Sunday, August 31, 2008

Indie Profiles

Being as I'm not on the ground, I'd love to have an opportunity to learn more about the current crop of GDI & Independent leaders at UF. Normally what you're reading would be sent out to leaders on a personal basis, almost in interview-format. Today, I'm not only asking those same leaders, but I'm opening up the format to the general readership.

With the exception of the Spring 2006, when this blog split its endorsement between Swamp & Unite, this is a GDI blog.

Please post comments. What have O&B's leaders tried to do? Where have they failed? What positive qualities do you like about them? I always hear the system people knock the Minority for 'too much talk and too little work,' so here's your opportunity. Also, I'd really to hear about bills, resolutions, dissents. I'd like to know what YOU think. Who has Tommy's backing? Mark & Sam - I know hardly anything about this "rivalry."

Where are the women in today's Independent movement? Who are they?

"This supposed 'rivalry' simply does not exist. Sam and I share the same long-term goal for the independent movement, the complete destruction of the FBK backed system. As we are both very assertive and strong willed, this occasionally leads to some behind the scenes conflict over minor tactical issues. However, this type of competition of ideas is what keeps the Orange and Blue Party one step ahead of Gator. Everyone forcefully advocates their position and only the best proposals move forward. I would like to think that Sam and I bring out the best in each other, just as Kyle Huey brings out the best in Ben Cavataro or Cain Norris brings out the best in Joe Trimboli."

-- Mark McShera

Friday, August 29, 2008

Radikal Wishlist

The latest move on part of the Gator Party wreaks! For months I've been receiving reports from my three sources that Naadira Renfroe would be made Gator Party President. This isn't the first time I've been wrong and it certainly won't be the last in quite some time, however, this reminds me of the Sam Green Block. Like Green, System insiders may see trouble in the underclassmen to come. I sincerely believe, as does my source on SW 2nd & 13th, that Jordan Johnson's faction of Gator is behind this. I'm waiting for my other Greek friends to reply.

Per Glenda the inbox is lighting up, with as many people anxious for more details of the Report, as they are to hear the Kerns/Capezza Clarification(s). It will certainly be interesting to see what Ken has to say.

Latest news on SwampFrontLawn!!!'s still dead as a doornail. Pegged at eleven comments for almost two weeks, the blog seems to be preparing to follow in the SG Observer's footsteps.

Per the title of this post, I'd love to see Mark be made president of the party, allowing for Sam Miorelli to announce his candidacy for Student Body President - NOW -. Obviously the campaign material would be 99% for the Fall Slate senators, but why not begin campaigning in Fall for SBP, if even just to be different and grab a tiny amount of free press? And just let the Elections Commission mouth off, even more press. The Machine can't break with tradition, but the GDI's can! Just imagine this scenario at Turlington or the NEB.

SM: "Hello, my name's Sam Miorelli. I was formerly a student senator and I'm running for Student Body President next Spring."

Student: "Interesting. So you're not talking to me right now to get a vote?"

SM: "Well actually, I really enjoy speaking to students throughout the year, but come to mention it, my colleague (so and so Mr....) is running for the Engineering seat and if you have a minute I'd love to tell you about what he/she plans on doing and what O&B is all about."

Student: "interesting. Are you running for anything this term?"

SM: "Nah...I'm not going to run for president from the padded security of a senate seat to fall back on if I lose; I'm going all the way. I'm going to stand up for what my party's all about, just like these kids running today; I just hope you don't forget my name come Spring.

Student: "no...I don't think I will."

Why the fuck doesn't a GDI announce himself/herself in Fall, campaigning for the Fall Senators but getting his name out early? Sam needs only to take the LSAT and APPLY to UF Law to be eligible. That's it.

People say Sam is too out there, he runs his mouth too much, he's divisive. But guess what, he'll have a lot to talk about! And it's about time we had a "divisive" candidate, who will set his party apart from the bureaucratic sludge that is SG. A nice ticket would be Miorelli/Cavatero.

