Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I'd like to wish everyone involved with a very happy New Year - all sources, guests, & readers. I'm working on the upcoming interviews, more guests, and even more interesting format. I'm now living in Michigan and start law school orientation tomorrow. It's pretty cold up here, snow's everywhere, and I'm learning to walk in it, lol. I plan on studying hard and getting one step closer to my dream -- a follower in the footsteps of Victor Rabinowitz.

The haters are out there, many more than you'd be willing to concede, but that's fine, they won't get the best of 'The Duque' and you can't let them get the best of you, either. We did it with Access, we did with it with, and we'll continue to triumph so long as we keep our eyes on the prize. Here's to the GDI's that work for progress! Against the almighty mainstream! Against the groundless intimidation tactics of the bullies! Who work for righteous ends, not for FBK taps or bureaucratic accollades.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre,

Seems like Robert Agrusa, the 'best friend in the world' of some top SG bigwigs might not be able to pool enough of their contributions together to buy himself a yard sign and a cup of coffee. Armando Grundy, who no longer seems to need my help (all his emails & phone calls dried up [possibly per some advice...]) isn't doing so well either - go figure. Bonnie Mott also seems to be doing very well with her finances. Last but not least...I hear Tony & Paula may be headed to an electoral showdown in the not too distant future -- interesting. Personally, I think Tony's political future in Gainesville is old news, but maybe the Gainesville Rotary Club President-elect, needs a third consecutive loss for the message to sink in. I applaud fighting the man and running DIY, but Tony is not exactly a rebel, he's...well...the man.

Comments welcome & awaited.

Peace Out SG'ers, Alums!


Anonymous said...

Are you really going to distance-blog SG and local politics? Please, just get involved with the stuff in Michigan and leave us the hell alone!

Anonymous said...

How spineless are you, moderating comments about your need to grow up and give up SG? Afraid that if you allow them to be posted, too many people will agree?

Thomas said...

I like checking the blog. Thank you Christian.

Armando said...

Christian I am doing just fine I will have you know. I wish you well in 2008.