Friday, August 08, 2008

System Favorite Remains Active

Sen. Jordan Johnson, the running favorite for the 2009 FBK-backed Greek ticket is not on academic probation - per a comment post and several emails received by Two sources from Gator allege that Orange & Blue is testing out a new game-plan. "It's not really all that original, just basically divide & conquer."

But Gator insiders also claim that O&B would have to "divide all day and night to get even a single cross-over." I'm not so sure that the ruling party is quite as united as some of its supporters may have you believe. I'm also not sold on allegations that O&B is behind this, I think it's too easy to pin it on the GDI's, especially when we all know that factions are already forming within the Gator Party for Fall and these factions will have a major impact on Spring (as is this case every year).

*Thanks to Sen. Johnson for his timely reply


Anonymous said...

O&B isn't testing out anything, why would we knock down your whitest candidate since Mose?

WeCanMakeItWork said...

Johnson/Renfroe 2009!

Anonymous said...

Johnson/Renfroe 2009! This is very possible. Will she accept the nomination?

Christian Duque said...

Just per my two cents guys...Veeps aren't decided till early Spring (usually). You figure, if someone's being seriously named for the #2 spot in August (some eight months before the big dance), chances are they'd be contenders for presidency.

Presidential speculation is difficult enough as it is, but Veep speculation you're really talkin headache. An even harder prediction would be guessing next year's SBT candidate.

If you can predict prospective SBT's you're some kind of an SG MASTER unlike any other, lol. :)

Anonymous said...

I think the treasurer candidate will be Johnson.

Johnson could run for president but that would leave a couple of people under the bus that I think the system are really going to make something of.

Christian Duque said...

Ah...that was pleasant, like an after dinner mint.

Jordan Johnson comes from the lines of JCB, Moseley, Jared Hernandez, Bryson...he's got the strongest Greek alliance behind him Sig-Ep/Theta Chi and you think he'll go for the #2, arguably #3 spot to spare anyone? Maybe you're right, but I disagree.

The same way Tommy Jardon finally took the initiative to put himself as the Indie candidate (quite frankly it should have been him instead of Jared Hernandez way back when), so to will Johnson and his backers not hesitate and go for the gold in '08.

I mean you've got the power, the money, and manpower so you're gonna aim for the bronze medal????

For the GDI's: senority goes to Bracco, political muscle to Miorelli, but for my money, I'd want more a GDI darkhorse...Kyle Huey maybe?...

Anonymous said...

Seniority goes to Miorelli, political muscle goes to (insert candidate here). Who emerges as the GDI dark horse? Cavartaro before Huey...

Anonymous said...

The ticket is easy:
Johnson for Senate President in the Fall
Cockriel for ProTemp

Johnson's budget chair is taken over by a black person, so the system will try to put in the Allocations chair for Treasurer (probably Patel). Black people will feel screwed and get mad, so they'll get VP by default. Therefore, in Spring, you should expect:

Johnson/Black person/Patel

Senate President: Cockriel
ProTemp: Ryan McCarthy

Know the game you play, kids.

Anonymous said...

Who is Kyle Heuy?

Anonymous said...

Shire and Renfroe on the same would produce a combined BMI of like 70. Maybe run Lindsey Johns for President and you could break 100.

Anonymous said...

Patel is not going anywhere.

Huey and Cavataro are too young and Miorelli will very likely be too polorizing of a pick. The Gator Party ticket isn't a toss up like the GDI ticket. Don't be surprised if you see them drawing straws at Senate to see who runs for the O&B ticket.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Jardon doesn't run shit in the Indie party anymore. Hasn't for a year. Anybody who says different knows nothing. Everybody answers to somebody, and in Tommy's case, he answers to a whole myriad of somebody's.

Anonymous said...

If you want an understanding of the O&B Party read the following:

The Indie's organizational skills are far more sophisticated and advanced than FBK's which run off a business model that is 80 years old and outdated at this point.

Once online voting goes through watch the Indies relegate the Gator Party to the dustbin of history.

The Orange and Blue Party said...

As amusing as the rumor is, we didn't start it. We're smart enough to know that FERPA would prevent the Registrar's office from providing that information to random people, and the anonymous poster isn't quite that bright.

Swamp Juice said...

you shouldnt be approving these racially charged comments. are senators renfroe and patel not serving the students? are they not desrving of protection from defemation?

