend a possible future voter so I just cleared my throat a little and I think he got the point.

The date went great, I thought I was in love, I couldn't stop thinking about her, I was going crazy, I felt like I was going to go nuts, I wanted to hug her, kiss her, get married, have kids, have her hold my hand on my deathbed, but really I was just horny, so I called a friend and took care of that. I still like this girl, so hopefully I'll go on a second date with her and I won't be too into scoring a homer w/ her...I'll be indifferent and she'll want me as badly as the Impact/Progress/Unite exec wants to finally win an election, well maybe not THAT badly, but pretty badly..yeah...that would rock.

.....In The News:

City names new spots to feed homeless

This story is old news, recycled. Gainesville businesses (backers of Tony Domenesch & others) have been responsible for a trend of indifference towards the growing homeless problem here in Gainesville. Their efforts have landed city ordinances hampering the work of St. Francis House, their efforts are not aimed at public safety rather at protecting commerce. The city has a responsiblity to care for its citizens, from the richest to the poorest.

Relocating soup kitchens from the ritzy blocks of downtown to the working class neighborhoods of Gainesville is not an adequate solution. Businesses have a right to operate and their efforts at generating revenue benefit us greatly as a community, however I have seriouis issues with the 'sweeping dirt under the rug' mentality. If the measures to relocate the soup kitchens were coupled with special programs or programs enhancing private charities such as St. Francis House or the Salvation Army (i.e. matching funds for low income/section 8 housing or temporary housing) then I would think thc City Commission had everyone's interests in mind. Relocating the homeless to working class neighborhoods protects the business elite but infringes on the working class communities by negatively affecting homeowners property values. I honestly think city officers should reconsider measures such as these.

SG swords, tears mark new term

The end of politics as usual.....well...with at least 9 senators and a few other Impact/Progress loyalists in chambers how does this happen:

Mierley, the new senate president, earned her position unopposed, and later oversaw Sen. Josh Weiss's election as senate president pro tempore, the body's No. 2 position.

....Excuse me, but either a deal was made or UNITE has decided to follow the Impact/Progress line of bowing out from the getgo. No president wins unopposed in a divided senate, shame on UNITE for selling out after just 3 hours in office. On the other hand, congratulations to Senate President Lauren Mierley. She has campaigned her ass of since I ever joined SG, she's very professional, she cares about SG & the Student Body and even though we're on opposing sides, I know she will do an amazing job and will be fair in carrying out her duties (I seriously believe that btw).

Machen's motion denied

Give 'em hell CHARLIE! If the law means anything Bernie Machen will have to pay dearly for the alleged charges. Charlie was punished this term by not being able to teach any courses....a move I feel came from the top, but that's just my uneducated, outsider's opinion. I am in the process of putting together something with this by the end of next week as time permits.

Also thank you to everyone who's emailed, called, and recommended my blog to internet review pages, I'm truly touched.

Thank you to Allison Cullin for your very kind message and I hope that that internet connection at your complex continues to improve...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Accountability, Milk, & Low Fat Cookies

(this photo is a definitely a slight..but not on me...think about it)

Brave New World

Wow...what's "the ring," I know just about everything else except for this ring. Is this the kind of ring we see at weddings or the one's they sell at Xmart. I wonder, but in any event this is great news because more birth control means our children may have to put up with one less Alligator writer when they take over SG. :-) (At least one of my kids will be a Judiciary Chairman)

Letters --- Troops Must Withdraw Immediately

This letter sounds very militant, only the wrong president is in power to be that militant with. The war in Iraq was a total Bush II. fumble from beginning-to-end, but the Republicans have succeeded in re-defining patrotism and have made the status quo as to where one's patrotism can be gauged by how much of a war hawk that person is. Does the U.S. military go after soft-targets in Iraq? ....Officially -- no; unofficially -- 'shit happens.'

When you hear the word "terrorism" realize its context. When Franco & the Falangists surrounded Madrid in 1939, they wouldn't allow food or water in, they barraged the city defenders (including their wives, children) for days, weeks, and months on end, historians call these actions 'honorable' when in reality a case could easily be made to call them terroristic. The best way to defeat an enemy in war is to break his backbone, make his people drop to their knees in hunger, make his wounded writhe in pain, but whatever's best to win also usually is synonomous with Terrorism, America has won a lot of wars, quit being naive as to how. Keep in mind that history is written by the winners, the winners of WARS. A winner may call his actions 'honorable' and those of his enemies 'terroristic,' so always be skeptical.

