Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fall & Spring Will Bleed Orange & Blue

At first I wasn't going to say anything, but I personally take credit for pushing the idea for impeachment. It was this blog that roused Drayton from his NYC office to call senate, this blog that got the story in the Alligator, and this blog that rattled the O&B cage. So it's only fitting that this blog also man up and post the outcome.

Obviously, O&B failed - or did they? The most fundamental outcome of this entire process has been the fact that there are real differences between the parties of the System and the parties of the Student Body. Up until now, there's an over-abundance of rhetoric coupled with sprinklings of action - e.g. the Grapski Lawsuit, Access 2004, and the impressive Impact Fall '05 slate. However, what 'the Five' accomplished goes one giant step further into drawing a line in the sand, a line that GDI's will hold for years and years to come.


Anonymous said...

impact '05 was definitely six people. that is all.

Anonymous said...

Drayton is a hardworker & a great SBT, give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

Much of the FIST was in at the impeachment with a watchful eye over the proceedings. You gotta admit, they pulled it off.

Christian Duque said...

Oh hey, I totally give them the check in the 'win column,' insofar as keeping Drayton in office.

But people want to deny that there was activity at Sig-Ep, they want to deny that there was movement at Phi Tau, they want to deny the fact that there were plans to oust Renfroe from R&A, they want to deny it all and chalk Drayton's survival to nothing more than fate - and for those of us that know UFSG a little better, we know that someone as high up as the SBT has a lot of people that look after his interests b/c he is the embodiment of theirs.

Drayton is no Jamal Sowell, but how much of Jamal was actually behind the Acccess victory of '04? And how much was the product of his backers? Drayton may be nothing more than a paper-pusher or a pulse, he may also be quite skilled, but all that matters very little.

I mean the guy WASN'T EVEN THERE to defend himself and yet, he escapes impeachment.

Deny that the GDI's have the answer and go to the other blogs (while they last), but at least have the decency to admit that the Black community while strong in FBK, has the mental capacity and know-how to have built a collateral organization.

'the Fist' is as strong as Paul Drayton's resilience and survival, in my opinion. You can't credit the Machine with this victory, just like you couldn't count on 'the Machine' to support Diane Kassim or poor Jamal.

'the Fist' is alive and well, with the Kappas in the driver seat and the historic (and nationally powerful) Alphas (the fraternity of MLK Jr.) riding bitch.

Anonymous said...

The main players of the FIST are not in those 2 organizations, just for your information.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:29

'The Five' is Duque's reference to the messiah and his deluded followers who failed at impeaching our student body treasurer.

Anonymous said...

Duque's crazy, but 100% gdI

Anonymous said...


I think you are trying to gauge SigEp's positioning from how JCB moved them for the past 2 years. He isn't at school anymore, and it's Ryan Moseley's show again. Moseley isn't really as aggressive as JCB in these situations, so I don't think they made a move here. Just a thought.