I say keep making yourself different. You're stuck with a mainstream party name, let that be your only tie to the middle. Impeaching inept, ineligible politicos, questioning legacies, standing by students even against past SBP's and the longer will you have to talk about SNAP vans, recycle bins, and other low interest, campaign-time rhetoric bullshit. You have real issues you can stand on and what's Gator going to say? This ain't recycle bins and thanks to the Alligator, it's memorialized, so instead of booth with covered in Orange & Blue stickers and placards, run dozens of photo-copies of Alligator article showcasing the almost endless laundry list of fuck-ups this ONE administration has racked up.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

O&B Leader Clarifies

"Any problems we have with Glenda are trumped by the
problems we have with Stan. Stan is a shady SOB. However, he will bend over backwards to help any student org so he does some good. Do you have any stories about Stan? I would love for there to be a complete audit of SG finance.

Also, we dont really have any problems with Sandy. Though we have only dealt with her around the campaign season as she has been on medical leave for several months."

More to come folks, but before I continue with Glenda-Gate, Renfroe-Watch, Impeach Drayton, or other fun features up my sleeve, I'm dying to read the Kerns/Capezza Clarification(s) on the notion that the GDI's scrutiny of Glenda would "derail" the movement. I'm curious, as others also seem to be, why two such highly respected GDI's would issue such ambiguous warnings, sans actually refuting the allegations or offering a rebuttal. "Stop or else" is not jargon taught at GDI 101 - anywhere..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Former Senator On Glenda Frederick

"She asked Eric [Wolf] several times if he was ready to turn in his party registration to unaffiliate with O&B both in the spring and over summer."
This seems to be outside of Glenda's role as Senate Secretary.

"Like the rest of the Gator Party, she has little respect for the
rules and procedures."
This seems speculative.

"EVERYTIME, every damn time we want to pass a law at senate, one of the first questions asked in judiciary (when the bill is first comes to judiciary) is , "Has Glenda seen this?" or "What was Glenda's opinion on this?""

This would be area where I would find Glenda's membership in Florida Blue Key to stand as a major conflict of interests and grounds for her immediate dismissal as Senate Secretary.

"All it takes to kill a bill in judiciary is "I talked to Glenda
and she didn't like this."

This may be nothing more than speculative, conjecture or it may pose a very serious question to Student Government and the Independent movement at UF. would like to thank Fmr. Senator Joshua Niederriter, a true Independent and a courageous leader of the Student Body of the University of Florida.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Glenda Gate

Skeptical Floridians
Hallandale Beach, FL

Glenda Gate
A shocking report, sensational accusations, and much more. Also, the Will Foster Q&A is in the works! --- Someone please mosey on over to SwampFrontLawn, the poor blog is dead with 11 comments and less signs of life than Terry Schiavo the day before she got disconnected.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Honorary Tap

Florida Blue Key has worked hard to tap young leaders that will undoubtedly hold high office, everything from the the U.S. political circuit to lofty posts in the private sector. But why would FBK tap a secretary. Glenda isn't just any secretary, she's very good at what she does, and this blog will not question the virtual fact that Glenda is loved by numerous students and alums.

Still, the question stands: is Glenda playing favorites in Student Government? And if so, what remedy exists? When the top leader of the Independent community at UF publicly states that the SG Secretary is "destructive" this should be grounds for alarm across campus and certainly merits both our attention, as well as that of the UF Administration. I mean we're not talking some random nobody like Jimmy Carlssen, we're talking about the top Independent leader on campus, Sam Miorelli.

The Orange & Blue Party is really shaking up the status quo! From fighting for online voting, courageously bringing Articles of Impeachment against Student Body Treasurer Paul Drayton, to now (perhaps) taking on the all-to-often-ignored issue of Glenda Frederick and her direct role in the Student Senate.

Question to the readers from "how exactly does Glenda's work in senate, differ from Kim Cruts work when she handled the PR for SG? Why are students expected to lead SG and balance the $13 million budget but it's [allegedly] apparent no student could match Glenda's minutes-taking ability.

I fear that the same System logic that keeps Glenda on year after year, is synonymous with the reasoning behind "intranet voting" and the legitimacy of the "Student Body Treasurers ruling by proxy."

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Party Leader Speaks

TheRaDiKaL: Ok Sam, let's get the intro question out of the way. When did you arrive at UF, where from, what clubs were you initially involved with, are you Greek (why or why not?), and why on Earth did you get involved in Student Government?