The 9/11 attacks, the RIRA's attack in Omagh, the synagoue bombings in Buenos Aires, etc ..these are acts of Terrorism....roadside bombs in Baghdad, artillery barrages of the Green Zone, and sniper nests lining the streets of every major Iraqi city gunning for U.S. service personnel....that is not Terrorism or Al Qaeda, that is Guerrilla Warfare, it is a stuggle for national emancipation from a foreign power's occupation, no different than what Washington did against the redcoats or what the Vietnamese did against the French Foreign Legion or the U.S. military. We are in THEIR home, the Shi' tes don't want us there, the Sunnis don't want us there, and the Kurds know that our inherent loyalties to Turkey will never allow us to allow them a homeland (case in point, the Kurds hate us too). We are there soley because we have the firepower.

This dude should have focused more on making the distinctions I made. We all know how many U.S. soldiers have died and what a fuckin imbecile President Bush is, I would have opted to make a different conclusion.

Letters --- Critics of the war in Iraq aid insurgents

David Drescher embodies the Nationalistic Republican trying to clamp down on freedom of speech by making a passionate appeal to the inner patriotic consciences of every American in the hopes of thwarting the ability of dissenters to...well...dissent. "David you're an assbag, a fucktard, and no more an American than I or any other peace-loving red, white, & blue bleeding Liberal."

Just Plain Rude
I figured I'd make nice and sent Allison Cullin a birthday greeting. The next day I received an invite to some party at the Swamp Restaurant from her. Even though it looked like a mass-invite, I checked her profile and was surprised to see her photos...she actually looked nice, so I sent her a second message telling her I was sorry I couldn't go and that she looked nice, ya know to maybe cool the tension. She never replied, talk about rudeness, oh well, another lesson learned in life.

Student Senate shoots down bill to reduce SG Cabinet

Truly pathetic. I would like to formally applaud VP Medina for authoring this bill because I think it would have done a terrific job of finally getting the Executive Branch on its way. I will be hopefully interviewing a few people and writing at length on this topic by the weekend. On Saturday I'm off from work and once I do back and bi's I'm going to be on this computer for hours relaxing :c)

I'm also contemplating a move...I'm between upstate NY and SoCal. I need to move out, get established, I need to get some ambition, and then...finally I'll look into law schools. I don't want to keep going to school unless I'm on my way to actually finding myself, finding just who the hell I am TODAY. I can't spend any more time in this house, I love the house and Pete will always be my friend, but I have to shoot for a little higher, I doubt if I'll ever be rich (I'd prolly give the money away if I was), but I want to get fuckin HUGE, I want to be a professional, I want to get married, and make the Pope proud (have no less than 5 kids!!!). I just need to find myself and soon I'll be packin up and doin just that, but thanks to the net...I'll haunt SG for a long, long time. I will be enemy of all those that seek to corrupt and pillage and they will fear me as much as Ken Kerns fears Lever 2000, j/k

Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's All Over Now

To Lola: Sorry you lost and from what I hear, you did a great job campaigning. I'm proud of you for that. However, you switched parties and even though I never thought much of Impact, THEY were the defacto indie party when Voice & Progress dissolved/went inactive w/e you wanna term it. You didn't lose because of the Hispanic community or the Greeks, you lost because you made a mistake in the Fall '05, opting for relatively easy re-election with the Gator Party and then you saw opportunity back on the indie side and well...GDI's don't like that, Greeks don't like that, Blue Keys don't like that, actually I don't think anyone likes that. So, I'm sorry, but this is politics.

To Ryan: I didn't want to applaud you for recognizing flaws in the budget or admitting publicly that many parts of Swamp's platform may not be met....I've been accused lately of being overly easy on Swamp, so I decided not to say anything. However, I think your honesty was probably met with most positively. Please do a good job for the students, because in the end when their orgs can't proper funding, their programs suffer and while balancing the budget may be the goal, SG's top goal should be keeping students well represented and their activities well funded. Be fiscally responsible but don't be overly terse when you don't have to be.

