Thursday, March 02, 2006

Irregularities Pub: Welcome 2 Happy Hour


Two: Congratulations to John Boyles and LYDIA WASHINGTON.

Three: How long does it take to count 10,000 computer votes....why did the counting go 1.25hrs over? ....Did anyone see the lights flicker......Will another Associate Dean leave UF under the veil of an administration cover up?.....SG Bloggers: fixate your eyes! Will Jared contest the results or will UNITE by SWAMP a round at the Swamp. One could only hope that Jared will pull an Al Gore and get down to the bottom of things....but these are mainstream politicians so you never know.

Four: Susan shows that Progress is still Alive & Well, taking about the same # of votes as Moritz & Co. last year. I almost went to the O&B tonight...Pete was there and I was trying to coerce Hoffman into going....but I decided to call off all efforts b/c I would have only gone there to root Susan on.

Five: I feel bad for Jared...but I have to insist on what I've been saying all along. With all the momentum Unite had they should have continued on with the legacies of Impact, Access, & the Student Alliance...but they didn't, instead they tried to garner Greek and Athletic support, hence in my opinion losing the GDI's. I pushed as hard as I could for Gavin with the few people in my old college and I know that all the other alums like Argento, Kerns, etc pushed for their people with whoever they still know on campus, but Unite did fuck up. Think of this....UNITE garnered about the same amount of support as Impact did for Dennis last only question is....was the price of this election worth the result?

My heart goes out to Jared and those that were defeated, but this election should signal the end of the politics of excess and fanfare that have plagued the community since the Fall of Access. We are not about fancy clubs, pricey bartabs, mainstream platforms or generic candidates! We are about the Reitz Union, we are about the O&B, we are about everything on this campus not the neon lights of downtown!

Six: What now? Will Susan endorse Lola, if so then what? Will UNITE go on...will they get Lola elected, if so, then what? What can the students come to expect?

Seven: Now what?

Any Comments?


Carl the Baptist said...

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death and no more pain.

Words of comfort to every redshirt right now Im sure.

bohemian said...

I warned them...I did...I really did!!!

bohemian said...

Christian, no nos quisieron hacer caso. Ansell.

Vote 4 Susan said...

Election results are available at

Christian Duque said...

Mackenzie's the man! Thanks for the Official results but also thank you, thank you, thank you to Gatorman for the initial results!

Ansell...I will always highly respect you, you know that, and we'll always be two noble rebels (you perhaps a little more nobel than me...I'm just a trouble-maker really ;c)), but had they* listened and allowed the Access name to be used, had they* listened and allowed us to PROPERLY court the D9, had they* not tried to insult the independent community and slate an entire rival party of athletes as a way to strengthen their chances, and had they* not cast alumni aside as half-wits and saps then perhaps UNITE could have won this!

UNITE did about the same as IMPACT/PROGRESS, but if you look at the numbers....Voice endorsed Impact and the numbers went up slightly, Voice endorsed Susan and her numbers went up, but what is Voice one year after its last active election...perhaps if we called a Voice meeting at Turlington only eight people would show up and the washed up SG Indies like Argento and Kerns would point and laugh at their old party, but I would venture to say that those eight people @ Turlington are still respected enough to get A LOT of indie, while I applaud Susan for increase, I think she knows just as much as we know, that her support came largely from FRINGE circles, similarly these FRINGE circles helped elect Gavin Baker, and....because UNITE distanced itself sooo much from Indie Values (despite the experts like ARGENTO & KERNS) the FRINGES helped elect SWAMP.

*= Adam Roberts, Allison Cullin, Kevin Bacon, and four others I won't mention b/c quite frankly I don't know them personally enough to throw their names around.

Back to Ansell...this kid registered Access in the Fall and didn't interfere with Impact. Then he registers the name in the Spring for Jared to run with, he's ready to work hard, we successfully take the name away from Becca Guerra who's also there...Becca it seems to me was UNITE this election so if THEY* wanted it and we wanted it, why didn't the Access name get used? Simply put...because THEY* wanted to be in full control and THEY* knew that Ansell & I wouldn't sign over rights to the name, so THEY* formed UNITE and did all that they did.

