Monday, July 07, 2008

Barack Obama: Kerry For A New Generation

Obama says trip to Iraq to help
him refine his policy on US presence there.

God Damn Barack Obama. Yeah that's a sentence. It's a sentence I have a feeling I'll be uttering often throughout 2008 and for the next four years - if he's elected. I hate using the Lord's name in vain - He knows that. But Barack Obama and the Democratic [Eunuch] Party need understand that Americans want change; this is the Marine Corp Counter-Insurgency Manual or the Anarchist Cookbook, people are not looking for radiKal change, they're not looking for government to reinvent the wheel, but the people have spoken in pretty sound numbers that they, we do want OUT OF IRAQ and bad!

So why is Barack "JK" Obama talking about refining his stance? What's their to refine but more oil? More oil for more foreign debt and more dependency on countries that hate us. What's going to happen on his trip to Iraq? Will be base his views on the heavily fortified Green Zone? Will he assess the situation based on the fact more Iraqis are willing to face supersonic fighter jets, heavily armored battle tanks, torture at the hands of military contractors at Abu Gharib & Guantanamo but do in serving Muqtada Al Sadr than dying as slaves to an occupying power - will Barack base his 'refined' new opinion on this? Or will he travel to the north, where the Bush administration has given our nuclear allies (Turkey) carte blanche to bomb, displace, and terrorize our allies in the Iraqi civil war (the democracy, peace loving Kurds)?

Oh there's so many places to do, so many people to meet. Will Barack venture down to Basra....the second largest city and sole Iraqi success story, where the Brits pulled out and Iraqis are....actually governing Iraqis. Will Barack go there - or - is Barack prey to the school of thought that Iraqis are incapable of self-rule? Perhaps when Obama steps off the plane, instead of shaking hands with Prime Minister Nouri al-Malik, he'll pet him - on the head, then walk by and salute the U.S. troops that protect the Iraqi Head of State.

This all bullshit. I hope you're all privy to the fact you're living a lie, Barack Obama or John McCain, neither one can get us out of the war in Iraq. There's so many special interests involved that no single man (or woman) can even begin to properly address the situation, much less remedy it. You've all heard a ton of lies in that everyone's losing in Iraq.


Americans are known for their business acumen. American troops don't just land and occupy if there's no money to be made. Don't mistake the high oil prices and the out-of-control gold index with the inability of global powers to reign in runaway economies or chaotic state of affairs in places like Iraq. Money talks folks, there's a lot of people profiting in Iraq.

If Blackwater can pay a mercenary who in all likelihood is a military grunt with no specialized skills or a college degree, but can shoot straight, can torture, and not wakeup in the middle of the night like the rest of us, suffering from a guilty conscience for the horrors committed of the day, then you have to wonder someone raking in the cheddar. How are you going to pay a guy that could maybe if he's lucky land a security guard job or at best work as a cop, a whopping $130,000 a year in Iraq? With life insurance that ridicules its Armed Forces counterpart?

Blackwater is a private security contractor hired by the business sector. Imagine businesses not having enough security in the heavily-fortified Green Zone, hiring out for Blackwater. Why all the security folks? If so much money is being lost, why are so many military contractors experiencing an economic boom, hiring more merc's to send to Iraq?


Refine? Refine? Shut the fuck up Barack make me sick asshole.

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