Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Orange & Blue Party

Finally something I've wanted to see for a long, long time at UF.
This, I believe, I will cover. This, I believe, will save the sinking ship.


Anonymous said...

with ryan day continuing to run the show behind the scenes the GDIs still have no chance

Anonymous said...

please, the indie slate includes an up and coming frank bracco. hes the hardest working, most dedicated member of SG at UF and is the only hope the indie movement has

francisco said...

Wow, there is someone out there that actually respects my work ethic, I thought I was the only one on that front :lol:

Christian Duque said...

I think having the utopic GDI party is going to be hard to pull through. Look at Access.

Anyone that wants to HELP the GDI's should be welcome to do so, everyone from Will Foster to the president of FBK...but the caveat should be TO HELP, not CONTROL.


francisco said...

Anyone and elseone is welcome to help out with the Orange and Blue Party. For those interested, please feel free to contact me at frank005[at]ufl[dot]edu. You can also show your support for Orange and Blue by joining our Facebook Group "I Vote Orange and Blue".

Pd. Pol. Ad. K. Huey :lol:

Anonymous said...

Gators for the Gator Party > I Vote Orange and Blue!

Anonymous said...

Frank, no one respects anything about you anymore. You took a job with an administration who supported you and your work, and the way you repaid them was to say in the Alligator that "while serving as Chomp the Vote executive director, I saw the problems within Student Government first hand. As a whole, SG has become bloated and unresponsive to the students. It no longer strives to achieve strong results."

First off, you probably shouldn't sign your name to things you didn't write.

Second, don't ever expect anyone in SG to back you up again. We've always been honest with you, you could at least give us some common courtesy.

Even Vanessa thinks less of you now.