Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rantings From A Cold Windy Lansing Evening.

Rudy G: What Happened Tommy?
I'm not pinning Rudy Giuliani's major loss in the Sunshine State on poor Tommy Jardon, but I've heard from several folks up here in Michigan (mainly Miami transplants), that the Cuban-American community was going for Giuliani. Does anyone remember what I've been saying for years now? The CANF/FNCA, since the days of Jorge Mas Canosa, have been very, very, very tight with CT Senator Joe Lieberman. In fact, in 2000, many of the most hawkishly Red Cubans (no pun intended... lol), turned their backs on Bush/Cheney and voted gore/LIEBERMAN -- I kid you not.

To many Cuban Americans, issues like Choice, Gay Marriage, or the price of rice in Texas are of little-to-no-value; they want hard stances on Cuba; they want more Cuban children going to bed hungry at night, less medicine on the island, it's like they derive sexual pleasure from Cuba's misery, but they're excuse is that they want to end Communism, but let's not discuss the criminal embargo any further, let me just say that Lieberman is tough on Cuba, tough on "terrorism" (really that translates to any interest that's counter-Zionist, including even Fmr. US President Jimmy Carter, lol), and so on. "But how?!" More counter-terrorism than Giuliani?

Rudy Giuliani is NOT counter-terrorism, he's soley milking 9-11, been doing so since 9-12 and the jig is up, people have had it with him, I had it with him when he 'cleaned up Times Square', he ruined the seediness of the Big Apple, now it's all Walt-fuckin-Disney, Starbucks, & Macy's (FUCK THAT!), where are the dingy XXX bookstores, the skid row crowd, the hell's kitchen riff raff, the punks, the sheer tackiness & sleaze... now it's all corporate shit.

Still, it would have been fun to have seen Rudy in the White House. He probably would have run with Chertoff, placed Larry Craig as Secretary of State, Gary Hart as Surgeon General, Ted Kennedy as Secretary of Health, & possibly tried to use the CIA to off Ron Paul, lol.

I'm also very proud of myself for not posting a photo of Cindy McCain, for 54 or w/e, she's ravishingly attractive, my goodness! She's prolly the best dressed gal of the whole process, trailed by Hillary & Rudy Giuliani.

My Take On The Gainesville City Commission Races
I will hold out for the run-offs on those, but I think the people spoke their conscience. Once again for all you aspiring Keys, look how much help Agrusa got... might as well live can this pipedream that by joining FBK you're joining some Skull & Bones'like secret society -- b/c you're not. Poor Agrusa...

Per Armando Grundy... what can I say? I read former SFCC student? Are we moving on from Alachua County? I hope not; if Armando left town, who would Jeff McAdams have to hang out with... And Stafford, 'oh I just can't fathom the mental anguish the entire ACREC would go through...

I was a little taken a back by Agrusa's decision to go boozing after his loss... I wonder if Ed Braddy was around...

Well anyways, time to go study. Peace Out.


Anonymous said...

uhhh... no one in FBK cares about or likes Agrusa. That has nothing to do with his loss or potential for a win for him. He has too many enemies from his time in SG.

Christian Duque said...

This is going to be a hard sale for FBK. I mean we're not talking Mike Belle here. We're talkin about the very failure of The Machine to look after its own even in the City of Gainesville, one year removed from graduation.

So many people, whether they want to fess up and admit it or not, join or aspire to join FBK, because they believe it will enhance their resume and that that Who's Who booklet means anything.

Florida Blue Key will benefit you no more than joining Break Dancing Collective. Both great student groups to be sure, but neither one is going to change your career.

Good God...stop talking about the Pork Chop Gang days and the clout in Tally, the clout in D.C., you guys couldn't even get a SENATE PRESIDENT elected to a rinky dink city commission seat in a city whose largest constituency is STUDENTS. And this kid's greek too?

Even by the logic of "Agrusa had too many enemies," then what will the society do to actual rivals like Grapski, myself, Gruskin, et. al.? Murder us?! lol You can see how your argument makes no sense. The kid was a system player, how bad could he have been?


I wonder if Kim Cruts, Ben Grove, Ryan Day, and all the other turncoats are wondering..."was it all worth it."

Anonymous said...

A little harsh Christian, first of all let's be honest Agrusa stood no chance of winning. He's a Republican, first and foremost. Very rarely does a Republican win in Alachua County/Gainesville (just ask you buddy Mr. Jones). Just not going to happen, hell the student thing doesn't even matter. As soon as the Gainesville Sun, Bobb-o was a Republican, he was done.

His campaign sucked. Walk the student neighborhoods and you saw as many signs for the opponent as him.

Again the campaign sucked. Next, a student is not going to win in a city-wide election, not enough students to actually go out and vote for him. And unless he is a gainesville resident with deep ties to the community and has a coalition from East Gainesville, it's never going to happen.

A student candidate will never happen, but put up a recent graduate who has shown an interest in remaining in the community, then you have an actual candidate. All of Bobby's involvement have been SG/Frat/FBK, need to show leader, connections beyond that or the Far Left in Gainesville will never back you

Now, put a decent leader in Craig Lowe's district, now we have some competition.

Anonymous said...

Agrusa isn't even that active FBK. He is not a power player, his house is not a power player, and he is not a system player. Most in the system consider a system tool. FBK had no involvement in this and neither did most of the Greeks.

Anonymous said...

You say, "A student candidate will never happen, but put up a recent graduate who has shown an interest in remaining in the community, then you have an actual candidate." Did you pay any attention to the race at all? That's what the guy who won was. He's a UF grad who is less than three years out of school. Hawkins running against anyone other than a twenty-two year old frat boy would have been pegged as the "young" or "UF" candidate. And regarding the Gainesville Sun endorsement, do you read the paper? The Sun endorsed the Republican candidate in District 2... twice. I might buy an argument that the editorial board has a left-leaning slant but they don't endorse along party lines.