Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Radikal Updates #3

Stafford Jones interview coming in 48hrs!!!

Thanks to everyone that's hitting up

Monday, July 23, 2007

Radikal Updates #2

After 2.5hrs of Sweet Tea and onion rings at Hops, the Stafford Jones interview has been completed. Now comes the hard part - editing. Hopefully Edit 2 will be ready as early as Wednesday. The interview, one of the longest, may have even beat out Charlie Grapski's first Q&A on TR.

In other news, my crusade to put Michael "Sick Mike" Vick and the money-grubbing Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank continues.

The Lacey Logsdon Tribute (lol), won't be out till September, so hurry up & wait.

Last, but not least, expect a very nice essay from GDI Legend, Nick Capezza.

Thanks for reading (whether you know ya do or you're in denial).

Friday, July 20, 2007

Radikal Updates

I'll be meeting with Stafford Jones, Chairman of the Alachua County Republican Party, for a much-anticipated interview this Saturday. I've already written what I think are some pretty interesting questions, however, I'm dropping the gauntlet and asking my readers (both SG, COA, and Alums) to submit questions. If your question is selected, I will inform my guest of who you are and you will be credited on the final edition. For my last interview I handed out some fliers at the COA Commission meeting, for Stafford's Q&A I may do the same in downtown Gainesville on Monday. Hopefully I'll get to speak with concerned citizens and tell them about the blog and how depressing it is to live in a City where resident's letters go answered.

I'm not sure if anyone's caught the news on Michael Vick, but this guy is a major piece of shit. He allegedly operated a dogfighting ring where he and his associates bought fighting dogs from multiple states and forced them to fight to the death for profits. Allegedly this hoodrat, scumbag would also torture the dogs and executed at least eight of the animals, most through electrocution and at least one by slamming the animal against the ground.

PETA, no not the insensitive knock-off associated w/ Allison Cullin, but the actual Animal Rights organization has taken upon itself the task of haunting this despicable human being for what he's done to innocent animals. As a fourteen-year-long strict vegetarian and animal rights activist, I'll be contributing to this effort through a site called that will basically host youtube videos of me calling out Mike Vick and discussing what a digusting piece of shit he is and lambasting his sponsors, which include Coca Cola, Rawlings, Nike and Air Tran amongst others. So far his Nike line has been suspended and one can only hope Coca Cola drops him.

Michael Vick is a pussy, a punk, and warrants a term now arcane.

More SG History
w/ A Special Guest

In happier news, an essay is being prepared, along with anticipated contributions from some heavy-hitting alums, so expect that hopefully by Saturday/Sunday. As stated some time ago, TR will call it quits on day-to-day blogging in 2008, but up until that point, I'll continue to keep this page as lively as possible and let me encourage anyone wanting accurate SG News to please visit the SG Observer, they're doing a fantastic job and deserve much credit. My "SG News" is based on reading the Alligator whenever I get it and emails, I'm by no means an authority, I'm not even a Student, LOL.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who's Running SG?

Every student body president seems to have a key man (or woman) behind him/her, a point person if you will. This point person could be a fraternity brother, a key campaign organizer, a sibling, or even a partner (as in bf/gf). And every president has quirks, Jamal's speech abilities stunk, Joe was a business man, John was soft, and it seems Ryan Moseley is inept, not a bad guy, just not suited to lead the Student Body. But, he got elected and he's got the 2.0 and the full-time status (and the lights didn't go out in the counting room...) so he's the President.

Though I can't help but recall that famous Nina DeJong quote, "Ryan rode a wave that was already set for him."

Though I'm not supposed to talk about it, Lacey Logsdon and I, shared a few emails. She was nice enough to offer to help me study for the LSAT re-take and even sent me some study re-lated papers. When I added her on facebook as a friend (I was totally caught off guard by her very sweet email and offer out of the blue), I noticed that on my end it showed the friend thing but not on hers. When I found out "someone close to her" deleted that and also read in her emails that I keep her help quiet, I immediately stopped talking to her and asked that she no longer contact me. Basically, it was a case of -- "I'll be your friend, but I'm so ashamed of it, no one else can know." No thank you.

