Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gator Party Senator May Speak!

"It's getting to a point where the [party] leadership refuses to recognize those of us that are really doing the work."

I can't say much on this issue, but I have been told that if & when the mystery Gator Party Senator goes unaffiliated, that I'll have the exclusive. Our mystery legislator also states he/she has no plans of joining or supporting the minority, Orange & Blue Party. This tip was given to me by one of my loyal system readers and bears truth upon verification. I must maintain the strictest silence until I can figure out whether a Q&A is even possible.

I will say, that based on this person's initiative, I have no doubts he/she will be a name in the Spring. People don't just move on their own, at least not when they come from within the Machine.

more to come. outlining for finals but may have the Miorelli Q&A up, whenever he decides to read his email and send me a few photos.


Anonymous said...

It's not like we're in the dark. The Gator Party handles its business, we don't have our members defecting and making the alligator like other "parties."

Anonymous said...

So basically someone is pissed they won't get what they want so they are going to take off the party label to make a point. They are going to furthermore turn their backs on the system, they feed into and made the unfair operation it is, and try and make a name for themselves.

This makes so much sense. I love how your non-existent sources always seem to cause controversy. I hate even more that these non-existent sources are really overheard conversations.

If the Gator Party can survive all the blogging, they should receive a prize. Duque you got to admit that the system is very strong in structure in order to withstand this persecution which wasn't started by you and won't end with you!

Christian Duque said...

Two points.

First of all I do have sources, grandfathered-in-sources. Because I haven't been on the ground in three years, I rely on what I like to call my small circle of SuperRegulars. I've called them other things in the past, but since the whole Super-Delegates issues with DNC I opted to give them a real blog-status.

My regulars are big names on both sides and they try to link me up to current (or more current than they are) players in the game. It's kind of hokey at times. I'll give you an example.

I had a pretty good blogging relationship with JCB and several times he invited me out to drink. I politely declined. I never would have had JCB's ear were it not for a regular -- JCB came much after my day.

And the regular in question above, came as a result of another regular in question farther back on the SG Timeline.

On the GDI side, I have an almost endless stream of information.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, is the structure of the system. And what I will say on the matter is that 'the Machine (by this point) is just that.

The GDI's are constantly re-organizing, re-inventing, and polishing their image. The independent political philosophy is a creature of the times, it's a trend aimed at benefiting what suits the students at the time.

I can honestly say the aims and goals of 'the Machine' has not changed one bit, whether it's 2008 or 1958.

The key with System politics is simple, it involves the acquisition of power, the consolidation of that power in key foundations, and an intricate (almost perverted) sense of 'checks & balances' which really come into play in the # of taps, positions on IFC/PC, dibs on the 500 UF SG appointments, comp'ed seats, meals, banquets, and on and on and on.

There is a discipline and there's also hard work to keep the Majority party in control. However, it's not for everyone. At some point in time people want to be individuals and you can't attribute that yearning to simply getting pissed off or baseless.

We're all INDEPENDENTS at heart, we're AMERICANS for Christ's sake!
Limiting and/or silencing debate is UN-AMERICAN, such practices counter the core values of the founding fathers.

And I guess that's why the System party intrigues me every bit as much as the Independent movement, but maybe for all the wrong reasons.

GhostofSamMiorelli said...

What about the coloreds?

Christian Duque said...

That term is arcane, not to mention highly disrespectful. I love how there is a concerted effort by way of certain elements to curtail Miorelli's aspirations for the presidency in 2009.

We all know, that hands down it's going to be between him and Frank Bracco and it's not because these 'are the only names I know.'

Miorelli talks and walks GDI

Age & experience, I believe, have worked well by Bracco, making him just as viable as the Party Leader, but perhaps a bit less menacing to the FBK/Greek fold.

One thing's for certain, both would be excellent choices for '09 and both should be on the ticket. But also to be realistic, I just don't know which of the two really is more popular in the O&B Party.

I said popular, not powerful.

Also didn't say who's liked better as a person, who's nicer, or who makes a better white russian.

By popular, come election day and figuring O&B was the student body and it was between Bracco & Miorelli - who wins?


francisco said...

Clearly Mr. Miorelli and I are going to have a staged gun duel to the death at Gator Growl to decide who is going to run.

To be honest I doubt Sam or myself, or really anyone for that matter that is currently a student, is too concerned about who is running on the non-Gator ticket in spring. There is a fall election coming up, remember ;-/. I think Mr. Miorelli and his band of merry bandits will put together a something that will actually situmlate competition. As I have told Moseley, Reilly, Bruce, Sam, and loads of others that have come through SG in the past two years it is competition that matters to me. If some party needs a hand in the fall, I will lend it to them...and we usually know which side needs manpower...

Christian Duque said...

Yeah..I remember, but none of that PR crap please. I'm asking a very valid question.

Make a choice and stick by it. Everyone is a grown up and can take it, I'm not asking you to push the guy over a cliff, just why you think you'd be a better choice? Or maybe you think he is?

Let's let the public speak...I mean this isn't senate right? lol