Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rantings From A Cold Windy Lansing Evening.

Rudy G: What Happened Tommy?
I'm not pinning Rudy Giuliani's major loss in the Sunshine State on poor Tommy Jardon, but I've heard from several folks up here in Michigan (mainly Miami transplants), that the Cuban-American community was going for Giuliani. Does anyone remember what I've been saying for years now? The CANF/FNCA, since the days of Jorge Mas Canosa, have been very, very, very tight with CT Senator Joe Lieberman. In fact, in 2000, many of the most hawkishly Red Cubans (no pun intended... lol), turned their backs on Bush/Cheney and voted gore/LIEBERMAN -- I kid you not.

To many Cuban Americans, issues like Choice, Gay Marriage, or the price of rice in Texas are of little-to-no-value; they want hard stances on Cuba; they want more Cuban children going to bed hungry at night, less medicine on the island, it's like they derive sexual pleasure from Cuba's misery, but they're excuse is that they want to end Communism, but let's not discuss the criminal embargo any further, let me just say that Lieberman is tough on Cuba, tough on "terrorism" (really that translates to any interest that's counter-Zionist, including even Fmr. US President Jimmy Carter, lol), and so on. "But how?!" More counter-terrorism than Giuliani?

Rudy Giuliani is NOT counter-terrorism, he's soley milking 9-11, been doing so since 9-12 and the jig is up, people have had it with him, I had it with him when he 'cleaned up Times Square', he ruined the seediness of the Big Apple, now it's all Walt-fuckin-Disney, Starbucks, & Macy's (FUCK THAT!), where are the dingy XXX bookstores, the skid row crowd, the hell's kitchen riff raff, the punks, the sheer tackiness & sleaze... now it's all corporate shit.

Still, it would have been fun to have seen Rudy in the White House. He probably would have run with Chertoff, placed Larry Craig as Secretary of State, Gary Hart as Surgeon General, Ted Kennedy as Secretary of Health, & possibly tried to use the CIA to off Ron Paul, lol.

I'm also very proud of myself for not posting a photo of Cindy McCain, for 54 or w/e, she's ravishingly attractive, my goodness! She's prolly the best dressed gal of the whole process, trailed by Hillary & Rudy Giuliani.

My Take On The Gainesville City Commission Races
I will hold out for the run-offs on those, but I think the people spoke their conscience. Once again for all you aspiring Keys, look how much help Agrusa got... might as well live can this pipedream that by joining FBK you're joining some Skull & Bones'like secret society -- b/c you're not. Poor Agrusa...

Per Armando Grundy... what can I say? I read former SFCC student? Are we moving on from Alachua County? I hope not; if Armando left town, who would Jeff McAdams have to hang out with... And Stafford, 'oh I just can't fathom the mental anguish the entire ACREC would go through...

I was a little taken a back by Agrusa's decision to go boozing after his loss... I wonder if Ed Braddy was around...

Well anyways, time to go study. Peace Out.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Bigots of Michigan State University?

Saddened and angered, I've decided to cover "Black Hats On Campus", a front page exclusive on a group calling itself the Young Americans for Freedom. Apparently the group has been active since the 1980's, now led by 'MSU junior Kyle Bristow'. The group openly wants to 'huntdown illegals in the Lansing area and have them deported', they're also working towards stripping 'non heterosexual' organizations of funding, & have used Facebook to organize groups titled "Jobs A White Man Wouldn't Do." Apparently, many of the organization's faithful enjoy exchanging Nazi salutes with each other and MSU is having one heck of a time shelling out greenbacks to hire security for these bigots.

Apparently the MSU-YAF has also held events like Koran Desecrations, the forming of a Caucasian Caucus, and allegedly terrorizing Latino MSU students. The current leader, per the article, was also introduced to a 'Neo-Confederate attorney [& former MSU-YAF member] out of Denton, Texas by the name of Jason Van Dyke.' Apparently Van Dyke shadows these kids and stays somewhat active with their message boards. Van Dyke, per the article, was dismissed from MSU after being arrested on a variety of charges, namely Domestic Violence -- why doesn't that surprise me?

