Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Letter To Reilly

Frank Bracco, GDI

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 18:50:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christian Duque"
Subject: To SB President Reilly
To:, "Frank Bracco" , "Will Foster" , "Thomas Jardon" , "David Meyrowitz"

President Reilly:

As you may know I run a blog that occasionally covers UF Student Government. I'm sure you're aware that we share very little in common insofar as how to run the institution properly, but as an alum and former student senator, I find your leadership to be substantially lacking. You are, to the best of my knowledge, the worst student body president the University of Florida has had in the last twenty-five years - the last 25 years!

Your administration has made a mockery of public service, the Student Constitution, and the will of the electorate. From allowing the Student Body Treasurer to work by proxy for the entire summer and for now appointing an out-of-state candidate for a top agency position. You clearly have no respect for the Student Body if you appoint officers to posts they can't even physically hold.

Past System leaders have been able to uphold legacies and control the various branches of government, though by subtler means; you, however, have chosen to be most shameless of the fact Gator is in full command of the Executive, the Senate, and the Courts.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

God Save The Students.

Christian Duque
Fmr. Student Senator
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Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will be crushed.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm sure Reilly understood your point when you used the arabic numerals for 25 to emphasize the twenty-five you used just prior to that. That probably really hit home.

Can we go back through the old posts on here? I would like to find the ones where you referred to John Boyles and Ryan Moseley as the worst SBPs of the last 25 years, just so we can have them all in a row.

Do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you can't even afford a copy of Photoshop to doctor photos and you rely on MS Paint?

Anonymous said...

At Senate on Tuesday Sam asked for a list of positions within SG that could be done remotely. VP Yi just stared at him and then pretended he never said anything.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Jones was worse, actually... Damn, SigEps.

Ken said...

Are you sure you needed to have sent that to Reilly directly? Surely he would know how you felt via this blog.

I dunno...

But I do agree that it seems quite strange that the FBK these days can't or won't find somebody even temporarily to fill important jobs like being Treasurer or registering students to vote. What does it say about FBK if all their best people are serving themselves and not the student body when they're on the clock.

Oh, right. That's what FBK has always done. They're just more blatant about it now.

Christian Duque said...

I sent that to Reilly because I feel his administration has gone too far overboard and I think the Alligator is totally jaded. Ken's assessment is actually totally on mark, as is my commentary, in that we all know the extents of FBK's power, but Reilly (unlike any other Boyles, Moseley, Goldberg, Sowell, Jones, Fried, Adler, et. al) none have been so blatant as to appoint people who aren't even physically present.

I mean some of the appointments of yesteryear may play games with the imagination in just how low IQ people can even get into UF, but this one takes the cake. It's like appointing Ghosts to positions of leadership.

I also sent the email in the hopes that he was stupid enough to delete it - which is illegal under Florida's Public Records laws.

Belive you me, I wasn't thinking we'd see a challenge to the abysmally poor track records of Moseley & Boyles, to this honor we award Reilly.

Insofar as the photoshop comment...I'm poor - it is what it is. I'm a student again, so as opposed to buying photoshop to woo my audience, I rather go see two of my best friends in D.C. and tour the White House, call me simplistic for that...

Spessard Holland's Ghost said...

How dare you insult Ghosts. I see how you capitalized it there. This is an insult to myself, the Ghost of George Smathers, the Ghost of Marshall Criser, and the Ghost of Marc Adler. We collectively are the four most powerful people in the State of Florida, and don't you forget it.

Anonymous said...

Spessard old chap, I see what you did there. Very funny.

-Walkin Lawton

Anonymous said...

Did he write back?