But, I did learn that she is tutoring Ryan Moseley, which isn't much of a news tip really, but when you couple that with Ryan Day studying with Moseley twice a week -- -and studying is an understatement, when Day is hitting 180's in his sleep, that adds up. Then you hear about Lacey's presidential ambitions, you read about Ryan Day and Ryan Moseley brainstorming and killing programs like Tower, and then at Senate when everyone is there for the students and Ryan Moseley is at his LSAT classes -- who reads for him, who represents him?

And what happened with course packs? It seems Moseley barked alone behind the big fence for a while, then the alligator opened the fence door so the pooch got to see and hear the bark of the neighborhood dogs he was goading, and seems all the barking has stopped. Did Moseley conduct his investigation properly or was it nothing but a desperate attempt at media fanfare?

But maybe the Turncoats aren't that bad after all? Well, on June 2nd I was given tacit permission from Thomas Jardon to release portions of a then-confidential email, dated February 14th that states as follows:

And, for the record (but off the record) my main reason for such a general defection was that Ben Grove, Josh Simmons, Ryan Day, and Kim Cruts were trying to barter off an Indie Spring Campaign for positions of their own. Kim and Josh wanted into Senate, Ryan Day wanted an Asst. treasurer post and Ben wanted something in Lobby. They flanked me and took me by surprise. They tried to push me and Rose and Ryan Nelson out of the way to make room for their own little insipid ambition. So, in response and to make sure no one ever sold out the Indies in exchange for positions (much less at the hands of a FBKer) I gave Moseley all that he wanted from me/us for free. It wasn't selling out, I reasoned, if there was no price. My support and work had never carried a price - nor would it now. As a result, I've successfully managed to push all four of the ingrates to the fringes of irrelevance and managed to still piss of FBK. They hate the fact that Moseley listens to me so much.
- Tommy Jardon

We love Tommy on this blog, even if we've misjudged him in the past. However, before members of Gator/Swamp knock on Tommy, reassess your own position. How mahy of you think you have Moseley's ear? Surely he owes you right? I mean you worked your ass off for him to get elected, you represent your party with distinction, you are disciplined to meet all constituency requirements and comport yourself as a member of a prestigious student governing body. Surely he'd never burn you. Surely you have pull with him.

From his candid and genuine interpretation, it seems Tommy thought the same. It seems Tommy thought that giving Ryan Moseley the dirt on the turncoats would as he put it "push all four of the ingrates to the fringes of irrelevance." Yet here we are in July, only three months and change from that day, and Ryan Day is Ryan Moseley's right hand man and Kim Cruts is his official spokesperson - on the net, from the office, and before the members of the Senate -- I mean why go to Senate, everyone knows it's the Executive Branch that runs SG anyways, right?...

But even still, how many of you out there - honestly - can relate to Tommy Jardon? I mean Pedro Morales at one point told us that "he had Ryan Moseley's ear on Graduate Affairs." This was quickly and privately refuted by top Gator officials, but certain proceedings in chambers squarely dispute fmr. sen. Morales' perception of his relationship to Ryan Moseley, just like the rise of the Turncoat Independents in Moseley's administration today, have clearly refuted Tommy Jardon's own gut instincts of this past February. So I ask you think YOUR perception of your relationship with Ryan Moseley will be compromised down the road? Is this really a person you can trust? Is this person really a person suited for the job? Is this really a person you can trust?


Monday, July 09, 2007

Good Morning

Yeah. Literally good morning, 4:15Am, clothes on, enjoying the last few post-shower moments sans shoes or socks. Though I wanted to re-take the lsat, I don't want to waste another year, so over the last couple weeks I've asked dozens of people about my future school, including many of its MSU neighbors and everyone says its very much respected and a great place to study law -- only problem is that price tag, 30k a year --major OUCH! Retake the lsat and get five more points -- save $10k, but lost a semester, no.., I gotta go now.