As for the Latinos, the Muslims, the LGBTQ Community at MSU, and all those that oppose chickenshits using fear tactics & hate to carry out their insidious goals, to you I say, don't stoop down to their level, don't resort to violence, don't even try to silence their ignorance, simply continue reading articles from responsible media outlets like Lansing's City Pulse, organize yourselves, show solidarity between the communities, and always, always, always exercise your right to vote and demand that your elected officials ensure that this fine nation, built by Immigrants, from the Native Americans, to the sailors of the Mayflower, to the Immigrants of Ellis Island, SHALL REMAIN THE LAND OF LIBERTY! God Bless America, OUR AMERICA!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christian Duque Rants Away

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Ok... first & foremost, great front-page article in today's New York Times. Apparently a (Pro-Huckabee) group calling itself Common Sense Issues is taking credit for 'a million automated [phone]calls (in S.C.) stating "Mr. McCain has voted to use unborn babies in medical research."' Now there's the kind of Republican, family-values social responsibility that so many Americans like Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, Neil Boortz, Sean Hannity,etc, etc, etc (to the tenth power) seem to omit when delving into the forrays of Conservative Policking. Seriously, even if the Baptist Messiah from Hope, Ark isn't behind this, what kind of support base does this character really have?

Another thought to ponder... think back to when Phil Donahue was a guest on The Factor and crazy, loud Bill O'Reilly went off on a self-propelled tirade about protecting the honor of the troops (not that Donahue ever said anything to the contrary). But O'Reilly went nuts, like so many lesser "conservative" commentators do, pumping up the nationalist sentiments held dear by the GOP. But who is it that's maligned honorable service? Has it been Democrats - or has it been Republicans?

Very much like 2000 or 2004, 2008 has been christened with the return of another dubious, arguably nefarious organization, in the Vietnam Veterans Against McCain, a group that claims "McCain sold out POW's to save himself." Like those associated with current president George W. Bush in 2000 did, I say to them and this VVAM the same thing, "you gotta be a spineless turd to knock a guy that not only served his country in a pointless, revulting bloodbath that was Vietnam, but also for a guy that spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton getting electrocuted, beaten, & deprived of even sunlight for days on end. I have no clue who these "veterans" are associated with, but I'd bet they do brunch with the "Swift Boat Veterans." I'd never vote for McCain, but fuck these geriatric prostitutes for running the Arizona senator's name through the mud.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Romney Takes Michigan.... so what?

Romney's victory in Blue Michigan will amount to as much as his winning the governorship of Massachussets (a state where Democrats vote in Republicans for the mere fun of it). Between his father's cred, Huckabee's nil appeal, no Giuliani, and piecemeal efforts by John McCain, this last caucus is hardly a feather in Romney's cap. As it stands right now, he's arguably only ahead of Giuliani.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Huckabee Wins South Carolina!

Get used to it...Huckabee will easily win South Carolina, adding to Iowa, and giving his campaign the kind of muscle it'll need to be able to offset a Romney victory in Michigan and thumb its nose at an insignificant McCain victory in the almost uncontested Nevada caucus. On the other hand, and probably more importantly, a strong victory (by at least 15pts) in SC, will give Huckabee the muscle to counteract even a strong victory by Rudy G. in Tommy Jardon's Florida.

The only ankle-biter in SC, however, is Fred Thompshon. If hype alone got you elected, Thompson would be the GOP man (if it was money, it would be Paul, & if it was maternity nighties it would be Giuliani)

OMG...Huckabee got a UNION endorsement...seriously now, WTF?!
RaDiKaL TiPs:

Ron Paul fanatics
- get on the blogs & hype the need for H. Ross Perot & Jesse Ventura to endorse your guy. Every Paul-supporter I mention this to, I get a mind-boggling, extended "ohhhhh yeah, that's a really good idea," -- OF COURSE IT IS - I CAME UP WITH IT! Get BLOGGIN!

Huckabee Supporters - Yes, lying is not a Christian virtue, but your guy has it in for Catholics it seems, and no, not just b/c they favor Romney to him by block, but w/e the reason. Say that Huckabee thinks the Pope is a mighty cool FELLER, granted the level of inbreeding amongst Catholics is proportionally astronomically lower than the bulk of Huckabee's Protestant base, but go for the quick sale & try 'n use your white trash slangs in the process, you just might get some votes, besides, lying never stopped Luther, Calvin, or Zwingley and look how much good they achieved. Go get 'em bubba!

Hillary Supporters - Hillary is a woman, cut it short there and smile.

Barack Obama - Barack is black, cut it short there and smile.

John Edwards - John is an ambulance chaser; dodge haircut ?'s, also SMILE.

Mike Gravel - his staff are inept..., SMILE

Dennis Kucinich - see Mike Belle, SMILE.

Dodd, Biden, Richardson - You're a moron, Vote Brownback!
While I'm not in the habit of congratulating system bureaucrats at UF, I would like to say that Steve "Stevie" Blockman deserves accollades, he's a great guy despite being a pervert.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Updates XIII.

