Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Accountability, Milk, & Low Fat Cookies

(this photo is a definitely a slight..but not on me...think about it)

Brave New World

Wow...what's "the ring," I know just about everything else except for this ring. Is this the kind of ring we see at weddings or the one's they sell at Xmart. I wonder, but in any event this is great news because more birth control means our children may have to put up with one less Alligator writer when they take over SG. :-) (At least one of my kids will be a Judiciary Chairman)

Letters --- Troops Must Withdraw Immediately

This letter sounds very militant, only the wrong president is in power to be that militant with. The war in Iraq was a total Bush II. fumble from beginning-to-end, but the Republicans have succeeded in re-defining patrotism and have made the status quo as to where one's patrotism can be gauged by how much of a war hawk that person is. Does the U.S. military go after soft-targets in Iraq? ....Officially -- no; unofficially -- 'shit happens.'

When you hear the word "terrorism" realize its context. When Franco & the Falangists surrounded Madrid in 1939, they wouldn't allow food or water in, they barraged the city defenders (including their wives, children) for days, weeks, and months on end, historians call these actions 'honorable' when in reality a case could easily be made to call them terroristic. The best way to defeat an enemy in war is to break his backbone, make his people drop to their knees in hunger, make his wounded writhe in pain, but whatever's best to win also usually is synonomous with Terrorism, America has won a lot of wars, quit being naive as to how. Keep in mind that history is written by the winners, the winners of WARS. A winner may call his actions 'honorable' and those of his enemies 'terroristic,' so always be skeptical.

The 9/11 attacks, the RIRA's attack in Omagh, the synagoue bombings in Buenos Aires, etc ..these are acts of Terrorism....roadside bombs in Baghdad, artillery barrages of the Green Zone, and sniper nests lining the streets of every major Iraqi city gunning for U.S. service personnel....that is not Terrorism or Al Qaeda, that is Guerrilla Warfare, it is a stuggle for national emancipation from a foreign power's occupation, no different than what Washington did against the redcoats or what the Vietnamese did against the French Foreign Legion or the U.S. military. We are in THEIR home, the Shi' tes don't want us there, the Sunnis don't want us there, and the Kurds know that our inherent loyalties to Turkey will never allow us to allow them a homeland (case in point, the Kurds hate us too). We are there soley because we have the firepower.

This dude should have focused more on making the distinctions I made. We all know how many U.S. soldiers have died and what a fuckin imbecile President Bush is, I would have opted to make a different conclusion.

Letters --- Critics of the war in Iraq aid insurgents

David Drescher embodies the Nationalistic Republican trying to clamp down on freedom of speech by making a passionate appeal to the inner patriotic consciences of every American in the hopes of thwarting the ability of dissenters to...well...dissent. "David you're an assbag, a fucktard, and no more an American than I or any other peace-loving red, white, & blue bleeding Liberal."

Just Plain Rude
I figured I'd make nice and sent Allison Cullin a birthday greeting. The next day I received an invite to some party at the Swamp Restaurant from her. Even though it looked like a mass-invite, I checked her profile and was surprised to see her photos...she actually looked nice, so I sent her a second message telling her I was sorry I couldn't go and that she looked nice, ya know to maybe cool the tension. She never replied, talk about rudeness, oh well, another lesson learned in life.

Student Senate shoots down bill to reduce SG Cabinet

Truly pathetic. I would like to formally applaud VP Medina for authoring this bill because I think it would have done a terrific job of finally getting the Executive Branch on its way. I will be hopefully interviewing a few people and writing at length on this topic by the weekend. On Saturday I'm off from work and once I do back and bi's I'm going to be on this computer for hours relaxing :c)

I'm also contemplating a move...I'm between upstate NY and SoCal. I need to move out, get established, I need to get some ambition, and then...finally I'll look into law schools. I don't want to keep going to school unless I'm on my way to actually finding myself, finding just who the hell I am TODAY. I can't spend any more time in this house, I love the house and Pete will always be my friend, but I have to shoot for a little higher, I doubt if I'll ever be rich (I'd prolly give the money away if I was), but I want to get fuckin HUGE, I want to be a professional, I want to get married, and make the Pope proud (have no less than 5 kids!!!). I just need to find myself and soon I'll be packin up and doin just that, but thanks to the net...I'll haunt SG for a long, long time. I will be enemy of all those that seek to corrupt and pillage and they will fear me as much as Ken Kerns fears Lever 2000, j/k

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