Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Articles of Impeachment is not affiliated to any political parties at UF salutes "the Five," brave Student Senators that rise in the name of justice on the floor of the Student Senate of the University of Florida. Please use this space to comment on the situation.

For the first time IN A LONG TIME, the Minority Party engages the Majority, demanding a higher standard of representation for the Student Body. Let's hope that the Independent Florida Alligator, who ran Drayton's promise will scrutinize the official along his own actions, as opposed to the mere utterances and 'talk.

Rene Medina deserves the job. Paul Drayton has not even lived up to the lackluster duties he outlined upon abandoning the Student Body and for these actions and shortcomings, he should be removed from his post, immediately.


Anonymous said...

How does Rene Medina deserves the job? He isn't even black!

Anonymous said...

To all Gator Party members reading this blog and comments:


You will take wind from O&B's sails in the fall.

The BSU will be pissed but they won't be able to do anything about it except make that throaty groan noise.

Here's a chance to add some value to that resume line of yours at no cost to you!!!

Do you want your time at UF and in the Senate to be blasé? Or do you want to leave a mark on this institution and kick it up another notch? BAM!

Vote to IMPEACH!

-Eyes, Ears, Everywhere

Anonymous said...

Post the articles of impeachment!

Eyes.Ears.Everywhere. said...

In Rome an eagle flew over the streets and everyone went inside and made sure all the doors and windows were closed up and secured. Why?

francisco said...


The Eagle means a storm is coming. Thank god us new age Italians don't believe that otherwise I wouldn't be able to live in Gainesville :lol:

Spessard Holland's Ghost said...

To all Tried and True FBK members I say to you:

The Eagle flies backwards under the silvery moon.

Anonymous said...

The Alligator has the impeachment resolution up on its website.

Anonymous said...