Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christian Duque Rants Away

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Ok... first & foremost, great front-page article in today's New York Times. Apparently a (Pro-Huckabee) group calling itself Common Sense Issues is taking credit for 'a million automated [phone]calls (in S.C.) stating "Mr. McCain has voted to use unborn babies in medical research."' Now there's the kind of Republican, family-values social responsibility that so many Americans like Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, Neil Boortz, Sean Hannity,etc, etc, etc (to the tenth power) seem to omit when delving into the forrays of Conservative Policking. Seriously, even if the Baptist Messiah from Hope, Ark isn't behind this, what kind of support base does this character really have?

Another thought to ponder... think back to when Phil Donahue was a guest on The Factor and crazy, loud Bill O'Reilly went off on a self-propelled tirade about protecting the honor of the troops (not that Donahue ever said anything to the contrary). But O'Reilly went nuts, like so many lesser "conservative" commentators do, pumping up the nationalist sentiments held dear by the GOP. But who is it that's maligned honorable service? Has it been Democrats - or has it been Republicans?

Very much like 2000 or 2004, 2008 has been christened with the return of another dubious, arguably nefarious organization, in the Vietnam Veterans Against McCain, a group that claims "McCain sold out POW's to save himself." Like those associated with current president George W. Bush in 2000 did, I say to them and this VVAM the same thing, "you gotta be a spineless turd to knock a guy that not only served his country in a pointless, revulting bloodbath that was Vietnam, but also for a guy that spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton getting electrocuted, beaten, & deprived of even sunlight for days on end. I have no clue who these "veterans" are associated with, but I'd bet they do brunch with the "Swift Boat Veterans." I'd never vote for McCain, but fuck these geriatric prostitutes for running the Arizona senator's name through the mud.

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