Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who's Running SG?

Every student body president seems to have a key man (or woman) behind him/her, a point person if you will. This point person could be a fraternity brother, a key campaign organizer, a sibling, or even a partner (as in bf/gf). And every president has quirks, Jamal's speech abilities stunk, Joe was a business man, John was soft, and it seems Ryan Moseley is inept, not a bad guy, just not suited to lead the Student Body. But, he got elected and he's got the 2.0 and the full-time status (and the lights didn't go out in the counting room...) so he's the President.

Though I can't help but recall that famous Nina DeJong quote, "Ryan rode a wave that was already set for him."

Though I'm not supposed to talk about it, Lacey Logsdon and I, shared a few emails. She was nice enough to offer to help me study for the LSAT re-take and even sent me some study re-lated papers. When I added her on facebook as a friend (I was totally caught off guard by her very sweet email and offer out of the blue), I noticed that on my end it showed the friend thing but not on hers. When I found out "someone close to her" deleted that and also read in her emails that I keep her help quiet, I immediately stopped talking to her and asked that she no longer contact me. Basically, it was a case of -- "I'll be your friend, but I'm so ashamed of it, no one else can know." No thank you.

But, I did learn that she is tutoring Ryan Moseley, which isn't much of a news tip really, but when you couple that with Ryan Day studying with Moseley twice a week -- -and studying is an understatement, when Day is hitting 180's in his sleep, that adds up. Then you hear about Lacey's presidential ambitions, you read about Ryan Day and Ryan Moseley brainstorming and killing programs like Tower, and then at Senate when everyone is there for the students and Ryan Moseley is at his LSAT classes -- who reads for him, who represents him?

And what happened with course packs? It seems Moseley barked alone behind the big fence for a while, then the alligator opened the fence door so the pooch got to see and hear the bark of the neighborhood dogs he was goading, and seems all the barking has stopped. Did Moseley conduct his investigation properly or was it nothing but a desperate attempt at media fanfare?

But maybe the Turncoats aren't that bad after all? Well, on June 2nd I was given tacit permission from Thomas Jardon to release portions of a then-confidential email, dated February 14th that states as follows:

And, for the record (but off the record) my main reason for such a general defection was that Ben Grove, Josh Simmons, Ryan Day, and Kim Cruts were trying to barter off an Indie Spring Campaign for positions of their own. Kim and Josh wanted into Senate, Ryan Day wanted an Asst. treasurer post and Ben wanted something in Lobby. They flanked me and took me by surprise. They tried to push me and Rose and Ryan Nelson out of the way to make room for their own little insipid ambition. So, in response and to make sure no one ever sold out the Indies in exchange for positions (much less at the hands of a FBKer) I gave Moseley all that he wanted from me/us for free. It wasn't selling out, I reasoned, if there was no price. My support and work had never carried a price - nor would it now. As a result, I've successfully managed to push all four of the ingrates to the fringes of irrelevance and managed to still piss of FBK. They hate the fact that Moseley listens to me so much.
- Tommy Jardon

We love Tommy on this blog, even if we've misjudged him in the past. However, before members of Gator/Swamp knock on Tommy, reassess your own position. How mahy of you think you have Moseley's ear? Surely he owes you right? I mean you worked your ass off for him to get elected, you represent your party with distinction, you are disciplined to meet all constituency requirements and comport yourself as a member of a prestigious student governing body. Surely he'd never burn you. Surely you have pull with him.

From his candid and genuine interpretation, it seems Tommy thought the same. It seems Tommy thought that giving Ryan Moseley the dirt on the turncoats would as he put it "push all four of the ingrates to the fringes of irrelevance." Yet here we are in July, only three months and change from that day, and Ryan Day is Ryan Moseley's right hand man and Kim Cruts is his official spokesperson - on the net, from the office, and before the members of the Senate -- I mean why go to Senate, everyone knows it's the Executive Branch that runs SG anyways, right?...