To UNITE: Inexperienced leaders have proven not to work. Sometimes candidates make good members of exec, sometimes you shouldn't fix things that arent' broken. I think everyone should applaud Adam Roberts and his inexperienced exec. party members, each person on the UNITE exec deserves a drink on the party and swift kick in the ass out of its leadership. In fact, UNITE should just disintegrate now and all the UNITE senators elect that truly believe they are GDI's should break away, change their affiliation to independent, elect a minority whip and a minority leader to sit on R&A, and truly work for the students. The Hernandez/Siler/Lola experiment is OVER -- UNITE is DEAD! Those of you that are real, are indies anyway so do the right thing....this whole campaign was a pricey was run by AMATEURS that pissed in the face of experienced critics...UNITE lost the vast majority of senate seats, lost the presidency, lost treasurer and worse of all...wasn't even close in either of these.

TRUE INDEPENDENTS don't BUY support with ALCOHOL! TRUE INDEPENDENTS meet @ The Reitz...You speak of improving UF facilities for students, yet your base of operations is a fuckin restaurant or a club? That's for the Greeks, is it sheik, maybe so...but Indies are about the AVERAGE student, the downtrodden, the weak, those that need to be impowered that need to overcome adversity....IMPACT & UNITE didn't seem to comrehend this...and both parties did SO WELL from Brick City to XS, both groups got severe ass poundings at the O&B.

I'm tired now, tired of SG too. Soon The Radikal will look at news outside UF, but...election and sg coverage will resume when I feel it's necessary. I may post a few more times this week but I wanna write about sleazier people, so I'm going to set my sites on Washington D.C.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Lola..Lola...Lola...I put you in senate, sure we could sit here and say me and Fernando, but what clout did/does Fernando really have? Zilch. Accion-UF was supposed to be something great, but soon after Nin's defeat for the HSA presidency he didn't like the idea that I had real plans for the Voice Party, the party that put you on the Fall Access slate and that made a few other discreet things happen from the highest echelons of power of the AP. Nonetheless, those are minor details for only a few people to know about.

I wanted to see you run for president one day, you or Ansell, you were the two I always believed could be the Gil Sanchez's that got it right, I had high hopes that either one of you would go all the way! And today you're in a run off for Student Body treasurer but times have changed. When this photo was taken I would have endorsed you 110%, but then you switched to the Gator Party (something I hated) and decided to run with a party such as Unite (a party that unless you live under a rock you'd know I don't care much for).

In my heart I want you to win Lola....but the Lola I see is the one in this photo, not the one that switched affiliations, the one that's never bothered to stay in touch, and most definitely not the one running with a fake independent party. I will always love Nikki Grant, I will always highly respect Michelle Lightbourne, I will always fear Tommy Jardon (lol), I will always think Adam Roberts is a nice kid, I will always think Kevin Bacon is one sketch-ass motherfucker, and I may never be able to point out Allison Cullin even from a group of ethnic Samoans, but the point is it's not the people I don't like its the concept (and yes a handful of people on a secondary level) of UNITE that really get under my skin.

So I hope that whatever's left of the Lola of 2004 wins, but I'm not sure if that's an

To all the people that supported/support Gator, more power to ya. To the people that went Ignite-Innovate-Gator-Swamp we're def. rivals but y'all are at least true to your convictions. My problem is with traitors & political opportunists. You can never break bread with or share a drink with a snake, you can never call a slimeball your friend. Like Tony Montana..."I got my word and I got my balls," without those ya ain't worth SHIT. =o)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Speaking Out: Yeah It's Me Again

****Before I give my reaction to this article, I'd like to take this opporunity to officially offer Allison Cullin the olive branch. It's never been my intention to offend anyone personally, though I feel Ms. Cullin may not have accepted this reality like mostly everyone else has. For the record, I am not looking to attack anyone personally, this is an SG blog written by someone removed from the process, basically giving opinions on articles. For the first time in weeks however, the number of emails and facebook messages I've received are resoundingly positive, some actually inspiring, and people love to read my blog, I run into readers at parties, bars, even at work and I think it's really everyone that hates me, take out your cups and throw out all the hatorade cuz I'm not thirsty.

Unite: Votes unaccounted for

Ok guy likes the feeling of walking out of a pool of ice cold water straight into a crowd of sorority girls laying out to get some rays...I'm sure its very humiliating. On that train of thought, I know that Lola still having a reason to campaign must be hard to deal with for some, but fighting for a recount based on two hundred questionable votes, numbers that won't decide the election seems pretty damn humiliating to me.

