Thursday, January 10, 2008


Anonymous said...

I think Paul has a shot. 2 primaries is not enough to predict US election. Huckabee won Iowa because they heavily vote on religious reasons. NH is now suspected of voting fraud ( Regardless if true or not, Mccain won that state last time and still lost in the end.

Ron Paul has more meet up groups than other republican candidates and he raised 20 million. My way up here after vacation and all I saw were Ron Paul 2008 signs and one Romney sign. Point is, don't trust the media and its thoughts on the campaign (considering they're a mouth piece for the Military Industry Complex)

Paul has a shot because many people have realized its him or a war mongrel. Americans are not heartless beings some people have perceived to be.

Clinton/Obama suck. Both are AIPAC whores willing to bomb people with no justification.

Anonymous said...

That Hillary graphic is kinda priceless.

Anonymous said...

On the Cooley homepage, the rankings that they have written place the school at 16th. In U.S. News and World Report it is a 4th tier institution. Sounds like you are at a school that overvalues its importance and its ability. Looks like a perfect fit Duque.

Christian Duque said...

The Cooley Rankings are very valid, but they don't cover the same areas as your U.S. News & World Report do.

TMCLS is a Tier 4 (but then again, so is Barry, St. Thomas, FCSL, FAMU, *yawns*, what's the point? My school has been accredited fully ABA accredited for longer than I've been alive - I'm not worried.

Great school by the way.