Friday, March 03, 2006

Questions, Concerns, & the Unknown

Let's start out with the Alligator....

Darts & Laurels

We've always known that SG was incompetent. But we never had any idea that they couldn't even manage their own elections

After all, Kane is just the latest in a long line of inept SG supervisors of elections. Perhaps we should have expected no better from her - or from our SG altogether.

The election was managed just fine and the results were not due to SG incompetence but to DA agent arriving to the Reitz Union late. Let me tell Emily Yehle and the other birdbrains at the Alligator this....there are people called wartime correspondents, these people are embedded in military units, take hostile fire, sometimes they get shot, others have been killed, some get their heads sawed off on VHS for the world to see. You assholes having to write op-ed's with an hour's time or having to mingle with students for a few extra minutes shouldn't cause you to go off on the entire student leadership institution. You write for a shitty paper, you're mostly all shitty journalists, and you whining about having to wait an extra hour just shows what caliber professionals you'll be in the future. In lay man's terms: Go Fuck Yourselves.

Boyles the best in presidential race

The biggest difference between the two candidates and their parties was the character they have presented to the student body.

Normally this would have been a puff piece, but after all that happened it's totally true. With Access, Seth Haimovitch won his seat and yes his sport-celebrity did help, but UNITE wasn't looking for an edge, they weren't looking to boost their numbers....they put so much into covering their bets that they didn't realize that the character of the party had fallen in question with a lot of people that would have normally been gungho supporters.

Both parties had Greek backing.

Speaking of character once again and in relation to this excerpt, I have to point to something I read on NAGAS:

Anonymous said... Apparently Jared has been encouraging greek houses to vote for him and vote for mosley ... his argument, vote for both of the greeks and you will be taken care of. Politics as Usual. I feel bad for all of the young kids that got duped into working for that tool.

6:41 PM
Can this possibly be true? I don't know...but key members of UNITE have emailed me and called, largely in fears that UNITE's exec may in fact disintegrate and leave Lola on her own. While everyone is concerned with the underdog and both Lola & Moseley hail from the Gator Party, should we not look at the candidates impartially? Lastly, what will Susan do with her votes, I believe she will do the difficult thing and stay neutral. Fall '04 I would have said Lola all the way, others like to say Swamp was born of Gator (but these need to be corrected b/c UNITE was also born from Gator).....everyone has been on one side or another, UNITE needs to stop tracing the political lineage of people and start working for Lola. It would be nice to see the UNITE & SWAMP pages updated and to see both parties get on with it. When you have 1 week to run-off and you sit on your hands the first day that's fine, everyone needs a break, but by Day 2 you should get things done.

My predictions: UNITE will sell out Lola in a backroom deal. Susan will not endorse anyone. Alligator will endorse Lola. Turmoil will erupt and the worst place to be on all campus will be the lawn between La Casita & the IBC....I also highly doubt ATO, Phi Mu, LCA, and the few others will care about Lola. Without the power of appointments many of the UNITE/GDI phonies will get lost in the shuffle and will suddendly not have enough time 'due to midterms.'

Will UNITE be having any club nights for Lola? I doubt they'll even pick up the tab for party volunteers at the Krishna lunch.....I hope I'm wrong. I've always believed in the magic of SG's #2 office, I'd love to see both party's take this race seriously.


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Gatorman said...

Christian if it wasn't such a landslide, I could see a serious campaign happen, but the rout just makes it unlikely in so many different ways... I know after 2004, the number of Access supporters seemed to grow for the runoff, while the innovate ones shrank away. This time while I don't think you will see the ATOs go back to Swamp, I think they will wait until fall until they have to make up...