Sam Miorelli: I arrived at UF in the Fall of 2005 from Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. High School. I’ve lived in Florida my entire life. I’m not Greek primarily because when I rushed with my friend we never got a compelling answer at any of the houses (and we visited them all) to the question: “what makes (insert greek letters here) different?” Everyone’s answer was “well, uh, we’ve got brotherhood!” I’m a PIKE and Theta Chi legacy which makes for much hilarity at the idea of me becoming a frat brother of Kevin Reilly among SG circles.

My involvement in SG seemed pretty natural after leaving high school, though when I got here I had no idea what was going on. I was involved in SGA at my high school extensively: I rewrote our school’s constitution and was one of two students who convinced the Brevard County School Board to change their policy on students carrying cell phones on campus with a proposed policy which we wrote and implemented at Cocoa Beach. When I got to UF though, I had no idea what SG party politics was like. I lived in Hume and wanted to run in the Fall so I went to slating. The Assistant Supervisors of Elections basically told me that I should slate Gator because they were a better party and Gator led me directly out of the slating room and into their offices. I was interviewed by Laura Gonzalez and left convinced that I’d be picked. I didn’t even know another party existed, I just thought it was some sort of school spirit thing that made for good graphics.

Honestly even if I hadn’t been slated I might’ve worked for Gator if they’d treated me well. Instead they didn’t even to e-mail to tell me that I wasn’t slated until about 4pm the day after slates were announced and by that time my friend Joe Trimboli had already found out that Impact had slated him and Gator hadn’t slated me. I ran as an independent candidate and lost miserably but learned tons about how SG works in the process. Along the way Tommy Jardon explained the FBK-SG-DSO connections and I’ve been pretty much hooked as an anti-system crusader ever since.

TheRaDiKaL: Getting right into it, give us the inside scoop on the momentary defection of Sen. Eric Wolf. Some and what, if anything, did YOU do PERSONALLY to keep him in the ranks of the Orange & Blue Party?

Sam Miorelli: Eric is a turncoat, plain and simple. I’ve seen this type of person in indie politics so many times it makes me sick. They join because they want a t-shirt and a bunch of resume lines. Essentially they work on the indie campaign for the same reason Gator’s people do: their own personal gain.

His work ethic during the campaign was nearly nonexistent and no sooner was he elected than he was out having lunch with Ryan Day (turncoats stick together I guess). We knew a rat was up and did our best to have handlers at their liaisons to keep an eye on things. Basically as long as O&B wanted to play pussy with Gator and not make anyone mad, Eric was all for it. As far as I was concerned Eric was dead to me when he cut Ben Dictor’s knees out from under him on the Aramark issue from his Judiciary Committee to try and co-opt the Orange and Blue Party. When his defeat was finally sealed he picked sour grapes over our platform and disaffiliated specifically to try and prevent me from serving on R&A and asking questions that his buddy Kellie thinks are either inappropriate for R&A (like asking someone applying for the Budget Committee if they know where the finance regulations are in Statutes).

After the impeachment hearing where he joined Gator in their vote even against the factuality of an 800 code he was asking Kellie how to get integrated into Gator and know which way they’d want him to vote on things. I’ve known he was going to join the Gator Party sooner or later and I think his lack of personal conviction in cleaning up SG and preference for convenience at the cost of student interest will find a nice home in the Gator Party. His “independence” (he has yet to have the balls to officially register Gator) is a testament to his lack of conviction in anything but his own self-importance; he is a system tool through and through.

TheRaDiKaL: Orange & Blue fielded Tommy Jardon for president. Jardon is perhaps the last member of the Old Guard and a fine selection for SBP, though he was consistently overlooked in favor of less than stellar candidates. Will Sam Miorelli step up to the plate in '09 as a serious candidate for the O&B presidential nomination? Explain this one thoroughly please.

Sam Miorelli: I am currently scheduled to graduate in May 2009 so unless I stay at UF for law school, running for SBP is out of the cards. Additionally I’ve always said I would not be willing to run unless it was a true online election. I think those two requirements pretty much rule out 2009 for me but stranger things have happened and expedited review by the 1st DCA certainly helps.(Taks LSATS in December, apply by deadline, and you're eligible, that's what Jennifer Puckett did with grad school).

TheRaDiKaL: To what extent, if any, has Orange & Blue been able to forge working-relationships with members of, or, the Gator Party itself. What pieces of legislation stand as a hallmark of your bi-partisan efforts to date?