But even still, how many of you out there - honestly - can relate to Tommy Jardon? I mean Pedro Morales at one point told us that "he had Ryan Moseley's ear on Graduate Affairs." This was quickly and privately refuted by top Gator officials, but certain proceedings in chambers squarely dispute fmr. sen. Morales' perception of his relationship to Ryan Moseley, just like the rise of the Turncoat Independents in Moseley's administration today, have clearly refuted Tommy Jardon's own gut instincts of this past February. So I ask you think YOUR perception of your relationship with Ryan Moseley will be compromised down the road? Is this really a person you can trust? Is this person really a person suited for the job? Is this really a person you can trust?



Anonymous said...

"It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." -- Ancient Chinese Proverb

This should be updated to include "or post on a blog and remove all doubt."

This is the most unbalanced, borderline-psychotic blog post I have seen on here in quite a while. And after the two posts from early July that says a lot.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your post for a while and I must say it's interesting reading about what you think is going on in SG. I'm never one to talk about this stuff or let others in on what really goes on, but I figured I'm on my way out and you're very interested so I could possibly straighten some things out. There are so many things that you could/should try to still figure out. However for this post about who's running SG, Mosely's right hand man I wouldn't say is Ryan Day. In my opinion he's just someone who wants to make changes and runs to Mosely for approval everytime. Mosely never cares and just lets him. As for Kim Cruts speaking on his behalf and doing his press releases. Why not? Mosely gets to delegate one more thing out and not worry about it, no one would say no. As for his right hand man, it would probably be a girl, Yooni Yi. He has no direct person he listens to but more of a committee, some FBK block leaders if you know what I mean.

francisco said...
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francisco said...

I know this is completely off topic but:

Congrats on the scratch off, you should share it with me Christian :lol:...or better yet you can donate a portion of it to be a sponsor for CTV t-shirts :).

Haha, that would be pretty funny, CTV shirts with "" on them. Oh boy, I think I should stop now before someone gets mad at me.

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Duque. Those two spend a ridiculous amount of time with Moseley and their issue concerns coincide with his entire agenda. Rumor is that he has really pissed off JCB and Theta Chi by his independence and reliance on Day. Now I am sure THAT will have seriously consequences on the Fall election.

Anonymous said...

This is bat-shit insane. If a SBP appoints an all-Greek cabinet, he is a prisoner of the system and should be impeached. If a SBP has a broad base of advisors and listens to people who are outside of the Greek system then he is not trustworthy.

Could it be quite possible that Moseley listens to a number of people on issues (i.e. Pedro Morales AND Cecilia Amador AND GSC officers AND TJ HArrington) and makes his own decisions? I would think that would be praised to high heaven for being responsible government.

Its quite sad Christian. You have no dirt on this guy so you criticize him for studying with friends on the LSAT and attribute that to untrustworthiness.

I hope you make better arguments in law school.

Anonymous said...

A) Anyone who thinks Moseley and Clay aren't inseperble (like they have always been) is stupid.

B) Anyone who thinks there is one person who runs everything be it Yooni, Ryan Day, or Kim is incredible stupid.

C) Anyone who thinks anything being done is malicious is even more stupid (i.e. a certain letter to the editor in the Alligator).

Anonymous said...

Ryan Nelson was out of the picture after Fall, he wanted nothing to do with either side.

Tommy admits to getting out politiced by people who he thinks are irrelevent... I wonder what that makes/made him and Rose.

And it's definitely not selling out if all you go against are your beliefs... wtf are you talking about, and it's cute that him and Pedro ever thought they had Moseley's ear - but I guess they were too dumb to realize Moseley doesn't run shit (the candidate never does - not even on the indie side most of the time) - either that or they were showing off and pretending to be in the know. I find the latter to be much more likely.

Anonymous said...

