Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Officials, Progs, & the Future of the GDI Tradition

Quite frankly, TheRadikal.com is an Indie-Isolationist blog (who actually talks like that? -- I DO.), in the sense that electoral coalitions like Access, and arguably Impact, could and did serve a viable purpose. However, once elected, I have never been supportive of Indie parties merging with the dominant FBK-backed/Greek party (even to save a Senate win, [e.g. Ben Cavatero, Fall 2008]) for one simple reason: the future of the Independent tradition.

People like Pedro Morales and Mitchel Tannenbaum are both major assets to the Indie movement, but they are both prime examples of people quite simply not getting the jist of what 'the movement' is all about. Unlike the FBK-backed Greek bloc, 'the [independent] movement' does not maintain standing armies quartered in campus housing zones or heavily concentrated in key voting districts (e.g. A, C). The [independent] Movement' doesn't have limitless financial resources or ties to politicians around the state.

But there is a tradition that transcends the standing armies and the fat campaign bank accounts, it's a force that runs through certain kinds of people, it's a form of enlightenment - if you ask me. What possesses a person like Sam Miorelli, Bruce Haupt, Rosemary Clouston, James Argento, Frances Harrell, or Ken Kerns to become workhorses for a futile cause?

The Progs should be doing the walkouts, infiltrating and dividing the Machine from within, they should be the ones seeking to sabotage the Machine and embarass its cadres at every possible turn. The Progs should be doing Iron Fist '05 type campaigns using Avant Garde type media to infuriate the masses and create a backlash against the Student Senate, they should be organizing rallies, demanding Alligator coverage, penning legislation that will fail 80:8, but really putting their ass on the line, acting as if the terms they won were won by some kind of joke, some kind of travesty, using those posts as single-use vehicles to further a slew of bills forcing the Machine to act, forcing it to act on issues they've lied to the students about for 10yrs, (e.g. a 24hr LIBRARY) - shaming the system and it's mouthpieces...saying







And yet...the very group that sold itself as being revolutionary...with the color red all over the place, talk of Trotsky, and of philosophy and dialectics from here to Gibraltar, is being out-revolutionized (word?) by Centrist-Independents -- that's like Gator trying to teach the Iron Fist how to be fringe - or - like Armando Grundy giving anyone election-campaign advice.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Open Question, Progress Party Senators:

I want to know what pieces of legislation have been introduced by Progress senators since taking office (whether bills passed or failed). Would also like to know what key votes and/or pro/cons Progress senators have been a part of.

Anyone can post here.

Thank You.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dead Blog?

I got O&B's #1 Senator on the site, in a post with 25 comments (see below); I got the much awaited KEN KERNS INTERVIEW coming out in 9 days; I got the insights of the Duque on tap, all day and all night. Dead blog? Yeah RIGHT!

This is THERADIKAL.com

Where Jamal is always PRESIDENT, I'm always in Senate, Pete's shouting on his bullhorn, and you... my faithful lovers & haters are here -- reading all about it (goin' on 4yrs!!!).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ossip, O&B, and the Independent Movement

"The walk-out was a last resort we used after the majority Unite/Gator Party voted against a one-week postponement to allow Senators time to actually look through the applications. The first time Senators actually knew about the nominees was when the agenda was published about 12 hours before the meeting. The R&A meeting at which these names were reviewed was at best held with limited notice, and Senators were not emailed its time and location, so no minority members were present. Also, 48 names, the agenda, and some replacement seats were all approved in about an hour or so, raising suspicions about how thorough a job the majority-only committee did in reviewing those applicants.

As for the actual events of the walk-out, we decided to leave after realizing that there were only 55 Senators in attendance, 8 of them affiliated with Orange and Blue. As quorum at the present time is 49 due to the spring class seat increase, we quorum-busted and ended the meeting. All we wanted was to postpone the nominations long enough to actually read their applications, and the majority denied us the time we absolutely needed to make an informed decision. As such, we took matters into our own hands and ended the meeting."

Sen. Jonathan Ossip

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of the Orange & Blue Party -


Ken, you should cover this as well. QUORUM-BUSTING - genius!
With Access we had so much power and still felt limited, these kids, with a minority footing in only one branch of government, a divided footing as it stands, are able to make their presence felt. These are serious posts that should be filled by qualified candidates -- not hastily through midnight appointments.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SalvadorAllende.org & Classes

I'm currently working on a new website, facebook group, and taking Civil Procedure II. & Con. Law II, so I'm rather swamped. However, TheRadikal.com WILL be publishing the much awaited Ken Kerns interview in the month of June - to be sure! In fact, I'm really going to try and deliver during the early part of the month. So be patient...SG's #1 Blog will be back shortly!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

When TheRadikal Speaks, You Listen!

Today was truly an eventful day. My loans arrived! I had a great lunch with a great friend. I toured the Capitol! Here's to short sentences!