Now listen folks...if UNITE truly were an indie party and truly had been on the fringes, I woulda been all over this in what will more than surely wind up being one more strategically authored scheme to demonize Florida Blue Key, raise concerns about the legitimacy of students conducting and validating their own elections, and give more ammo for ignorant Alligator eggheads to write their own hateful anti-SG diatribes that counteract everything we stand for and keep UF's most powerful tendency @ #1 (Political Apathy in case you didn't know that).

UNITE may have succeeded in holding off validation of the pursuing a road that will no doubt scrutinize and seriously call into question the system we've come to know as "SECURE" [on-campus] 'online voting,' then I seriously doubt that any future elections superviser would opt to allow full internet voting. The transformation from the paper ballot to the intranet voting system was positive, though I believe the "right thing" to do would have been full online voting. However, to look at this from the opposing paper ballot means no paper trail which could mean a severe and ugly showdown in 2006, it's also grounds for even me, beginning to re-evaluate just how much better full-online voting would be? This will no doubt end in an ugly showdown. A showdown that will hinder SG from moving forward and will further cloud the impression of SG to students, the press, and the administration.

The independent community TODAY is being spoken for by a sordid crew of ambulance chasers and old school System rogues with trivial-at-best-values. Without a Student Alliance Party, without an Access, without a true voice...these are certainly most troubling times to be a GDI at UF.

There is Light @...

What UNITE should be doing campaign-wise at this time is supporting Lola and working for the LS candidate. Politically-speaking, Unite senators-elect should start considering a party leader, such as Gavin Baker for instance, to represent them on the R&A Committee and begin dialogue with the various SG parties (treating Gator, Impact, and the incoming Swamp ticket as individual parties not making assumptions even if one is 99.9% sure.....politics boils down to several components, so make sure not to neglect formalities or pleasantries...we are in the South afterall). Unite senators-elect should also make the distinction between party loyalty and party absurdity, they should definitely speak amongst each other and draw (even) an imaginary line in the sand that will establish just how far they will go collectively, because these senators will have a full year's commitment to the student body, they just got elected, hence they are not working on colorful (or suicidal) efforts at drawing sensationalist media hoopla to pad re-election hopes. Also....there comes a time when the party leaders lose touch with the candidates....

UNITE Senators Elect I am speaking directly to YOU so kindly quit driving pins through your Christian Duque voodoo dolls just so long as to read this:

When UNITE's leaders picked Brandon Siler as your party's VP candidate you were NOT consulted, your opinion DID NOT count and I know that you probably hate having to admit that to yourselves, but TODAY, you are no longer candidates, you are Senators-Elect, hence the party is no longer the vehicle for your success, rather you have become the reason for its existence, you are the leverage, you are the POWER.

If you disagree you can and should dissent and stand your ground because there is a chance, with any party, that during troubling times, decisions may be clouded by self-interest and/or alterior motives and not always will the party line be your line. Make sure to give yourself the luxury of being an individual, with an opinion all your own and the tenacity to never allow others to intimidate you or pressure you out of being a true leader. Be proud that 1 out of every five students went to the polls at the election that put you in office, strive to raise those numbers by providing top level representation and w/o thinking about the movie Office Space too much when I say this, do ask yourself if whatever your doing is in the interest of ....the students.

One of your own's fate depends on a senate vote....the idea that you don't have the numbers anyway and to go to war just to go to war is absurd. The differences between Swamp & Unite (RIGHT NOW) are so minor that old rules on a divided Legislature need not apply, however, certain actions by your party's leadership may and will probably infuse a sentiment of rancor within the Swamp camp against you, so once again, if you believe in what your party is doing stand tall with them, but if you disagree, realize that your obligation to your party rests on fulfilling the initiatives of the platform (promise) to the students, not in being CANNON FODDER for battles that you may not agree with.

Demand that your party leaders ASK you collectively as opposed to TELLING you collectively what it is that will be done. Jared lost, Brandon lost, Lola's fate is pending, the REAL, BONAFIDE leaders of the UNITE Party are you YOU, the SENATOR-ELECT, so you had better get with the effin program and start making sure you're all over that decision making process. In my book ANY Senator-elect has more authority in UNITE than Jared Hernandez or Adam Roberts, if that's not the case, leave.


