Saturday, March 04, 2006

Change of the Guard

Two days since the election results became official, the UNITE Party remains in a comatose state. Its website remains devoid of any updates, its facebook hasn't changed, according to my sources the party has not been seen doing anything on Turlington and while a few notable members have taken it upon themsevles to show solidarity w/ Lola via facebook profile pics, it seems the once mighty UNITE has all but died.

The current leadership of the UNITE Party should be highly scrutinized during these most trying times. With the money, manpower, the support, and an entire week's worth of time, if they abandon Lola....the newly elected UNITE senators and the general UNITE Party supporters should ask themselves if these leaders really should be their leaders. These are very special times, because Lola does have a strong chance of winning (not that I'm rooting either way), but it seems the UNITE Party callin it quits even though there is one more battle to be fought.

Regardless of what happens, I believe the current leaders of UNITE and newly elected radical independents like Gavin Baker will not be holding hands for long. Baker, unlike mainstream bureaucrats like Cullin, Bacon, & Roberts will not likely stand for system' abuses of the students interests, will not likely vote for SG subsizing FBK-events without raising some questions, will not merely vote yay to a motion that seems will pass no matter what....I suspect Gavin Baker will emerge another independent hawk like myself, only he will have the liking of many more people and he will truly master the art of tact.

You go over to Gatorpedia and you look up Argento or compare their entries to mine...I didn't write that and very few people have matched what I've done. Whether I was starving for five days for migrant workers, leading up human rights rallies at Univ. & 13th, or organizing multi-org discussions I was always at work on various eccentric but important projects in and around campus....but Gavin Baker, I suspect, will be able to carry out many of the same things I did but with a great, great deal of success.

These people that I have been harassed for attacking, that I have endured unspeakable acts of malice to bring to the public eye are not concerned with the students, because if they were, they'd be fighting for Lola and they'd have concrete plans for the senators. When Impact won, I sat with Sharpless, Bacon, and a few others for a few meetings and I was saddened to see the lack of direction...down the road you'd see the Impact senators ride the Gator wave....I hope the Red Senators break with the norm.

I say it's time Cullin, Roberts, Bacon & Co. take a break and a new brand of GDI's like Gavin Baker take over the party and actually do something! Soon I'll start further analyzing both Ryan & Lola and give my endorsement....but at least the SWAMP folks are tabling, where the hell is UNITE? If by Monday night UNITE doesn't table, then I believe it's time for the GDI's in that party to take drastic action, organize amongst themselves, get on the phones, get with Lola and help that poor girl out.....SHE MADE IT TO RUNOFF....SHE'S UNITE.....SHE'S YOUR PARTY MATE.....TICK...TOCK.

And I'm sorry to say this, but throughout the elections I had to point out a lot of stuff about UNITE, basic stuff, which is why I really believe that students like Gavin Baker thar are independents from the heart and not the resume, should be in charge. I'm not put this good kid in harm's way by propping him up like this, but I think it's on everyone's mind and it needs to be said. The current Indie leadership is crap, it's old, its ineffective, its dirty, and it needs to go.


ADC said...

I'm glad you're still so passionate about SG politics, even after graduation. It's a bit deal to those involved in the process as well.
While I'm pleased to see that you still want the best for your alma matter, I'm concerned that you're not getting the whole picture. I'd ask that you gather the facts, and take time to speak with the individuals you criticize. You have made one attempt to contact me since last spring. Your repeated commentary on my involvement in SG has been unwelcome.
As a "public official" you have every right to criticize. You are welcome to use anything I do or say in an official capacity on your blog, or in any other form. I firmly believe that individuals should be held accountable for their actions. But, before you use my name, I must insist that you know what you're talking about.
When I welcomed you back to Gainesville when I saw you on the 3rd floor the morning of party registration, you had no idea who I was. If you couldn't figure that out, how do you know anything of my Senate record, my "behind the scenes" behavior, or anything else about me.
When addressing my work, or lack thereof in Senate, I ask you to read through the legislation that has recently been passed, I ask you to read the Senate minutes, and ask me about the hours of work I’ve done.
You haven't heard about it because you haven't been there.
Gavin Baker will be an amazing Senator, but he would not have been a senator if it were not for the tireless work of Adam Roberts. You speculate at the nature of his character, and your writing borders on slander, but Mr. Roberts has done nothing but request that you contact him to address your concerns.
Before you attack individuals you are unwilling to speak with, I ask that you at least educate yourself with the information that is available in the public domain.
If you have any questions, concerns, or issues you'd like to address, please contact me. My email address is allisoncullin@gmail. com.
I trust that i will not see my name posted on your blog, or any website you publish until I have spoken with you.
Allison Cullin

