Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Former Senator On Glenda Frederick

"She asked Eric [Wolf] several times if he was ready to turn in his party registration to unaffiliate with O&B both in the spring and over summer."
This seems to be outside of Glenda's role as Senate Secretary.

"Like the rest of the Gator Party, she has little respect for the
rules and procedures."
This seems speculative.

"EVERYTIME, every damn time we want to pass a law at senate, one of the first questions asked in judiciary (when the bill is first comes to judiciary) is , "Has Glenda seen this?" or "What was Glenda's opinion on this?""

This would be area where I would find Glenda's membership in Florida Blue Key to stand as a major conflict of interests and grounds for her immediate dismissal as Senate Secretary.

"All it takes to kill a bill in judiciary is "I talked to Glenda
and she didn't like this."

This may be nothing more than speculative, conjecture or it may pose a very serious question to Student Government and the Independent movement at UF. would like to thank Fmr. Senator Joshua Niederriter, a true Independent and a courageous leader of the Student Body of the University of Florida.


Anonymous said...

Those Judiciary comments are absurd. The only time Glenda is mentioned in Judiciary meetings is when a bill deals directly with something she works with in her capacity as secretary. Questions are asked of her from a procedural standpoint - it's not a content issue.

Christian Duque said...

But wait a minute, why is she weighing in on procedural matters? Isn't it the job of that committee to work with senators on what meets the norms or not?

I always believed it was the function of the Judiciary Committee to determine whether or not a bill was ready to reach the floor, ironing out all the kinks, checking on its constitutionality, deliberating internally, and culminating the entire process through a vote.

It's this internal committee vote that's read out on the floor of the senate and it's this vote and any dissenting opinions of this committee that may be included in the Judiciary Committee Chairman's report. These should be the only subjects of persuasive authority to reach the Senate.

I don't believe the Senator's comments are at all absurd. In fact, I find his remarks (if accurate) most disturbing from a number of respects.

The Gator Party of 2008-2009 is by far the worse SG party in the last 25yrs! Rule by proxy, sabotaging the Minority, appointing absent candidates to year-long positions, and now...allegedly, allowing Glenda to carry out the more important half of the Judiciary Committee's function.

How shameless of you anon 12:42 to try and slip "procedural deliberation" as nothing more than a "would you like cream with that" kind of function - nice try, might of worked on other blogs, but not here. ;)

Ken said...

Let me get this straight, Christian - you and the current crop of the GDIs are going out of your mind bonkers in attacking Glenda all based on anecdotal evidence that the Gator Party relies on her as a crutch for deciding legislation?

Why attack Glenda for her alleged outsized influence when you can attack the Gator Party for being so intellectually lazy as to rely on someone without legal expertize for legal advice?!?

There is plenty of room here to campaign against the FBK/SG establishment in the fall elections without mistakenly turning this all into a referendum on a professional secretary.

Continuing on this path of Glenda hatred will only cause the GDI movement to get derailed. You could be setting back the movement by many years with this ill-conceived plot of yours.

Anonymous said...

To bad there aren't any minutes for judiciary (or if there any minutes they are horrible) so his comment cannot be confirmed or denied.

Christian Duque said...


I understand you started "Glenda Day. " I respect your past service and consider you a huge force in the movement, but being credited for a day to pay tribute to an already over-glorified staffer is not a defense worthy of allowing her or ANYONE to meddle in the affair of Student Government.

These "kids" are charged with a very serious duty and to have anyone other than those given said power through electoral mandate is utterly unacceptable.

Where you and I seem to disagree, is that I don't seen anyone or anything free from public scrutiny, not Florida Blue Key (which you've never been to critical of) or Glenda Frederick.

But that's what makes the Independent movement was so great. Your Voice was more conservative, my Voice was far more fringe.

Would Ken Kerns have tried to impeach Paul Drayton? Would Capezza or Argento have?

Would any of you have questioned Glenda, Sandy, or Stan's role?

Would any of you have come to the aid of Arabs & Muslims in the face of Zionist persecution? Not Argento, that's for sure, Mr. Gators for Lieberman, lol.

In a way Ken, you're asking me to stop being Radikal. I have prided myself and this blog for being the voice of extreme, the "F" in fringe. I'm called crazy and this and that, but time after time, I've been able to make things happen, everything from getting a system SBT to shit himself and call a senate meeting, to getting Arabs & Muslims at UF mobilized, to standing by the students in true Yellow & Blue fashion telling the story of the tasered college youth some 145,000 times.

You know how much I respect you and your service and you know that in our community, our movement there is no uniformity. But you also know how Senate works.

"Glenda Day" is not in jeopardy, no one DISLIKES Glenda, and no one wants to get her fired. But Glenda needs to BUTT OUT from her alleged "procedural roles" and remember her place in the process.

Ken said...

Christian, I think you're one of the first to ever suggest my GDI-ism was "conservative". I think even James and Nick would think me the liberal of our trio, especially in SG terms.

Not to be too defensive, but Vision 2000 was so GDI we refused to back the coalition party (FSP) until the runoff. Voice 2001 was so GDI we didn't go along with the Independent leadership when they endorsed FBK's Fusion party in order to help Nikki Fried. And I only finally sided with Ignite in 2002 when they added Joel Howell to the ticket, the only GDI running that year (although Carmody was non-greek, he was not GDI, while Howell was outspoken in his defense of Voice).