Christian Duque

Sunday, March 05, 2006


I'm really, really wasted. I got to see family, thank you. I partied hard but when I finally made it to the couch, I just wanted to cry, I kept rubbin my eyes cuz I missed the good ole Access days, I'm gonna go to sleep now, piss faced drunk and I'm gonna dream about the Spring 2004, some people spend their whole lives thinkin about the first time they lost their virginity or when they got inducted into their frat or when they got thinkI'm always gonna think about Access. I know I'm drunk and I shouldn't post this, but I'm in love with a student government party. Goodnight.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Change of the Guard

Two days since the election results became official, the UNITE Party remains in a comatose state. Its website remains devoid of any updates, its facebook hasn't changed, according to my sources the party has not been seen doing anything on Turlington and while a few notable members have taken it upon themsevles to show solidarity w/ Lola via facebook profile pics, it seems the once mighty UNITE has all but died.

The current leadership of the UNITE Party should be highly scrutinized during these most trying times. With the money, manpower, the support, and an entire week's worth of time, if they abandon Lola....the newly elected UNITE senators and the general UNITE Party supporters should ask themselves if these leaders really should be their leaders. These are very special times, because Lola does have a strong chance of winning (not that I'm rooting either way), but it seems the UNITE Party callin it quits even though there is one more battle to be fought.

Regardless of what happens, I believe the current leaders of UNITE and newly elected radical independents like Gavin Baker will not be holding hands for long. Baker, unlike mainstream bureaucrats like Cullin, Bacon, & Roberts will not likely stand for system' abuses of the students interests, will not likely vote for SG subsizing FBK-events without raising some questions, will not merely vote yay to a motion that seems will pass no matter what....I suspect Gavin Baker will emerge another independent hawk like myself, only he will have the liking of many more people and he will truly master the art of tact.

You go over to Gatorpedia and you look up Argento or compare their entries to mine...I didn't write that and very few people have matched what I've done. Whether I was starving for five days for migrant workers, leading up human rights rallies at Univ. & 13th, or organizing multi-org discussions I was always at work on various eccentric but important projects in and around campus....but Gavin Baker, I suspect, will be able to carry out many of the same things I did but with a great, great deal of success.

These people that I have been harassed for attacking, that I have endured unspeakable acts of malice to bring to the public eye are not concerned with the students, because if they were, they'd be fighting for Lola and they'd have concrete plans for the senators. When Impact won, I sat with Sharpless, Bacon, and a few others for a few meetings and I was saddened to see the lack of direction...down the road you'd see the Impact senators ride the Gator wave....I hope the Red Senators break with the norm.

I say it's time Cullin, Roberts, Bacon & Co. take a break and a new brand of GDI's like Gavin Baker take over the party and actually do something! Soon I'll start further analyzing both Ryan & Lola and give my endorsement....but at least the SWAMP folks are tabling, where the hell is UNITE? If by Monday night UNITE doesn't table, then I believe it's time for the GDI's in that party to take drastic action, organize amongst themselves, get on the phones, get with Lola and help that poor girl out.....SHE MADE IT TO RUNOFF....SHE'S UNITE.....SHE'S YOUR PARTY MATE.....TICK...TOCK.

And I'm sorry to say this, but throughout the elections I had to point out a lot of stuff about UNITE, basic stuff, which is why I really believe that students like Gavin Baker thar are independents from the heart and not the resume, should be in charge. I'm not put this good kid in harm's way by propping him up like this, but I think it's on everyone's mind and it needs to be said. The current Indie leadership is crap, it's old, its ineffective, its dirty, and it needs to go.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Questions, Concerns, & the Unknown

Let's start out with the Alligator....

Darts & Laurels

We've always known that SG was incompetent. But we never had any idea that they couldn't even manage their own elections

After all, Kane is just the latest in a long line of inept SG supervisors of elections. Perhaps we should have expected no better from her - or from our SG altogether.

The election was managed just fine and the results were not due to SG incompetence but to DA agent arriving to the Reitz Union late. Let me tell Emily Yehle and the other birdbrains at the Alligator this....there are people called wartime correspondents, these people are embedded in military units, take hostile fire, sometimes they get shot, others have been killed, some get their heads sawed off on VHS for the world to see. You assholes having to write op-ed's with an hour's time or having to mingle with students for a few extra minutes shouldn't cause you to go off on the entire student leadership institution. You write for a shitty paper, you're mostly all shitty journalists, and you whining about having to wait an extra hour just shows what caliber professionals you'll be in the future. In lay man's terms: Go Fuck Yourselves.