Christian Duque said...

UFSG senators are public officials which fall under the NYTimes v. Sullivan of Public Official/Public Person & Public Interest--- the highest standard for defamation.

First a judge would have decide if whatever comment you're talking about is even capable of defamation.

Second, Unless they can prove I acted with the fact I knowingly published false information or acted with reckless disregard, then no defamation.

Third, if a ccurt viewed them as public officials - defamation - would only hold if we attacked on the something outside of their scope of employment per elected officials, but since it can proven by ample extrinsic evidence that race does in fact play a role (as does Greek-lettered associations and certain secret elites [Grapski lawsuit]), then even your very subjective "racially-charged" comment would be out.

Fourth, let's say your "racially-charged" comment even made it to "racist." Then we're just talking about a simple First Amendment issue.

So would have many legs to stand on.

Most importantly,, & blogs like it, are protected by the First Amendment.

If you're going to sue someone, might want to spell the term correctly, lol. (Defemation?)

Christian Duque said...

& TYPE-O remarks. I hate proofreading on here.

Anonymous said...

Duque you forgot the simpler answer:

Truth is the ultimate defense against defamation.

Christian Duque said...

At common law truth was a defense, in modern law it's the plaintiff's burden of proof to prove falsity.

But your heart's in the right place. :)

Veritas said...

Anon 2:36 AM

The only way JJ has even the most remote chance of not being Student Body President is if he has to sit at that chair in the front of the room and look like a complete dumbass every week.

Raise your hands if you think Kellie is a competent leader. Yeah I see none. It'll be exactly the same for Senator Johnson if he ends up at Senate President.

Anonymous said...

My God. I wish this Swamp Juice person would just go crawl under a rock somewhere. I am getting really tired of this person claiming racism every time a student of color is criticized for their behavior, words, or actions in relation to SG. This is the sort of thing that kills discussion and, for once in my life, I agree with Duque.

Christian Duque said...

I don't know the young man, but I'll say this: the Machine wants an active, headstrong president as badly as it would want Sam Miorelli - or any other GDI of that caliber.

The powers that be (whoever the Andre's, Pedro's, JCB's of today are) always prefer weak presidents they can "influence."

Joe Goldberg and Moseley seem to have been stronger presidents, Boyles was a weakling. Reilly seems assertive, he has to be to have supported his absent SBT (that was more than just friendship).

From what little I know about Johnson he's inept but on just barely enough on mark to be plausible. Kellie Dale seems to have the mental capacity of a coat rack, so I'm not sure she'd do to well, but who knows.

Anonymous said...

Geeze, what do you have against coat racks?

Anonymous said...

You are living in quite the glass house there Duque. I'll bet a thousand dollars that Kellie has a higher GPA than you did, took more challenging classes than you did, and will get into a better law school that you did.

Christian Duque said...

Unless you to Tier 1, I think it's all pretty up in the air. Cooley gives a darn good education and I'm very happy to be here. At the end of the day, all I care about is getting a JD and passing the bar. Best of luck to her.

GPA's don't mean anything. I graduated with roughly a 3.0, she may have a 4.0. Undergrad is a cake walk. I knew kids with 3.97's that had ZILCH in org.'s, no service, no job exp. just grades. So who cares. She's got titles & power, but potential employees will do the math...they'll look for Greek letter org's and if they're FL based employers of any substance they'll know to look for Florida Blue Key - you kids act like FBK (& FSU's version) are these totally well kept secrets, lol. They're dead giveaways.

And as much as I love the Legislature and never had visions even of running a long shot race for the presidency (& with Voice no one could have stopped me..., I didn't). However, I believe you should scrutinize a presidential candidate more-so than one for senate - don't you?

From what little I know Kellie has the mental abilities of a coat rack and Jordan Johnson that of a potato, but a potato still connected to its roots. All FBK has to do is water it and ensure he receives sunlight to grow..."UNDER...GROUND?" lol


Anonymous said...

Can you quit defending her? Nearly all the Gator people with higher LSATS in the last two years share Duque's opinion of KD.

Your outing yourself if you continue defending the Paris of SG.

Christian Duque said...

OMG, lol.

The LSAT does NOT gauge your intelligence, it's a standardized test! Don't be an L-SAT snob.

Anonymous said...


Who do you think the person defending Kellie is?