There's snow flakes falling on Lansing, by tomorrrow I'm hoping there'll be snow again! As for today, more studying, worked delts/tri's, had coffee w/ bagels, and I'm back at the Cooley Library, but you're right...'who cares Duque?'

This morning I had a chance to hear Hillary Rodham (you just know she's going to ditch the Clinton-name when the race heats up) on Meet The Press. I loved how she went after the host with lines like "I can't let you get away with that," "that's out of context," "if you look at my record you'll see..." Clinton, like Bill, has a certain level of boldness that's lacking in Obama. This is a woman that went from being a First Lady for 20yrs (either for Ark. or America) to taking out one of the GOP's current favorites for the nod, she took him & beat him so badly he had to pull out of the NY Senate race; I'm talking of Rudy G. of course. She beat Rudy-poo and then years later, won re-election. Hillary is about as New Yorker as John Boyles is a member of a crazy cult... (say nothing James!)

And what about John Kerry endorsing Obama? I know this will sound lame, but first thing I thought of when I read that was, Kyle Jones' endorsement of Scott Kennelly over his runningmate Jamal Sowell in 2003. Regardless of their past disagreements, how can Kerry do Edwards like that? And in the scheme of things, how valuable is Kerry's endorsement? Comments please!!! Is Kerry's backing more important than say Howard Dean's; who will Al Gore back? Makes you kinda wonder...would Gore backstab the Clintons?, would Gore really screw things up by endorsing someone from the GOP (like his '00 runningmate did?), or would Gore bide his time and sit the sidelines? It's become rather apparent that Gore is somewhat of a one-issue man.

Also there's a key point brought up by some conservative talkshow hosts, namely Neil Boortz & that is that the Libertarian Party has yet to announce a candidate or a pool of candidates. I wonder...has a republican-hopeful ever received the endorsement of a third party prior to reaching the GOP convention? What implications would formal Libertarian support send, with Ron Paul receiving truckloads of campaign contributions and holding substantial pockets of diehard support in his homestate of Texas (where Paul has enjoyed 10-consecutive re-elections)? I think the parallels that can be drawn between H. Ross Perot & Ron Paul are many and I would be interested, very interested if Perot would endorse Ron Paul. There doesn't seem to be any kind of talk on this mattter, I wonder what will happen later in the year? I also wonder if Perot's hawkish-like condemnation of NAFTA/GATT will serve to garner similar support from Americans opposed to this much-rumored North American Union.

Still there's more to be said on the matter of a possible Ron Paul independent run. His supporters, according to MANY GOP pundits, are fanatical, other pundits assert that Paul's backers have an almost romantic-relationship with the Texas Congressman, and quite frankly, these folks will not support anyone short of 'Dr. Paul.' The urgency of a relevant 3rd party has never been felt stronger than now. Perot was left the task of forming his own (Reform Party) & Wallace (American Independent Party), but if Paul won official LP support (as he did in 1988), this piecemeal support, coupled with the almost endless coffers of campaign money and 'fanatical support-base' could be a formula for his success or a deathnote for the GOP.

It will also be interesting how some states (largely angered over the attention given to Iowa & NH), like California, are splitting their electoral votes. California will no longer give all its votes as a block to any one candidate, instead they will go district by district. Not since the Wallace & Byrd elections has a 3rd party candidate received electoral votes, could Ron Paul make something happen?

xxxMore Rantingxxx (sorry)

There are many non-traditional politicos out there. For example, few can deny that Bill Maher's liking of Ron Paul was anything but discreet. The TX Congressman also received favorable appeal from Stephen Colbert / Colbert Report. Will Paul ever get the Limbaughs, Boortz, Savages - or - the Hannity's, the Dobb's, or the O'Reilly's? Probably not. However, let's take a look at Jim Cramer. Anyone that saw the episode of Mad Money with Ron Paul knows that Cramer all but endorsed the guy. Limbaugh might make people angry, Savage might wear at people's sensibilities, but Cramer makes people money and if Cramer likes Ron Paul, believe you me, that will influence people.

This isn't merely about a 3rd party run or Ron Paul, but this election while 'promising to be one of the most exciting,' according to many a frontrunner, is also highly complex. I think guys like Karl Rove have done their careers wonders by staying out of this one... I think that everything that's been established from previous elections will not hold water.

