Wednesday, September 05, 2007

RaDiKaL Updates #5

Deleted Scenes
This Clip Is Hilarious!!!

Will Foster Checks In - one of my faithful readers writes in with a very amusing discovery. Upon Googling "FBK," he finds this:

Florida Blue Key - Online
This site may harm your computer.
Welcome to the Florida Blue Key web site. Founded in 1923 at the University of Florida, Florida Blue Key is the oldest and most prestigious leadership ... - Similar pages

I think this is a conspiracy. In the meantime, just visit


Anonymous said...

Wow, I hope they sue your sorry ass.

Christian Duque said...


Anonymous said...

Christian, have you tried to interview any FBK leadership recently or have they just blown you off. I think that would be a good interview.

Christian Duque said...

Over the years I have come to respect FBK as a worthy rival. Registering the name was an investment move, I'd never use it to attack the organization -- my opinions on here are good enough.

I own something like 200 domain names. I've had offers before, but nothing worth my while.

You should also know that TR as a blog has nothing but the best things to say about certain FBK'ers like Chris Carmody, Brian Aungst, and a few others. But that's fine, some people have awfully short attention spans.

That's why I have blogging and they have the special Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how creepy it is that you essentially buy people's names on the internet?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Creepy.

Anonymous said...

"I own something like 200 domain names."

Get a life Fuji Greek dweeb.

The more you blog, the more similar to Grapski you show yourself to be.