Sam Miorelli: Once upon a time I honestly considered myself to be friends with many of the Gator Party’s top brass. As freshmen many of us worked together in agencies or campaigned good-naturedly side by side. However as I have seen them age and gain power, they have become like all the others: willing to lie, cheat, and even break the law to achieve their political goals. I respect people who are honest with me and themselves, unfortunately that trait is nearly nonexistent among the Gator Party. There are still a few good apples, some of whom I predict will be joining us in the Fall, but in consideration of their own safety and that of their student organizations (yes, Gator still intimidates student groups with threats of budget cuts) I’ll leave them nameless until they make the change known themselves.

That said, we had some major successes on a few 700 Code reforms and getting rid of a few salaries for SG officials this summer as we worked with Gator. I look forward to using a strong showing in the Fall election to advance on our charge against SG salaries, cell phones, and the dozens of other places where money is wasted.

TheRaDiKaL: How would you rate the Senate leadership under President Kellie Dale? How often are the rules suspended for trivial matters, how fair is she as a presiding officer?

Sam Miorelli: Kellie is a pretty abysmal Senate President. Her knowledge of Robert’s Rules, Rules and Procedures, Statutes, and the Constitution are elementary at best. She regularly makes the wrong ruling on questions of parliamentary procedure and her methods of handling votes whereby she essentially calls the vote in whatever favor she wants it to go regardless of whether or not the whole Gator Party might’ve voted the other way is difficult to believe. Most of her colleagues seem to share similarly low opinions of her performance thus far at any sort of leadership from the Senate and I think her job performance here could be a serious limitation on her chances at getting the FBK nod for running for Student Body President. That said, I’m told Nikki Fried is pushing or her so maybe there are chances after all.

TheRaDiKaL: Who are the real loud mouths and/or jerks from the Gator Party that give your senators the hardest time and/or openly berate you? Please name them and describe their tactics as elaborately as possible.

Sam Miorelli: I would say that each of us has a different “favorite” for this, but to me, the worst by far is Jimmy Carelsen. His philosophy, as best I can tell, is something akin to “we’re always right and if you say otherwise I’ll move to remove you from chambers.” He is almost always the first one to try to limit or cut off debate; especially when the facts are damaging for Gator.

TheRaDiKaL: To date, what has been a vote or stance you've taken on an issue or resolution, that you would like to take back or relive - and why?

Sam Miorelli: I’m a pretty instinctual guy when it comes to SG issues: I know what I’d want as a student and I can smell a Gator Party move for political patronage a mile away. I’m proud of my record in Senate and in the Orange and Blue Party and look forward to taking that record to the voters.

TheRaDiKaL: Ok, let's discuss Student Body Treasurer Paul Drayton. Do you find it unethical that once knowing he'd won office that he'd even apply to an out-of-state summer-long internship? Focusing only on his employment decision(s) and role as SBT, please share give your thoughts.

Sam Miorelli: To me this is a prime example of just how screwed up SG is. Drayton gets a wonderful opportunity at JP Morgan that will certainly advance his career. Anybody would pick the internship, and yet instead of focusing all of his time on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he keeps grasping at power to the very end. The claims that his internship is somehow going to educate him and make him a better Student Body Treasurer are just offensive to the intelligence of all Gators. Drayton wanted to have it both ways and typically Gator backed him up. The losers in all of this, as usual, are the students and organizations that enter the Fall three months behind in planning their programming and budgets.

TheRaDiKaL: Do you believe that the Student Body Constitution allows the SBT to arbitrarily create positions out of thin air and rule by proxy? What do you think about the Student Body President giving official statements to the Independent Florida Alligator that clearly counter the Student Body Constitution? Should Reilly be censured or found in contempt of the Student Senate?

Sam Miorelli: Obviously this “interpretation” of the Constitution is more properly termed an “imagination.” Again, I’d like to think we’d be shocked by this but Gator has been pulling these shenanigans for years with the support of the SG “professional” staff and the implicit support of Dr. Patricia Telles-Irvin who time and again refuses to stop them and protect the students from their own Student Government run amok.

TheRaDiKaL: Would you consider pushing your party to file Articles of Impeachment against Brett Roth, the absent-Director of Chomp the Vote?

