Monday, September 24, 2007

UF/UCLA Movements In The Making!

The first thing we need to understand is that the fight against police brutality has nothing to do with partisan lines -- it's asinine to think otherwise. Regrettably Bill O'Reilly and a couple other conservative entertainers have taken a hard stance on the issue of excessive force and have turned their sights on the victim and his alleged motives. Realize that tv-show hosts and other members of the media benefit from sensationalism, don't buy into their hype, it's all for ratings. While it may seem that a preponderance of those outraged by the Taser incident are on the Left do NOT be fooled. I have received a boatload of emails from conservatives alike, that are outraged and want justice -- I have the letters as proof! Liberals in the crowd may be louder, but conservatives are just as pissed!

Kudos to UF's Progress Party for standing with the students and a big thumbs-dwon to Student Body President Ryan Moseley & his Gator/Swamp Parties for standing with UPD, for their lack of concern for the student body, and for their reckless veil of neutrality on an issue that has brought about a wave of outrage amongst the electorate they are charged with representing!

Everyone has a right to their opinion, even the folks that seem to side with silencing and tasering UF Students (again this seems more of a ploy for attention than anything else). A a big thumbs-down to students I believe are contributing to an increasingly undemocratic society, a society where our civil liberties are being stripped one incident at a time:

  • Kenny Maskell (UF Student) - creator of Facebook Group:
    "I would have tased Andrew Meyer."
  • Tara Overzat (UF Alum) - creator of Facebook Group:
    "UFPD did the Right Thing - Andrew Meyer incident!"
  • Jackie Larkin (UF Alum) - creator of Facebook Group:
    "I Support UPD! (aka not andrew meyer)"

  • My Statement to the Progress Party

    Friday, September 14, 2007

    The 2007 Mr. Olympia

    For baseball it's the World Series, for hockey it's the Stanley Cup, for football it's the Super Bowl, but for bodybuilding it's always been and always will be Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia. In over forty years, there have only been eleven champions. But I'll let the video do the talking.

    I suspect there will be the following responses/reactions:

    My Predictions:

    1. Jay Cutler
    2. Victor Martinez
    3. Ronnie Coleman
    4. Gustavo Badell
    5. Dexter Jackson
    6. Quincy Taylor

    Check out the O on

    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Homenaje 11-9-1973

    Salvador Allende Gossens
    Democratically-ElectedPresident of Chile
    Died Defending Chilean Democracy 9/11/1973

    Thursday, September 06, 2007

    RaDiKaL Updates #6

    Please Vote.

    What Happened To Dennis Kucinich?
    I remember attending the Accent sponsored Dennis Kucinich presetation at the O'Dome like it was yesterday. I found myself agreeing with almost every word this man had to say and I was so ecstatic that my lofty bureaucratic status allowed me VIP seating and a chance to meet a US Presidential candidate -- to be honest I kind of wanted to jump in front of a train, "why should SG get special seating? Why did I have 100x better seating than the average student and why did Jamal and Jenn have seats front stage, while I was in row 3?" Any way you cut it, bureaucracy SUCKS!

    But then again I was the only photo op of the day, as the good Congressman and obliged to a photo op. Nonetheless, all deja vu aside, I was disturbed to see Kucinich apolgozing for the Democrats' boycott of the Fox Presidential Debates and his gum-work, trying to sell himself to neo-cons. Kucinich was the Mike Gravel of 2004 and has become the seasoned progressive in moderate's attire. By 2012 Kucinich may be in Biden's shoes and if he doesn't get any uglier, by 2016 he may be in a top tier stance. I predict one day, Dennis Kucinich will get the DNC nomination -- mark my words. Sadly, I think our dear friend Dennis is a sell-out.
    Planning Periods RocK!

    Time to think out loud. I love this new setting. As I move away from SG I can talk about so many other things, for instance, I'm raking my brains thinking who my next guest will be. There's a few SG heavyweights that have made it known they want to be interviewed, others want to see a Ken Kerns Q&A (and I agree it needs to happen, especially since 2/3's of the 2001 Voice leadership has already participated), but then there's local and county government -- someone needs to cover this fiasco. And a fiasco it is!

    Why is that government's only seem to include the people during states of revolution or cataclysmic disarray? Why is it that right now, citizens can't get so much as an email from Sheriff Sadie Darnell or get even a generic-generated response from the Gainesville City Commission -- and this when the Mayor knows you on a first name basis!

    Did you guys know that I applied for three citizen-at-large positions within the Alachua County government. How many call backs have I received? Zero. Upon emailing the County Commission in reference to whom/who/we Sadie Darnell was held accountable to, only Lee Pinkoson replied, none of the other elected officials even bothered to reply. Upon calling the County government headquarters I was treated INCREDIBLY and the staff personnel seemed to really want to help. Why is it that we often elect bureaucratic slugs that do nothing but populate their resumes with useless titles and squander away tax money on frivolous projects that either never see the light of day or wind up being of no significant value to the community. Why don't we start electing secretaries, custodians, cashiers, pizza delivery people, why don't we start electing the personnel and give it a rest with these Haile Plantation snobs and polic-sci-yuppies and elect some no nonsense blue collar workers?

    I've thought about going to these commission meetings and publicly shaming these assholes, but what good is that going to do? They'll just have me removed or arrested and I for one am not at the point of becoming a Charles Grapski ringer, though at time the thought is tempting. It's really sad just little the citizens count for. I mean you always hear about people saying get involved in local politics, that's where it's at, but believe you me, that's also where you have to get past the most bullshit.

    In nat'l politics, sure you can get involved, I mean there's millions of people "invovled" to one extent or another, but in the local game, everyone knows everyone and while some people want to help to actually make a difference, most people are in the game for a contract, a subsidy, a favorable marking from the appraiser, favors in code enforcement, a blind eye to a home addition, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, I've hardly given up and will let my readers know what happens. But as you read this, whether you like me or not -- you're my reader, so deal with it! LOL
    Well it's time to learn about the American Revolution and why we fought it. Let me put my best serious face on and talk about how the founding fathers would be happy to see their constitution and their democratic republic intact some 200+ years later...

    Wednesday, September 05, 2007

    RaDiKaL Updates #5

    Deleted Scenes
    This Clip Is Hilarious!!!

    Will Foster Checks In - one of my faithful readers writes in with a very amusing discovery. Upon Googling "FBK," he finds this:

    Florida Blue Key - Online
    This site may harm your computer.
    Welcome to the Florida Blue Key web site. Founded in 1923 at the University of Florida, Florida Blue Key is the oldest and most prestigious leadership ... - Similar pages

    I think this is a conspiracy. In the meantime, just visit