Thursday, September 06, 2007

RaDiKaL Updates #6

Please Vote.

What Happened To Dennis Kucinich?
I remember attending the Accent sponsored Dennis Kucinich presetation at the O'Dome like it was yesterday. I found myself agreeing with almost every word this man had to say and I was so ecstatic that my lofty bureaucratic status allowed me VIP seating and a chance to meet a US Presidential candidate -- to be honest I kind of wanted to jump in front of a train, "why should SG get special seating? Why did I have 100x better seating than the average student and why did Jamal and Jenn have seats front stage, while I was in row 3?" Any way you cut it, bureaucracy SUCKS!

But then again I was the only photo op of the day, as the good Congressman and obliged to a photo op. Nonetheless, all deja vu aside, I was disturbed to see Kucinich apolgozing for the Democrats' boycott of the Fox Presidential Debates and his gum-work, trying to sell himself to neo-cons. Kucinich was the Mike Gravel of 2004 and has become the seasoned progressive in moderate's attire. By 2012 Kucinich may be in Biden's shoes and if he doesn't get any uglier, by 2016 he may be in a top tier stance. I predict one day, Dennis Kucinich will get the DNC nomination -- mark my words. Sadly, I think our dear friend Dennis is a sell-out.
Planning Periods RocK!

Time to think out loud. I love this new setting. As I move away from SG I can talk about so many other things, for instance, I'm raking my brains thinking who my next guest will be. There's a few SG heavyweights that have made it known they want to be interviewed, others want to see a Ken Kerns Q&A (and I agree it needs to happen, especially since 2/3's of the 2001 Voice leadership has already participated), but then there's local and county government -- someone needs to cover this fiasco. And a fiasco it is!

Why is that government's only seem to include the people during states of revolution or cataclysmic disarray? Why is it that right now, citizens can't get so much as an email from Sheriff Sadie Darnell or get even a generic-generated response from the Gainesville City Commission -- and this when the Mayor knows you on a first name basis!

Did you guys know that I applied for three citizen-at-large positions within the Alachua County government. How many call backs have I received? Zero. Upon emailing the County Commission in reference to whom/who/we Sadie Darnell was held accountable to, only Lee Pinkoson replied, none of the other elected officials even bothered to reply. Upon calling the County government headquarters I was treated INCREDIBLY and the staff personnel seemed to really want to help. Why is it that we often elect bureaucratic slugs that do nothing but populate their resumes with useless titles and squander away tax money on frivolous projects that either never see the light of day or wind up being of no significant value to the community. Why don't we start electing secretaries, custodians, cashiers, pizza delivery people, why don't we start electing the personnel and give it a rest with these Haile Plantation snobs and polic-sci-yuppies and elect some no nonsense blue collar workers?

I've thought about going to these commission meetings and publicly shaming these assholes, but what good is that going to do? They'll just have me removed or arrested and I for one am not at the point of becoming a Charles Grapski ringer, though at time the thought is tempting. It's really sad just little the citizens count for. I mean you always hear about people saying get involved in local politics, that's where it's at, but believe you me, that's also where you have to get past the most bullshit.

In nat'l politics, sure you can get involved, I mean there's millions of people "invovled" to one extent or another, but in the local game, everyone knows everyone and while some people want to help to actually make a difference, most people are in the game for a contract, a subsidy, a favorable marking from the appraiser, favors in code enforcement, a blind eye to a home addition, etc, etc, etc. Anyway, I've hardly given up and will let my readers know what happens. But as you read this, whether you like me or not -- you're my reader, so deal with it! LOL
Well it's time to learn about the American Revolution and why we fought it. Let me put my best serious face on and talk about how the founding fathers would be happy to see their constitution and their democratic republic intact some 200+ years later...


Anonymous said...

Where's Kim Cruts? My vote goes to her.

Anonymous said...

I go for James. GO james go!

will said...

Last post was by me. Whenever I post on blogs it usually auto logs me on with my gmail,

will said...
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will said...

Where is rose? Unlike me she can argue before the EC.

Anonymous said...

the sad thing about that poll is that for all the people, only one person has won.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, he's found a way to force us to listen to his podcasts.

