Sunday, July 06, 2008

2 Parties; 1 Curbed, Another Not.

It's about time we start looking at what kind of a country we live in and just what kind of leaders we're electing into office. We live under two-party rule - get used to it. One party, the Democratic, is routinely held under a ideological-microscope. To be dubbed a liberal in certain congressional districts could mean the end of your political career - and we're talking Democratic [blue] here. Perhaps it's a remnant of the Cold War, or perhaps the Red Scare, but Americans fear the Left.

Notwithstanding the fact that we are living one of the worse eras for organized labor, where the cost of living (from gasoline to medicines to education and retirement) is rising at unprecedented levels, meanwhile incomes remain stagnant, economic growth is halted under one of the least popular presidents since the Great Depression, and a false sense of hope is pinned to the illusion of greater underemployment as a facade of the tide turning against unemployment.

The jig is up! But nonetheless, the notion of electing a tried and true liberal, of giving 'the other side' a try seems moot. There's a ceiling, a barrier in how far to the left a Democrat can go. The people want universal healthcare, students neede more government subsidized loans, the general electorate want this administration to pull us out of Iraq, but you take all the issues and roll them up and smoke 'em, b/c the people refuse to vote out the moderate in the DNC and replace them with true liberals.

The Democratic Party is curbed.

The Republican Party is not.

You can be a conservative and win in America. You can be an ultra-conservative in America and win. You could be dubbed a Fascist by several segments of society and still pull off electoral victory after electoral victory in the United States. It's often said 'no extreme is good', but in America we know almost the exact opposite to be the truth.

We are a nation led by almighty, virile Republicans & neutered, eunuch-Democrats.

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