Is it not possible to think that maybe Moseley is not the shit head that people think he is? I personally think he lacks social skills and is mostly a manager, but I think to say he's controlled by one individual is a stretch.

Anonymous said...

Moseley has more social skills then 99.9% of SG. Just look at who he hangs out with when he is out at the bars, its not all the weird SG kids.

Christian Duque said...

A few questions.

(1) Does Ryan Moseley come on these boards? I mean if we have dear ole' Glenda reading all the blogs, would it be too out-there to think the SBP does as well? And if he does, who thinks he posts anonymously?

(2) Who thinks Lacey Logsdon will run for SBP?

(3) Who has more influence over Moseley - JCB or RD/KC? Yeah, I'm seriously curious.

(4) Did Moseley do enough, did SG do enough to fight Minus Grades?

(5) Is Vanessa Goodwin truly in charge of Cabinet?

Anonymous said...

1) No. I really believe he doesn't. People show him the blogs sometimes, but I doubt he voluntarily looks at them.

2)No one does.

3)Clay Brett.

4)It would've happened anyways.

5)More in charge than previous SBVPs.

Christian Duque said...

Nice. Thanks :o)
Contrary to w/e may be said, I have nothing against Ryan Moseley. My gripes are pretty well known.

Anonymous said...

1) He reads what people show him, but not regularly.

2) Nobody

3) Day to day RD/KC. JCB doesn't really care as long as things don't get fucked up - come on he's got GG.

4) Bernie Machen signed the bill over a month before Ryan took office.

5) Vannesa runs cabinet pretty much as she sees fit. Look in her office, she has her own goals that are about cabinet that are wholely seperated from Ryan's goals.

Anonymous said...

1) no
2) no
3) jcb on politics, rd on policy
4) it was done before he was inaugurated
5) no

Anonymous said...

***and JCB runs policy when it matters too. This is no secret Duque. The kid has it all in the palm of his hand.

Anonymous said...

Here is the question: if JCB has such easy control of SG then why not move onto something bigger. I mean yeah Gator Growl is cool and likely challenging but why not move into local politics and work on starting his future or something that really has a greater impact. Plus there is more power to be found in actual politics rather than SG, Gator Growl, and the fading FBK.

Anonymous said...

He's going to law school in a year? It's hard to win local elections that go up in 2010 when you might be in law school somewhere else.

That being said... what makes you so sure there isn't something already being done in local politics?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Tommy really thinks that Moseley listens to him? Moseley just got rid of Tower, and two of Tommy's hags are recent past editors. I'd assume he would have stuck up for them.

Anonymous said...

"As a result, I've successfully managed to push all four of the ingrates to the fringes of irrelevance."

Who exactly were they supposed to be grateful to? Tommy? That's laughable.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tommy. The only one of those he made irrelevant was Josh, and he can't really take credit for that since Josh was irrelevant to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh. JCB ran Students for Obama in Florida for like 4 months...

Anonymous said...

Uhhh he still is working with Obama.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh. Clay's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Christian Duque said...

I'd like to address a minor misconception and I think that by me stating it I'm somehow laying down the terms for a future boardwar to follow. Still I think that these counter-accusations aimed at female Indie leaders warrants some attention.

First and foremost, there wasn't any great abundance of candidates for the PANTS Party. Anyone that believes ES or ER got their spots due to "deals" is on crack. As an alum that helped PANTS get sigs in Fall and did a minor part in campaigning the following Spring, I can tell you that every man and a woman was accounted for and earned the old fashioned way, winning hearts and minds.

This having been said, there was hardly "a top" to be had in the PANTS Party or the Indie movement at the time. Now, if you're talking Action, Unite, Impact -- then I have no real opinion aside from that of blogger, but w/ PANTS any talk of sinister backroom deals sounds rather silly.

On the system side, however, there is great power to be had and corruption there is truly much more fathomable than in a camp where great power might be defined by half a dozen senate seats.*

Anyone see my point?