II. Conspiracies Expounded

Ok... more ranting. What if the Religious Right is unwilling to accept defeat? What if McCain or Giuliani prevail? While Huckabee is the perennial Christian candidate, the LDS Romney could be argued is also a religious holy-roller; the Moral Majority might take a Romney consolation prize, but can you imagine going from victory in Iowa to being forced to shoulder the brunt of a Pro-Choice, non-homophobic, cross-dressing GOP nominee? (Oh the injustice!, lol) I honestly don't think you'll have too many Ralph Reeds or Benny Hinns doing aerobatics from the pulpit for Rudy Giuliani or John McCain, do you?

The Fiscal Conservatives and the Religious Right have both been systematically denied the reins of the GOP, it's inaccurate to say that either faction has really run the organization. The Republican Party, much to the chagrin of radio personalities and tv crackpots, (and much like the DNC), has been run by Party-Bureaucrats, call them what you wish (anything from neo-cons [a term preferred by Ron Paul advocates and Michael Moore groupies] or you can just call them pillagers of American society. You can't really trace the histories of some of these louses, they are only concerned with lining their pockets and running the nation towards failure, in the end, they control both parties and they will have their way. When's the last time we had a truly liberal president? A truly conservative president? Point is...this election could prove to be very differnt.

The mainstreamers are on the run (Romney & Rudy are in trouble). The feared GOP rogue and the preacher from Hope are both vying for control. Sadly, McCain isn't much of a fiscal conservative, but like '00, I suspect he'll put on a great fight, but will succumb to Huckabee. Huckabee has a lot more of Clinton than a small town in common, they are both musicians, they both have rapport with guys like Jay Leno, they both have Hollywood star-power behind them (when's the last time a Republican could look to the Silver Screen for backing?). Huckabee, like the Clinton's, also has that (pardon me for saying this) 'white trash appeal', kinda like Larry The Cable Guy. Anyone that's a real Larry fan knows that he's not really a redneck, it's an act, an act he perfected, an act that's made him A LOT of money and gotten him A LOT of fans. I mean why exactly would the Governor of a state want to live in a pre-fab home ( a trailer) ? It got him on got him noticed, "Git Er Done!"

Huckabee has this race won. Some old Access-clout is even behind the Arkansas governor (write in!). The GOP needs its Christian base and believe me, it won't piss them off. However, I'd also like to know how hard Joe Lieberman will back McCain with his endorsement. Will this be an Oprah-like-endorsement-for-Obama, will this be a Chuck Norris-like-endorsement-for-Huckabee? Let's go to the M.I.A. and let's focus on the Cuban American National Foundation, still the top dog Cuban-American flagship organization (almost exclusively Republican, with few exceptions).

One key exception for both the CANF/FNCA and other exile organizations (A'66, C-L, HAR) is 'ole Joe Lieberman, whom they love & respect -- yes love and respect. In a battle for credibility, the top brass of the exile community would go with Joe over Rudy, hands down. Question hard will the rogue Democrat from New England back his main man from Arizona???

I could go all night. I need to get back to my studies. Talk to you all later.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I'd like to wish everyone involved with a very happy New Year - all sources, guests, & readers. I'm working on the upcoming interviews, more guests, and even more interesting format. I'm now living in Michigan and start law school orientation tomorrow. It's pretty cold up here, snow's everywhere, and I'm learning to walk in it, lol. I plan on studying hard and getting one step closer to my dream -- a follower in the footsteps of Victor Rabinowitz.

The haters are out there, many more than you'd be willing to concede, but that's fine, they won't get the best of 'The Duque' and you can't let them get the best of you, either. We did it with Access, we did with it with, and we'll continue to triumph so long as we keep our eyes on the prize. Here's to the GDI's that work for progress! Against the almighty mainstream! Against the groundless intimidation tactics of the bullies! Who work for righteous ends, not for FBK taps or bureaucratic accollades.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre,

Seems like Robert Agrusa, the 'best friend in the world' of some top SG bigwigs might not be able to pool enough of their contributions together to buy himself a yard sign and a cup of coffee. Armando Grundy, who no longer seems to need my help (all his emails & phone calls dried up [possibly per some advice...]) isn't doing so well either - go figure. Bonnie Mott also seems to be doing very well with her finances. Last but not least...I hear Tony & Paula may be headed to an electoral showdown in the not too distant future -- interesting. Personally, I think Tony's political future in Gainesville is old news, but maybe the Gainesville Rotary Club President-elect, needs a third consecutive loss for the message to sink in. I applaud fighting the man and running DIY, but Tony is not exactly a rebel, he's...well...the man.

Comments welcome & awaited.

Peace Out SG'ers, Alums!