Boyles the best in presidential race

The biggest difference between the two candidates and their parties was the character they have presented to the student body.

Normally this would have been a puff piece, but after all that happened it's totally true. With Access, Seth Haimovitch won his seat and yes his sport-celebrity did help, but UNITE wasn't looking for an edge, they weren't looking to boost their numbers....they put so much into covering their bets that they didn't realize that the character of the party had fallen in question with a lot of people that would have normally been gungho supporters.

Both parties had Greek backing.

Speaking of character once again and in relation to this excerpt, I have to point to something I read on NAGAS:

Anonymous said... Apparently Jared has been encouraging greek houses to vote for him and vote for mosley ... his argument, vote for both of the greeks and you will be taken care of. Politics as Usual. I feel bad for all of the young kids that got duped into working for that tool.

6:41 PM
Can this possibly be true? I don't know...but key members of UNITE have emailed me and called, largely in fears that UNITE's exec may in fact disintegrate and leave Lola on her own. While everyone is concerned with the underdog and both Lola & Moseley hail from the Gator Party, should we not look at the candidates impartially? Lastly, what will Susan do with her votes, I believe she will do the difficult thing and stay neutral. Fall '04 I would have said Lola all the way, others like to say Swamp was born of Gator (but these need to be corrected b/c UNITE was also born from Gator).....everyone has been on one side or another, UNITE needs to stop tracing the political lineage of people and start working for Lola. It would be nice to see the UNITE & SWAMP pages updated and to see both parties get on with it. When you have 1 week to run-off and you sit on your hands the first day that's fine, everyone needs a break, but by Day 2 you should get things done.

My predictions: UNITE will sell out Lola in a backroom deal. Susan will not endorse anyone. Alligator will endorse Lola. Turmoil will erupt and the worst place to be on all campus will be the lawn between La Casita & the IBC....I also highly doubt ATO, Phi Mu, LCA, and the few others will care about Lola. Without the power of appointments many of the UNITE/GDI phonies will get lost in the shuffle and will suddendly not have enough time 'due to midterms.'

Will UNITE be having any club nights for Lola? I doubt they'll even pick up the tab for party volunteers at the Krishna lunch.....I hope I'm wrong. I've always believed in the magic of SG's #2 office, I'd love to see both party's take this race seriously.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Irregularities Pub: Welcome 2 Happy Hour


Two: Congratulations to John Boyles and LYDIA WASHINGTON.

Three: How long does it take to count 10,000 computer votes....why did the counting go 1.25hrs over? ....Did anyone see the lights flicker......Will another Associate Dean leave UF under the veil of an administration cover up?.....SG Bloggers: fixate your eyes! Will Jared contest the results or will UNITE by SWAMP a round at the Swamp. One could only hope that Jared will pull an Al Gore and get down to the bottom of things....but these are mainstream politicians so you never know.

Four: Susan shows that Progress is still Alive & Well, taking about the same # of votes as Moritz & Co. last year. I almost went to the O&B tonight...Pete was there and I was trying to coerce Hoffman into going....but I decided to call off all efforts b/c I would have only gone there to root Susan on.

Five: I feel bad for Jared...but I have to insist on what I've been saying all along. With all the momentum Unite had they should have continued on with the legacies of Impact, Access, & the Student Alliance...but they didn't, instead they tried to garner Greek and Athletic support, hence in my opinion losing the GDI's. I pushed as hard as I could for Gavin with the few people in my old college and I know that all the other alums like Argento, Kerns, etc pushed for their people with whoever they still know on campus, but Unite did fuck up. Think of this....UNITE garnered about the same amount of support as Impact did for Dennis last only question is....was the price of this election worth the result?

My heart goes out to Jared and those that were defeated, but this election should signal the end of the politics of excess and fanfare that have plagued the community since the Fall of Access. We are not about fancy clubs, pricey bartabs, mainstream platforms or generic candidates! We are about the Reitz Union, we are about the O&B, we are about everything on this campus not the neon lights of downtown!

Six: What now? Will Susan endorse Lola, if so then what? Will UNITE go on...will they get Lola elected, if so, then what? What can the students come to expect?

Seven: Now what?

Any Comments?