Sam Miorelli: I’m not entirely sure how we would go about handling the Chomp the Vote issue but unfortunately time is not on the students’ side here. Chomp the Vote has done nothing all summer and even if we were to remove Roth I’m not sure we’d get a better replacement in time to register students to vote before the election. Kevin Reilly has forced us to trust him and Brett on this matter. So far every time I’ve had to trust Kevin that something would happen right or properly I’ve gotten burned so I’m expecting nothing less than ineptitude from the Reilly administration on this too.

TheRaDiKaL: Given the honorable resignation of Vice President Lydia Washington, do you feel that from Boyles to Moseley to Reilly that each consecutive System administration has become more and more blatant insofar as their abuse of power and less concerned with any possible repercussions their decision-making may have on the future of Student Government and the well-being of the Student Body? Please expound.

Sam Miorelli: Each is a product of the last. They see what the last was able to get away with and think they can take it one step further. Again this is something that you would expect that Dr. Telles-Irvin, who regularly talks about SG as a “leadership organization,” would want to stop if for no other reason than to protect the integrity of the organization she oversees. So far though, it seems that nothing short of a court order or a massive electoral defeat will solve the problems we have in SG.

TR's Word Association!

Frank Bracco: Hardest worker in SG
Paul Drayton: Power hungry egotist
Will Foster: Hilarious, off to greener pastures
Kellie Dale: Inept, little regard for the law
Eric Wolf: desperately wants to be a “cool kid”
Cain Norris: energetic but a campaign unknown
Jimmy Carlsen: self congratulatory and fears debate
Daniele D'Oyley: disregards her biggest duties for politics
Mary Grace Bell: expert in doublethink
"GLENDA”: thinks she’s in charge, destructive
The Independent Florida Alligator: their vigilance is our only hope for reform
Bernie Machen: wrong priorities, uninformed, replaced soon
Tommy Jardon: cynical old war horse, my friend
Orange & Blue Party: hardest working, brilliant, ideological friends
Sam Miorelli: just trying to make SG respectable while I’m here

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Future Is Bright

Naadira Renfroe's future in UF Student Government seems brighter than ever. Anonymous emails submitted to indicating support in certain honoraries and organizational councils were verified over the course of the last week. [My] Gator insiders (including learned alums) believe that Naadira Renfroe will be named to an important position in the Gator Party for the Fall 2008 campaign, with a strong push by the African American bloc to have Renfroe placed in serious contention for the Student Body Vice Presidency in 2009. If selected, Renfroe would be in strategic position to run for the Student Body Presidency in 2010 (almost a decade after the presidency of one Nikki Fried).

In the event Gator splits, the African American vote will be critical. Many student leaders, speaking on condition of anonymity, believe Johnson will run with or without the support of the majority of Gator. Unlike Ridgway & Weiss before him, many believe Johnson would blitz the line of scrimmage and go all the way to a run-off if need be. Johnson's chief rival to date, is Kellie Dale, which everyone swears will be gone & graduated by then. Dale, according to independents, is one of the least popular and most inept senate presidents in recent history. However, poor marks from independents are worth their weight in gold on fraternity & sorority row.

Whoever gets in the mix for '09-'10 will need the African American community and I believe those of you on the ground will see key realignments this Fall.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bracco or Miorelli? You Decide.

I've been thinking about this for quite some time and I think it's pretty obvious that the Orange & Blue Party has two unofficial front-runners for their presidential nomination in 2009. I'd be interested which would get the Jardon endorsement, I'm also curious which would get the lion's share of the officials (those party members in Senate and/or otherwise in SG). I'm also curious which candidate would have a greater rapport with the general O&B supporter.

I think it's an interesting area for O&B'ers, as well as members of the majority to state the pro's/cons of either. I think it could be done in a classy way, but this is, so per usual [most] anything goes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gator Party Senator May Speak!

"It's getting to a point where the [party] leadership refuses to recognize those of us that are really doing the work."

I can't say much on this issue, but I have been told that if & when the mystery Gator Party Senator goes unaffiliated, that I'll have the exclusive. Our mystery legislator also states he/she has no plans of joining or supporting the minority, Orange & Blue Party. This tip was given to me by one of my loyal system readers and bears truth upon verification. I must maintain the strictest silence until I can figure out whether a Q&A is even possible.

