Tuesday, August 05, 2008

GDI 4 Life

This kinda reminds me of the Summer of 2005. Once again you're reading the pages of a fringe site, no loner 'the only' site - and thank goodness for that. It's been hard trying to be impartial, especially when I know better. It's almost dishonest to really believe there's good on that side of the aisle. You've got your exceptions, but don't hold your breath waiting to meet many of these - whether at UF or later in life: once a douche-bag, always a douchebag.

SwampFrontLawn makes me nauseous. Whatever its alleged roots may be (there's various theories), I take it for what it is: system-propaganda inspired by the Kim Cruts School of Journalism. That senate vote was a sham if there ever was one and the Independent Florida Alligator did a fine job of not letting me down. I've come to attribute that newspaper with ineptness and mediocrity. And boy do they deliver!

The other blogs talk a lot of trash. I'm not sure who runs Swamp, but two names that I've been hearing more and more are Josh Simmons, Pedro Morales, with a small few claiming Will Foster. But I don't personally agree with these suggestions, mainly b/c the quality of blogging almost requires actually being at UF. But knowing would kinda ruin it, I like wondering.

The Ken Kerns interview should be out sometime this week. No, no bullshit, I mean it!!! Parts 1&2 that is, this Q&A was a fuckin MONSTER and we still have Part IV in the works. Ken has also agreed to allow me to run a contest with his upcoming book. Ken Kerns is a man with a lot going on and you'll really want to find out more!

I'm also awaiting the Sam Miorelli interview. My email was done for a few days, but I'm back up.



FallGatorSWEEP! said...

Swamp offers a real look into SG, your GDI/Indie approach is about as effective as they are as leaders...

Anonymous said...

Josh Simmons is still at UF.

Pedro Morales??? Are you kidding me? Do you just pull out the only three names you know and recycle them anytime you need to create a new theory? Maybe EyesandEars is Mike Provenzale, Chris Nofal, Doug Rattay, or Joe Goldberg. There is more chance of it being those people than it is Pedro Morales.

francisco said...

Depends on what you mean by real? If you mean misguided and creating their own reality then yes. It does provide some great entertainment though.

Everyone's entitled to free speech, but I just wish they wouldn't had themselves after claiming to be so open.

Christian Duque said...

I "pull" nothing. I merely relayed what the emails in my inbox and the deleted comments have said. I even state in the post that I doubt it's either of these.

I have no earthly idea who it could be, all I know is that that type of blog has been a long time coming. With blogs like Swamp Pundette & NAGAS down, it was only time before a site came out that was slanted for them. I only wish I (or Ken Kerns) were still at UF to blog more fittingly. You trolls take turns slamming me, but you fail to realize I've been out of the game for over three years and I've got kids that were in 9th grade when Machen gave me my degree reading this site. Maybe my stuff's wayyy out of whack, but you try and do it.

Many, many others have and they simply ran out of material and drive.

Blow Me :)

Anonymous said...

Hot off the press: Jordan Johnson failed half his spring classes working for Reilly and J Clay, and his hardship appeal with the administration was just denied. He will either withdrawal or transfer to FSU. This can be confirmed with the Registrar's office.

Tough blow to SigEp and the System.

Christian Duque said...

If that is true, I wish him the best. At some point you have to draw the line, while we're polar opposites in our vision for SG, we're still all Gators.

I think what's really sad is that Independents can leave college and then fit into the intricate bureaucracies of the Two Party System - Democrats or Republicans, it's the same general concept that GDI's fight against in College.

Ok you're a Dem, when Dems rule we'll give you a job. Ok, you're republican, when Republicans win, we'll give you a job. who cares if you can't spell or tie your own shoes, you've got the right party affiliation or you helped so and so way back when, so let me help you now. Total 180 - I'll never engage in that shit.

Hope this 'hot off the presses' story is just that and if not, I hope he at least gets an honorary tap if he's not already in.

For me, I'd use the FBK pin to get dogshit off the ridges of sneakers, but to a system kid, that pin is like having a second penis. (Think about it, but... not too much).

Anonymous said...

If the JJ story is true, then the blacks benefit in a huge way. Knock out #2 by them against SigEp.

Anonymous said...

Josh Simmons doesn't need a blog. If he wants to rip you a new one he'll take a break from the right-wing party line and use his weekly column in the Alligator to call you all a bunch of morons.

Anonymous said...

I've been assured a columnist spot in the Fall, so no worries, that's probably on the way. :-)

Anonymous said...

christian take down the ken kerns "GDI Godfather" picture. if kerns is a GDI godfather its no wonder wonder we lose every damn time

Christian Duque said...

I'm happy for you "Virgil" and allowed your comment, but we don't make a habit of publishing the remarks of Turncoats on this site. Please take your comments elsewhere.

Thank You,

Radikal Management

Christian Duque said...

Anon 3:55:

A very Pedro-Morales'ish comment on your part, but winning - isn't - everything.

I would beg to differ with your blanket, ignorant statement. Ken did far more in chambers and on an ideological level that you will ever know. Ken, as well James Argento & Nick Capezza created an independent movement (that unlike that of Grapski's day mid-1990's) that maintained its views while softening the edges of its image. Essentially, Kerns set the standard, followed by Argento and later almost inverted by Mackenzie Moritz, of independent values that could be split with Greek interests in future coalitions.

Kerns was by no means a sell-out, although Argento did at one time support Ignite. Both these GDI leaders brought a certain bi-partisan marketability that I believe allowed Access to form or Impact to openly receive Greek support (e.g. Lambda Chi, large faction of AGR).

So no...you are mistaken. I've disproved you only one minor front. We haven't even tackled the larger issues, but I'll leave that for Ken's Q&A. Ken Kerns IS the GDI Godfather of his day, Argento would be his slightly-bullish underboss, and Capezza his ever faithful Consigliere.

Anonymous said...

i really dont care what kerns did. that picture is just frightening