Monday, September 24, 2007

UF/UCLA Movements In The Making!

The first thing we need to understand is that the fight against police brutality has nothing to do with partisan lines -- it's asinine to think otherwise. Regrettably Bill O'Reilly and a couple other conservative entertainers have taken a hard stance on the issue of excessive force and have turned their sights on the victim and his alleged motives. Realize that tv-show hosts and other members of the media benefit from sensationalism, don't buy into their hype, it's all for ratings. While it may seem that a preponderance of those outraged by the Taser incident are on the Left do NOT be fooled. I have received a boatload of emails from conservatives alike, that are outraged and want justice -- I have the letters as proof! Liberals in the crowd may be louder, but conservatives are just as pissed!

Kudos to UF's Progress Party for standing with the students and a big thumbs-dwon to Student Body President Ryan Moseley & his Gator/Swamp Parties for standing with UPD, for their lack of concern for the student body, and for their reckless veil of neutrality on an issue that has brought about a wave of outrage amongst the electorate they are charged with representing!

Everyone has a right to their opinion, even the folks that seem to side with silencing and tasering UF Students (again this seems more of a ploy for attention than anything else). A a big thumbs-down to students I believe are contributing to an increasingly undemocratic society, a society where our civil liberties are being stripped one incident at a time:

  • Kenny Maskell (UF Student) - creator of Facebook Group:
    "I would have tased Andrew Meyer."
  • Tara Overzat (UF Alum) - creator of Facebook Group:
    "UFPD did the Right Thing - Andrew Meyer incident!"
  • Jackie Larkin (UF Alum) - creator of Facebook Group:
    "I Support UPD! (aka not andrew meyer)"

  • My Statement to the Progress Party


    Anonymous said...

    by the way, for those unaware Chrisitan must "approve" of your comment before it can actually be published on his blog...some free speech advocate you are!

    Anonymous said...

    I liked your statement to the Progress Party.

    Anonymous said...

    I enjoyed your letter Christian.

    Anonymous said...

    About time this thing got some comment moderation.

    old school said...

    Tara is a great girl, even if you disagree with her stance on this issue

    Christian Duque said...

    I totally agree James. My main motive in this was to show the readers that there are two sides to the coin and that there people that think UPD acted correctly.

    Sadly a small handful of right-wing entertainers have used the attack to rally support against the Left. The UF Taser incident was not a right/left phenomenon, but suddenly we have many fans of these programs making unusual statements that are becoming growingly common.

    Tara Overzat said...

    I had no idea I made it onto your blog, Christian. (Thanks James for sticking up for me, haha). I still stand by my views about the tasing incident- you talk about right-wing entertainers, but Andrew himself is an entertainer who planned for some big Michael Moore-esque showdown the day of the Kerry speech. We shouldn't let one clown's antics ruin things for those people who really do believe in civil liberties (like yourself) and want those liberties protected.