Friday, March 24, 2006

Personal Stuff, Politics, & ....In The News

Firstly I want to stress how big SG is...last night I finally got a date with a very, very special girl from my lsat course, but my car was dirty thanks to all my gym gear and empty bottles of supplements and what not. So I asked to meet halfway, I live in the SG (Student Ghetto...there's that SG again) and she lives at Murph, so naturally I said let's meet at the Swamp, however I did specify to for her to meet me in front of the Florida Bookstore. I explained that I wanted to briskly walk by the Swamp to sort of peak'n' see what kind of crowd was seated out front as I'm very picky of who to sit with. There was a major decision to make. So we met up, I wore a sleeveless shirt even though it was cold because I wanted to impress her with my arms (or GUNS as us manly men call 'em) and that I did. I made the trek from home I ran into Tommy Jardon and a bodyguard lookin fella (stared straight ahead and seemed emotionless, coulda lit matches under this kid's fingernails and I doubt he would have reacted), Tommy said "lookin good Duque," which I thought was really nice of him, but I started having second thoughts about wearing the sleeveless t-shirt and just what kind of attention I'd be drawing to myself later in the evening.. (lol , j/k).

Finally I made it the rendezvous and this girl was wearing a denim skirt, an awesome top, and this lipstick that made me want her like she was a bench on pec day....she dressed up for cool is that?! I was specific in telling her I'd be wearing gym clothes and wasn't interested in dressing, she said ditto, but she looked spectacular. Anways we walked by Swamp and I didn't see anyone I knew which was a definite plus, considering I wanted to really put the THV charm to work, not talk to Gareth Kerrs or James Argento groupies about the intricacies of Student Government. Usually I'd love talking SG, Hoffman can vouch for that, but on this evening I wanted to impress this girl. So we kept walking and then returned to Swamp. Sure enough once I sit down, SB Pres.-elect John Boyles arrives and I shake his hand, I can't refuse the chance to tell my date who John is but she doesn't seem to care so I don't press it. Eventually the Sam Adam's makes me want to take a leak so I go in and ask where the bathroom is (haven't been there in ages). I see a few faces looking at me like they know me...I feel awkward...unsure if they're staring at me, my arms, my pants, or if they're just lookin around and tryin to be discreet. I don't know.

As I walked towards the bathroom I saw Rachel Connors seated with some people, I know she saw me but didn't say hi (but neither did I, oh well). I was kind of bummed out that there weren't any good articles to read while draining the lizard (like at TGIFridays) but I did notice the guy next to me looking over...I'm sure I made his night, but I wasn't too happy with having an audience, still I didn't want to offend a possible future voter so I just cleared my throat a little and I think he got the point.

The date went great, I thought I was in love, I couldn't stop thinking about her, I was going crazy, I felt like I was going to go nuts, I wanted to hug her, kiss her, get married, have kids, have her hold my hand on my deathbed, but really I was just horny, so I called a friend and took care of that. I still like this girl, so hopefully I'll go on a second date with her and I won't be too into scoring a homer w/ her...I'll be indifferent and she'll want me as badly as the Impact/Progress/Unite exec wants to finally win an election, well maybe not THAT badly, but pretty badly..yeah...that would rock.

.....In The News:

City names new spots to feed homeless

This story is old news, recycled. Gainesville businesses (backers of Tony Domenesch & others) have been responsible for a trend of indifference towards the growing homeless problem here in Gainesville. Their efforts have landed city ordinances hampering the work of St. Francis House, their efforts are not aimed at public safety rather at protecting commerce. The city has a responsiblity to care for its citizens, from the richest to the poorest.

Relocating soup kitchens from the ritzy blocks of downtown to the working class neighborhoods of Gainesville is not an adequate solution. Businesses have a right to operate and their efforts at generating revenue benefit us greatly as a community, however I have seriouis issues with the 'sweeping dirt under the rug' mentality. If the measures to relocate the soup kitchens were coupled with special programs or programs enhancing private charities such as St. Francis House or the Salvation Army (i.e. matching funds for low income/section 8 housing or temporary housing) then I would think thc City Commission had everyone's interests in mind. Relocating the homeless to working class neighborhoods protects the business elite but infringes on the working class communities by negatively affecting homeowners property values. I honestly think city officers should reconsider measures such as these.

SG swords, tears mark new term

The end of politics as usual.....well...with at least 9 senators and a few other Impact/Progress loyalists in chambers how does this happen:

Mierley, the new senate president, earned her position unopposed, and later oversaw Sen. Josh Weiss's election as senate president pro tempore, the body's No. 2 position.

....Excuse me, but either a deal was made or UNITE has decided to follow the Impact/Progress line of bowing out from the getgo. No president wins unopposed in a divided senate, shame on UNITE for selling out after just 3 hours in office. On the other hand, congratulations to Senate President Lauren Mierley. She has campaigned her ass of since I ever joined SG, she's very professional, she cares about SG & the Student Body and even though we're on opposing sides, I know she will do an amazing job and will be fair in carrying out her duties (I seriously believe that btw).

Machen's motion denied

Give 'em hell CHARLIE! If the law means anything Bernie Machen will have to pay dearly for the alleged charges. Charlie was punished this term by not being able to teach any courses....a move I feel came from the top, but that's just my uneducated, outsider's opinion. I am in the process of putting together something with this by the end of next week as time permits.

Also thank you to everyone who's emailed, called, and recommended my blog to internet review pages, I'm truly touched.

Thank you to Allison Cullin for your very kind message and I hope that that internet connection at your complex continues to improve...


The Unbalanced Man said...

I think Unite didn't have anyone as qualified as Mierley and they knew it. Their choice not to run a candidate actually made me feel like they were practicing what they preach for once, and not just opposing to oppose. Lauren deserved it and I'm glad even Unite people saw that.

As for Pro-Temp, I voted for Weiss but should've voted for Nelson. Sorry but I choose my battles, lol.

Christian Duque said...

No question! Lauren deserved it, but when you have a party that's out to "change politics as usual," it's highly ironic (if not down right hypocritical) to follow suit, follow the cue of the party/forces they are allegedly so different from.

The minority has (or should have) a different objective than the majority. The majority operates to win and to rule, the minority's role should be to dissent and to gain more support. It's a tug of war or at least, it should be. Lauren deserved it, but UNITE/Impact should have cast their own candidates to both dissent and garner more support.

Like I said from the getgo...UNITE, like Impact before it are not parties in the vein of Access, Student Alliance, or Voice.