Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Huckabee Wins South Carolina!

Get used to it...Huckabee will easily win South Carolina, adding to Iowa, and giving his campaign the kind of muscle it'll need to be able to offset a Romney victory in Michigan and thumb its nose at an insignificant McCain victory in the almost uncontested Nevada caucus. On the other hand, and probably more importantly, a strong victory (by at least 15pts) in SC, will give Huckabee the muscle to counteract even a strong victory by Rudy G. in Tommy Jardon's Florida.

The only ankle-biter in SC, however, is Fred Thompshon. If hype alone got you elected, Thompson would be the GOP man (if it was money, it would be Paul, & if it was maternity nighties it would be Giuliani)

OMG...Huckabee got a UNION endorsement...seriously now, WTF?!
RaDiKaL TiPs:

Ron Paul fanatics
- get on the blogs & hype the need for H. Ross Perot & Jesse Ventura to endorse your guy. Every Paul-supporter I mention this to, I get a mind-boggling, extended "ohhhhh yeah, that's a really good idea," -- OF COURSE IT IS - I CAME UP WITH IT! Get BLOGGIN!

Huckabee Supporters - Yes, lying is not a Christian virtue, but your guy has it in for Catholics it seems, and no, not just b/c they favor Romney to him by block, but w/e the reason. Say that Huckabee thinks the Pope is a mighty cool FELLER, granted the level of inbreeding amongst Catholics is proportionally astronomically lower than the bulk of Huckabee's Protestant base, but go for the quick sale & try 'n use your white trash slangs in the process, you just might get some votes, besides, lying never stopped Luther, Calvin, or Zwingley and look how much good they achieved. Go get 'em bubba!

Hillary Supporters - Hillary is a woman, cut it short there and smile.

Barack Obama - Barack is black, cut it short there and smile.

John Edwards - John is an ambulance chaser; dodge haircut ?'s, also SMILE.

Mike Gravel - his staff are inept..., SMILE

Dennis Kucinich - see Mike Belle, SMILE.

Dodd, Biden, Richardson - You're a moron, Vote Brownback!
While I'm not in the habit of congratulating system bureaucrats at UF, I would like to say that Steve "Stevie" Blockman deserves accollades, he's a great guy despite being a pervert.


KSH said...

you know you could talk about SG and the Supreme Court case that happened today instead of pointless primary predictions

Anonymous said...

Sam for Progress!

Christian Duque said...

It's 2008.