Friday, August 29, 2008

Radikal Wishlist

The latest move on part of the Gator Party wreaks! For months I've been receiving reports from my three sources that Naadira Renfroe would be made Gator Party President. This isn't the first time I've been wrong and it certainly won't be the last in quite some time, however, this reminds me of the Sam Green Block. Like Green, System insiders may see trouble in the underclassmen to come. I sincerely believe, as does my source on SW 2nd & 13th, that Jordan Johnson's faction of Gator is behind this. I'm waiting for my other Greek friends to reply.

Per Glenda the inbox is lighting up, with as many people anxious for more details of the Report, as they are to hear the Kerns/Capezza Clarification(s). It will certainly be interesting to see what Ken has to say.

Latest news on SwampFrontLawn!!!'s still dead as a doornail. Pegged at eleven comments for almost two weeks, the blog seems to be preparing to follow in the SG Observer's footsteps.

Per the title of this post, I'd love to see Mark be made president of the party, allowing for Sam Miorelli to announce his candidacy for Student Body President - NOW -. Obviously the campaign material would be 99% for the Fall Slate senators, but why not begin campaigning in Fall for SBP, if even just to be different and grab a tiny amount of free press? And just let the Elections Commission mouth off, even more press. The Machine can't break with tradition, but the GDI's can! Just imagine this scenario at Turlington or the NEB.

SM: "Hello, my name's Sam Miorelli. I was formerly a student senator and I'm running for Student Body President next Spring."

Student: "Interesting. So you're not talking to me right now to get a vote?"

SM: "Well actually, I really enjoy speaking to students throughout the year, but come to mention it, my colleague (so and so Mr....) is running for the Engineering seat and if you have a minute I'd love to tell you about what he/she plans on doing and what O&B is all about."

Student: "interesting. Are you running for anything this term?"

SM: "Nah...I'm not going to run for president from the padded security of a senate seat to fall back on if I lose; I'm going all the way. I'm going to stand up for what my party's all about, just like these kids running today; I just hope you don't forget my name come Spring.

Student: "no...I don't think I will."

Why the fuck doesn't a GDI announce himself/herself in Fall, campaigning for the Fall Senators but getting his name out early? Sam needs only to take the LSAT and APPLY to UF Law to be eligible. That's it.

People say Sam is too out there, he runs his mouth too much, he's divisive. But guess what, he'll have a lot to talk about! And it's about time we had a "divisive" candidate, who will set his party apart from the bureaucratic sludge that is SG. A nice ticket would be Miorelli/Cavatero.

I say keep making yourself different. You're stuck with a mainstream party name, let that be your only tie to the middle. Impeaching inept, ineligible politicos, questioning legacies, standing by students even against past SBP's and the longer will you have to talk about SNAP vans, recycle bins, and other low interest, campaign-time rhetoric bullshit. You have real issues you can stand on and what's Gator going to say? This ain't recycle bins and thanks to the Alligator, it's memorialized, so instead of booth with covered in Orange & Blue stickers and placards, run dozens of photo-copies of Alligator article showcasing the almost endless laundry list of fuck-ups this ONE administration has racked up.


Anonymous said...

1. Orange and Blue is already registered under Miorelli so no McShera at party president. Their ego based feud continues.

2. Naadira is only starting her second year at UF. While she may have a bright future on the Gator political plantation she would need to bet really fast tracked to be party president this early. Considering that Renfroe would be horrible talking to the media and running candidate meetings I see no use giving her the post

Ken said...

Now here's a suggestion from Christian worth considering. I have no idea how the 700 Codes read today, but I think if the O&B can settle on a presidential candidate, I think it would be an interesting twist to the fall campaign. Moreover, it would give that candidate much more time to go to all the organizations on campus.

Since I don't know the current crop of GDIs, I won't comment on the merit of one candidate over another. But the tactic Christian proposes is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

It would be campaigning outside of the election season and the Election Commission would block Orange and Blue from ever running in the Spring.

Luis is HSA. What is more important to the Gator Party, having the Hispanic vote locked up after passing over Rene Media or rewarding a dumbass? The AA community is going to vote Gator no matter what, case closed.

Christian Duque said...

Yeah you're right...

I think it would the 'cherry on top' if the EC tried to block O&B for Miorelli simply introducing himself as a prospective SPB candidate or even for low key campaigning or even if he campaigned with a bullhorn.

The Elections Committee has no legal authority outside of SG.

I think it's a 'fine how do you do' to expect O&B to keep with the rules, when Gator has trampled over them with the Drayton, Rule By Proxy issue and the SBP, Absent Appointments incident.

I think most independents would somehow rationalize the state of affairs as this 'just being life.' Another reason why I think the Independents need Miorelli, a real HAWK (actually everly O&B senator is a war hawk :), but Miorelli is a BULL.)

Aside from all the fun debate we can have on the EC here and of Gator breaking rules, all it would take is one lawsuit, a real lawsuit, and that little 'EC Block' evaporates into thin air.

How I wish, in hindsight, that Gil Sanchez would have sued when he had the opportunity. At least Charlie did and look what he was able to acomplish.

If Miorelli runs, he not only needs to run the dirtiest campaign in history, attacking Gator On EVERYTHING, but he needs to challenge the SYSTEM on every level. It needs to be the ugliest race since 'I don't know when.'

Students react to hostile elections. Just look at UFC. Unite/Swamp sweet 'n stale mainstream races suck.

Anonymous said...

By the way, VII SBS only limits campaigning to the campaign seasons. It does not say which offices you can campaign for. Therefore, campaigning for Student Body President in the fall season would not be in conflict with statutes.

Christian Duque said...

Great interpretation!