Christian Duque said...

1. The graduation thing is old and it doesn't faze me, this is the net, deal with it.

2. I didn't slander anyone, I'm expressing opinions and that is pretty damn well known from header to text. Unfortunately I don't think much of your party, except for Sen. elect Baker & perhaps Lola, though not enough b/c I told all my Voice people to vote 4 Susan.

3. I'm represented by Nick Zissimopulos of the Law Offices of Rush & Glassman here in Gainesville. If you'd like to have your attorney contact mine, that would be fine, if you'd like to file anything on me, that would be fine, otherwise please don't use threats of legal action as some sort of silencing tool, it won't work, and if you persist I'll laugh at you.

4. I'm sorry I didn't know who you were, who are you, I still don't know?

5. This is just politics...I know you're a republican and I'm pretty sure you're not used to people disagreeing with you, but I'm not the butler, I'm a former Access senator and I think ur a bureaucrat that drinks and parties with the enemy and just b/c you rose up at some joint session, one time, doesn't equate to jackshit in my book. You said you're back in SG, then take it like everyone else.

I made fun of Boyles for healing the blind and raising the dead, I said Mackenzie was orchestrating a coup, I even said Kerns needs to shower...these are all silly shots that are part of politics no different than an all the Dick Cheney shooting jokes...yes a bit un-pc but w/e.

Don't expect any emails from me. I messaged Adam to assure him that whatever was being said wasn't personal but all politics and he didn't seem to have a problem with it and even if he did, it's just politics. Mike Bowen (who's active on these blogs) went far beyond anything I've done and when I sat down with attorneys I was told he was 'more or less within his rights' and in hindsight I think it was more than 'more or less,' each and everyone one of us have the right to express ourselves....yes Ms. Cullin...even those that have graduated.

Christmas Child said...

Are you kidding? It took Jared & Co. all of two seconds after realizing defeat to start rallying people for Lola's runoff election. You have NO clue what's going on behind the scenes for the next four days. Our people are exhausted, but they are working. I recognize your right to criticize, but please realize how frustrating it is to receive criticism when you're working your ass off with zero sleep in the past 3 weeks. Thanks

Christian Duque said...

COOL!!! I'm glad y'all are working hard because that's what it's going to take! And don't get melodramatic...three weeks of hard work is way intense!!!! With Access we campaigned pretty hard too, though probably no where near as much as you guys...

My information is based on emails and calls from 3 of your candidates, two of which won, plus several students whom haven't seen any UNITE activity on Turlington. Additionally I don't have a crystal ball and I haven't accused UNITE of not campaigning in the future (or the next 4 days as you put it), however, as of late last night the UNITE page had not been updated, the facebook group had not been updated, and people I'd spoken said that they hadn't seen anyone from UNITE in 2 days (though I only asked about Turlington).

As far as this 3 WEEKS campaigning with ZERO sleep.....maybe that wouldn't have been necessary if you didn't stack 40% of the UNITE slate on athletes that didn't campaign, didn't show up to meetings, and from what I'm told just didn't care.

My only intention in poking at y'all is to get a reaction and hopefully some kind of effort for the next four days. When you have a week to run off, wasting two days is pretty risky, I just hope that UNITE does something for Lola...I mean the SWAMP kids were out tabling, just sitting behind a table not goin nuts from what I was that too hard for UNITE to match? SWAMP missed victory by for our five points, UNITE missed the mark by over twenty just seems odd.