Anywho (no not a type-o, I actually like saying that), I was reading the Alligator online and it struck me. SG should do something for Henry Cane's Family. It could come in the way of another boring, waste of time resolution, OR Kim Cruts or someone else from Press wing of SG or perhaps the Senate I&C Committee could buy a giant card and have it circulate through chambers on Tuesday and be readily available to members of Cabinet (say, from the office of the SB Vice President) and be given to the family, perhaps with a small, cost-efficient but heart-warming gift. I mean this would actually be very nice and I think Kim & Lacey (to name a couple of nice girls) could do a very nice job on this -- if they wanted to. SG actually doing something for the everyday (not necessarily politically-connected) student.

I also think this No Facebook in print lab idea is for the birds. Yes, added (free) exposure for SG is always a great thing, but considering the abysmally low voter turnout rates at UF and the level of political apathy, does anyone else think that redirecting a person from a site they want to go to and sending them to the site of an organization they already distrust and in some cases, even dislike as being a bad idea? Suddenly the added (free) publicity just doesn't seem so attractive now does it?

Something for the Press & PR wings to contemplate, perhaps someone should politely tell Mr. Cupoli this re-direct should be Bernie's homepage and not SG's.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just Another WHATEVER Post

You've Got A Problem
Between Mike Bowen and You

Christian Duque
Today at 9:18pm

I just saw this. How come those times I saw you at Orion and Walgreen's you didn't say anything to me? I see you like to attack people in their absence. I recall when You slandered me in chambers in 2005 and then ran out prior to hearing my rebuttal.

I will be going to the web with this. I will make sure that anyone that searches for your name on the internet will know some things, like how not only did you slander me in 2005, but you then brought the matter up in my absence after I had long graduated, in 2006.

Mike, you're a fuckin punk and a bitch.

Take Care,

Christian Duque

And I...
Am Going To Sleep. Goodnight.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Never Stop Blogging Kids

I just received an email from a comrade-in-arms titled Shutting Down the Blog(s)". It's an interesting letter and I'm asked for my opinion, so I figure I'll post it here, since I'm not really interested in talking about Moseley's half-assed "investigation" or the tired old attempts by newspaper whores in raising SG' s GPA or even about SG presidential hopefuls or how bummed I am all my friends are out of town for w/e reason and I don't just go to Cooley for a year and then transfer like any non-procrastinating person would. I don't want to talk about these things, though on a emotional level, I will say that the song Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tees always seems knock me on my ass, I'll just sit there and be totally consumed by that very simple melody and that very optimistic, very take the world by the balls and follow your dreams to the 't' kind of attitude. Youth is innocence, I believe, but who wants to hear about that? Especially from me, right!

I. Blogging: An Indispensable News-Commentary Tool
This certain email has not been the only one in recent time, suggesting the downfall of the Observer and the normal transition of TR to no more non-SG waters. Seriously, there's so much going on arund the world, that I find myself at a loss for words covering YOUR student government, MY student government has long passed into history. However, I feel it's key in keeping TR on a SG track at least until 2008 to assure that the Observer will have competition, a healthy, supportive competition so they won't fold.

past blogs have been put up by ego-maniacs. Their civic-mindedness was almost null and void. Swamp Pundette was a hot girl's rant; Reitz Rambler was a pretty boy's chalk board; UFGDI was a rumor rag and NAGAS was a halfway decent publication. The Radikal is just some fringe indie, old guy ala CG that still shakes things up, though drives 100x by Swamp and never either looks in from his car or has any desire to sit there with sipping a Blue Moon and re-living past R&E hours-long meetings that could have been better spent having sex with my gf and (LATER) making bubbling-water-sounds with my rogue fraternity brothers, but that's fine, I loved my SG days. And finally, though it almost feels like no more thoughts should be added onto to this paragraph, you have the SG Observer. I think they are the best blog yet, because how egotistical can you be when you deny the public the most basic fact of knowing who you are? I also like the fact that the blog has multiple authors and really like the fact that Ryan Moseley turned them down for an interview too. Naturally he only speaks to the Alligator, i wonder why....cha ching $$

Blogging in politics will never go away, let's just hope we can say the same about UF SG. In a world without blogs (pre-04), you had list-serves, facebook, all that fun stuff and yes, things still got done. However, it's so much better to have people discussing the issues and venting year-round than only two semesters out of the year or exclusively in SG or party meetings. An informed public is a dangerous electorate.
The worst thing that could happen at this point in time is for the Observer to go anywhere!

