Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just Another WHATEVER Post

You've Got A Problem
Between Mike Bowen and You

Christian Duque
Today at 9:18pm


I just saw this. How come those times I saw you at Orion and Walgreen's you didn't say anything to me? I see you like to attack people in their absence. I recall when You slandered me in chambers in 2005 and then ran out prior to hearing my rebuttal.

I will be going to the web with this. I will make sure that anyone that searches for your name on the internet will know some things, like how not only did you slander me in 2005, but you then brought the matter up in my absence after I had long graduated, in 2006.

Mike, you're a fuckin punk and a bitch.

Take Care,

Christian Duque

And I...
Am Going To Sleep. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

I bought her that candy bar. I'm a terrible influence.

Anonymous said...

"UF records show that $7,826 from the Activity & Service Fee was budgeted to send SG's executive branch and Sen. Robert Agrusa and Sen. Kevin Reilly to the nation's capitol."

Does that seem really expensive to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Not for a week for 6 people. Then again, you have to ask why 6 peopl had to go.

Check out the announcements in the link Duque posted: how many times do Senators have to say goto Swamp or be nice to your fellow senators?