Anonymous said...

Ok looks like this poll was major rigged Christian, me thinks by someone really internet savy.

When rigging an internet poll some advice, don't get greed and put down 30 votes.

Anonymous said...

honest to God, I voted for Ally Cullin and I am NOT her. I would have voted James (who is amazing, but not the "latest") but I assumed he'd be in the lead.
Meanwhile, go Ally!

old school said...

Guys i am old, I don't know if i qualify to be mentioned on the poll :)

Christian Duque said...

Gee thanks James. If you're old, I'm... LOL

Anonymous said...

ok last i saw james was a head as of 12:00am last night, then when I got up at 6:00am ally had 30 plus people vote for her. I guess a lot of people visit Christian's blog and vote in the middle of the night ;)

I love these silly online polls.

Anonymous said... where is it!

Anonymous said...

I vote for MacKenzie!!!

Peace be with him? :)

Anonymous said...

mac doesn't count, he joined fbk. Indies don't join fbk.

Anonymous said...

Correction - Indies CAN'T join FBK.

Anonymous said...

Now while everyone else on the list probably could not have gotten in to FBK, since none have seem to done anything significant (at least in FBK terms or UF). I have to take issue with two people.

you don't think bruce, a truman
scholar, couldn't have gotten into FBK? I mean its the truman scholarship, that is the one of the most prestigious scholarship's you can get.

you don't think argento could have gotten into FBK, I know he is in the hall of fame and wasn't he the outstanding leader for the class of 04?

Isn't FBK a leadership honorary, I mean wouldn't fbk tap the best leaders and most prestigious students to boost their credibility? I think bruce or argento would have been assets to them.

Anonymous said...

oh in addition to my last post I forgot to say a third name, adam roberts, wasn't he a cabinet director. So why couldn't he have gotten into FBK (at least in terms in qualifications)?

francisco said...

Bruce was more than a Truman Scholar, he had an interesting (actually inspiring) life story, was a Reitz Scholar, Hall of Famer, extremely high GPA, SFCC President, President of his frat, and his resume was on the same level as Mr. Moseley's for the whole nine yards (except with SG Treasurer at UF). Bruce was more qualified than 90%+ of the entries FBK takes these days.

I respect and admire Bruce more than most people I have met and there is only one person I am more thankful to at this school for actually giving me a chance.

Christian Duque said...

One thing I love about Frank (even having met him in person only twice) is this loyalty to the Independent movement. You'd think Frank was talking like his guy won the presidency!

$100, had Bruce won, nobody would say a single word of praise about Ryan Moseley. Real Independents like Frank are quite rare, but once you win their loyalty, so long as you stand for what's right, they'll have your back.

Turncoats, FBK-hopefuls, and Keys looking to play the won't find a worthy friend or loyal supporter amongst the whole lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Turncoats, FBK-hopefuls, and Keys looking to play the won't find a worthy friend or loyal supporter amongst the whole lot of them.

... How can you make such a blanket statement like that and expect to be taken seriously? I'm sick hearing about how everyone FBK is a bad person. There are plently of loyal and good people in that organization. The FBK label isn't a 666 stamp on the forehead, no matter what you would like us to believe, Christian

Bruce Haupt said...

I wasn't President of Chi Phi -- only VP for about a month. Trust me, there were many more that were far more involved. I was not the poster boy for the Fraternity in any way.

MacKenzie and Dennis Ngin are a couple of the folks I most admired coming into UF. I was also extremely lucky to do Pants with David Meyrowitz. Those three represent a lot of what I think SG should be about. Too bad only one of them is included on that poll.

Rose has always been one of my favorites too. I hope she reads this.

And similar to Frank's being brought on board by Ryan (I <3 you to Frank -- keep up the good work), Joe Goldberg and Joyce Medina brought me in after I had campaigned for Progress and Impact. FBK SG people aren't all completely evil =)

And as I remember it, I did apply to FBK. I remember some great Radikal coverage about it. Strike me from the poll ASAP. ;)

Anyway, hope you're all well. I look forward to hearing about the antics of the coming election!!!

Anonymous said...

FBK taps people after they are successful and then claims to have alot of successful people as members.