The Josh Simmons of UF
Josh Simmons I've never really met I don't think. If I have, I don't remember. I am convinced he is one of my chief critics on the boards. The "tribute," the sex stories that was all a way for me to strike back at him, he truly put me on edge and messed with my head with many of his posts throughout the months, but even though I have some data, I would NEVER use it, b/c while he can be an abysmal headache to what I sometimes want to get done, he's the very kind of person you need on a college campus. Whether you agree with him or you don't, guys like Josh Simmons, Will Foster, and Bruce Haupt are the Andrew Hoffman's, the Peter Gruskin's, and the Christian Duque's just as these were the Ken Kern's, the Nick Capezza's,and the James Argento's of their time at UF. But sadly, even by his own word, Josh is is just too lazy to get off his ass and blog.

But people like Josh Simmons & Will Foster, they need to blog because they are the classic dissenters, the non-conformists. Even making videos for PANTS and seen at their tables quite a bit, when asked if he belonged to the Party, Will Foster could never concretely answer that. Was he full of it? No, I don't think so. The classic GDI is very reluctant to join ANYTHING, to join means to follow, GDI's don't follow. Independents follow all the time, whether courting John Boyles, making Joe Goldberg laugh, or dusting Ryan Moseley's FBK Who's Who, but GDI's are not so quick to renounce their identity in exchange for that of a group of zombies (no offense to any Party). Now is Josh Simmons a GDI? Who am I to answer that. I would say no, I would say he's an Independent, but who cares, he's got a lot to say and knows this, but doesn't blog.

So no, doing away with the blogs would certainly not help anyone, especially not the dissenting, growing ever less powerful Minority, the Indies & GDI's.

The Greeks & Blogging
I'm loving this dialectic btw. On the matter of Greeks and blogging. All I can say is that, what happens in the fraternity house stays in the fraternity house (as were told). Fraternities can do some very dirty things to undermine the democratic process, fraternities are also subservient to Florida Blue Key, and without blogging, those that oppose this shit would have a lot harder time leaking it. To leak information is a time-honored trait of intellectual dissenters, people that would be socially ostracized and in some cases, face even more damning consequences. Take the soliders that leaked the Abu Gharib photos, that leak was an act of solidarity with humanity! A scared kid that's got his whole life in that frat house, from his furniture to his closest friends, he is NOT going to publicly blast the people he considers family. Still, there are many people of strong moral fiber in the Greek system and while these people would never do anything to hurt their organizations, they will and have leaked information to stop or curb their organizations from less than honorable behavior.

The System Alligator no longer allows anonymous emails, they want your name, they want your info, and given where the paper's loyalties seem to lie as of late, I would rather where orange in West Belfast than take them for their word. from what I gather, if Jesus Christ returned to Earth RIGHT NOW and became a UF student and the Indie presidential candidate and the Gator/Swamp Party chose the Taco Bell dog as its candidate, the Alligator would pass on Jesus and give the nod to the System pooch b/c the doggy is more experienced and has that certain something that Jesus the Carpenter with those unbecoming nail marks on his hands, just can't match up to.

Basically blogging should continue. This doesn't mean I support everything the Observer does, I mean surely, guessing Moseley's lsat grade isn't the best way to spend your time blogging, however, on the low time, the boring time, anything you post is better than nothing because the last thing you want do is go inactive. He's an Englisman, if he can do as good of a job as his countrymen have done of trying to destroy Irish, Welsh, & Scottish culture, then I'm sure he will do a great job on the lsat, but who cares? A better post would have been on the Professors lashing back at Moseley. Was his "investigation" up to par or is this nothing more than system-dribble, cheap political rhetoric that got this kid elected and now it's not looking so good - or - is he on the right? What of this? This would be a great read that only the Observer, with its more current, more expansive network could carry out.

Thanks. I'm going to McDonald's now to get breakfast and then go talk to my DM. Ciao.

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