Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gator Party Member Claims Uneasiness

A member of the current incarnation of the Gator Party tells that tensions in the party have been tense since talk of Drayton's impeachment. Aside from the previous comment, the only other thing my source from SW 2nd/13th would say is that: "we gave the blacks a meal ticket and it's proven to be nothing but a headache."

No one ever believed Gator would oust one of its own based off a move from the Minority - that's just plain weak. However, even older friends of the blog claim that Drayton has 'embarrassed several people' with his summer employment decision(s) and his decision to rule by proxy.

I'm not at UF and I'm glad there's new blogs sprouting up, especially since I'm studying for finals & such, but Gator is going to be the big loser in the Fall & Spring elections: the writing's on the wall.

Just to give you an idea how bad it really is, my own source is contemplating the option of walking over to Orange & Blue. An O&B hosting System kids becomes a carbon-copy blueprint of Access, Fall '04 - no longer 100% GDI, but a dangerous hybrid for all parties concerned.


Anonymous said...

Racist white greeks.

Anonymous said...

That is trash. After all, the O+B has done nothing productive and simply operated as obstructionists all summer, so there is no way anyone from our team would join them.

Your source is Steve Orlando and I claim my five pounds.

Christian Duque said...

You're retarded, lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:36 you are somewhat correct

O&B have operated as obstructionists....

but all they have obstructed is the executive turning the legislative branch into a rubber stamp

imagine that.... republican government with checks, balances, and all!

someguy said...

Nice try. O&B have done nothing, there not obstructionists, they're sensationalists. They take things out of context and ride the hype. They're of no value to the students. Maybe that's why they're longshots in every race. If they do get elected its on a whim, not on a substantive issue.

Joshua said...

Online voting isn't a substantive issue?

SGP wasting $150,000 isn't a substantive issue?

Legacy positions in SG isn't a substantive issue?

Bringing SG meetings out from behind secret locked doors isn't a substantive issue?

Forcing minutes at meetings isn't a substantive issue?

Preventing a dangerous situation were the entire SG budget might have been made null and void isn't a substantive issue?

Calling out the audacity of Drayton to abandon the student body over the summer isn't a substantive issue?

A Majority of O&B Senators have been going to committee meetings, mostly ones they have been blocked from being on!

We ran on accountability and I strongly feel we have made significant steps to make SG more accountable to students.

Anonymous said...

What exactly has Sam prevented the Gator Party from doing this summer?

GatorGatorGATOR! said...

the same tired ole indie crap, useless rhetoric that's able to confuse 1:10 enough to vote for you. get a life.

Anonymous said...

each member of the O&B party (senators or not) know more about politics than the entire Gator Party combined, they each know fully what is happening in SG at any given time, they are political animals of the highest order

Gator Party thinks they are successful and intelligent because they operate in a system they created

but even having written all the rules and rigged the whole game in their favor they still get circles run around them by O&B

the fact that the indies win anything is a testament to how incredibly stupid the Gator Party is save for a couple of top party brass

if you control all three branches of government in their entirety for decades on end you shouldn't get most of your rising stars ousted in one fell swoop

And there have been a lot of O&B contributions listed by joshua but here is the main one: the Gator Party is now on the record being incredibly stupid, voting against facts, voting against logic and reason; before the indies could call the Gator Party useless tools and the claim was somewhat unsubstantiated but now that is no longer the case

TooBusyRunninSG said...

That's all O&B has time to do -- complain. We're busy making SG work for the students...

Anonymous said...

SG work for the students, ha! That just made my day.

Anonymous said...

And by the students you mean SG.

Anonymous said...

12:35: You could remove the whole third floor from the student union and very few people on campus would notice anything besides the computer lab and a few meeting rooms is missing.

Nearly all of you are useless, for those, enjoy the high point of our life.

You peaked too early.

Anonymous said...

O&B, why do you want everyone to hate you?

All you guys do is complain and complain about useless shit. OK, so you attended judiciary meetings. But thats only to stir up trouble and complain some more.

The Gator Party senators aren't caught up in "whether to call the previous question" or do whatever. That isn't pertinent to the students. What is pertinent to the students is the job we do, and the things we accomplish. Gator Party has accomplished a great deal of things this past year. What have you done?

Anonymous said...

If O&B knows so much about politics, why do they always lose?

You losers are a stain on SG.

Anonymous said...

What has Gator done for me recently?