Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Senate Rules & Ethics Committee

This was my committee, blacklisted from the Judiciary by vindictive members of Innovate/Ignite, I was voted down four times, voted in once for about five hours until the Majority coerced Access/SAP to rescind the fourth-deciding vote; the Alligator wrote favorable article but has since removed these pages from it's list - a major disservice to the students. Nonetheless, R&E was home.

I've been urged to profile Sen. Carlsen following my side-panel shot, but I don't feel that turning the heat on any single senator is going to do anything positive. So, I'd like to put the spotlight on the entire Rules & Ethics Committee. I invite submissions, as well as anonymous comments (libelous material will be not be published) pertaining to their voting record, public comments, and/or any other pertinent information.

First, is this list even accurate?

"Rules & Ethics"

(Open seats: 1)

Carlsen, Jimmy (a Senator with a future in the game?...)
Curran, Chris
D'Oyley, Danielle (running-mate material? longshot?)
Duffie, Cecil
Frail, Beau
Michel, Matt
Samuels, Ju'lia ((Renfroe ally?)
Vincent, Jeremy
Let's get started. Who are these people? Controversies? Seniority? Which are deal-makers? Which have aspirations for higher office? I hope the comments will blow up. I want the skinny on all, this is not going to be just a Gator witch hunt, though I must say that keeping Sen. Michel seems to have been strictly-politically-motivated, further illustrating the abysmally inept and shady image of the present administration.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carlsen - super tool

Chris Curran - intelligent dude from SHO, no party affiliation afaik, Cavatero pushed him in R&A i think

Danielle D'Oyley - SHO super-tool, not as smart as she thinks she is

Cecil Duffie - gay, stupid, bowtie. JC Watts meets Tucker Carlson?

Beau Frail - decent, architecture, has worked with lots of people.

Matt Michel - graduating soon, redhead, useless

Julia Samuels no idea
Jeremy Vincent - no idea

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see some dirt on Allocations.

Anonymous said...

D'Oyley plays an important role for Gator.

Anonymous said...

Why does Duffie hate theme park goers? Why does Naadira Renfroe? Why do black people hate theme park goers?

I'd like the BSU why they hate themepark goers? Way to show your strength on a nonissue.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why Eric Wolf was checking this thread mins before going into senate?

Doesn't he have anything better to do with his time?

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares if she's a Renfroe ally, Renfroe has no power. Rumor is she won't get reslated because of Swampfrontlawn.

Anonymous said...

Danielle is amazingly smart, she just doesn't always show it. She will be at a T14 law school while the rest of us will be playing in the dirt here in Florida.

Anonymous said...

How about attacking everyone, you just go after who you really want to go after?

Anonymous said...

I think this post is useless.

No one on that committee matters. It is merely a place they stick the less important members of senate, when they apply for a committee.

Saving matt michel was personal not political...

Anonymous said...

Ok so Jimmy Carlson is pretty much a nobody. Not on the fbk radar screen at all. Hangs out with people who might be in charge but pretty much worthless.

Doyley was thrown in to run rules and ethics after goldman left. IHRA tool. Definitely smart but powerless.

Beau Frail-lightweight

Pretty much a dead end committee. Always has been. If you do your job like LJ you get run out of town.
If you don't really do your job like the current committee then you get attacked.

Anonymous said...

D'Oyley is book smart but she's pretty slow on the uptake.

Anyways her future in system politics is pretty limited, she's going to hit the eject button and go to a real law school.

Anonymous said...

Ju'lia Samuels.
Andre Samuels.


Mama think not.

Christian Duque said...

I suppose to an imbecile R&E is useless...but to the constitution-savvy SG'er, all of the committee's that could bring the house down, this is the one.

R&E, like the entire Judiciary Branch gets downplayed, at UF-SG no differently that on the state or federal level, but all it takes is the next nail-biter case, the "Online Voting" decision or the next time Articles of Impeachment are drawn up.

Anonymous said...

D'Oyley is SHO, not IRHA.

Anonymous said...

I think Renfroe hates theme park goers because they can actually stand outside without getting wined.

Danielle to a T14? There is more to life than a T14, like, I don't know, a life?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:39PM: sounds like someone didn't do too well on there LSAT.

Anonymous said...

Umm Renfroe and Duffie voted for the themepark group. In fact, Naadira gave their pro.

And SHO is a prt of IRHA genius.