Ken said...

"Washed up SG indies"?

Shows how much you know. My contribution to the election was my blog and the occassional call/email. I didn't really push for anyone or help either side that much - save one particular email that may prove useful this week.

If Christian was around when I was around, and the pre-Access time Argento spent in SG, he would realize that Unite was as close to the "Indie" values as most SG parties get. Parties like Progress '05 or Vision '99 are rare, like Access was. Most of the time, it is a "mainstream" party uniting independents with some greeks.

The problem with this election - if the results are indeed correct - was that Unite didn't do enough to motivate those independents (or GDIs), while Swamp found a way (perhaps through SHO) to capture those votes.

But really, Christian, you should spend less time trying to bash alumni like myself and spend some time moving on. James and I didn't join Nikki in some secret alumni meetings to help Unite succeed. We left them largely alone, except blog commentary.

And now it's done, and my phone can stopping ringing and my email box can stop flooding in.

At least for another six months.

Christian Duque said...


I only made mention of the alumni bashing because UNITE rejected any kind of input from me. Ansell Fernandez, my protege, asked for my help and I helped because I wanted to follow his lead for a change. He's a great leader and friend.

As far as your phone ringing and your email flooding....that's great for you. I have my goals to, I work out, I have a little job, and I JUST took the friggin lsat, you write as if MY WHOLE FRIGGIN existence rests on SG. Out of curiosity, why should I stop writing and move on, when my involvement is the same as yours...I live eight blocks from the O&B and I didn't even go b/c I felt the night belonged to these kids.

Now as far as what I've said..yes YOU and ARGENTO have both become silly in my book, Argento leaves corny messages because he wants to feel popular and because he wants to maybe run for office one day in real politics, I don't know, but I really believed in that kid and last year when YOU AND HIM both betrayed Voice so you could mingle with the mainstream parties I lost all respect for you.

Look, you come on here mocking me and now pretending like you didn't have your head so far up Adam Robert's ass that you're a ZBT in spirit....well I never supported UNITE and I gave my reasons. I am my own person and I'm a GDI, a Greek rebel, and I was part of something very special --- ACCESS ----. I don't have to milk a bs/half-truth like helping elect an Independent senate president....LMAO...I helped Jamal Sowell get elected, a real leader.

Now, I do recall James Argento telling me many times that you always had bad "B.O.." Perhaps Meyrowitz can make a line item transfer from UNITE's campaign cache so you can buy yourself some Lever 2000. I have moved on Kerns, as I'm sure you have with your pension job, but for mainstream sake's take a shower bro.

Ken said...

Well, let's see...

1) Accusation that I was involved in the Gator/Impact/Progress/Voice free-for-fall
2) Accusation of an activity involving a kid I never met (Adam Roberts)
3) Second-hand accusation that stems from a pretty nasty fight between James and I...

I see your preferences for mudslinging continues.

The last time I got involved in an SG election outside talking about it and the occassional e-advice was a $75 check to Access for the runoff in 2004. (I actually offered to give more, but James refused it.)

A ZBT in spirit? Let's see if I can't laugh loud enough for you to hear me 800 miles away...

Christian Duque said...

Sorry Ken, I just came home from work and couldn't reply to you sooner. Whatever you say is fine, but soap and water are your friends...when you take a shower I know the hot water feels good and I know singing is pretty damn cool, believe me pal, I've been there....but there comes a time when you have to pick up that soap bar and take care of business.

Ken...seize the moment my good Voice friend, seize the moment! I'm also glad you didn't refute my accusation of the bogus claims of your Voice having helped elect an indie student senate president, b/c us informed GDI's know that's a far, far stretch y'all have been milking.

New Entry Coming Tomorrow @ Some Point.