Wednesday, December 08, 2010


TheRadikal will return in 2011 with a string of SG-related Q&A's - some big names! Also some blasts from the past. The #1 UF-SG blog will be back! Check back a few days before Christmas for a Holiday-season interview!

Also I may finally re-visit the '05 Voice campaign. That was a great time for me because I was finally in the driver's seat, making the final decisions on all matters, and thanks in large part to my decision to run a second tier senator with no party affiliations as our executive candidate, I was the most senior member of the entire party -- being a senator, member of cabinet, member of the Reitz Union Board of Managers, and key ally to the sitting SG President. In the end, the candidate wouldn't walk away empty-handed... he walked away with the chairman's girlfriend and they lived happily ever after. People like that are meant for each other you know? But running my own party was a lot of fun - and that's all I care to say. I think five years is a decent cooling off period, no? lol

Running your own party is where it's at, especially if you have really good ideas (in my day I never had bad ideas, lol) and you can't get the party you're with to listen to you.

I have always wondered what it would have been like had Justin Wooten had his own party. Maybe one day we'll see Justin vying for a major elected positon - and winning ;)

For those currently at UF looking to run a party on principle, make sure to find a front-runner that doesn't know if he's on foot or horseback - these types of candidates are very easy to program and they're quite easy to find :) My goal w/ Voice was to be Andre Samuels -- I always looked up to him -- but he was fortunate b/c he had one heck of a great President to work w//for. I had a dweeb. lol

What's going on w/ Alan Martin, Gator Football, and Armando Grundy? I miss pizza at Leonardo's, coffee at Maude's, and _____ @ Cafe Risque.