Monday, March 27, 2006

Dinner @ The Reitz

Well tonight I got off work (not the greatest job but it's good till I get goin to law school) and then I hit the gym. I did shoulders and man were my arms pumped, on one set I was at #7 and I was giving it my all to hit #8...I was out of breath, I was pushing with my all, my legs were locked, my whole body was contracted......when I finally did it, I started huffing and puffing, I was in a euphoric state of relaxation it was better than owl I've ever sparked (that's 1970's weed talk), better than my first beer, not better than sex at the library but still pretty damn good.

After the gym I noticed a missed call from a beautiful Cubanita I've been talking to for a while and realized I had made plans to get a bite to eat with her at the Reitz. I got home changed quickly and added a new layer of Cool Breeze and sprayed on the Cool Water....there was just no time to bathe but it's ok, I'm not _ _ n _ _ r _ _ .

As I walked into the Reitz I felt my knees shake a little (well not really) but it was like I was 15 yrs old in my publix shirt after not shaving for a month and miraculousy getting by security at Club Madonna in South Beach. I felt like I was in the coolest place ever, I felt so awesome to be back in my old crib. I called my Cubanita and told her I was on my way to I went into the food court I prayed that I wouldn't see anyone I knew and all was well. I made the turn to head over to subway..all thing I see is Adam Roberts scarfing down a sub. Adam had a very unusual face on him, he looked somewhat bloated but upon closer inspection had a look on him that made me feel as if Mr. Rogers had taken a break from his busy day to fondle him. He didn't look well and his dinner companions looked as if he had met them at some sort of IRHA checkers bowl or something, but dorm geeks are cool too. Naturally Adam didn't say hello, so I didn't either. I was kinda surprised but not so much, I did kind of trash his leadership skills (though I made it clear it wasn't personal).

My Cubanita looked so beautiful, I wish I could marry a Cubanita...I've never had a hispanic girlfriend, come to think of it, I've never had sex with a hispanic girl either. As a hispanic male I feel somewhat cool must it be to talk dirty during in Spanish....I wouldn't even know where to begin..Tacos anyone? LOL

Anyways my Cubanita and her friend wanted Wendy's so there we are waiting (this is after I ordered my food) and there she comes...cute as a button...I get a hug and give a kiss on the's SB VP Elect Lydia Washington!!! She was so cute and surprised me, she told me reads "the blog" and really likes it, and I was soooo sooo happy to see her, it was like havin a beer with my boy Tommy Lee of Motley Crue or spewing blood with boy Gene Simmons from KISS, it was amazing. I also got to meet Josh Weiss, whom was very cordial and appeared to be a nice guy. It was nice seeing them both.

Ohhhhh....last night I talked to James Argento on AIM and I told him how much I missed him, how much I missed the days when we worked for him, and a little bit about politics with him and the Enforcer. I'm going to study my ass off for the lsat re-take and apply with what I've got, but now I know the UF days are soon going to come to an end. Andrew will be gone soon, Pete has gone his own way (but we'll always be bros), James is in Tally, Charlie is livin in the boonies thanks _ _ c _ e _, Ansell will doing study abroad, all the SAP & Voice people are slowly going their own way....whenever I get drunk and get nostalgic I hardly ever think about Fiji, Miami, or my family or friends from youth to now, I think about SG... How many of us will ever (in SG or anywhere) ever have the honor of being called Senator, Chief Justice, or President....when I was in office I wasn't about writing legislation I was about going to meetings and talking to people (that was my bag, others did the bill writing and that was great for them). Senator Duque, Fmr. Senator Duque..what an honor it was to have served.

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