I will say, that based on this person's initiative, I have no doubts he/she will be a name in the Spring. People don't just move on their own, at least not when they come from within the Machine.

more to come. outlining for finals but may have the Miorelli Q&A up, whenever he decides to read his email and send me a few photos.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sam Miorelli & Ken Kerns

Both Q&A's are in! Both are being edited but I'm still at odds over which one should be released as of yet. There are areas in Kerns Q&A that I'm thinking need to be more polished (not so much on his end, but on mine). Not to take away from Sam's Q&A, but Ken's is kinda like the Chinese Democracy.

For those of you that don't follow Guns 'n Roses, the classic lineup broke up around 1994 (Slash, Duff, & Matt make up 3/4's of Velvet Revolver). Axl Rose remains the sole original member (but that's tricky in Guns history...). In any event, Axl has been promising Geffen Records a new release for over ten years and that release is Chinese Democracy. Axl doesn't want the old glory to top him and now finally on his own, he wants to make more than a record, he wants it to be perfect so I can relate.

Ken Kerns may not be the most popular Q&A and he may not get the most comments, but that's kind of the point. Ken's insights will bridge so many gaps in the history of the contemporary Independent movement and his insights are deeper than those of us used to just brushing the surface-soil aside are used to reading.

And just for ther record - I'm not calling my audience stupid. It's just that so few are really SG Historians. I consider myself a junior in this field, but I give credit Tommy Jardon, James Argento, Nick Capezza, Charles Grapski I consider not only an expert but everything he's written on the matter to be persuasive authority, and so on.

I think the reader that really wants to brush up and be an SG-Expert-In-Training, for the whole 3 of you, will read both Grapski interviews from 2006, Tommy Jardon's interview, the Argento interview of '07, and then read Ken's in '08 to really be on your way.

SG is for students and alums and you can't ever the Bible you've got the Tower of Babel, in the modern day world you have Gatorpedia - both abysmal failures. I'm not knocking the efforts, those were valid, I'm knocking the arrogance than anyone could think THEY could cover such a vast world, with so many people that gave their time and their hearts, in just one page, one book, one opinion.

Friday, August 08, 2008

System Favorite Remains Active

Sen. Jordan Johnson, the running favorite for the 2009 FBK-backed Greek ticket is not on academic probation - per a comment post and several emails received by Two sources from Gator allege that Orange & Blue is testing out a new game-plan. "It's not really all that original, just basically divide & conquer."

But Gator insiders also claim that O&B would have to "divide all day and night to get even a single cross-over." I'm not so sure that the ruling party is quite as united as some of its supporters may have you believe. I'm also not sold on allegations that O&B is behind this, I think it's too easy to pin it on the GDI's, especially when we all know that factions are already forming within the Gator Party for Fall and these factions will have a major impact on Spring (as is this case every year).

*Thanks to Sen. Johnson for his timely reply

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

GDI 4 Life

This kinda reminds me of the Summer of 2005. Once again you're reading the pages of a fringe site, no loner 'the only' site - and thank goodness for that. It's been hard trying to be impartial, especially when I know better. It's almost dishonest to really believe there's good on that side of the aisle. You've got your exceptions, but don't hold your breath waiting to meet many of these - whether at UF or later in life: once a douche-bag, always a douchebag.

SwampFrontLawn makes me nauseous. Whatever its alleged roots may be (there's various theories), I take it for what it is: system-propaganda inspired by the Kim Cruts School of Journalism. That senate vote was a sham if there ever was one and the Independent Florida Alligator did a fine job of not letting me down. I've come to attribute that newspaper with ineptness and mediocrity. And boy do they deliver!

The other blogs talk a lot of trash. I'm not sure who runs Swamp, but two names that I've been hearing more and more are Josh Simmons, Pedro Morales, with a small few claiming Will Foster. But I don't personally agree with these suggestions, mainly b/c the quality of blogging almost requires actually being at UF. But knowing would kinda ruin it, I like wondering.

The Ken Kerns interview should be out sometime this week. No, no bullshit, I mean it!!! Parts 1&2 that is, this Q&A was a fuckin MONSTER and we still have Part IV in the works. Ken has also agreed to allow me to run a contest with his upcoming book. Ken Kerns is a man with a lot going on and you'll really want to find out more!

I'm also awaiting the Sam Miorelli interview. My email was done for a few days, but I'm back up.