You also seem to have missed my criticisms of FBK along the way. Yes, I do take time to admit and applaud when FBK and SG do things right. But I also know how and when to fight.

This fight over Glenda, her perceived power (without proof), sounds a lot more like people who got on her bad side complaining about her not liking them.

But there's a difference between liking someone and using your position to thwart them. As far as I know, there is no proof of Glenda doing that. All you have is a couple of frat boys saying they rely on her - and rather than attacking them for doing that, you're attacking her.

It's a lot like seeing someone drop trash on the ground, and they say "oh, I'm going to let the janitor get that", and when the janitor does, you yell at the janitor for it, rather than the rich snob who couldn't be bothered to reach down and pick it up.

With Stan you guys would have a better case. When I was BOCC treasurer, and during the whole controversy over our financial autonomy, I remember getting into a number of discussions with him where he made it sound like he was pushing the idea of SG taking over BOCC functions because he wanted tighter budget plans - never mind that the BOCC submits SARs like everyone else, and has left-over cash at the end of the year, like everyone else. Stan is more than an accountant - he tries to set financial policy for the Treasurer and Budget Committee.

Stan, much more than Glenda, asserts his influence. Glenda will glare at you or ask an informed question; Stan will try to get you to conform to his idea of how things should be done.

But even so, none of these attacks are more than pot shots at the establishment.

And rather than making a positive alternative case for the Independent movement, you and O&B could run the risk of making it sound like GDIs are little more than a bunch of sourpusses.

In the fall, O&B should call out the Gator Party for all their faults - absentee leaders, relying on "adults" for help, recycling platforms, pretending there's division on issues like bus routes when it's more about the perpetuation of the same group in power for another year, etc.

O&B has a great opportunity to really make a case against the Gator Party this fall. But if they focus too much on trying to gag Glenda or create another resume-padding position to reduce Glenda's minutes-writing responsibilities, I'm afraid they're in for a big, big mistake.

Sometimes being Radikal and being smart can go hand in hand, and is part of the best traditions in the Independent movement, like in calling for a bill of rights for student organizations, or being the first to call for a ban on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the SG constitution, or calling for UF to end the use of sweatshop labor in creating its apparel. But sometimes being Radikal means being stupid.

I sure hope you guys can tell the difference here.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that Glenda had very good relationships with Impact and Unite kids when they were in student government. She always helped us write all of our bills....

Argument over, lol

Christian Duque said...

Ken I will always respect your service and leadership. By conservative I meant 'more mainstream.' If you prefer 'liberal' to 'conservative,' then I'll indulge you, but both are mainstream., like the '04-'05 Voice Party, is part of the Fringe sub-culture of the Independent movement. Not saying anyone's more independent than the next, but our movement allows for many different schools of thought.

On Glenda, I really like the lady, but I always felt that the appreciation and adulation was excessive. I believe holidays like "Glenda Day" help to forge a fiction, an immunity of sorts that allows her to grossly overstep the boundaries of her post and allows her to lend "procedural" input in areas where she has no place.

She's not a student, furthermore and more importantly she has not been elected by the students or appointed by the SBT. She's effectively a member of the UF Staff and should not be permitted to have a say in the very, very few matters that are left to the discretion of student leaders.

With all due respect to you Ken and to all the others that agree with you, Glenda is not God. She's of flesh and bones just like the next person. If she screws up, call her out for it --


We're independents, we don't uphold elites and last I checked, we held everyone to the same standard. Right?

Christian Duque said...


(to Ken)

I'm more concerned with your Independent perspective as Ken Kerns of 2008 than what you did while at UF. At UF you were hawkishly GDI, but today I see you discouraging the current crop from further scrutinizing Glenda's role in SG so as to avoid "derailing" the movement.

You provide no plausible rebuttal to the queries and you offer no factual enlightenment. You simply say "stop" and warn of looming danger. I'm not calling you or Capezza bullies, but what does that sound like to you? It certainly doesn't sound like how a GDI would speak.

So articulate. Please. Both of You.

Ken said...

My main beef with your decision to attack Glenda can best be summed up with a concern that the attack is misplaced. Rather than attacking the SG establishment culture that allows Glenda outsized influence, which could easily be a point in the GDI platform about shaking up SG, the emphasis is placed on her.

And I think, I could be wrong, but I think most students don't give a crap about a specific adult secretary working SG as much as they care that their leaders depend on their "help" to decide what to do.

That's a much more effective point to attack than finding a way to keep Glenda out of Chambers.

With so much that the Gator Party is doing wrong, I'd hate to see the fall campaign ignore them and focus on the professionals working for SG, because I just don't see where it helps and the proposed remedy of a student-secretary smacks of the same resume-padding ideas the FBK and Gator Party have perfected.

That's where I'm coming from. Disagree with me or not, that's fine. It's not like I'm going to come down to Florida to intervene in a student election six years after I left campus. I just know you prefer see my input on TR, and that's what I'm doing.

And you said it yourself - your a Radikal GDI, and I'm "more mainstream". So disagreement is to be expected at times.

Anonymous said...

i can promise you that orange and blue's message this fall will not contain anything even close to anti glenda rhetoric. gator has given us way too much ammo

Christian Duque said...

I really like that my message is finally being heard.