Christian Duque said...

That's FBK damage-control-talk right there. Nina DeJong got turned down 3x, Sam Green was turned down while holding the Legislative Branch's #2 spot, Bruce Haupt was turned down, I mean the list goes on and on.

Achievement has less to do with getting tapped than do legacies, "connections," certain (but not all) Greek letters, "making appropriate decisions," working for system parties, etc etc etc.

You know, when I look back on two years and to the future, I think the main gripe some of the most outspoken critics of this blog may have isn't that 'I need to move on' or that 'I'm old' or that 'no one likes me.' I think the main gripe is so long as TR exists it will hold FBK accountable.

The Independent movement at UF has been dying on the vine for quite some time now. Even set back thanks to the graduation of Access & SA kids, had the core stayed intact perhaps the elections would be a bit more challenging (but you have your Kim Cruts, your Ryan Day's, your Ben Grove' and many others that leaped over to 'greener' pastures).

TheRadikal is not Florida Blue Lightning and it's not the Access Party, but I hope it will be around for many years. The SG Observer is a great little blog, it will bury me in hits in no time, but the historical significance of this blog in terms of raising a small fist againast the system giants is very much needed.

Anywhere else you could sing the on-paper-egalitarianism of FBK, but here, you must be smoking crack if you think anyone will buy into that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Statement by: The Greek Party
Monday, September 10, 2007

Greek Party Praises UF SG Court’s Denial of Temporary Stay

GAINESVILLE, FL – The Greek Party enthusiastically praises the decision of the University of Florida's Supreme Court Of The Student Body to deny -- on jurisdictional grounds -- the temporary stay on slating requested by the Florida Students Party.

The decision was entirely appropriate. The Court had its Marbury v Madison but instead of inserting itself into SG Affairs it courageously choose to stay inactive. This ruling reminds students the Court is fully aware of its own irrelevance, We are proud that Justices Gavrich, Aungst, Campbell, Klein, and Spicola made this unanimous 5-0 decision. It is a fantastic day for Student Government’s imperial executive.

Now that all ambiguities about the legitimacy of this slating process have been resolved, the Greek Party will begin slating students. We in the Greek Party look forward to running a clean and vigorous campaign.

Christian Duque said...

Thank You Will.

will said...

Ya I forgot to log in.

will said...

Did anyone else notice Fred Thompson will be in town Saturday for the game?

Ken said...

If James thinks he is too old to be on this list, then Nick and I shouldn't be on it either. Although if you're going to include me, you probably should include others from my years (Kennita Johnson, Jeremy Kaplan, etc.).

Anyone who thought of creating The Greek Party probably deserves top honors for funniest SG-related prank. As for lastest greatest indie/GDI leader, I dunno - anyone brave enough to fight a fall election is a true leader in my book.

Anonymous said...

Fall elections are more winnable than Spring for indies.

Anonymous said...

"Fall elections are more winnable than Spring for indies."

And one male picking up another male for sex in an airport bathroom makes neither gay.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:20 you must be as stoned as your time posted indicates.

Fall seats are more winnable because they are compartmentalized. You can select more viable candidates (area presidents etc.) and you can focus on connections they already have combined with specific area campaigning.

Now pass the damn blunt.

Ken said...

Fall is not more winnable for Indies than Spring. Case in point - the best showing in recent memory by an "opposition" party in Spring Senate races was 20 seats (Swamp, 2002) while the best "opposition" showing in Fall Senate was 13 seats (SUN, 2000).

Now, it is true you can get area presidents to win individual seats in Fall, but you can win more seats in Spring because GDIs/Opposition parties can usually win CLAS and Engineering and some Grad Seats if they have a reasonably credible slate of candidates. And in Spring there are College Council eBoards to use in smaller colleges, too.

Moreover, fall turnout is always, always lower than in Spring. If the System isn't caught off-guard, they can smother even the strongest opposition in the fall by sweeping the 30+ off-campus seats via the Greek votes.

Anonymous said...

5:25 PM: I hope Gator Party has you running their operation. But with over 500 qualifying, there was no way someone as incompetent as you is anywhere near leadership.