Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Legacy Shall Live On Forever!

Glenn Beck...there's a name I haven't heard since the wonderful Islamophobist screening of 'Radikal Islam's War on The West,' and the outrage that caused at UF and progressive college campuses across America. Beck wasn't part of the movie, but his medium provided moral support to its agents. I believe today, as I believed then, that Glenn Beck is nothing shy of a neocon (a neo-conservative) and an political obstacle to the interests of progressive, hard working Americans of all races, RELIGIONS, and ETHNICITIES. His views on "Radikal Islam" aside, it seems that Beck also has a bone to pick with Che Guevara. Only a big man has the balls to challenge the deeds of deceased freedom fighter, on a network with a Marxist population of "0," in a country with "0" leftist newspapers in circulation, radio stations on air, or much less television stations.

"If you have any respect for humanity, you shouldn't be wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt," Glenn Beck says.

The above quote comes directly from pitiful. I find this individual to be incredibly ignorant to the plight of the Latin American workers and peasantry, but I believe he's ignorant by choice. Like so many Americans, Beck seems poised to make everyone believe that the 'American Dream' exists in all countries and that 'hard work will set you free.' Does that sound familiar? That's what the Nazis used to put over the entrance to the death camps.

Che image and his legacy are everywhere, when that filthy gangster Felix Rodriguez (who currently resides in Miami, Fl and frequents a certain Costco there) murdered Che, he didn't kill a man, he made a martyr. Whenever Christian Duque or Glenn Beck kick the bucket, we'll soon be forgotten, but Che will live in the hearts and minds of campesinos and all those oppressed for hundreds if not thousands of years, much like other egalitarians like Jesus Christ. What I think Beck and his kind hate most, is that like heavy metal in Christian Fundamentalist homes in the 1980's, Marxism has found its way into the homes of the McCarthyists of today, innocently through a t-shirt or a sticker, but inquiring minds grow restless and soon the youth begin to poke around and soon they much rather opt to bear the image of martyred freedom fighter who left big government titles and the lap of luxury to die alongside peasants in a Bolivian jungle...for FREEDOM, than yet another meaningless corporate icon.



Anonymous said...

Che Guevara, bring on Sam Miorelli

Christian Duque said...

Sam's Q&A hasn't even written yet. Ken Kerns should be out next; I'm also waiting on Adam Roberts.

I'm glad there's a lot of interest out there (usually this is the way it's been for all of my guests).

TR is about to celebrate its 3rd birthday. I assure you there'll be time to come for all the features.

Paul Thoreau said...

I think that Glenn Beck Must Have A Hole In His Head and that his CNN article requires some Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be getting more and more angry.

Are you not getting laid in Michigan either?

Anonymous said...

i hear cooley is ranked in the top tier for law

Christian Duque said...


Anonymous said...


Ask Sam why he's such a little bitch.

Glenn Beck said...